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61 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Finland. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Alahärmä, Finland63.22943115N 22.85213470EAn-24Civil6 Feb 20181
Alahärmä, Finland63.23131561N 22.85721588EPZL 104Civil6 Feb 2018
Halli, Finland61.86069489N 24.82780266EDrakenMilitary14 May 20131
Halli, Finland61.85887527N 24.79860497EMiG-21, 3x DrakenMilitary5 Dec 20151
Halli, Finland61.86199188N 24.81541061EL-90 (inside glass house)Civil10 Jul 20161
Halli- Hallinportii Ilmailumuseo, Finland61.85749817N 24.82177734EVariousMilitary10 Jul 20167
Helsinki, Finland60.15620422N 24.92089462EMiG-21Military7 Mar 20161
Helsinki, Finland60.31737137N 24.97000313EJu-A50 (inside terminal 1)Civil10 Jul 20161
Helsinki - Finnish Aviation Museum, Finland60.30437469N 24.96072769EVariousBoth14 May 201343
Istonniemi, Finland64.67448425N 28.50798225EMi-2Unknown10 May 2018
Jämijärvi, Finland61.77819443N 22.71635818EPA-28Civil8 Jul 20171
Jyvaskyla, Finland62.40087509N 25.65742302EVarious (Finnish aviation museum storage, exact location not sure)Both10 Jul 201619
Jyvaskyla - Museum, Finland62.38729858N 25.68170166EVariousBoth14 May 201338
Kauhava, Finland63.10042572N 23.05738068ESafir (glass cabinet 1), Pyry and Fw-44 (glass cabinet 2), Hawk (outside)Military19 Oct 20167
Kauhava, Finland63.11340332N 23.04101753E2x CM.170 - both to be moved to city center during 2016/2017Military10 Jul 20162
Kauhava, Finland63.13667297N 23.04356956EMiG-21, Draken (only visible on latest GE image)Military9 Mar 2016
Kittila, Finland67.69435883N 24.86400604EDrakenMilitary6 Mar 20161
Kittilä, Finland67.65882874N 24.90551376EPA-28Civil21 Sep 20161
Koskue, Finland62.35783005N 22.84319305EVampireMilitary9 Mar 20161
Kotka - Meriskus Vellamo, Finland60.47282410N 26.94495964EDHC-2, Sääski IICivil10 Jul 20162
Kuopio, Finland62.82894135N 27.51153755EMiG-21, CM.170 should also be here though not visibleMilitary9 Jul 20162
Kuopio, Finland62.99811172N 27.79508018EMiG-21Military9 Jul 20161
Kuopio, Finland63.01036835N 27.80617523E2x Draken, MiG-21Military9 Jul 20163
Kuopio, Finland63.01093674N 27.78716660EVarious i/a (not sure which hangar)Both10 Jul 20162
Kymi - Museum, Finland60.57497025N 26.89745903EVariousBoth9 Jul 20166
Lahti - Ilmailumuseo, Finland61.14442444N 25.68729401EVariousBoth9 Jul 201617
Lappeenranta - Museum, Finland61.04104614N 28.14077759EVariousMilitary9 Jul 20168
Lempäälä, Finland61.29557800N 23.77222061ESmall twin prop, An-2 (not visible, but should also be here)Civil9 Jul 20161
Luonetjärvi, Finland62.39949417N 25.60185051EDrakenMilitary2 Aug 20191
Lusto - Finnish Forrest Museum, Finland61.79898453N 29.32077408ERC-3Civil10 Jul 20161
Mänttä, Finland62.02760696N 24.66164780EVarious i/a (in new hangar, not yet visible on GE image)Both15 May 20183
Menkijärven, Finland62.95007324N 23.51636124EMiG-21 (taxis with a electric motor, exact location on the field unknown)Military14 Jan 20191
Pirkkala, Finland61.45174408N 23.64094543EPA-23Civil8 Jul 20151
Pori, Finland61.45360565N 21.80529022EVarious i/aMilitary7 Mar 20169
Pudasjarvi, Finland65.39846802N 26.96227837EDrakenMilitary10 May 20181
Pyhtää, Finland60.49023056N 26.55696297ETS-11 (not yet visible on GE image, near this gas station)Military8 Jul 20171
Revonlahti, Finland64.71959686N 24.97715759EKa-26 (not clearly visible on GE image, but visible on Street view)Civil8 Jul 2017
Riihimäki, Finland60.72462463N 24.76622963EMiG-21Military15 May 20181
Rovaniemi, Finland66.55995941N 25.84091187EAn-2Civil6 Mar 20161
Rovaniemi, Finland66.56771088N 25.80644417EDrakenMilitary6 Mar 20161
Rovaniemi, Finland66.49440765N 25.76804733EVarious i/a (at Lapland Vocational College, location needs to be confirmed)Both10 Jul 20161
Sipoo, Finland60.36116028N 25.25177193EAn-2, Ka-26Civil15 Jun 20182
Someroharju, Finland66.55589294N 25.79143715EGnatMilitary6 Mar 20161
Suomenniemi, Finland61.34784698N 27.18548584EMi-8Military14 May 20131
Tampere, Finland61.40758896N 23.62576866EDrakenMilitary14 May 20131
Tampere, Finland61.47233963N 23.72567368EVL Viima in glass houseMilitary8 Jul 20151
Tampere, Finland61.40726089N 23.58431244EMiG-21Military6 Mar 20161
Tampere, Finland61.49851608N 23.72668457EVarious i/aBoth9 Jul 20164
Tampere, Finland61.41176987N 23.62418556EF.27 (now preserved behind the main gate, exact location TBC)Military14 Jan 20191
Tampere - Vapriikki Museum, Finland61.50305557N 23.76021385EHM-14Civil10 Jul 20161
Torp, Finland60.05669785N 23.98367119EMi-8Civil9 Jul 20161
Turku, Finland60.50617981N 22.30093956EDrakenMilitary14 May 20131
Tuulonen, Finland61.10554123N 24.86488724EDC-2, Fw-44, Draken, MiG-21Military19 Oct 20164
Tuusula - Anit aircraft museum, Finland60.40110397N 25.03705978EP-39 insideMilitary20 Apr 20142
Utti, Finland60.89347076N 26.90979576EAn-2Civil14 May 20131
Utti, Finland60.89293671N 26.91052437EBf.109 in glass houseMilitary9 Jul 20161
Utti, Finland60.90007019N 26.92549515EVarious i/aBoth2 Jul 20185
Utti, Finland60.89056015N 26.91610146EMi-1, exact location TBCMilitary8 Jul 20171
Utti, Finland60.89196396N 26.93930817EMi-8 (exact location TBC)Military2 Jul 20181
Uusikaupunki - Saab automuseo, Finland60.80934143N 21.44993210ES.91 (inside)Military9 Jul 20161
Vantaa, Finland60.29887772N 24.97347832EVarious i/a (address per the school's website - Rälssitie 13)Civil9 Jul 20161

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