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19 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Dominican Republic. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
El Higüero, Dominican Republic18.56882668N 69.98378754WVarious wrecksCivil1 June 20173
Esperanza, Dominican Republic19.60461044N 70.96794128WBe.55Civil1 June 20171
Las Americas, Dominican Republic18.41497231N 69.67051697WCommanderCivil13 October 20151
Las Americas, Dominican Republic18.41437149N 69.66971588WDC-9, L-410 i/a at Academia Superior de Ciencias AeronáuticasCivil22 July 20182
Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic19.75214005N 70.57628632WT-34Military1 June 2017
Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic19.75547409N 70.56203461WCe.172Civil1 June 2017
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic18.56366920N 68.37356567WVarious in this areaCivil1 June 2017
Samaná El Catey, Dominican Republic19.26866150N 69.72976685WLj-25Civil6 June 20181
San Isidro, Dominican Republic18.50248909N 69.77497864WVariousMilitary9 July 20142
San Isidro, Dominican Republic18.50569344N 69.76593018WVarious wrecksBoth9 July 2014
San Isidro, Dominican Republic18.51494217N 69.77035522WVariousMilitary13 January 2015
San Isidro, Dominican Republic18.51679230N 69.76763916WDC-3Military13 January 20151
San Isidro, Dominican Republic18.49849319N 69.76957703WSA.365 in one of the hangarsMilitary1 June 20171
Santiago, Dominican Republic19.40395927N 70.60626221W3x Twin propCivil6 June 2018
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic18.42479324N 69.67248535WVariousNotset1 September 20138
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic18.45251083N 69.94181061WPA-23Civil1 June 20171
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic18.52988815N 69.90848541WCe.337Civil1 June 2017
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic18.44874191N 69.9740448WA-37, OH-6Military1 June 20171
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic18.43292809N 69.9834671WDC-6 i/a at Movearte Technical SchoolCivil12 December 20171