Planes linked to locations in Democratic Republic of the Congo

These are all the planes linked to locations in Democratic Republic of the Congo. This list may not be complete, as the database is constantly being updated as more information becomes available. If you are logged in and have a plane log created, the planes you have sightings for in the database will be highlighted in yellow.

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RegistrationCnPlane typeCountryServiceLocationStatus
9Q-CFF1G170-31An-2Democratic Republic of the CongoCivilKanangadlt
9T-TCI5343006An-12BDemocratic Republic of the CongoAir ForceKisanganidlt
9Q-CVE5301An-26Democratic Republic of the CongoCivilBenistd
9Q-CSX1AJ003-12An-28Democratic Republic of the CongoCivilShabundadlt
9T-TCB4416C-130HDemocratic Republic of the CongoAir ForceN'djilidlt
9Q-CTR9452C-47ADemocratic Republic of the CongoCivilKinshasa - N'Dolopre
9Q-CWI33257C-47BDemocratic Republic of the CongoCivilKilembwedum
9Q-CSL8069Do.228Democratic Republic of the CongoCivilGomastd
9Q-CGU7705918Ka-26Democratic Republic of the CongoCivilMonidlt
9Q-CII7605413Ka-26Democratic Republic of the CongoCivilMonidlt
9Q-CBR851435L-410UVPDemocratic Republic of the CongoCivilKanangadlt
FG-4796618MB-326GBDemocratic Republic of the CongoAir ForceN'Djilipre
9Q-CTS310Viscount 757Democratic Republic of the CongoCivilTshikapadlt
MM19542442F-86EMItalyAir ForceKinshasadlt
S9-DBP8346201An-12BPSao Tome and PrincipeCivilBuniadlt
ZS-NTD26438C-47BSouth AfricaCivilLubumbashidum
ZS-OJE32844C-47BSouth AfricaCivilLubumbashidum
N5463119C-7BUnited StatesCivilGomadlt
records 1 to 19 of 19