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62 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Egypt. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Al Ismailiyah, Egypt30.59046173N 32.25213242EMiG-17Military8 Oct 20181
Al Ismailiyah, Egypt30.61161232N 32.22003937EMiG-21Military8 Oct 20181
As Salihiyah, Egypt30.78297615N 32.02958298EMiG-17Military11 Jun 2019
As Salihiyah, Egypt30.78091431N 32.02344894EMiG-17Military11 Jun 2019
Beni Suef, Egypt29.18861389N 30.99095917EMiG-21Military16 Jun 2017
Beni Suef, Egypt29.08404160N 31.10314178ESu-7Military16 Mar 20161
Beni Suef, Egypt29.18001366N 30.98994255EUnknownMilitary12 Sep 2018
Bilbays, Egypt30.40419960N 31.58082771EL-29Military16 Mar 2016
Bilbays, Egypt30.40937233N 31.59605408EL-29, HA.200Military8 Oct 2018
Bilbays, Egypt30.40009499N 31.59063530ESmall propMilitary16 Mar 2016
Bilbays, Egypt30.39044762N 31.57096481ELarge number of L-29, L-39 and othersMilitary8 Oct 2018
Cairo, Egypt30.12416267N 31.41533661EA300Civil31 Jul 2018
Cairo, Egypt30.12410355N 31.42104530EvariousCivil1 Jun 201615
Cairo, Egypt30.08350945N 31.31662560EIl-28Military16 Mar 2016
Cairo, Egypt30.08471870N 31.31829834EVampireMilitary16 Mar 2016
Cairo, Egypt30.03112793N 31.40535736EB737 forward fuselage at KidzaniaCivil5 Oct 20161
Cairo, Egypt30.07137108N 31.36295509E2x MiG-21, 2x Su-7Military16 Aug 2017
Cairo, Egypt30.08017921N 31.29811287EL-29, MiG-17Military8 Oct 2018
Cairo, Egypt30.07996368N 31.29882240EMiG-21Military8 Oct 2018
Cairo, Egypt30.06992340N 31.18983650EBe.23, Ce.150 i/a inside at Institute of Aviation EngineeringCivil21 Jul 20201
Cairo - Military Museum, Egypt30.03055954N 31.26166344EVariousMilitary2 Sep 20126
Cairo - October War Memorial, Egypt30.07429695N 31.30620956EMiG-19, MiG-21, Su-7Military12 Aug 20183
Cairo West, Egypt30.10654640N 30.91607094EIl-28Military17 Oct 20171
Cairo West, Egypt30.07831764N 30.91830063EF-4Military16 Mar 20161
Cairo West, Egypt30.13412476N 30.92352867E3x F-4Military8 Oct 2018
Cairo West, Egypt30.13443184N 30.92761040E2x F-4Military8 Oct 2018
Cairo West, Egypt30.13848686N 30.92774391EF-4Military8 Oct 2018
Cairo West, Egypt30.13961983N 30.92606544E2x F-4Military8 Oct 2018
Cairo-Almaza, Egypt30.09428215N 31.34746170EDHC-5Military8 Oct 20181
Cairo-Almaza, Egypt30.08700371N 31.35561371ESmall propMilitary25 Jun 2020
Cairo-Almaza - Egyptian Air Force Museum, Egypt30.09645462N 31.35155678EVariousMilitary16 Aug 201723
Dheraa Al Bahri, Egypt31.02829933N 29.65524673EMiG-21Military17 May 20171
El Alamein, Egypt30.93236923N 28.45767784E3x L.1011Civil8 Oct 20183
El Alamein - Military Museum, Egypt30.84149361N 28.94309807EP-40Military13 Mar 20181
Gebel El Basur, Egypt30.56020546N 30.55584908EMiG-21Military11 Jun 2019
Helwan, Egypt29.82053185N 31.34342194EUnknown small propMilitary9 Nov 2017
Helwan, Egypt29.83595085N 31.32340431EHF-24 Marut, HA.200Military8 Oct 20181
Hulwan, Egypt29.82405663N 31.34541512EMiG-21Military12 Sep 20181
Hulwan, Egypt29.82463074N 31.33811569EMi-8Military8 Oct 2018
Hulwan, Egypt29.82799911N 31.34143829ESmall propUnknown12 Sep 2012
Hulwan, Egypt29.83012581N 31.31606102EK-8, MiG-21Military12 Sep 2018
Hurghada, Egypt27.21298790N 33.81540298EMiG-21Military2 Sep 20121
Inshas, Egypt30.33552933N 31.43205833EMiG-21Military2 Sep 20121
Inshas, Egypt30.33530235N 31.43774605EMiG-17Military2 Sep 2012
Kafr Abou El-Hadeed, Egypt30.29868126N 30.88291931EMi-8Military8 Oct 2018
Kom Awshim, Egypt29.53500938N 30.90516853ESu-20Military12 Sep 20121
Luxor, Egypt25.67744827N 32.69988251EMiG-15, MiG-21, Su-20Military8 Dec 20153
Luxor, Egypt25.69151306N 32.71291733EMiG-17Military8 Dec 20151
Luxor, Egypt25.66886139N 32.69690704EAn-2Civil30 Jul 20181
Mansheya El-Salam, Egypt30.37052345N 31.56069756ESu-7Military16 Mar 20161
Mersa Matruh, Egypt31.33973694N 27.21703720EmiG-17, MiG-21Military24 Apr 2021
Mersa Matruh, Egypt31.33987617N 27.22549820ESu-7, Su-17Military5 Jun 20211
Minya, Egypt28.07637596N 30.81628036EL-29Military8 Oct 20181
October, Egypt29.81365776N 30.83498955ESmall propCivil12 Sep 2018
October, Egypt29.81593895N 30.83567047E2x Small propCivil12 Sep 2018
October, Egypt29.81812668N 30.83512115ESmall twin propCivil12 Sep 2018
October, Egypt29.81927681N 30.83099556EVarious small propsCivil25 Jun 20205
October, Egypt29.81853676N 30.82923317EVarious wrecksCivil2 Apr 20211
Port Said - Military Museum, Egypt31.26975441N 32.29968643EMiG-15Military8 Oct 20181
Taba, Egypt29.60155106N 34.77936554EB727Civil1 Nov 20161
Taba, Egypt29.60325813N 34.78282166E2x L.1011 (second L.1011 is either TY-KEC or TY-KEU, need confirmation which one is here now)Civil3 Nov 20161
Wadi Abu Rish, Egypt29.00026321N 31.71490669EL-29Military8 Oct 2018