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630 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in England. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Abingdon, England, United Kingdom51.66345978N 1.22626805WWessex at Lasergame area (coordinates of Wessex, Lynx somewhere here as well...)Military19 Oct 20172
Aldershot, England, United Kingdom51.26889801N 0.77975971WSeveral wrecks at the "Air Accidents Investigation Branch"Civil20 Oct 20172
Alton, England, United Kingdom51.14982224N 1.00573206WBAC1-11 forward fuselageCivil21 Sep 20121
Alton, England, United Kingdom51.14868927N 1.0041858WMiG-21Military28 Jul 20211
Alton, England, United Kingdom51.14744186N 1.00412202WUnidentified remains of a B.206, part of the The Iron Curtain Museum
credits: Antheii
Unknown19 Jul 2022
Alveston, England, United Kingdom51.58588791N 2.53033996WBAe.146 forward fuselage in use as library at St Helens Primary School (noy yet visible on GE image)
credits: garymorris
Civil5 Oct 20231
Amesbury, England, United Kingdom51.17745972N 1.75390315WGazelle helicopter as art object in the shape of a Dragonfly.Military21 Aug 20191
Andrewsfield, England, United Kingdom51.89604187N 0.45028746EMystereMilitary1 Dec 20122
Ash, England, United Kingdom51.24361038N 0.71315646WJaguar preserved somewhere along this road (not yet visible on GE image)Military9 Sep 20161
Ashton-under-Lyne, England, United Kingdom53.48703766N 2.09879184WJet Provost nose inside at 247 Sqn ATCMilitary30 Sep 20201
Backwell, England, United Kingdom51.40304565N 2.71630859W2x Sea King, Lynx (visible on latest GE image)
credits: garymorris
Military29 Nov 20233
Badger's Mount, England, United Kingdom51.32631683N 0.15085687E2x Wessex (still here?)Military8 Jun 20222
Bagby, England, United Kingdom54.21116257N 1.29056633WVariousCivil26 Nov 20203
Bakewell, England, United Kingdom53.24477005N 1.6097461WLodestar turned into a sculpture, bent into a banana shape, nose down and some circular construction on its tail (exact location unknown, at Chatsworth House near Golden Gates, possibly only until October 2022)Civil3 Jun 2022
Balcombe - Wings Museum, England, United Kingdom51.06028748N 0.16837943WvariousBoth26 Jul 201512
Banks, United Kingdom, England, United Kingdom53.68104935N 2.92112207WB.47Civil17 Oct 20171
Barkston Heath, England, United Kingdom52.96938705N 0.55042601WCanberraMilitary15 Dec 20121
Bashley - Sammy Miller Motorcycle Museum, England, United Kingdom50.76624298N 1.67311096WRallye
credits: Metty
Civil19 Jul 20181
Bassetts Pole, England, United Kingdom52.59017944N 1.77265048WWhirlwind at paintball centre "NPF Bassetts Pole"Military9 Jan 20171
Bawtry, England, United Kingdom53.45496750N 1.02876925WSeveral airframes at the "Bawtry Paintball Fields"Military5 Aug 20164
Beccles-Ellough, England, United Kingdom52.43482208N 1.62219036EPA-23 and a few moreCivil3 Aug 20213
Beck Row, England, United Kingdom52.38653183N 0.50291437EHunter (now alongside the entrance road in one piece)Military21 Sep 20121
Beckley, England, United Kingdom51.79012680N 1.17328143WVarious helicoptersBoth31 May 20225
Benson, England, United Kingdom51.61386108N 1.09098852WSeveral Puma's stored inside hangars, exact location TBCMilitary18 Oct 20174
Bentwaters, England, United Kingdom52.12638474N 1.44181311EVarious stored airframesMilitary20 Oct 201612
Bentwaters - Cold War Museum, England, United Kingdom52.13124466N 1.43168306EVariousMilitary26 Oct 20178
Bicton, England, United Kingdom52.26856613N 2.79219031WWestland Whirlwind inside the paint-ball centre.Military30 May 20161
Biggin Hill, England, United Kingdom51.32666397N 0.03784597EVariousBoth31 Dec 201613
Biggin Hill, England, United Kingdom51.32268143N 0.04032433EBAe.125Civil29 Oct 20171
Biggin Hill, England, United Kingdom51.31981277N 0.03514230ECessna 152Civil31 Dec 20161
Biggin Hill, England, United Kingdom51.31967163N 0.03578603ELake LA-4Civil31 Dec 20161
Billericay, England, United Kingdom51.60290909N 0.37837499EVariousBoth23 Sep 20224
Billesey, England, United Kingdom52.20180511N 1.79504967WUnknown twinprop wreckCivil18 Apr 2024
Bilsthorpe, England, United Kingdom53.15782547N 1.06722009W2x Lynx at paint-ball centreMilitary18 Oct 20172
Binbrook, England, United Kingdom53.44432449N 0.19920231WLightningMilitary21 Sep 20126
Binbrook, England, United Kingdom53.42473221N 0.17936893WLightningMilitary21 Sep 20121
Birkin, England, United Kingdom53.72319412N 1.22341454WVampire, Helicopter at Paintball centreMilitary18 Apr 20201
Birlingham, England, United Kingdom52.09381104N 2.11094332WVariousMilitary21 Sep 20125
Birmingham, England, United Kingdom52.35547256N 1.80582094WPA-23 at a paintball field, not clearly visible as it is covered by trees, but somewhere in these woodsCivil25 Apr 20191
Birmingham, England, United Kingdom52.49607086N 1.7388761WJetstream i/a at "Solihull College & University Centre Woodlands Campus"Military29 Oct 20171
Birmingham, England, United Kingdom52.35363770N 1.80807924WJaguar in woods at paintball site, visible briefly from motorway slip road between M42 and M40 southbound at Junction 3AMilitary4 Oct 20221
Birmingham, England, United Kingdom52.45290375N 1.85382974WHunter (not yet visible on GE image, pin at approximate location)Military20 Sep 20211
Birmingham - Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum, England, United Kingdom52.48274994N 1.88614404WSpitfire, Hurricane inside 'Move it' gallery (not sure of exact location)Military4 Jul 20162
Blackbushe, England, United Kingdom51.32375336N 0.84287298WCe.175Civil17 Dec 20182
Blackbushe, England, United Kingdom51.32236099N 0.84153938WViking
credits: billy mcnally.
Civil20 May 20231
Blackpool, England, United Kingdom53.81475830N 3.01153994WPA-28 as crashed airplane inside the zoo (not yet visible on GE image)Civil21 May 20211
Blackpool, England, United Kingdom53.77035522N 3.03790498WGA-7, 2x PA-28Civil21 May 20213
Blackpool, England, United Kingdom53.77845764N 3.00805426WLynx (not yet visible on GE image)Military2 Feb 20233
Bleaklow Moor, England, United Kingdom53.45064163N 1.86495757WB-29 wreck
credits: Milan Cibulka
Military5 Mar 20211
Bolton, England, United Kingdom53.57355499N 2.44064403WB737 forward fuselage in use as restaurant "Steaks on a plane"Civil26 Oct 20171
Booker - Wycombe Air Park, England, United Kingdom51.61001205N 0.79988301WMeteor, Gannet, B-25Military18 Oct 20173
Boscombe Down, England, United Kingdom51.16447830N 1.75564277WLightningMilitary21 Sep 20121
Boscombe Down, England, United Kingdom51.16418839N 1.74840868WSeveral aircraft as i/a and stored. Exact location(s) TBC.Military14 Oct 201723
Boscombe Down, England, United Kingdom51.15853119N 1.75502837WVariousMilitary18 Oct 20176
Boulmer, England, United Kingdom55.42388153N 1.60366523WF-4Military21 Sep 20121
Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom50.78068924N 1.8276788WHunterMilitary27 Sep 20211
Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom50.78451538N 1.85133171WB737Civil27 Sep 20211
Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom50.75584030N 1.92155325WAS.355 fuselage on the ceiling inside the building. Address: SafeWise Bournemouth, Unit 1 Roundways, Elliott Road, Bournemouth BH11 8JJ, United Kingdom.Civil23 May 20161
Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom50.78546906N 1.84359491WCL-44Civil23 May 20161
Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom50.78691864N 1.83791697WJet ProvostMilitary27 Sep 20211
Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom50.78731155N 1.84899104WVarious for scrappingCivil27 Sep 2021
Bournemouth - Aviation Museum, England, United Kingdom50.77574539N 1.84245336WVariousBoth29 Jun 201530
Bovington, England, United Kingdom50.69456100N 2.24005795WSkeeter at Tank Museum storage facilityMilitary19 Oct 20171
Bovington - Tank Museum, England, United Kingdom50.69518661N 2.24315906WHamilcar fuselage sectionMilitary19 Oct 20171
Boxted - Airfield Museum, England, United Kingdom51.93725586N 0.92289716EB-26Military18 Oct 20171
Bradfield Dale, England, United Kingdom53.41615295N 1.66281402WLynx at a paintball fieldMilitary9 Jan 2017
Bradwell-on-Sea, England, United Kingdom51.73060608N 0.91951621EJaguar, LynxMilitary16 Jun 20202
Brailsford, England, United Kingdom52.96646500N 1.5967834WLynx at a paintball fieldMilitary19 Oct 20171
Brailsford, England, United Kingdom52.97119904N 1.59065998WLynx at a paintball fieldMilitary30 Oct 20211
Brailsford, England, United Kingdom52.96778488N 1.59509003WLynx at a paintball field (pin on previous location, somewhere in the paintball fields amongst the woods now)Military30 Oct 20211
Bramford, England, United Kingdom52.08936310N 1.08380961EDominie burried as art project.Military18 Oct 20171
Bramley, England, United Kingdom51.31824493N 1.05838764WLynx as i/aMilitary18 Oct 20171
Braunton, England, United Kingdom51.10911560N 4.19013739WHunterMilitary18 Oct 20171
Breighton, England, United Kingdom53.80215836N 0.91651618WVarious inside hangarCivil14 Feb 201812
Breighton, England, United Kingdom53.80173111N 0.91245306WCe.172 stored here since 2016
credits: Václav Kudela
Civil30 Jan 20221
Breighton, England, United Kingdom53.80250168N 0.92066997WL-29Military13 May 20241
Brenzett, England, United Kingdom51.00910950N 0.86195493EVampire, Prentice and pieces of other planesBoth1 Mar 20206
Bridgemere, England, United Kingdom52.99035645N 2.40964174WTiger Cub at garden centre
credits: IGBFN
Civil23 Nov 20191
Brislington, England, United Kingdom51.43624115N 2.53618789WB727 fuselageCivil5 Oct 20231
Bristol, England, United Kingdom51.38676453N 2.69591856WJet ProvostMilitary8 Feb 20171
Bristol, England, United Kingdom51.51224899N 2.55108428WVarious i/a at City of Bristol CollegeCivil10 Sep 20202
Bristol, England, United Kingdom51.45744705N 2.56198239WLightning inside at Vanguard StorageMilitary5 Apr 20201
Bristol, England, United Kingdom51.52509689N 2.62288022WSmall prop, Bo.105 and 2x unknown helicopter at Bristol Activity Centre paintball
credits: timsel
Both18 Sep 20235
Bristol, England, United Kingdom51.50439072N 2.53161263WAS.355 at Adventure Golf Centre
credits: garymorris
Civil3 Dec 20231
Bristol - M-Shed, England, United Kingdom51.44774246N 2.59807611WHM.14 inside
credits: Bertski29
Civil12 Sep 20231
Brize Norton, England, United Kingdom51.74977493N 1.59685302WC-47Military9 Jun 20221
Brize Norton, England, United Kingdom51.75495911N 1.58140361WVarious i/a, exact location TBCMilitary18 Oct 20173
Brize Norton, England, United Kingdom51.74688721N 1.5691855WPuma at Fire Training Area
credits: Arno01
Military14 Mar 20211
Brize Norton, England, United Kingdom51.75064850N 1.56385922WMerlin with JADTEU
credits: Aldunn
Military22 Apr 20221
Brome, England, United Kingdom52.34022522N 1.14281547EJet Provost fuselageMilitary11 Mar 20181
Brough, England, United Kingdom53.72439575N 0.57802939WHawkMilitary21 Sep 20121
Bruntingthorpe, England, United Kingdom52.49088287N 1.12286842WVarious stored airliners for scrappingCivil4 May 20223
Bruntingthorpe, England, United Kingdom52.49806595N 1.10986698W2x LightningMilitary4 May 20222
Bruntingthorpe, England, United Kingdom52.49662781N 1.10713196WJaguarMilitary21 Jul 20191
Bruntingthorpe - Cold War Museum, England, United Kingdom52.49614334N 1.11246181WVariousBoth4 May 202221
Bucklebury, England, United Kingdom51.42579651N 1.22473145WProvost stored inside shed (exact location TBC)Military19 Oct 20171
Burnley, England, United Kingdom53.81543350N 2.24609327WWessex at a paintball field
credits: johnsonian
Military31 Dec 20181
Burrington, England, United Kingdom50.92680359N 3.98625112WBergfalcke fuselageCivil2 Jun 20221
Burtonwood, England, United Kingdom53.40625381N 2.62013674WDC-4 forward fuselage
credits: Milan Cibulka
Civil31 Dec 20211
Burwell, England, United Kingdom52.28385544N 0.32402745ELynx at an antiques yard
credits: Brommers
Military14 May 20241
Bury Saint Edmunds, England, United Kingdom52.24851608N 0.69289100E2x Lynx as i/aMilitary18 Oct 20172
Calcutt, England, United Kingdom51.63797760N 1.83752811W3x DH.104 fuselage, Chipmunk
credits: bcal707
Civil16 Aug 20224
Callington, England, United Kingdom50.49047089N 4.32161617WLightningMilitary21 Sep 20121
Cambridge, England, United Kingdom52.20758438N 0.17196272EVarious C-130s (also parts)Military21 Sep 20124
Capernwray, England, United Kingdom54.13621902N 2.72298932WSeveral aircraft in a lake at the "Capernwray Diving Centre"Both29 Jun 20164
Carlisle, England, United Kingdom54.94249344N 2.80765891WAA-5 (visible on latest GE image)Civil21 Sep 20211
Carlisle - Solway Aviation Museum, England, United Kingdom54.94249344N 2.80543995WVariousBoth21 Sep 201216
Caterham, England, United Kingdom51.27140045N 0.105616WLight aircraft scrapyard with Many light aircraft frames and partsCivil19 Jul 2016
Chard, England, United Kingdom50.88125229N 2.8603158WVarious at Historic HelicoptersMilitary7 Aug 20217
Charlwood, England, United Kingdom51.15517426N 0.23486339W2x Harrier, several Sea KingsMilitary28 Sep 20216
Charlwood - Gatwick Aviation Museum, England, United Kingdom51.15212250N 0.2153649WVariousBoth14 Jul 201614
Chatham, England, United Kingdom51.39403915N 0.52659500ES.51Military15 Sep 20221
Chattenden, England, United Kingdom51.43244553N 0.52069253EJet Provost, visible on GE image from 2003. Apparently this aircraft still remains here all overgrown. Needs confirmation.Military18 Oct 20171
Chatteris, England, United Kingdom52.48479843N 0.08974940ENomadCivil24 Dec 20161
Chertsey, England, United Kingdom51.40554428N 0.51542902WA.109 and B737 (parts only) at ride 'The Swarm'Civil23 Nov 20161
Chessington, England, United Kingdom51.34845734N 0.318941WRallye somewhere in the Chessington World of Adventures Resort, not yet visible on GE imageCivil5 Jun 20221
Chetton, England, United Kingdom52.50082779N 2.48070812WHarrier at "Millington Racing Engines", probably inside hangarMilitary18 Oct 20171
Chichester, England, United Kingdom50.79658508N 0.78776598WPA-28Civil25 Jun 20201
Chilbolton-Stonefield, England, United Kingdom51.13907623N 1.41809332WPiper 38 derelict.Civil26 May 20161
Chineham, England, United Kingdom51.29683685N 1.06448293WHunterMilitary28 Apr 20211
Chippenham Lodge, England, United Kingdom52.29962921N 0.44711921ETornado, Sea HarrierMilitary13 May 20242
Chorley, England, United Kingdom53.62929535N 2.72892761WJet Provost submerged at 16m depth as diving attractionMilitary19 Oct 20171
Clenchwarton, England, United Kingdom52.75755692N 0.33328524ERobin on trailer (not yet visible on GE image)
credits: norwichmike
Civil13 Dec 20181
Colchester, England, United Kingdom51.87562561N 0.89255899EDC-3 (only visible on latest GE image)Military23 Apr 20161
Colchester, England, United Kingdom51.83076477N 0.78107613EVarious at a paintball field (to be confirmed if any of it is still here)Military8 Nov 20216
Colnbrook, England, United Kingdom51.48429871N 0.50657541WB737 forward fuselage.Civil23 May 20161
Colwick, England, United Kingdom52.95831680N 1.08877409WSD.360 (only visible on latest GE image)Civil28 Jul 20191
Compton Abbas, England, United Kingdom50.96584320N 2.16097307WPA-38, small propCivil18 Aug 20211
Coningsby, England, United Kingdom53.09970474N 0.17031755WTornadoMilitary21 Sep 20121
Coningsby, England, United Kingdom53.09908295N 0.16927436WF-4Military21 Sep 20121
Coningsby, England, United Kingdom53.09437561N 0.17693996WLightning (not yet visible on GE image)Military9 Jul 20161
Coningsby, England, United Kingdom53.08758163N 0.17284155WHarrier (visible on latest GE image)Military2 Aug 20191
Coningsby, England, United Kingdom53.09505844N 0.17760515WVarious stored inside hangar(s)Military14 Oct 20178
Coningsby, England, United Kingdom53.08978271N 0.16031399WLightning (not yet visible on GE image)Military30 Oct 20171
Coningsby, England, United Kingdom53.08494186N 0.16328591WJaguar nose sectionMilitary6 Nov 20191
Conington, England, United Kingdom52.46869278N 0.24307922WCessnaCivil25 Dec 20162
Corley Moor, England, United Kingdom52.45099258N 1.59292364WWessex, Harrier, LynxMilitary19 Oct 20173
Cosford, England, United Kingdom52.64521027N 2.30974007WHunterMilitary21 Sep 20121
Cosford, England, United Kingdom52.64188766N 2.31860995WVarious i/a insideMilitary29 Jun 201689
Cosford - Museum, England, United Kingdom52.64421844N 2.31524634WVariousBoth4 Jul 201692
Cosford - Museum storage, England, United Kingdom52.63551331N 2.3097682WSeveral aircraft storedMilitary1 Jul 201619
Coventry, England, United Kingdom52.36979675N 1.48571873WVariousBoth21 Sep 20124
Coventry, England, United Kingdom52.40565109N 1.5000602WHarrier inside the UniversityMilitary5 Jul 20161
Coventry, England, United Kingdom52.36935043N 1.48683965WVariousCivil25 Dec 20161
Coventry, England, United Kingdom52.36528397N 1.48099506WL-188Civil2 Apr 20211
Coventry, England, United Kingdom52.37213135N 1.48263896WATPCivil20 Oct 20211
Coventry - Midland Air Museum, England, United Kingdom52.37393188N 1.47908926WVariousBoth10 Jul 201658
Cranfield, England, United Kingdom52.06802750N 0.62652749WB737, small twin prop i/a at Cranfield UniversityCivil12 Dec 20201
Cranfield, England, United Kingdom52.06921768N 0.63033521WCe.152 (still here)Civil31 Dec 20201
Cranfield, England, United Kingdom52.07005692N 0.61480522WVariousCivil23 Sep 20174
Cranfield, England, United Kingdom52.07397079N 0.62275362WBAe.146Civil20 Oct 20201
Cranfield, England, United Kingdom52.07060623N 0.63209796WPuma, Citation and EV97
credits: norwichmike
Civil13 Dec 20184
Cranfield, England, United Kingdom52.06610107N 0.61700892WLightningMilitary25 Mar 20211
Cranfield, England, United Kingdom52.06581116N 0.61991805WJetstreamCivil25 Mar 20211
Cranfield, England, United Kingdom52.06513977N 0.61812747WCe.150, Jetstream
credits: Václav Kudela
Civil25 Mar 20211
Cranfield, England, United Kingdom52.07204056N 0.62674677WVariousCivil27 Sep 20214
Cranwell, England, United Kingdom53.03506470N 0.5059377WJet Provost, DominieMilitary13 Dec 20182
Cranwell, England, United Kingdom53.02069473N 0.48121276WHS.125
credits: Aeroprintsuk
Military12 Sep 20201
Cranwell, England, United Kingdom53.03155899N 0.50322169WLynx (not yet visible on GE image)
credits: Aldunn
Military10 Mar 20221
Crathorne, England, United Kingdom54.44350052N 1.3276732WWhirlwind, Rallye at a paintball fieldBoth9 Sep 20202
Crosland Moor, England, United Kingdom53.61993027N 1.8330555WB737 forward fuselageCivil6 Nov 20191
Croydon, England, United Kingdom51.35637665N 0.11680909WHeronCivil21 Sep 20121
Culdrose, England, United Kingdom50.08052826N 5.25723553WSeahawkMilitary21 Sep 20121
Culdrose, England, United Kingdom50.08753204N 5.24939013WVariousMilitary7 Jun 201416
Culdrose, England, United Kingdom50.09131241N 5.26443386WSea KingMilitary18 Oct 20171
Dalton-on-Tees, England, United Kingdom54.45197296N 1.53886294WSF-25 at paintballe fieldCivil30 Aug 20201
Dalton-on-Tees, England, United Kingdom54.45211792N 1.54074597WWA-41 at a paintball fieldCivil30 Aug 20201
Danbury, England, United Kingdom51.72331619N 0.59872139EMiG-23Military19 Oct 20171
Davidstow - Davidstow Airfield and Cornwall at War Museum, England, United Kingdom50.64636993N 4.63258553WVarious (current GE image is old, newer images show the planes)Military31 May 20163
Debenham, England, United Kingdom52.22966766N 1.12885594Eseveral aircraft under restoration at ultra light airfield, needs confirmationCivil26 Oct 20172
Deighton, England, United Kingdom53.88149643N 1.05368972WSeveral helicoptersBoth12 Dec 20174
Derby, England, United Kingdom52.88306427N 1.4612031WCanberra forward fuselage inside the "Rolls-Royce - Learning and Development/Heritage Centre"Military19 Oct 20171
Diss, England, United Kingdom52.44997406N 1.07520795EBe.24Civil11 Mar 20181
Doncaster, England, United Kingdom53.47183609N 1.010445WJetstream (not yet visible on GE image)Civil12 Jun 20211
Doncaster - AeroVenture Air Museum, England, United Kingdom53.51401901N 1.10978353WVariousBoth27 Sep 201694
Doncaster - The Vulcan Experience, England, United Kingdom53.48585510N 1.01011455WCanberra, VulcanMilitary12 Jun 20212
Donnington, England, United Kingdom52.72353745N 2.44544125WHarrierMilitary21 Feb 20131
Dosthill, England, United Kingdom52.59584427N 1.68947399WJetstream submerged at dive schoolCivil10 Jun 20201
Dudley, England, United Kingdom52.47569275N 2.11172318WAndover cockpitMilitary18 Oct 20171
Dulwich, England, United Kingdom51.43996429N 0.08464515WChipmunk inside Dulwich college.Military23 May 20161
Dunkeswell, England, United Kingdom50.86553955N 3.23921204WVarious small propsCivil26 Nov 20202
Dunsfold, England, United Kingdom51.11481094N 0.53646839WVarious all over the fieldBoth19 Jul 20169
Dunsfold, England, United Kingdom51.11036301N 0.53079951WHunterCivil19 Jul 20161
Dunsfold, England, United Kingdom51.12150574N 0.5296939WSea HawkMilitary28 May 20151
Duxford - Imperial War Museum, England, United Kingdom52.09312057N 0.12892082EVariousBoth20 Jun 2016100
East Kirby - Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre, England, United Kingdom53.13978195N 0.00050652WVariousMilitary19 Oct 20178
East Midlands, England, United Kingdom52.83339310N 1.32034147WRallyeCivil1 Jun 20221
East Midlands - Museum, England, United Kingdom52.83303070N 1.34601104WVariousBoth21 Sep 201235
Easton, England, United Kingdom52.64557648N 1.16730547ESmall prop at Congo Rapids Crazy Golf Course
credits: norwichmike
Civil2 May 20191
Edmondsley, England, United Kingdom54.83703995N 1.65698826WSeveral Sea KingsMilitary19 Oct 20179
Egginton, England, United Kingdom52.85786819N 1.61522889WSeveral small propsCivil19 Oct 20172
Elstree, England, United Kingdom51.65450668N 0.32479942WVariousCivil25 Dec 20164
Elvington - Yorkshire Air Museum, England, United Kingdom53.92523575N 0.96643811WVariousBoth13 Oct 201741
Enstone, England, United Kingdom51.93336487N 1.4264766WWings and fuselage parts of a Bristol Freighter.Civil17 Dec 20184
Enstone, England, United Kingdom51.93173981N 1.43661106WJaguar (under restoration)Military3 Aug 20231
Exeter, England, United Kingdom50.73690796N 3.42326593WMany stored airlinersCivil24 Oct 2021
Exeter, England, United Kingdom50.73915863N 3.41934133WBAe146Civil24 Oct 20211
Exeter, England, United Kingdom50.73750687N 3.4136529WBAe.146, Be.76Civil15 Nov 20212
Exeter, England, United Kingdom50.72936249N 3.40639496WJetstream i/a at Future Skills CentreCivil1 Jun 20221
Fairoaks, England, United Kingdom51.34815216N 0.56328899W3x small propCivil11 Sep 2017
Fareham, England, United Kingdom50.85077286N 1.19896889WJaguar nose section i/a at "Fareham College"Military20 Oct 20171
Farnborough, England, United Kingdom51.27772522N 0.79303497WBuccaneerMilitary21 Sep 20121
Farnborough - Museum, England, United Kingdom51.28232574N 0.75336897WVariousBoth26 May 201616
Felixstowe, England, United Kingdom51.96971512N 1.36108088EBuccaneer forward fuselageMilitary20 Oct 20171
Fenland, England, United Kingdom52.74262619N 0.02889812WVariousCivil24 Dec 20167
Filton - Bristol Aerospace Museum, England, United Kingdom51.52221298N 2.57879901WVariousBoth11 Apr 20198
Fishbourne, England, United Kingdom50.85067749N 0.83955187WB737 cockpit (not yet visible on GE image)Civil25 Jun 2021
Fishburn, England, United Kingdom54.68722153N 1.46122992WSeveral small props stored inside hangarsCivil20 Oct 20171
Fishburn, England, United Kingdom54.68670654N 1.46343625WVariousBoth24 Nov 20234
Fleet Hargate, England, United Kingdom52.80673599N 0.05995886EHunterMilitary21 Oct 20171
Flixton - Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation Museum, England, United Kingdom52.43558502N 1.39898658EVariousBoth20 Apr 202142
Ford, England, United Kingdom50.82122040N 0.58092248WHunterMilitary21 Sep 20121
Forncett St Mary - Norfolk Tank Museum, England, United Kingdom52.49427032N 1.19717717ESkeeterMilitary30 Apr 20201
Fowlmere, England, United Kingdom52.08293533N 0.05812900ECe.303Civil4 Jul 20211
Gainsborough, England, United Kingdom53.40005112N 0.572891WJet Provost (not yet visible on GE image)Military8 Nov 20211
Gatwick, England, United Kingdom51.14939499N 0.20810473WHPR.7Civil21 Sep 20121
Gatwick, England, United Kingdom51.14859772N 0.16732156WMD-80 (visible at different spots at the airport over the years)Civil26 Jan 20211
Gilberdyke, England, United Kingdom53.74735260N 0.73188096W2x Jet Provost at "Everquip Garage Equipment Ltd".Military21 Oct 20173
Gillingham - Royal Engineers Museum, England, United Kingdom51.39236832N 0.53765416EHarrierMilitary18 Oct 20171
Gloucester, England, United Kingdom51.86328888N 2.26265931WWestland Scout at scrapyard (still here?)Military26 Nov 20201
Gloucester, England, United Kingdom51.89256287N 2.15908432WCirrus Wreck
credits: norwichmike
Civil12 Dec 20181
Gloucester, England, United Kingdom51.88971329N 2.15779996WPA-31Civil26 Nov 20201
Gloucester, England, United Kingdom51.86503601N 2.25157094WAS.355 (visible on latest GE image)Civil28 Nov 20231
Gloucester - Jet Age Museum, England, United Kingdom51.89558411N 2.17467594WVariousBoth23 Oct 201715
Goose Green, England, United Kingdom50.96393967N 0.42217743WFuselage section of a British Airways Boeing 737, still in BA colours
credits: Dave Broome
Civil27 Apr 2020
Gosport, England, United Kingdom50.80441284N 1.16011357WSeveral helicopters, HarrierMilitary24 May 201672
Gosport, England, United Kingdom50.80255127N 1.16001785WLynxMilitary21 Oct 20171
Gosport, England, United Kingdom50.80434799N 1.16489851WGazelleMilitary29 Jun 20211
Gosport - Fleetlands, England, United Kingdom50.83146286N 1.16802967WSea KingMilitary20 Oct 20171
Gosport - Fleetlands, England, United Kingdom50.83446503N 1.16473854WSeveral helicoptersMilitary20 Oct 20172
Gosport - Fleetlands, England, United Kingdom50.83312225N 1.16559482WWaspMilitary20 Oct 20171
Gosport - Fleetlands, England, United Kingdom50.83225250N 1.16599309WGazelleMilitary20 Oct 20171
Gransden Lodge, England, United Kingdom52.18614197N 0.11111856WGliderMilitary3 Jun 20211
Granta Park, England, United Kingdom52.11635590N 0.22536457EEclipseCivil16 Oct 20211
Gravesend, England, United Kingdom51.42396545N 0.37145975EBuccaneer cockpit sectionMilitary21 Oct 20171
Great Easton, England, United Kingdom51.90479660N 0.33961594EHunter at "P & A Wood" car dealer, needs confirmationMilitary21 Oct 20171
Great Yarmouth, England, United Kingdom52.61754227N 1.71842158ECessna 150Civil9 Jul 20161
Guernsey, England, United Kingdom49.43709183N 2.60457611WvariousBoth22 Jun 20156
Guildford, England, United Kingdom51.30236435N 0.41338599WLynx at paintball fieldMilitary8 Jan 20171
Halfpenny Green, England, United Kingdom52.51388931N 2.26227689WJet Provost, Various GA TypesBoth26 Nov 20202
Haltham, England, United Kingdom53.15624619N 0.136998WPA-23Civil31 May 20211
Halton, England, United Kingdom51.77626801N 0.7281847WHunterMilitary21 Sep 20121
Halton, England, United Kingdom51.77759552N 0.72024041WTornadoMilitary21 Sep 20121
Halton, England, United Kingdom51.78867340N 0.74234158WJet Provost used as horse jump.Military30 May 20161
Halton, England, United Kingdom51.77706146N 0.72061568WTrenchard MuseumMilitary30 May 20165
Halton, England, United Kingdom51.78895950N 0.73372197WJet ProvostMilitary24 Sep 20211
Hamble, England, United Kingdom50.86265182N 1.32958698WGnatMilitary21 Sep 20121
Hamburg, England, United Kingdom53.59427643N 10.01638031ECe.182 in nose down crashed position (still here?)Civil17 Oct 2022
Hartlepool, England, United Kingdom54.68410110N 1.20997703W2x Jet Provost i/a at Hartlepool CollegeMilitary30 Aug 20202
Hartlepool, England, United Kingdom54.68316269N 1.21043003WJet ProvostMilitary30 Aug 20201
Hassocks, England, United Kingdom50.90816116N 0.218088WPA-34 at a paintball field, under the treesCivil11 Sep 20171
Hassocks, England, United Kingdom50.91642380N 0.07817432WWessex at campsiteMilitary5 Aug 20161
Hawkinge - Kent Battle of Britain Museum, England, United Kingdom51.11244965N 1.15260208EVarious, also several replicasMilitary15 Sep 20225
Haxey, England, United Kingdom53.49028015N 0.84723878WLightning nose sectionMilitary9 Jul 20161
Haywards Heath, England, United Kingdom50.99639511N 0.09282723WBulldogMilitary23 Oct 20171
Headcorn - Lashenden Air Warfare Museum, England, United Kingdom51.15406418N 0.64548981EFa.330, Lightning cockpit (exact building not sure)Military19 Aug 20182
Heathrow, England, United Kingdom51.46702194N 0.4330315WConcordeCivil17 May 20151
Hemel Hempstead, England, United Kingdom51.76331329N 0.4483158WSeveral aircraft preserved at a private house.Military30 May 20162
Hendon - RAF Museum, England, United Kingdom51.59878159N 0.23873422WVariousBoth27 Sep 201689
Henley-on-Thames, England, United Kingdom51.52171707N 0.88612783WVampireMilitary23 Oct 20171
Henley-on-Thames, England, United Kingdom51.53636169N 0.90254593WJet Provost forward fuselage inside building of the "447 Sqn ATC"Military23 Oct 20171
Henlow, England, United Kingdom52.00927353N 0.30063203WHunterMilitary21 Sep 20121
Henlow, England, United Kingdom52.00989532N 0.30156076WVarious i/a at "Centre for Aviation Medicine". Exact location TBC.Military23 Oct 20171
Henlow, England, United Kingdom52.01295853N 0.30151707WLynx in the back of this hangerMilitary1 Aug 20181
Henstridge, England, United Kingdom50.98030472N 2.36042166WLightning at a car scrapyardMilitary14 Jul 20161
Hibaldstow, England, United Kingdom53.50191498N 0.52239645WSeveral aircraft stored and under restoration.Military9 Jul 20164
High Green - RAF Defford Museum, England, United Kingdom52.10470581N 2.1662271WCanberra cockpit insideMilitary18 Oct 20172
Higher Kinnerton, England, United Kingdom53.14763641N 2.98501611WVampire at a paintball fieldMilitary15 Jun 20211
Hill Holt Wood, England, United Kingdom53.13872147N 0.70312274WJetstream, to be used for clamping (?), and a bunch more - some visible on latest GE imageCivil13 May 20237
Hockley, England, United Kingdom51.61196136N 0.67603022EPA-24Civil29 Jun 20211
Hoddesdon, England, United Kingdom51.76837158N 0.01085200ECe.421 at Hoddesdon Rye House Go Kart CentreCivil12 Feb 20181
Honeybourne, England, United Kingdom52.09665298N 1.8361088WWhirlwind preserved inside the "All Things Wild" park.Military23 Oct 20171
Honington, England, United Kingdom52.33557892N 0.77564490EBuccaneerMilitary21 Sep 20121
Honington, England, United Kingdom52.33837128N 0.77448082ETornado as i/a, exact location TBCMilitary5 Jul 20181
Hooton, England, United Kingdom53.30200577N 2.94253349WVariousBoth23 Oct 201710
Horsham, England, United Kingdom51.08910751N 0.23840412WPuma at a paintball fieldMilitary17 Sep 20221
Horsham, England, United Kingdom51.06970978N 0.3158623WSeveral Sea KingsMilitary22 Jul 20196
Horsham, England, United Kingdom50.99805069N 0.413654WB757 cockpit as flightsim at Virtual Flight Center - went bankrupt June 2018, cockpit will probably be removedCivil28 Jul 20181
Houghton, England, United Kingdom52.33044052N 0.10617658WCanberra nose section at a private house in a fieldMilitary20 Jun 20161
Humberside, England, United Kingdom53.58066940N 0.35305431WSeveral JetstreamsCivil1 Nov 20171
Humberside, England, United Kingdom53.57737732N 0.34236252WBAC 1-11 Forward fuselageCivil9 Jul 20161
Humberside, England, United Kingdom53.58243561N 0.35407171WStrikemaster, HawkMilitary9 Sep 20202
Humberside, England, United Kingdom53.57907104N 0.35203055WJetstream fuselageUnknown23 Oct 2017
Humberside, England, United Kingdom53.58174133N 0.35518348WVarious i/a at "BAe Aircraft Maintenance Academy".Both23 Oct 20175
Humberside, England, United Kingdom53.58007431N 0.35379601WJetstreamCivil22 Jul 20191
Huntingdon, England, United Kingdom52.32569504N 0.26578814WPA-31 at "High Harthay Shooting Ground" paintball field (not yet visible on GE image, exact location TBC)Military23 Oct 20171
Ingoldmells, England, United Kingdom53.17852402N 0.33436355ELightningMilitary26 May 20161
Ivybridge, England, United Kingdom50.37430191N 3.97503638WWhirlwind submerged as diving attractionMilitary28 Oct 20171
Kegworth, England, United Kingdom52.84654617N 1.29003394WLynx, plus a small prop on the paintball field itselfBoth14 Oct 20181
Kemble, England, United Kingdom51.66806793N 2.05647635WSeveral stored airliners - spread over several locations on the field and some planes may be moved across the fieldBoth30 Oct 202034
Kemble, England, United Kingdom51.66949081N 2.05746269WGnat, Hunter (and several other frames of which exact location is unknown)Military28 Apr 20216
Kemble, England, United Kingdom51.66776276N 2.0596199WB747, last BA frame, arrived October 2020, will be preserved and used for all kinds of eventsCivil27 Oct 20201
Kemble, England, United Kingdom51.66494370N 2.07026434WSeveral aircraft at the fire-dump as instructional airframeCivil25 Jun 20164
Kemble, England, United Kingdom51.66979218N 2.06886816WVarious i/a at Lufthansa Training School (Hangar 4)Both22 Feb 20216
Kemble, England, United Kingdom51.67135620N 2.06199646WBritanniaMilitary4 May 20173
Kesgrave - Suffolk Aviation Heritage Group, England, United Kingdom52.05194855N 1.23942196EVariousMilitary23 Oct 20175
Kettering, England, United Kingdom52.38858032N 0.71074784WBAC 1-11 as cabin trainer at a school (Tresham College)Civil16 Feb 20191
Kettering, England, United Kingdom52.37652206N 0.7178396WBaby LakesCivil21 Dec 20161
Kettleburgh, England, United Kingdom52.20330048N 1.31722498ELightning (stored in a shed)Military14 Jul 20161
Kidderminster, England, United Kingdom52.39365768N 2.19353056WLynx at paintball park, exact location TBCMilitary17 May 20181
Kidlington, England, United Kingdom51.82750702N 1.31411886WA319 at National Tactical Response Group
credits: Grant Robinson
Civil25 Apr 20191
Kirklington, England, United Kingdom54.23440170N 1.54124606WN.1203 as crashed plane on an island at Camp Hill EstateCivil18 Apr 20201
Knutsford, England, United Kingdom53.31257629N 2.35310292WVariousBoth21 Sep 20224
Knutsford, England, United Kingdom53.31251907N 2.35466862WTornadoMilitary21 Sep 20221
Lakenheath, England, United Kingdom52.39752960N 0.54318726EF-4, F-15, F-111Military23 Oct 20173
Lakenheath, England, United Kingdom52.39574814N 0.55085599EF-100Military5 Aug 20161
Land's End, England, United Kingdom50.06578827N 5.71358681WBo.105Civil7 Sep 20211
Lasham, England, United Kingdom51.18452072N 1.04143679WSeveral stored airliners - spread over several locations on the field and some planes may be moved across the fieldCivil23 Oct 20174
Lasham - The Gliding Heritage Center, England, United Kingdom51.18540192N 1.02311254WSeveral glidersMilitary14 Oct 201839
Lavendon - Lavendon Narrow Gauge Railway, England, United Kingdom52.17293549N 0.65513694WVarious cockpitsMilitary23 Oct 20176
Leadgate, England, United Kingdom54.93033981N 1.82827544WPA-28
credits: Danny Banks
Civil31 Jan 20241
Lee-on-Solent, England, United Kingdom50.80895233N 1.20979905WBN-2 fuselageMilitary11 Jul 20191
Lee-on-Solent, England, United Kingdom50.81712341N 1.21032286WTrislander (not yet visible on GE image)
credits: norwichmike
Civil15 Dec 20181
Lee-on-the-Solent, England, United Kingdom50.81208420N 1.19360983WVarious i/a at CEMASTMilitary20 Oct 20171
Leeds Bradford Airport, England, United Kingdom53.86209869N 1.64984953WSD.360 fuselage as i/aCivil31 May 20231
Leeds-Bradford, England, United Kingdom53.87744141N 1.6622417WVariousMilitary23 Oct 20173
Leeming, England, United Kingdom54.29002380N 1.52405584WTornado (Javelin still visible on GE image)Military5 Aug 20161
Leeming, England, United Kingdom54.30037308N 1.52459979WSeveral Tornados stored inside hangarsMilitary14 Oct 201724
Leeming Bar, England, United Kingdom54.31223679N 1.56817114WHawk (not yet visible on GE image)
credits: Scottya
Military2 Aug 20231
Leicester, England, United Kingdom52.60503387N 1.03609443WG-115Civil7 Sep 20211
Levenshulme, England, United Kingdom53.44828796N 2.18635106WChipmunk fuselageMilitary22 Jun 20161
Lingfield, England, United Kingdom51.17631531N 0.0311415WSmall twin propCivil2 Jun 2022
Linley, Beverley Hill, England, United Kingdom53.89839935N 0.36656141WCessna 150Civil24 Dec 20161
Liskaerd, England, United Kingdom50.41628265N 4.3952899WLightningMilitary22 Jun 20161
Little Gransden, England, United Kingdom52.16440964N 0.14996231WVariousCivil25 Dec 20163
Little Gransden, England, United Kingdom52.16357422N 0.149755W3x CessnaCivil3 Jun 20213
Little Staughton, England, United Kingdom52.24417496N 0.35385075WVarious
credits: norwichmike
Civil13 Dec 20186
Liverpool, England, United Kingdom53.34756851N 2.88136935WVariousBoth14 Feb 20196
Liverpool, England, United Kingdom53.48386765N 2.96630859WWessex, small prop fuselage at "Laser Combat Liverpool"Both17 May 2017
Liverpool, England, United Kingdom53.44266891N 2.80182481WLynx at Delta Force Paintball LiverpoolMilitary23 Sep 20221
London, England, United Kingdom51.49395370N 0.16807124WGnat cockpit inside store. Exact address: Andrew Martin Store, 190 Walton Street, London SW3 2JL , United Kingdom. Wings & fuselage stored elsewhere in the UK (location #15232)Military23 May 20161
London, England, United Kingdom51.50815964N 0.219795WA319 forward fuselage at Kidzania in Westfield shopping mall (note that there is a fake forward section near the entrance, but a real one inside!)Civil20 Oct 20161
London, England, United Kingdom51.43729019N 0.251706WLj-25 i/a at Kingston UniversityCivil17 Nov 20171
London, England, United Kingdom51.56959152N 0.23956899WHunter hanging inside Vanguard Storage buildingMilitary26 Jun 20221
London - Imperial War Museum, England, United Kingdom51.49573517N 0.10863054WVariousMilitary4 Jan 20155
London - Science Museum, England, United Kingdom51.49750137N 0.17465067WVariousBoth28 Nov 201725
London-Colney - de Havilland Aircraft Heritage Centre, England, United Kingdom51.71055222N 0.27107146WVariousBoth21 Sep 201228
London-Greenford, England, United Kingdom51.53205872N 0.30816838WVariousMilitary11 Jul 20191
Long Marston, England, United Kingdom52.13324356N 1.74770415WSea PrinceMilitary21 Sep 20121
Long Stratton, England, United Kingdom52.48623276N 1.21937919ETigre at the "Stratton Motor Company"Military30 Apr 20201
Longmoor, England, United Kingdom51.06852722N 0.86400121WLynx (second one should also be around)Military26 Oct 20172
Loughborough, England, United Kingdom52.76183701N 1.24166167WHawk 200 inside the universityMilitary13 May 20241
Louth, England, United Kingdom53.43911743N 0.16305248E3x Whirlwind at Lakeside Park
credits: Aeroprintsuk
Military12 Sep 20223
Lower Arncott, England, United Kingdom51.85502625N 1.11063838WSeveral aircraft, exact location TBCMilitary9 Aug 20174
Luton, England, United Kingdom51.87932205N 0.36230314WBritanniaCivil22 Nov 20161
Luton, England, United Kingdom51.87539291N 0.37564874WB737Civil4 Dec 20151
Lydd, England, United Kingdom50.96205139N 0.94186425ECe.150 wreck
credits: norwichmike
Civil1 Oct 20201
Lyneham, England, United Kingdom51.50593567N 1.98408365WVarious i/a at DSEME (spread over multiple hangars and buildings, exact locations not sure)Military26 Oct 201726
Lyneham, England, United Kingdom51.50730896N 1.98447526WGazelle (not yet visible on GE image)Military29 Oct 20171
Lyneham, England, United Kingdom51.50747681N 1.98361695WGazelle, Lynx inside the simulator building exact location TBCMilitary29 Oct 20172
Lyneham - REME Museum, England, United Kingdom51.50450134N 1.96977139WScoutMilitary26 Oct 20172
Lytham Saint Annes, England, United Kingdom53.74069214N 2.93906808WGnat at "Helical Technology Ltd"Military26 Oct 20171
Lyveden, England, United Kingdom52.46510696N 0.58309132WRallye
credits: Václav Kudela
Civil7 Sep 20231
Maidenhead, England, United Kingdom51.50077057N 0.73832363WHunter, HarvardMilitary26 Oct 20172
Maidenhead, England, United Kingdom51.46778870N 0.78003782WLynx at Delta Force Paintball
credits: Pete Carter
Military21 Oct 20231
Manchester, England, United Kingdom53.35474396N 2.28425002WTrident, DC-10, NimrodBoth27 Apr 20213
Manchester, England, United Kingdom53.35249710N 2.28546453WBAe.146, Concorde (inside)Civil30 May 20162
Manchester - Art Gallery, England, United Kingdom53.47875214N 2.24164271WH-13 as art objectCivil22 Jun 20161
Manchester - Imperial War Museum North, England, United Kingdom53.46974182N 2.29884648WHarrier (inside)Military4 Aug 20231
Manchester - Museum of Science and Industry, England, United Kingdom53.47654724N 2.25354004WVarious - aviation hall closed July 2021, all planes to be movedBoth15 Jul 20213
Mansfield, England, United Kingdom53.14214325N 1.21151364WCanberra cockpit section inside the building of 384 ATC sqnMilitary22 Jun 20161
Manston, England, United Kingdom51.34720230N 1.34506905EF-4 (not yet visible on GE image)Military14 Oct 20211
Manston, England, United Kingdom51.34846497N 1.34597397EUH-1 with Polar Helicopters, travelling exhibitMilitary26 Oct 20211
Manston - RAF Manston History Museum, England, United Kingdom51.34944916N 1.34749031EVariousBoth26 Aug 202120
Manston - RAF Manston Spitfire & Hurricane Memorial Museum, England, United Kingdom51.35024643N 1.34969425ESpitfire & Hurricane insideMilitary20 Jun 20162
Marham, England, United Kingdom52.65369415N 0.54833776ECanberra (only visible on latest GE image)Military26 Oct 20171
Marham, England, United Kingdom52.65589905N 0.55042684EVarious i/a, exact location TBCMilitary26 Oct 20174
Marham - Aviation Heritage Center, England, United Kingdom52.65727234N 0.54658127EVictor, Tornado, plus some nose sectionsMilitary8 May 20185
Marksbury, England, United Kingdom51.35935974N 2.50082779WHunter and Wessex at Hamburger Hill Paintball, exact location unknown, both under treesMilitary4 Jan 20153
Melksham, England, United Kingdom51.36279678N 2.09327626WSkeeter (and more?)Military26 Oct 20171
Melksham, England, United Kingdom51.35702133N 2.13199449WChipmunk cockpit at Melksham ATC
credits: IGBFN
Civil29 Nov 20191
Metheringham, England, United Kingdom53.12208939N 0.35527691WJet Provost, DC-3Military1 Nov 20172
Middle Wallop, England, United Kingdom51.15393066N 1.56812799WVariousMilitary29 Oct 20175
Middle Wallop, England, United Kingdom51.14990234N 1.56648517WVarious inside several hangarsBoth29 Oct 201735
Middle Wallop, England, United Kingdom51.13531876N 1.56830907W3x LynxMilitary21 Oct 20233
Middle Wallop - Museum of Army Flying, England, United Kingdom51.14990997N 1.57294869WVariousMilitary21 Sep 201227
Middlezoy, England, United Kingdom51.10255432N 2.90385222WVariousBoth29 Jun 20213
Mildenhall, England, United Kingdom52.35422897N 0.49999863ELynx nose section as flight-simulator at "Sim2do Flight Simulator Centre"Military26 Oct 20171
Moreton-in-Marsh, England, United Kingdom51.99914169N 1.67811966W2x Tornado, Lynx, Jet Provost, Ce.172 with the fire schoolMilitary8 Sep 20215
Moreton-in-Marsh, England, United Kingdom51.99752808N 1.67431498WJet Provost fuselageMilitary8 Aug 20221
Nantwich, England, United Kingdom53.02775192N 2.53009701WJet Provost at "Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker"Military16 Feb 20191
Neatishead - Radar museum, England, United Kingdom52.71282196N 1.47061229ESeveral nose sectionsMilitary21 Oct 20234
Netherthorpe, England, United Kingdom53.31673431N 1.19491613WVariousCivil2 Jan 20172
New Brighton, England, United Kingdom53.44258118N 3.04083586WSea Hawk forward fuselage inside "Fort Perch Rock"Military26 Oct 20171
New York, England, United Kingdom53.06376648N 0.14583921WLightning (not yet visible on GE image)Military24 Dec 20171
Newark, England, United Kingdom53.08146667N 0.8139267WA318 i/a at Air and Space InstituteCivil26 Apr 20241
Newark - Air Museum, England, United Kingdom53.09568024N 0.75901794WVariousBoth22 Jun 201687
Newby Wiske, England, United Kingdom54.29035187N 1.44465804WSeveral small props inside, airfield is closedCivil9 Sep 20204
Newcastle, England, United Kingdom55.03375244N 1.69379854WB737 (not in use as Indian restaurant, as it was once planned)Civil19 Oct 20231
Newcastle, England, United Kingdom55.03363419N 1.69719458WVarious i/a at "Newcastle Aviation Academy"Military26 Oct 20176
Newport, Isle of Wight, England, United Kingdom50.68340302N 1.31640208WWessex can be found at Windmill Campersite as bedroomMilitary31 Jul 20201
Newquay, England, United Kingdom50.43500900N 4.97504854WCanberra nose section, P-2Military22 Jun 20161
Newton, England, United Kingdom54.61213303N 1.5811497WDauphin inside Aviator Gin BarCivil12 Apr 20211
Newton Abbot, England, United Kingdom50.55697632N 3.66631699WWhittaker MW-2B Excaliber inside the storeCivil20 Jun 20161
Newton Abbot, England, United Kingdom50.56184006N 3.65620637WB.206B at the Paintball centreCivil20 Jun 20161
North Cave, England, United Kingdom53.76894760N 0.65819263WPuma submerged as diving attractionMilitary26 Oct 20171
North Coates, England, United Kingdom53.49998474N 0.06409297ESedbergh TX.1 in hanger
credits: anthony seeley
Civil31 Mar 20201
North Luffenham, England, United Kingdom52.62870789N 0.60287189WWhirlwind
credits: Alex Rodway
Military7 Jan 20241
North Rauceby - Cranwell Aviation Heritage Center, England, United Kingdom53.01520157N 0.47833601WJet ProvostMilitary3 Jun 20162
North Weald, England, United Kingdom51.72082901N 0.14373958EVariousBoth15 Nov 201810
North Weald, England, United Kingdom51.71721268N 0.14581293ECe.340, Ce.310, Ce.182Civil18 May 20213
Northolt, England, United Kingdom51.54904938N 0.41027069WBAe.125Military27 Oct 20171
Northrepps - Winspurs Farm, England, United Kingdom52.88987350N 1.31638527EErcoupe
credits: norwichmike
Civil13 Dec 20182
Norwich, England, United Kingdom52.67580032N 1.28382242ESeveral stored airliners - spread over several locations on the field and some planes may be moved across the fieldCivil24 Dec 20161
Norwich, England, United Kingdom52.61516953N 1.30638313EJaguarMilitary4 Sep 20171
Norwich, England, United Kingdom52.68168259N 1.28542638EWG.30Civil15 Dec 20121
Norwich, England, United Kingdom52.66830826N 1.28060198EB737 i/a at International Aviation Academy NorwichCivil31 Jan 20211
Norwich - City of Norwich Aviation Museum, England, United Kingdom52.68016815N 1.27600646EVariousBoth21 Sep 201230
Nursling, England, United Kingdom50.95147705N 1.48731434WLynx at a paintball fieldMilitary12 Nov 20171
Oaksey, England, United Kingdom51.63128281N 2.01625705WAirtourerCivil2 Jun 20221
Odiham, England, United Kingdom51.24065781N 0.94652271WWhirlwindMilitary21 Sep 20121
Odiham, England, United Kingdom51.24312210N 0.94592732WH-47Military29 Oct 20171
Old Hutton, England, United Kingdom54.27519226N 2.68467116WF.27at "The Outdoor Adventure Company"Civil31 Oct 20171
Old Sarum - Boscombe Down Aviation Collection, England, United Kingdom51.09996796N 1.78577006WVariousBoth24 May 201648
Old Warden - Shuttleworth Collection, England, United Kingdom52.08888245N 0.32213733WVarious (mostly airworthy)
credits: Aldunn
Both29 May 202322
Over Dinsdale, England, United Kingdom54.48872757N 1.44141626WLightningMilitary9 Sep 20201
Ower, England, United Kingdom50.94770050N 1.55327106WS-6, R.2100 fuselages (not yet visible on GE image)Civil14 Jul 20212
Paddock Wood, England, United Kingdom51.20147705N 0.39462402EPiper 34 wreck in use as horse-jump (not clearly visible on GE image)Civil20 Jun 20161
Patrington, England, United Kingdom53.68765259N 0.01888812WVampireMilitary28 Oct 20171
Paull - Fort Paull Museum, England, United Kingdom53.71345901N 0.22889675WBeverlyMilitary29 Jun 20231
Peterborough, England, United Kingdom52.57233047N 0.21003574WAV-8 nose section inside the building of a company called "TriSim"Military20 Jun 20161
Petersfield, England, United Kingdom51.02425766N 0.89330435WHarrierMilitary13 Mar 20181
Pickhill, England, United Kingdom54.24636078N 1.47432172WVampire inside unit number 6, TBCMilitary8 Sep 20211
Point Clear - East Essex Aviation Museum, England, United Kingdom51.80101776N 1.01973033EP-51 wreck insideMilitary18 Oct 20171
Pool, England, United Kingdom50.22698212N 5.27595901WVarious i/a at "Cornwall College Camborne"Military18 Oct 20171
Poole, England, United Kingdom50.74684143N 1.95583189WSh.330-200 forward fuselage In the back-garden at Verity Crescent, Poole.Civil23 May 20161
Poole, England, United Kingdom50.71956635N 2.09090924WPA-38 wreckCivil21 Oct 20171
Portland, England, United Kingdom50.56999969N 2.45206881WLynxMilitary23 May 20161
Portsmouth, England, United Kingdom50.80382538N 1.10859179WSea Harrier (not yet visible on GE image)Military29 Oct 20171
Portsmouth, England, United Kingdom50.80331802N 1.10803401WHawk as i/a (exact location TBC)Military14 Oct 20171
Portsmouth, England, United Kingdom50.83566666N 1.09908342WWessex submerged at the "Defence Diving School"Military23 Oct 20171
Predannack, England, United Kingdom49.99380875N 5.23826313WCanberraMilitary15 Dec 20121
Predannack, England, United Kingdom49.99295425N 5.23779678WBAe.125Military31 May 20161
Predannack, England, United Kingdom49.99421310N 5.23799992WSea KingMilitary15 Dec 20121
Predannack, England, United Kingdom49.99507523N 5.2345953WJetstreamMilitary7 Jun 20141
Predannack, England, United Kingdom49.99468231N 5.23685551W2x WessexMilitary22 Jun 20162
Predannack, England, United Kingdom49.99439240N 5.23282099WSea King (not yet visible, exact location unknown)Military22 Jun 20163
Predannack, England, United Kingdom49.99115753N 5.23636007WJaguarMilitary22 Jun 20161
Preston, England, United Kingdom53.75542450N 0.20410672WVickers Varsity nose sectionMilitary28 Oct 20171
Quinton, England, United Kingdom52.46375275N 1.99599004WGA-7 Cougar cockpit at Sentinoa Pizza & GrillCivil31 Jan 20201
Redhill, England, United Kingdom51.21344376N 0.12959361WVarious Light AircraftCivil31 Dec 20162
Redhill, England, United Kingdom51.21373367N 0.14855281WPumaCivil31 Dec 20161
Rednal, England, United Kingdom52.84197235N 2.93703842WWessex at a paintball fieldMilitary23 Nov 20201
Rixton, England, United Kingdom53.40426636N 2.47847772WRallye
credits: johnsonian
Civil26 Nov 20201
Robertsbridge - Robertsbridge Aviation Society, England, United Kingdom50.99914169N 0.47641867ESeveral cockpitsMilitary28 Oct 20176
Ronaldsway - Manx Aviation and Military Museum, England, United Kingdom54.08329391N 4.63797188WEmb.110, ATPCivil17 Oct 20222
Roudham, England, United Kingdom52.45323944N 0.85297948EScheibe SF-25, Whirlwind at a paintball field
credits: norwichmike
Both13 Dec 20182
Rough Close, England, United Kingdom52.95294189N 2.11456847WScout in gardenMilitary20 Apr 20231
Royston, England, United Kingdom52.12215805N 0.118289WS.205Civil4 Jun 20221
Rufforth, England, United Kingdom53.94185257N 1.18951678WGlidersCivil22 Dec 20169
Rufforth, England, United Kingdom53.94322205N 1.18806577WPA-25Civil22 Dec 20161
Rufforth, England, United Kingdom53.95295334N 1.18193948WGyro, GoldwingCivil22 Dec 20161
Rufforth, England, United Kingdom53.95270157N 1.1819154WVariousCivil22 Dec 20165
Samlesbury, England, United Kingdom53.77634048N 2.55824804WHawk, Tornado as i/a inside building of the "Academy for Skills & Knowledge"Military15 Sep 20202
Sandtoft, England, United Kingdom53.56109238N 0.85440803WVarious inside and out in the grass (exact location unknown, not yet visible on GE image)
credits: anthony seeley
Civil30 Jul 20215
Scampton, England, United Kingdom53.30323029N 0.54675841WHawkMilitary29 Oct 20171
Scampton, England, United Kingdom53.30047989N 0.54909647WVarious stored or as i/aMilitary29 Nov 202114
Scampton, England, United Kingdom53.31130219N 0.5628401WHawk at fire-dump (not yet visible on GE image)Military27 Oct 20171
Scampton, England, United Kingdom53.31248856N 0.56224102WHunter BuccaneerMilitary29 Nov 20212
Scarborough, England, United Kingdom54.26599121N 0.43871999W3x Sea King in use as clamping homesMilitary2 Jun 20223
Sealand, England, United Kingdom53.22722244N 2.99179101WTornadoMilitary31 May 20201
Selby, England, United Kingdom53.81748199N 1.01108158WHS.125 is use as a luxury accomodation with an aviation companyCivil14 Dec 20201
Selby, England, United Kingdom53.81846237N 1.01157296WPrescott PusherCivil29 Jun 20231
Selsey, England, United Kingdom50.73731232N 0.81381601WPA-28 on top of a container at Waverider bar (not yet visible on GE image, exact location not 100% sure)Civil7 Jun 20221
Shawburry, England, United Kingdom52.79250717N 2.65689683WWessexMilitary1 Sep 20131
Shawbury, England, United Kingdom52.79435730N 2.66407728WMany aircraft stored all over the airfield in hangarsMilitary23 Nov 202084
Sheepbridge, England, United Kingdom53.27738190N 1.43850017WJet Provost fuselageMilitary20 Jun 20161
Sheffield, England, United Kingdom53.39383698N 1.38458407WLynx i/a at University of Sheffield Laboratory of Validation and VerificationMilitary29 Nov 20211
Sherburn in Elmet, England, United Kingdom53.78927612N 1.20908356WB.47. exact location TBCCivil28 Oct 20171
Shobdon, England, United Kingdom52.24353790N 2.87629223WKitfox Frame stored in hangar
credits: norwichmike
Civil15 Dec 20181
Shobdon, England, United Kingdom52.24356461N 2.88103199WVarious GA types
credits: norwichmike
Civil15 Dec 20184
Shoreham, England, United Kingdom50.83350754N 0.28942484WVarious i/a at Northbrook CollegeBoth5 Nov 20206
Shoreham, England, United Kingdom50.83248520N 0.29517978WThruxton JackarooCivil25 Dec 20161
Shoreham, England, United Kingdom50.84030914N 0.29347599WSmall prop wreckCivil5 Nov 2020
Shoreham, England, United Kingdom50.83232880N 0.29664162WPA-38Civil15 Mar 20241
Shoreham - Shoreham Aircraft Museum, England, United Kingdom51.33386993N 0.17753541EJu.88 cockpit sectionMilitary28 Oct 20171
Shrivenham, England, United Kingdom51.60369873N 1.64187944WSeveral helicopters at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom.Military23 May 20163
Sibson, England, United Kingdom52.55408478N 0.38904101WSeveral small propsCivil16 Jun 20171
Sidcup, England, United Kingdom51.43156433N 0.07601548EPiper 28 preserved at the Golfclub.Civil23 May 20161
Small Dole, England, United Kingdom50.89788055N 0.27367172W2x helicopter, perhaps more insideCivil22 Sep 20223
Southampton, England, United Kingdom50.91485977N 1.43930829WGnatMilitary28 Oct 20171
Southampton - Solent Sky, England, United Kingdom50.89790344N 1.39305317WvariousBoth21 Sep 201215
Southend, England, United Kingdom51.56916809N 0.69562709ESeveral airliners storedCivil25 Apr 2014
Southend, England, United Kingdom51.57093430N 0.69468194EVulcan (inside, not sure which hangar)Military3 Aug 20191
Southend, England, United Kingdom51.57201385N 0.68758130ESeveral airliners and commuters storedCivil21 Sep 2012
Southend, England, United Kingdom51.57528687N 0.69450873EEmb.110Civil3 Jun 20211
Southend, England, United Kingdom51.53255081N 0.71881855EHorizon, R22Civil11 Jun 20202
Southend, England, United Kingdom51.57001495N 0.68617827E2x HS.748Civil12 Jun 20202
Southend, England, United Kingdom51.57224655N 0.69247001EVarious small propsCivil3 Jun 20212
Southwick, England, United Kingdom50.87525940N 1.10253274WLynx i/a at "Defence College of Policing and Guarding", exact location TBCMilitary28 Oct 20171
Spadeadam, England, United Kingdom55.06406403N 2.54169536W2x Mystere range targetsMilitary3 Jun 20162
Spadeadam, England, United Kingdom55.06464005N 2.54922056WSu-22 range targetMilitary18 Jul 20161
Spadeadam, England, United Kingdom55.02103043N 2.57843709WT-33
credits: DannyB2024
Military31 Jan 20241
Spadeadam, England, United Kingdom55.05729675N 2.53853345WMi-24Military31 Jan 20241
Spadeadam, England, United Kingdom55.06305695N 2.54311705W4x T-33 ranget targetsMilitary31 Jan 20244
Spadeadam, England, United Kingdom55.06388474N 2.54817033W6x Mystere range targetsMilitary31 Jan 20246
Spanhoe, England, United Kingdom52.55752945N 0.61890095WSeveral small propsCivil29 Sep 20212
Spark Bridge, England, United Kingdom54.25265884N 3.06581926WHunter, LightningMilitary28 Jul 20198
Sproughton, England, United Kingdom52.05997849N 1.08887935EVariousBoth2 Feb 202321
St Mawgan, England, United Kingdom50.43959808N 5.000072WSeveral Sea Kings, exact location TBCMilitary29 Oct 20174
St Mawgan - Cornwall Aviation Heritage Centre, England, United Kingdom50.44144440N 5.01400232WVariousBoth1 Jun 202213
Stafford, England, United Kingdom52.82708740N 2.09507561WWessexMilitary15 Jul 20161
Stafford, England, United Kingdom52.82262039N 2.10366488WHarrierMilitary21 Feb 20131
Stafford, England, United Kingdom52.83197403N 2.06676817WVarious aircraft at the "Stafford Museum Store". Exact building TBC.Both29 Oct 201719
Stafford, England, United Kingdom52.81661987N 2.09136128WPhantom forward fuselage as i/a inside building, exact location TBC.Military29 Oct 20171
Stalybridge, England, United Kingdom53.48422241N 2.06253028WSeveral cockpits as flight-simulator at "Top Gun Flight Simulator Centre"Military29 Oct 20172
Stansted, England, United Kingdom51.88755798N 0.25600007EB737 rear fuselage as i/aCivil14 Mar 2023
Stansted, England, United Kingdom51.87617493N 0.21533991ECL-600 at Inflight CollegeCivil29 Dec 20181
Stanton, England, United Kingdom55.20337677N 1.79552186WSAAB 91Unknown1 Oct 2018
Stapleford, England, United Kingdom51.65322113N 0.14586818EVarious at a paintball fieldBoth14 Oct 201712
Stapleford, England, United Kingdom51.65412140N 0.15078843ESeveral GazellesMilitary29 Oct 20178
Stapleford, England, United Kingdom51.65293121N 0.15077935EAA-5, TB-10, PA-23Civil4 Jun 20223
Stevington, England, United Kingdom52.16257858N 0.56568903WTurner T-40 fuselageCivil26 Nov 20201
Stocbury, England, United Kingdom51.31928635N 0.62750483EJaguar, Harrier, Bo.105?
credits: Aldunn
Military18 Apr 20242
Stock, England, United Kingdom51.64518356N 0.45649800ECe.421 at a paintball fieldCivil23 Sep 20221
Stockport, England, United Kingdom53.42553711N 2.15402365WJet Provost nose sectionMilitary28 Oct 20171
Stoke Gifford, England, United Kingdom51.50291061N 2.55959725WGazelle preserved at MOD Abbey Wood North. Exact location TBC (maybe inside building)Military17 Oct 20171
Stoke on Trent, England, United Kingdom52.98302078N 2.13478732WJet ProvostMilitary26 Jan 20141
Stoke-on-Trent, England, United Kingdom53.02310562N 2.17800999WSpitfire inside "The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery" (note, removed until 2019!)Military29 Mar 2018
Stoke-on-Trent, England, United Kingdom53.02563858N 2.13653898WShorts 360 in use as classroomCivil14 Nov 20171
Stonegate, England, United Kingdom51.02392960N 0.38775715EWessex
credits: Antheii
Military8 Jun 20221
Stonehouse, England, United Kingdom51.73898697N 2.26610923WEvans VP-2
credits: norwichmike
Civil12 Dec 20181
Stoney Stanton, England, United Kingdom52.54238129N 1.27410293WSeveral aircraft submerged as diving attractionBoth29 Oct 20173
Strensall, England, United Kingdom54.01879883N 1.03171444WPumaMilitary29 Oct 20171
Sturgate, England, United Kingdom53.37925720N 0.689107WRallye (visible on latest GE image)Civil9 Oct 20213
Sunderland - North East Aircraft Museum, England, United Kingdom54.92404556N 1.46939194WVariousBoth21 Sep 201234
Sutton Bank, England, United Kingdom54.22899628N 1.20917499WPA-25 (inside, fuselage only)Civil9 Sep 20201
Swanwick, England, United Kingdom50.88618469N 1.28496587WHarrierMilitary29 Oct 20171
Syerston, England, United Kingdom53.01986694N 0.9143554W2x TornadoMilitary18 May 20222
Syerston, England, United Kingdom53.01662064N 0.90924001WTucano, moved here from Linton-on-Ouse, not yet visible on GE image, exact location not yet knownMilitary25 Nov 20201
Sywell, England, United Kingdom52.30757141N 0.79336101WAT-3Civil4 Jun 20221
Sywell - Sywell Aviation Museum, England, United Kingdom52.30197144N 0.78715301WVariousBoth7 Nov 20217
Tangmere - Military Aviation Museum, England, United Kingdom50.84673691N 0.71462488WVariousMilitary30 Oct 201716
Tatenhill, England, United Kingdom52.81682587N 1.75724125WVariousCivil2 Jan 20172
Tattenhill, England, United Kingdom52.81701279N 1.76031899WBuccaneerMilitary30 Oct 20211
Tattersett, England, United Kingdom52.83570480N 0.73701799EJaguar, part of the RAF Sculthorpe Heritage collection, preserved on private land (not yet visible on GE image)Military31 Oct 20201
Tattershall, England, United Kingdom53.12202072N 0.21611899WVarious aircraft wrecks at a scrapyardBoth8 Aug 20196
Tattershall Thorpe, England, United Kingdom53.12062073N 0.18386839WVariousMilitary5 Sep 20224
Taunton, England, United Kingdom51.01466751N 3.12251806WGazelleMilitary27 Dec 20181
Teesside, England, United Kingdom54.51321411N 1.40907681WVariousBoth28 Aug 20207
Teesside, England, United Kingdom54.51354599N 1.42779672WPA-38Civil5 Jun 20221
Teesside, England, United Kingdom54.51483154N 1.42731202WPA-34Civil29 Aug 20201
Teesside, England, United Kingdom54.51089859N 1.4201113WAirliners storage (not yet visible on GE image)
credits: James006
Civil20 Mar 20246
Telford, England, United Kingdom52.67944717N 2.41486287WLynx at Excellency Midlands (not yet visible on GE image)Military18 May 20221
Tewkesbury, England, United Kingdom51.99795151N 2.139009W11x WG.30Civil20 Jul 202011
Thame, England, United Kingdom51.75805664N 0.98488057WJet ProvostMilitary30 Oct 20171
Thornbury, England, United Kingdom51.62573242N 2.4784677WLynx at Delta Force Paintball North Bristol
credits: Antheii
Military19 Jul 20221
Thorpe Bay, England, United Kingdom51.52859879N 0.76679099EEuropa stored in garden (not clearly visible)Civil30 May 20211
Thorpe Wood, England, United Kingdom53.78458023N 1.11966944WVarious at "Jet Art Aviation Ltd"Military30 Oct 201711
Thruxton, England, United Kingdom51.20988083N 1.60484612WSeveral helicopters stored inside hangars, exact location TBCBoth30 Oct 20172
Thruxton, England, United Kingdom51.20938873N 1.5951674WSeveral small aircraftBoth30 Oct 20173
Thurrock, England, United Kingdom51.53499222N 0.36365390EVarious small propsCivil22 Apr 20194
Tickton, England, United Kingdom53.86582184N 0.39209342WHelicopterUnknown21 Feb 2013
Tidenham, England, United Kingdom51.65842056N 2.64595199WVarious submerged as diving attractionsBoth15 Jan 20174
Tilney St Lawrence, England, United Kingdom52.69804001N 0.28677231EB737 cockpitCivil1 Sep 2020
Timsbury, England, United Kingdom51.01635361N 1.50783324WScimitar (Solent Sky Museum's storage site)Military30 Jan 20191
Todenham, England, United Kingdom52.01607132N 1.66157222WHunterMilitary31 Mar 20201
Tong, England, United Kingdom52.65677261N 2.29977965WGazelle fuselage, R22 cockpit at Warped paintball & action adventuresBoth29 Sep 20222
Topsham, England, United Kingdom50.68265533N 3.44670725WBuccaneer, Jaguar, HarrierMilitary21 Sep 20124
Torpoint, England, United Kingdom50.37187958N 4.22149944WSeveral helicopters i/a at "HMS Raleigh"Military30 Oct 20172
Tottington, England, United Kingdom52.53258133N 0.79363883EWessexMilitary10 Jan 20211
Turweston, England, United Kingdom52.03820038N 1.10402131WVariousCivil30 Oct 20173
Uckfield, England, United Kingdom50.95624924N 0.10800500ETyphoon and Tempest under restoration at the Hawker Typhoon Preservation Group (in one of these units)Military5 Jan 20212
Upminster, England, United Kingdom51.53502655N 0.25040299EEmb.110 at Delta Force PaintballCivil23 Sep 20221
Upper Arncott, England, United Kingdom51.84398270N 1.11870575WSmall prop, helicopterUnknown17 Dec 2018
Upper Arncott, England, United Kingdom51.84286118N 1.10441697WHarrierMilitary17 Oct 20171
Upwood, England, United Kingdom52.43838501N 0.12856565WBoeing 707 cockpitCivil31 Oct 20171
Vobster, England, United Kingdom51.24582291N 2.42323995WHS.748 submerged as diving atractionCivil15 Jan 20171
Waddington, England, United Kingdom53.17760086N 0.52172041WHunterMilitary9 Jul 20161
Waddington, England, United Kingdom53.17493439N 0.51356786WVulcanMilitary3 Jun 20161
Waddington, England, United Kingdom53.15634537N 0.52328277WE-3 wfu for spares (visible on latest GE image)Military29 Jul 20211
Waddington, England, United Kingdom53.17546082N 0.50816631WJaguar at Lincolshire Fire Rescue CentreMilitary21 Feb 20231
Wainfleet, England, United Kingdom53.06110764N 0.23625663ELynx, Jetstream in use as sleeping cabinsMilitary5 Nov 20202
Walpole, England, United Kingdom52.32779694N 1.49309528ESeveral Canberra cockpit sections, also insideMilitary31 Oct 20174
Walsall, England, United Kingdom52.58864975N 1.95576704WTB-9 in wrecked display at Dinosaur World Adventure Golf, not yet visible on GE image, exact location unknownCivil2 Jun 20221
Wantage, England, United Kingdom51.59973526N 1.43305826WVenom (blown of its pedestal, hopefully to be repaired)Military1 Jun 20221
Warminster, England, United Kingdom51.20643997N 1.97980559W2x LynxMilitary9 Feb 20222
Warton, England, United Kingdom53.74658585N 2.88964844WLightningMilitary21 Sep 20121
Warton, England, United Kingdom53.74959946N 2.89158773WSeveral aircraft, xact location TBCMilitary31 Oct 20173
Waterbeach, England, United Kingdom52.26525879N 0.19915769ERallye (visible on latest GE image)
credits: norwichmike
Civil15 Mar 20231
Wattisham, England, United Kingdom52.12273788N 0.96752858EGazelleMilitary5 Aug 20161
Wattisham, England, United Kingdom52.11898422N 0.95238805ESeveral helicopters stored and in use as instructional airframe. Exact location unknown.Both5 Aug 20164
Wattisham - Airfield Museum, England, United Kingdom52.12620544N 0.94441706EVarious, kept inside a shelterMilitary27 Nov 20216
Wedmore, England, United Kingdom51.21366882N 2.83315778WSea Harrier at "Castle Farm Campsite", kept mostly inside shedMilitary2 Nov 20171
Weeton, England, United Kingdom53.80137253N 2.95675206WLynx cabin in use as holiday homeMilitary1 Nov 20171
Weeton, England, United Kingdom53.79859543N 2.95899296WLynxMilitary1 Nov 20171
Wellesbourne, England, United Kingdom52.19712067N 1.61741829WVulcanMilitary21 Sep 20121
Wellesbourne - Wartime Museum, England, United Kingdom52.19018936N 1.61879027WvariousBoth1 Nov 20174
Wembley, England, United Kingdom51.53653717N 0.28667757WRear fuselage of a B737, painted in easyJet Scheme at easyJet bus station
credits: Mr Neil Martin
Civil1 Jan 20201
West Ewell, England, United Kingdom51.35716629N 0.27561063WPA-28 in Zebra Stripes on Crazy GolfCivil3 Jun 2022
West Raynham, England, United Kingdom52.78704834N 0.73741603EHunter (not yet visible on GE image), Devon (probably somewhere inside)Both8 Aug 20213
Westcliff on Sea, England, United Kingdom51.54166031N 0.70149368ECe.550 fuselageCivil11 Jun 20201
Westhoughton, England, United Kingdom53.52888489N 2.53241444WDraken - Note: on private property, no public access!Military6 Sep 20161
Weston-Super-Mare - Helicopter Museum, England, United Kingdom51.33919144N 2.93130183WVariousBoth27 Sep 201688
Wethersfield, England, United Kingdom51.96502304N 0.51433301EJet ProvostMilitary1 Nov 20171
Weybourne - The Muckleburgh Military Collection, England, United Kingdom52.94497681N 1.13027406EHarrierMilitary18 Sep 20181
Weybridge - Brooklands Museum, England, United Kingdom51.35499573N 0.46402285WVariousBoth21 Sep 201227
Whale Island, England, United Kingdom50.81654358N 1.09751165WLynx, exact location TBCMilitary1 Nov 20171
White Waltham, England, United Kingdom51.49384689N 0.772026WVariousBoth26 Oct 20214
Whittington, England, United Kingdom52.65905380N 1.77387357WPuma i/a at "Defence Medical Services Training Group". Exact location TBC probably inside building.Military26 Oct 20171
Whittlesey, England, United Kingdom52.55414200N 0.105735WJet Provost submerged as diving attractionMilitary15 Jan 20171
Wickenby, England, United Kingdom53.31850815N 0.34515738WVariousCivil2 Jan 20175
Willenhall, England, United Kingdom52.59270477N 2.04715323WLansen, Lynx at scrapyard "Cable & Alloys"Both1 Nov 20172
Winchester, England, United Kingdom51.09056473N 1.33827507WGazelle
credits: dicanio
Military26 May 20161
Windermere - Jetty Museum, England, United Kingdom54.37078857N 2.92220497WSlingsby FalconCivil3 Jun 20211
Winsford, England, United Kingdom53.18411255N 2.55260062WHarrierMilitary4 Jan 20151
Winterbourne Gunner, England, United Kingdom51.10914230N 1.74137461WBAe.125 i/a at "Defence chemical biological radiological and nuclear centre"Military1 Nov 20171
Wittering, England, United Kingdom52.61541748N 0.44661787WHarrierMilitary21 Sep 20121
Wittering, England, United Kingdom52.61190796N 0.45711815WSomewhere at the base should be a Hawk in use as instructional airframeMilitary20 Jun 20163
Wittering, England, United Kingdom52.61169434N 0.45689908WTyphoon fuselageMilitary10 Mar 20221
Wokingham, England, United Kingdom51.40703583N 0.87239361WRotorway Executive at A1 Group scrapyard
credits: Flying Ant
Civil22 Sep 20221
Wolverhampton, England, United Kingdom52.59661865N 2.16222382WSeveral aircraft at the "Tettenhall Transport Heritage Centre"Military15 Jul 201612
Womersley, England, United Kingdom53.67337799N 1.20618737WHunter (plus another Hunter and a small prop submerged at the Blue Lagoon Diving & Leisure Centre)Military18 Apr 20202
Woodford - Avro Heritage Museum, England, United Kingdom53.33512115N 2.15205956WVariousMilitary2 Nov 20179
Woodley - Museum of Berkshire Aviation, England, United Kingdom51.45046997N 0.88297558WVariousBoth30 May 20169
Woodmancote, England, United Kingdom50.91513062N 0.24607927WLynxMilitary31 Jan 20211
Woodmancote, England, United Kingdom50.91546631N 0.24614029WVariousMilitary31 Jan 20217
Woodvale, England, United Kingdom53.58348846N 3.04633498WHawkMilitary2 Feb 20181
Worcester, England, United Kingdom52.22174835N 2.21291518WPA-28 (not yet visible on GE image)
credits: norwichmike
Civil8 Aug 20201
Wroughton, England, United Kingdom51.50652695N 1.80196977WVarious in store in some of the hangars, not sure which. Storage location for the Science Museum LondonBoth2 Nov 201714
Wyton, England, United Kingdom52.34825897N 0.12033814WCanberraMilitary13 Apr 20131
Yaxley, England, United Kingdom52.51569748N 0.24647202WRallyeCivil27 Apr 20201
Yeovil, England, United Kingdom50.94866943N 2.63781309WSuper Lynx i/a at Yeovil CollegeMilitary2 Feb 20171
Yeovilton, England, United Kingdom51.01385117N 2.64731765WHarrier, 2x LynxMilitary8 Apr 20193
Yeovilton, England, United Kingdom51.00245667N 2.64039969WVariousMilitary2 Nov 20176
Yeovilton, England, United Kingdom51.01763916N 2.63973498WGazelleMilitary13 Jul 20161
Yeovilton, England, United Kingdom51.01238632N 2.64699292WWessexMilitary14 Jul 20161
Yeovilton, England, United Kingdom51.01049423N 2.64379454WSeveral helicopters in use as instructional airframe. Exact location unknown.Military14 Jul 20164
Yeovilton, England, United Kingdom51.01829910N 2.63595176WVarious, storage location Fleet Air Arm Museum, for aircraft listing see the museum location (4419)Military22 Jan 2021
Yeovilton - Fleet Air Arm Museum, England, United Kingdom51.01468277N 2.63709545WVarious, listing also includes the airframes stored at the nearby storage location (18698) as airframes are regularly swapped between display and storageBoth22 Jan 202189

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