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86 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Ecuador. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Ambato, Ecuador1.21416402S 78.57569885WT-33Military26 Jul 20171
Ambato, Ecuador1.21344602S 78.57584381WMirage F1Military26 Jul 20171
Ambato, Ecuador1.20902991S 78.58834839WGazelle at ESFORSEMilitary20 Jun 20211
Atuntaqui, Ecuador0.34244806N 78.21170807WKfir, Gazelle (not yet visible on GE image)Military31 Jul 20222
Azogues, Ecuador2.74862003S 78.84926605WA-37Military3 Nov 20201
Bahía de Caráquez, Ecuador0.63904947S 80.42308044WStrikemasterMilitary30 Jun 20191
Caluma, Ecuador1.6358937S 79.26031494WT-33 (not visible due to the poor quality GE image)Military5 Jul 20211
Catamayo, Ecuador3.95909405S 79.39117432WViscount at Eliseo Arias Carrión park
credits: Diogo Da Conceição
Civil15 Sep 20201
Cayambe, Ecuador0.03012121N 78.1489563WT-33Military30 Jun 20191
Coca, Ecuador0.47133917S 76.97885895WF.28Civil27 Sep 20171
Cuenca, Ecuador2.88891649S 78.98539734WF.27, ERJ.190Civil2 Feb 20182
Cuenca, Ecuador2.89805198S 79.02075195WCL-44 in use as nightclubCivil26 Dec 20171
Cumbaratza, Ecuador3.99475408S 78.8700943WAravaMilitary30 Jun 20191
Gualaquiza, Ecuador3.42536187S 78.56881714WA-37, Gazelle (not yet visible on GE image, in this new park)Military20 May 20202
Guaranda, Ecuador1.59939384S 79.00151062WT-33, location not 100% sure but can be tracked to that spot due to photos taken last year. This airplane was located on the square to the northwest before 2019.Military3 Nov 20201
Guayaquil, Ecuador2.16186333S 79.8900528WGazelleMilitary22 Jun 20211
Guayaquil, Ecuador2.16249585S 79.88911438WPA-24Notset5 Jul 20211
Guayaquil, Ecuador2.1620295S 79.88064575WDC-3Notset14 Jan 20131
Guayaquil, Ecuador2.16610837S 79.88271332WJaguarMilitary23 Sep 20221
Guayaquil, Ecuador2.16628456S 79.88561249WMeteorMilitary22 Jun 20211
Guayaquil, Ecuador2.16627002S 79.88026428WT-33Military26 Oct 20131
Guayaquil, Ecuador2.16349936S 79.8838501WAlouette 3Military4 Jun 20151
Guayaquil, Ecuador2.16453648S 79.88549805WVarious (also inside)
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military22 Jun 20212
Guayaquil, Ecuador2.16287708S 79.884758WG.1159Civil5 Jul 20211
Guayaquil, Ecuador2.15335703S 79.87976837WVarious small props seized by PoliceCivil5 Jul 2021
Guayaquil, Ecuador2.19189262S 79.9756546WT-33 at a machinery and equipment supplierMilitary31 Jul 2022
Ibarra, Ecuador0.35860524N 78.1227951WT-33
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 Jan 20161
La Guardia, Ecuador0.18623815S 78.37026978WViscount
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil21 Jan 20161
Latacunga, Ecuador0.92099547S 78.61925507WDC-3, T-33, Mirage F1Military5 Jul 20213
Latacunga, Ecuador0.90272713S 78.6170578WVariousBoth5 Jul 20218
Latacunga, Ecuador0.92406076S 78.61958313WMeteorMilitary5 Jul 20211
Latacunga, Ecuador0.85307097S 78.62197876WDC-3Military12 Dec 20151
Latacunga, Ecuador0.84925193S 78.62252808WDC-3Military12 Dec 20151
Latacunga, Ecuador0.91742557S 78.62160492WVarious at Instituto Technologico Superior AéronauticoBoth1 Mar 20183
Latacunga, Ecuador0.91774744S 78.62367249WT-33Military13 Jan 20161
Latacunga, Ecuador0.85392302S 78.62096405WT-33, GazelleMilitary7 Jun 20172
Latacunga, Ecuador0.91435915S 78.6251297WT-33Military30 Jun 20191
Latacunga, Ecuador0.84644717S 78.62078094W2x DHC-5 fuselagesMilitary3 Nov 20202
Latacunga, Ecuador0.99702966S 78.58440399WVarious i/a at ESPE Campus Gral. Guillermo Rodríguez Lara (visible on latest GE image)Both23 Sep 20224
Latacunga, Ecuador0.86260498S 78.62664795WHS.748Military14 Mar 20231
Latacunga, Ecuador0.99690986S 78.58347321WB727 cockpit, in use as a B737-500 cockpit trainer at ESPE Latacunga Campus
credits: Dave Broome
Civil20 Apr 20231
Latacunga, Ecuador0.91808897S 78.62150574WA-37
credits: Dave Broome
Military13 May 20231
Loja, Ecuador3.97284341S 79.20181274WT-33Military30 Jun 2019
Malvas, Ecuador3.66010094S 79.62705994WT-33Military3 Nov 20201
Manta, Ecuador0.94994849S 80.67529297WA-37Military30 Jun 20191
Manta, Ecuador0.95196605S 80.67576599WT-33Military3 Jun 20191
Manta, Ecuador0.94279069S 80.66994476W3x T-33Military30 Jun 20193
Manta, Ecuador0.95003694S 80.69269562WB737Civil27 Sep 20171
Manta, Ecuador0.94568098S 80.67060089WSeveral jetsMilitary3 Jun 20196
Manta, Ecuador0.95507079S 80.74101257WT-33Military1 Mar 20181
Manta, Ecuador0.96369213S 80.68012238WT-33 (location not 100% sure)Military5 Jul 20211
Otavalo, Ecuador0.24060716N 78.28379059WSE.210 at Hacienda PastavíCivil1 Mar 20181
Otón de Velez, Ecuador0.11604227S 78.34735107WT-33 in rainbow colors, probably painted by the kids of the nearby schoolMilitary14 May 20231
Pajonal, Ecuador1.99245059S 79.60746002WB727 as a House of Horror in Rey ParkCivil3 Nov 20202
Pichincha Volcano, Ecuador0.15607864S 78.62298584WRemains of a C-47 of the US Mission crashed on 11 July 1960 on route from Bogotá to Quito.Military5 Jul 20211
Píllaro, Ecuador1.17620647S 78.55030823WA-37, T-33 in a kids playgroundMilitary28 Mar 20212
Quevedo, Ecuador0.99392349S 79.46401978WDHC-5
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 Jan 20161
Quevedo, Ecuador1.03834176S 79.47481537WT-33Military30 Jun 20191
Quito, Ecuador0.13583992S 78.4934845WT-33Military30 Jun 20191
Quito, Ecuador0.17983504S 78.48374176WDC-6Military18 Oct 20211
Quito, Ecuador0.13652027S 78.49119568WVarious in and around this hangar, only used for Air Force ceremoniesMilitary22 Jun 202111
Quito, Ecuador0.08517732S 78.47223663WA340 cockpit, crash landed in Quito 9 November 2007Civil15 Jan 20211
Quito, Ecuador0.08589409S 78.48619843WGazelle at ESMILMilitary19 Jun 20211
Quito - Museo Aeronautico de la Fuerza Aerea Ecuatoriana, Ecuador0.13420539S 78.49252319WVariousMilitary25 Oct 201629
Quito - Police Museum, Ecuador0.219593S 78.51470947WSome images show an ultralight at the courtyard, to be confirmedUnknown8 Jun 20211
Salinas, Ecuador2.20097661S 80.98570251WVariousMilitary6 Oct 201711
Salinas, Ecuador2.19956112S 80.99085236WCe.150Military5 Jul 20211
Salinas, Ecuador2.20128727S 80.98213959WT-34Military30 Jun 20191
Samborondon-La Puntilla, Ecuador2.12490606S 79.86112213W3x Air Tractor wreckCivil1 Mar 20183
San Gabriel, Ecuador0.58432281N 77.82753754WT-33Military24 Oct 20201
San José de Chimbo, Ecuador1.68735552S 79.02346039WT-33Military5 Mar 20211
San Rafael, Ecuador0.32707885S 78.48722076WT-33Military1 Mar 20181
Sangolqui, Ecuador0.34881434S 78.47812653WAlouette 2, GazelleMilitary30 Jun 20192
Sangolqui, Ecuador0.3210108S 78.45082855WMirage F1Military30 Jun 20191
Santa Clara, Ecuador1.14015985S 80.39810181WMXP-640Civil24 Apr 20181
Shell, Ecuador1.50487399S 78.06547546WPA-34Civil30 Jun 2019
Shell, Ecuador1.50453401S 78.06389618WDC-3 cockpit in use as simulator, exact location at the airfield unknownCivil25 Apr 20171
Sigchos, Ecuador0.70924008S 78.8945694WA-37Military22 Jul 20221
Taura, Ecuador2.27162313S 79.6809845WT-33Military21 Feb 20131
Taura, Ecuador2.25172591S 79.67236328WVariousMilitary6 Oct 20172
Taura, Ecuador2.25315428S 79.66628265WT-28, Jaguar, F-80Military24 Sep 20222
Taura, Ecuador2.24973941S 79.664711WMirageMilitary8 Aug 20231
Taura, Ecuador2.24555349S 79.6652298WKfir, MirageMilitary31 Jul 20222
Tulcán, Ecuador0.81310499N 77.70594788WT-33Military30 Jun 20191
Tumbaco, Ecuador0.20257001S 78.37419891WN.2501 noseCivil7 Jun 20201
Zamora, Ecuador4.04958296S 78.9249649WT-33Military30 Jun 20191