Wrecks and Relics Download

All current locations in the database are available for download in kmz (Google Earth) and poi (navigation devices) format. Select the countries and/or states below for which you want to download the locations. Feel free to download as many as you want. Below the list of countries you can also select the type of file you wish to download.

Select which locations to be included

Select the type of file to download

Please note with the POI files. There are many different devices capable of reading POI files, however not all share the same formatting. It may happen that your device is not able to correctly read the downloaded file. Please get in touch through the feedback page if that is the case.

KMZ files and KML files can both be used by Google Earth. The difference is that KMZ files are in fact zip files containing additional resources (like icons) as well as the KML file. For use in Google Earth the KMZ files are usually preferred, but web services like Google Maps may only be able to read the plain text KML files.