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270 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Florida. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Arcadia, Florida, United States27.21955299N 81.87328339WT-33Military18 Sep 20121
Arcadia, Florida, United States27.12372208N 81.8544693WBe.18Unknown29 Apr 2019
Avon Park, Florida, United States27.57291603N 81.23638916WF-100 range targetMilitary24 Sep 2013
Avon Park, Florida, United States27.57361412N 81.23275757WA-4 range targetMilitary24 Sep 2013
Avon Park, Florida, United States27.58050156N 81.23226929WA-4 range targetMilitary24 Sep 2013
Avon Park, Florida, United States27.58329201N 81.23165894WT-37? range targetMilitary24 Sep 2013
Avon Park, Florida, United States27.58485985N 81.23126221WT-37 range targetMilitary26 Apr 2014
Avon Park, Florida, United States27.58767700N 81.23173523WT-37 range targetMilitary24 Sep 2013
Avon Park, Florida, United States27.58781242N 81.22860718WF-100 range targetMilitary24 Sep 2013
Avon Park, Florida, United States27.58931923N 81.22660065WA-4 range targetMilitary24 Sep 2013
Avon Park, Florida, United States27.59074211N 81.22819519WF-4 range targetMilitary26 Apr 2014
Avon Park, Florida, United States27.59160042N 81.23029327WF-4 range targetMilitary26 Apr 2014
Avon Park, Florida, United States27.59250069N 81.23226929WA-4 range targetMilitary24 Sep 2013
Avon Park, Florida, United States27.58386421N 81.23415375WF-4 range targetMilitary26 Apr 2014
Avon Park, Florida, United States27.70418358N 81.28813171WF-4 range targetMilitary26 Apr 2014
Avon Park, Florida, United States27.70296860N 81.28843689WF-4 range targetMilitary24 Sep 2013
Avon Park, Florida, United States27.70308495N 81.29024506WF-4 range targetMilitary26 Apr 2014
Avon Park, Florida, United States27.70961189N 81.29678345WA-4 range targetMilitary24 Sep 2013
Avon Park, Florida, United States27.71383476N 81.30099487WA-4 range targetMilitary24 Sep 2013
Avon Park, Florida, United States27.71638680N 81.30129242WT-39 range targetMilitary26 Apr 2014
Avon Park, Florida, United States27.71174431N 81.2960434WF-100 range targetMilitary24 Sep 2013
Avon Park, Florida, United States27.71512985N 81.29881287W2x F-4 range targetMilitary24 Sep 2013
Avon Park, Florida, United States27.71696091N 81.28217316W2x UH-1 range targetMilitary17 Dec 2016
Baker, Florida, United States30.75507355N 86.69703674WMiG-23, An-2Military3 Jul 20211
Bartow, Florida, United States27.95569420N 81.78277588WT-37Military4 Jun 20141
Bartow, Florida, United States27.94826126N 81.78102875WVarious amongst the operational onesCivil8 Aug 20191
Belle Glade, Florida, United States26.69723701N 80.66256714WCe.188
credits: Antheii
Civil2 Aug 20221
Bellview, Florida, United States30.54389763N 87.35095978WF9F-6Military24 Nov 20121
Blue Ridge, Florida, United States28.85594559N 80.90859222WSeveral small prop wrecksCivil28 Feb 2019
Bonita Springs, Florida, United States26.38710785N 81.80977631WSmall propCivil17 Dec 2016
Brooksville, Florida, United States28.56362534N 82.49430084WT-34Military25 Oct 20161
Brooksville, Florida, United States28.46293449N 82.46123505WVarious for scrappingCivil6 May 2019
Brooksville, Florida, United States28.46313477N 82.45548248WVarious bizjetsCivil30 Nov 2021
Callaway, Florida, United States30.14485359N 85.58585358WF-15 - turned upside down by hurricane Michael, seems heavily damagedMilitary19 Oct 20181
Callaway, Florida, United States30.15698051N 85.54599762WF-101Military2 Sep 20121
Camp Blanding, Florida, United States29.98034286N 81.98547363WC-47Military7 Sep 20121
Camp Blanding, Florida, United States29.97965622N 81.9837265WA-6, A-7, 2x UH-1, H-58Military7 Sep 20125
Camp Blanding, Florida, United States29.97897148N 81.98490906WF-106Military7 Sep 20121
Casselberry, Florida, United States28.68060875N 81.334198WVarious i/a at Aviation Institute of MaintenanceCivil16 Nov 20164
Cecil Field, Florida, United States30.22176170N 81.88639832WB727 - no longer visible, but should still be here somewhere. In use by Florida Community College for aicraft maintenance training.Civil1 Nov 20161
Cecil Field, Florida, United States30.22274590N 81.88227844WF-18Military2 Sep 20121
Cecil Field, Florida, United States30.22539139N 81.88161469WSeveral F-18 fuselagesMilitary11 Jun 2021
Cecil Field, Florida, United States30.23004150N 81.89103699WA-7 (not yet visible on GE image)Military11 Jun 20211
Cedar Key, Florida, United States29.13229752N 83.05230713WPA-23 (plane visible at this spot on GE image is not the plane stored here currently)Civil6 May 20191
Choctaw, Florida, United States30.51228333N 86.9509201WA-4 wreckMilitary18 Apr 20151
Clearwater, Florida, United States27.91161346N 82.69920349WHU-16Civil2 Mar 20151
Clearwater, Florida, United States27.90251732N 82.69213867WVarious i/a at National Aviation AcademyCivil14 Feb 20225
Clearwater, Florida, United States27.95477867N 82.73080444WSmall propCivil17 Dec 2016
Clearwater, Florida, United States27.91041756N 82.69184113WSeveral P.180 and othersCivil31 Jan 2018
Cove Springs, Florida, United States29.97631073N 81.6585083WP-3Military19 Jun 20191
Crestview, Florida, United States30.78230858N 86.52469635WVarious for scrappingCivil19 Jun 20216
Crestview, Florida, United States30.77294540N 86.52399445WSeveral Mi-8 (visible on latest GE image)Unknown19 Jun 2021
Crystal River, Florida, United States28.87084961N 82.57691956WSmall twin prop, M20Civil22 Dec 20171
Daytona, Florida, United States29.18619347N 81.05051422WVarious i/a at Emry-Riddle Aeronautical University, in and around these hangarsBoth16 Nov 20163
Daytona Beach, Florida, United States29.19878387N 80.99488831WPA28Civil2 Sep 2012
Daytona Beach, Florida, United States29.18773842N 80.98945618WBe.18Civil18 Apr 20151
Daytona Beach, Florida, United States29.19034195N 81.05818939WF.27 fuselage
credits: Aeroprintsuk
Civil16 Oct 20181
De Funiak Springs, Florida, United States30.73365784N 86.14976501WT-33Military2 Sep 20121
DeBary, Florida, United States28.86824226N 81.3109436WF-15Military2 Sep 20121
DeLand - Naval Air Station Museum, Florida, United States29.05730820N 81.28793335WVariousMilitary23 Jan 20184
Deltona, Florida, United States28.91718864N 81.21691132WAH-1Military12 Sep 20121
Eagle's Nest, Florida, United States29.42989349N 81.6034317WHU-16Civil8 Jul 20181
Edgewater, Florida, United States28.97936821N 80.92559052W2x Small propCivil22 Dec 20171
Eglin, Florida, United States30.47210312N 86.53981781WF-15Military7 Sep 20121
Eglin, Florida, United States30.51127815N 86.58586884WF-89 wreck plus partsMilitary13 Mar 2018
Eglin, Florida, United States30.50712204N 86.58931732WF-16Military28 May 20141
Eglin, Florida, United States30.62978554N 86.73885345WH-53 hulk?Unknown3 Jun 2013
Eglin, Florida, United States30.47149467N 86.48552704WSeveral helicopters (probably to be used as range targets)Military12 May 2014
Eglin, Florida, United States30.51000977N 86.58951569WVarious wrecks and partsMilitary28 May 2014
Eglin, Florida, United States30.49619865N 86.54924011WF-15, UH-1Military14 Mar 20152
Eglin, Florida, United States30.64572334N 86.31749725WF-101 range targetMilitary17 Dec 2016
Eglin, Florida, United States30.66604424N 86.41309357W2x A-7, maybe moreMilitary17 Dec 2016
Eglin, Florida, United States30.66588593N 86.4217453W2x F-16, F-15Military17 Dec 20163
Eglin, Florida, United States30.50370026N 86.36664581WVarious jets and choppers in these woodsMilitary17 Dec 20166
Eglin, Florida, United States30.55632210N 86.43577576WA-4Military17 Dec 2016
Eglin, Florida, United States30.69750977N 86.36604309WMiG-21, YS-11?, small propMilitary17 Dec 2016
Eglin - USAF Armament Museum, Florida, United States30.46627998N 86.5609436WVariousMilitary2 Sep 201228
Eglin Field Nr2, Florida, United States30.57971954N 86.44708252WC-130Military22 Mar 20151
Eglin Field Nr2, Florida, United States30.58166122N 86.44811249W3x F-4Military22 Mar 20153
Eglin Field Nr2, Florida, United States30.57698250N 86.44901276W2x F-15, 2x F-16Military22 Mar 20154
Epler Field, Florida, United States30.53579521N 86.80677795WF-4, 2x F-101 (A third Voodoo was at Epler near the F-102/6 until at least 2010, gone by 2012. Not known which of the three that was.)Military6 Mar 20153
Epler Field, Florida, United States30.53474426N 86.8115921WF-102Military13 Mar 20151
Epler Field, Florida, United States30.53392792N 86.80580902WUH-1Military6 Mar 2015
Ferguson, Florida, United States30.39984131N 87.349617WSeveral helicoptersBoth9 Jun 2015
Ferguson, Florida, United States30.40051460N 87.35005951WSeveral small propsCivil6 Jun 20182
Ferguson, Florida, United States30.39495468N 87.35491943WUH-1 cabinMilitary16 Jul 2018
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States26.13351059N 80.13561249WF-86Military2 Sep 20121
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States26.07919502N 80.16384888W2x B727Civil14 Mar 20152
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States26.19335175N 80.16921997WG.1159 forward fuselage at Banyan Pilot ShopCivil23 Nov 20171
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States26.19983292N 80.18089294WC-123, CM.170, Commander, several othersCivil8 Feb 20192
Fort Meyers, Florida, United States26.58705330N 81.8675766WT-6Military30 Jan 20181
Fort Pierce - Navy Seal Museum, Florida, United States27.49497223N 80.3004303WUH-1, H-60Military15 Dec 20162
Gainesville, Florida, United States29.69842529N 82.2727356W2x Ce.500Civil6 May 2019
Gainesville, Florida, United States29.67455292N 82.3019104WPA-44Civil4 Sep 2019
Hastings, Florida, United States29.69219971N 81.50454712WSmall prop scrapyardCivil4 Feb 2019
Hernando, Florida, United States28.90900230N 82.37589264WUH-1Military18 Sep 20121
High Springs, Florida, United States29.83401871N 82.59049225WA-7Military7 Sep 20121
Homestead, Florida, United States25.49954414N 80.39616394WF-4Military5 Jul 20211
Homestead, Florida, United States25.48240089N 80.46302032WF-4Military2 Sep 20121
Homestead, Florida, United States25.44408989N 80.50167847WUnknown fuselage at Robert Is Here Fruit Farm (not yet visible on GE image)
credits: Dave Broome
Civil29 Aug 2020
Homestead, Florida, United States25.44668198N 80.50205994WCe.185, Ce.337 fuselage, unknown fuselage at Robert Is Here Fruit Farm
credits: Dave Broome
Civil29 Aug 2020
Hurlburt Field, Florida, United States30.41473579N 86.70062256WVariousMilitary2 Sep 201219
Immokalee, Florida, United States26.42679596N 81.40778351WMiG-15, MiG-17, TS-11, MH.1521, PA-60 inside (under restoration)Both13 May 2021
Inverness, Florida, United States28.79900551N 82.31747437WMetroCivil1 Nov 2021
Jacksonville, Florida, United States30.48548126N 81.70279694WF-15, F-102, F-106, T-33Military2 Sep 20124
Jacksonville, Florida, United States30.48340797N 81.70243073WF-16Military2 Sep 20121
Jacksonville, Florida, United States30.22495842N 81.69698334WVariousMilitary2 Sep 201213
Jacksonville, Florida, United States30.22557449N 81.70018768WF-18Military18 Sep 20121
Jacksonville, Florida, United States30.29676819N 81.50912476WB727 forward fuselage sectionCivil28 Jul 20181
Jacksonville, Florida, United States30.33389854N 81.51777649WCe.500Civil30 Jan 2020
Jacksonville, Florida, United States30.23582458N 81.59175873WScrap yardCivil7 Jun 2021
Kay Larkin, Florida, United States29.66449356N 81.68991852WBe.65Civil25 Oct 20171
Kennedy Space Center, Florida, United States28.52497673N 80.68122101WT-38Military2 Sep 20121
Key West, Florida, United States24.58298683N 81.68974304WA-6Military2 Sep 20121
Key West, Florida, United States24.58491325N 81.69002533WF-4Military2 Sep 20121
Key West, Florida, United States24.58587074N 81.69070435WA-5Military2 Sep 20121
Key West, Florida, United States24.58160019N 81.68943024WA-4Military2 Sep 20121
Key West, Florida, United States24.55671120N 81.77031708WAn-24Civil6 Jun 20181
Keystone Heights, Florida, United States29.83722496N 82.05358124WDC-4Civil29 Feb 20201
Keystone Heights, Florida, United States29.83551788N 82.05040741WLearjet, 2x Ce.337, 2x small propCivil17 Dec 20161
Keystone Heights, Florida, United States29.83469391N 82.04949951W2x BN-2
credits: Aeroprintsuk
Civil18 Oct 20182
Keystone Heights - Wings of Dreams Aviation Museum, Florida, United States29.83983421N 82.04476929WVariousCivil7 Jan 20155
Kissimmee, Florida, United States28.29162979N 81.43242645WSD.360 fuselageCivil25 Apr 2017
Kissimmee, Florida, United States28.32908821N 81.47135925WSmall propCivil2 May 2019
Kissimmee - Flying Tigers Air Museum, Florida, United States28.29493141N 81.44652557WVarious (mostly still airworthy)Both2 Sep 20126
La Belle, Florida, United States27.00177193N 81.56991577WDC-3
credits: MTSteve
Unknown13 Apr 2021
Labelle, Florida, United States26.74549103N 81.43492126WBe.18, DC-3Civil7 May 20212
Lake City, Florida, United States30.15044975N 82.67292023WA-7Military4 Sep 20121
Lake City, Florida, United States30.17709923N 82.57156372WSmall twin propCivil25 Oct 2017
Lake City, Florida, United States30.04653549N 82.59985352WTwin NavionCivil9 Jun 2018
Lake City Airpark, Florida, United States30.04562759N 82.60075378WTwin NavionCivil9 Jun 2018
Lake Istokpoga, Florida, United States27.42645836N 81.32506561WDove (wreck only)Civil24 Aug 20161
Lakeland, Florida, United States27.98156929N 82.01463318WMiG-21, A-4Military16 May 20152
Lakeland, Florida, United States27.97914124N 82.01196289WSeveral disassembled MiG-21s - note, only a few left but all are still listedMilitary12 Apr 202119
Lakeland - Florida Air Museum, Florida, United States27.98233795N 82.02770233WVariousBoth18 Sep 201217
Leesburg, Florida, United States28.81402969N 81.87818909WUH-1Military18 Oct 2017
Leesburg, Florida, United States28.81244469N 81.90860748WScrap yardCivil3 Jun 2021
Lutz, Florida, United States28.15620804N 82.41983032WUH-1 at a paintball field, painted pink and various non-standard add-onsMilitary17 Dec 2016
MacDill Auxiliary Field, Florida, United States27.64368629N 81.35417175WF-4, UH-1Military8 Jul 2018
MacDill Auxiliary Field, Florida, United States27.64727974N 81.35367584WUnknown bizjet fuselageUnknown8 Jul 2018
Marathon, Florida, United States24.72896576N 81.0402832WSome small prop wrecksCivil9 May 2013
Mayport, Florida, United States30.38252831N 81.41112518WH-60Military2 Sep 20121
Melbourne, Florida, United States28.09864616N 80.62706757WB747Civil20 Oct 20171
Melbourne, Florida, United States28.09678459N 80.63292694WVarious i/a at Eastern Florida State College (exact building not 100% sure)Civil18 Nov 20171
Melbourne, Florida, United States28.10148430N 80.69236755WScrap yardCivil7 Jun 2021
Melbourne, Florida, United States28.13174438N 80.64810181WVarious i/a at Eua Gallie High SchoolCivil19 Jun 20214
Merritt Island, Florida, United States28.35146523N 80.68292236WUH-1, AH-1, A-7Military18 Nov 20173
Merritt Island, Florida, United States28.34289551N 80.69159698W2x UH-1, H-58Military6 Nov 2021
Merritt Island, Florida, United States28.34330559N 80.68858337WLarge amount of PA-28Civil6 Nov 20213
Miami, Florida, United States25.80406570N 80.26363373WVarious i/a at George T Baker Aviation SchoolBoth17 Dec 201615
Miami, Florida, United States26.00332260N 80.23800659WVarious i/a at Broward College Aviation InstituteBoth25 Oct 20172
Miami, Florida, United States25.78535843N 80.2880249WP-38Military11 Jan 2015
Miami, Florida, United States25.79799271N 80.29221344WHS.125Civil25 Jun 20211
Miami, Florida, United States25.62009048N 80.4798584W2x small propCivil2 Sep 2017
Miami, Florida, United States25.80134773N 80.20027924WPA-31 fuselage as art pieceCivil21 Nov 20201
Miami, Florida, United States25.55290794N 80.55573273WWhat seems to be an early model Cessna (140 or 150?) dumped, now overgrown by the trees
credits: Antheii
Civil22 Jul 2022
Milton, Florida, United States30.63103104N 87.04355621WT-28Military7 Sep 20121
Milton, Florida, United States30.63878822N 86.99127197WVarious small propsCivil3 Jul 20214
Naples, Florida, United States26.14125824N 81.76339722WVarious i/a at Lorenzo Walker Technical High SchoolBoth17 Dec 20161
New Port Richey, Florida, United States28.31079865N 82.70033264WSmall propCivil17 Dec 2016
New Smyrna, Florida, United States29.04890251N 80.947052WDC-4Civil16 Jul 20181
New Smyrna Beach, Florida, United States29.05387878N 80.95793152WAH-1Military7 Sep 20121
New Smyrna Beach, Florida, United States29.04746819N 80.94805145WBe.100 and moreCivil5 Jun 20181
North Miami - Dezer Collection, Florida, United States25.90893173N 80.15926361WL.1329, H-23, BD-5Civil15 Jan 20171
North Palm Beach, Florida, United States26.84552002N 80.21429443WJet Provost inside one of these hangarsCivil21 Oct 20211
Ocala, Florida, United States29.01729012N 82.11434174WCessnaCivil11 Dec 2017
Ocala - Don Garlits Museum Of Drag Racing, Florida, United States29.02242851N 82.15507507WA-7Military2 Sep 20121
Okechobee, Florida, United States27.08183861N 81.07316589WUH-1 (not yet visible on GE image)Military7 May 20211
Okeechobee, Florida, United States27.24351692N 80.83028412WUH-1Military25 Oct 20171
Opa Locka, Florida, United States25.90685272N 80.26725769WVariousCivil27 Mar 2021
Opa Locka, Florida, United States25.90644646N 80.27053833WGulfstreamCivil26 Dec 20201
Orlando, Florida, United States28.46811867N 81.46896362WHU-16Civil20 Dec 20141
Orlando, Florida, United States28.33318710N 81.50399017WB.206Civil22 Feb 20181
Orlando, Florida, United States28.44961929N 81.31273651WB-52Military18 Sep 20121
Orlando, Florida, United States28.40841484N 81.33357239W2x B727, BAC1-11Civil16 Jul 20183
Orlando, Florida, United States28.58360672N 81.19841766WF-18Military22 Nov 20141
Orlando, Florida, United States28.58534050N 81.19728851WA-4Military25 Jul 20151
Orlando, Florida, United States28.46263313N 81.46089172WSmall propCivil17 Dec 2016
Orlando, Florida, United States28.56659889N 81.20040131WSmall propCivil17 Dec 2016
Orlando, Florida, United States28.53900909N 81.34131622WF-4Military18 Dec 20161
Orlando, Florida, United States28.55187035N 81.10092163WB727 or B737 forward fuselage at ABC Used Car Parts. May have been used by Airport Towing according to the name on the back of the fuselage.
credits: David Johnstone
Civil8 Oct 2018
Orlando, Florida, United States28.46671677N 81.44761658WJetstar, in a dismantled state to the south of the building - may be re-assembled within the Dezerland complex
credits: David Johnstone
Civil11 Oct 20191
Orlando, Florida, United States28.37764740N 81.58769989WG.159Civil7 Dec 20201
Orlando - The National Viet Nam War Museum, Florida, United States28.59036064N 81.1717453WUH-1, A-4, T-34, C-7 noseMilitary30 Apr 20143
Orlando - Universal Studios, Florida, United States28.47257423N 81.46688843WHU-16Civil2 Sep 20121
Orlando - Universal Studios, Florida, United States28.47844887N 81.46988678WL.1329 (wreck in pieces)Civil5 Jul 20151
Orlando-Sanford, Florida, United States28.76469421N 81.2375946WA-5Military2 Sep 20121
Orlando-Sanford, Florida, United States28.77609444N 81.22986603WVarious airliners for scrapCivil19 Apr 2015
Orlando-Sanford, Florida, United States28.78365517N 81.24450684WVarious airlinersCivil19 Apr 20151
Orlando-Sanford, Florida, United States28.77556229N 81.24349213WB-34 inside terminal (exact location in the building unknown)Military29 Jun 20211
Orlando-Sanford, Florida, United States28.77415657N 81.25192261W2x H-46 (probably only temporary)Military29 Sep 20212
Osborne, Florida, United States28.52599525N 81.87369537WSeveral smal prop partsCivil16 Jul 2018
Palm Beach, Florida, United States26.59592438N 80.12313843WSabrelinerCivil17 Jul 20191
Palm Beach, Florida, United States26.58875275N 80.08224487WSeveral OV-1Civil22 Jul 20191
Palm Springs, Florida, United States26.64649010N 80.08652496WDC-3, OV-1Military5 Nov 20182
Panama City, Florida, United States30.20339203N 85.64598083WVarious i/a at Haney Technical Center - aicraft may be in several buildingsBoth4 Sep 20215
Panama City, Florida, United States30.26886368N 85.52374268WSeveral helicoptersUnknown8 Jul 2018
Pensacola, Florida, United States30.41312027N 87.20276642WAH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Pensacola, Florida, United States30.36807442N 87.27757263WF-18Military25 Oct 20161
Pensacola, Florida, United States30.47419357N 87.19833374WA-4Military7 Sep 20121
Pensacola, Florida, United States30.35911179N 87.26927948WVarious i/a at NATTCMilitary29 Dec 20166
Pensacola, Florida, United States30.34794426N 87.28695679WF-18Military7 Sep 20121
Pensacola, Florida, United States30.34846878N 87.27453613WF-18Military22 Mar 20151
Pensacola, Florida, United States30.35367584N 87.26941681WT-34 hanging inside Chevalier Hall (building to be confirmed)Military29 Dec 20161
Pensacola, Florida, United States30.48781776N 87.2905426WT-39, Ce.150 and more i/a at George Stone Technical CenterBoth29 Nov 20192
Pensacola, Florida, United States30.39382935N 87.35536194WLarge number of H-60 insideMilitary31 Jan 2021
Pensacola - National Museum of Naval Aviation, Florida, United States30.35329819N 87.30469513WVarious, storage areaMilitary3 Jul 202148
Pensacola - National Museum of Naval Aviation, Florida, United States30.34939575N 87.30356598WVariousMilitary3 Jul 2021119
Pinecastle, Florida, United States29.11822510N 81.71685028WUH-1 range targetMilitary23 Dec 2016
Pinecastle, Florida, United States29.11923218N 81.71907806W2x AH-1 range targetMilitary23 Dec 2016
Pinecastle, Florida, United States29.12024498N 81.71875WUH-1 range targetMilitary23 Dec 2016
Pinecastle, Florida, United States29.11999702N 81.71988678W2x AH-1 range targetMilitary23 Dec 2016
Pinecastle, Florida, United States29.12080193N 81.71985626WUH-1 range targetMilitary23 Dec 2016
Plant City, Florida, United States28.01338959N 82.12715149WMiG-21Military31 Oct 20211
Polk City, Florida, United States28.15816689N 81.81473541WDC-3Civil7 Sep 20121
Polk City - Fantasy of Flight, Florida, United States28.16687393N 81.80738831WVariousBoth2 Sep 201215
Polk City - Fantasy of Flight storage, Florida, United States28.16976166N 81.80583191WVarious, also refered to as Golden HillMilitary1 Nov 201626
Port St Lucie, Florida, United States27.31395149N 80.37297058WUH-1Military18 Nov 2014
Punta Gorda, Florida, United States26.91834831N 82.00184631WDC-3Civil13 May 20211
Punta Gorda - Military Heritage Museum, Florida, United States26.92901611N 82.05953979WUH-1 (should be at this pad, not visible on GE image)Military5 Sep 20211
Richards Field, Florida, United States25.55987167N 80.51641846W2x small propCivil8 Jul 2018
Roseland, Florida, United States27.83065033N 80.48733521WVelocity forward fuselage section at a scrap yardCivil7 Apr 2021
Saint Cloud, Florida, United States28.24567032N 81.28279114WAH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Santa Rosa, Florida, United States30.61117554N 86.97891235WA-4Military2 Sep 20121
Sarasota-Bradenton, Florida, United States27.40261841N 82.55456543WCe.500
credits: Václav Kudela
Civil5 Mar 20211
Sebastian, Florida, United States27.81859589N 80.50045776WPA-23Civil4 Sep 2020
Sebring, Florida, United States27.45292091N 81.34709167WB727Civil4 Sep 2020
Shell Creek, Florida, United States26.96864128N 81.91532135WVariousCivil8 May 20217
Smyrna Beach, Florida, United States29.05573463N 80.94176483WDC-7Civil5 May 20161
St Cloud, Florida, United States28.15783882N 81.2387619WSmall twin propCivil29 Apr 2017
St Lucie, Florida, United States27.29001045N 80.41654968WH-19 at a paintball fieldMilitary14 Oct 2017
St Petersburg, Florida, United States27.86200333N 82.69902039WF-16Military18 Sep 20121
St Petersburg, Florida, United States27.76469803N 82.63336945WSmall prop hanging inside restaurant "The Hangar"Civil22 Jun 2018
St. Joe, Florida, United States30.41711044N 83.91238403WIskra?
credits: Tony Scott Warren
Military28 Mar 2015
Starke, Florida, United States29.97614479N 82.10093689WCe.421 fuselage on a container, visible on StreetviewCivil26 May 2018
Stuart, Florida, United States27.17595100N 80.22612762WMiG-15Military14 Aug 20211
Stuart, Florida, United States27.17654228N 80.22660828WPA-23Civil14 Aug 2021
Sunrise, Florida, United States26.15103531N 80.3210144WDC-9 (probably fuselage only) inside Sawgrass Mills Mall, in Wannadoo City theme parkCivil23 Nov 2016
Tallahassee, Florida, United States30.46211624N 84.27931976WUH-1Military12 Sep 20121
Tallahassee, Florida, United States30.39640808N 84.34968567WVarious i/a at Lively Tech CenterCivil17 Dec 20161
Tamiami, Florida, United States25.65046310N 80.42687988WVarious i/a at AMT SchoolCivil17 Dec 2016
Tamiami, Florida, United States25.65143013N 80.42700195WVariousCivil27 Apr 2019
Tamiami - Weeks Air Museum, Florida, United States25.64914513N 80.43074799WVariousBoth19 Jul 20153
Tampa, Florida, United States27.97605133N 82.36244202WAH-1, OH-58, UH-1 (may not all be at the marked location, but in this park)Military14 Mar 20153
Tampa - Police Museum, Florida, United States27.94828033N 82.45797729WH.269Civil6 May 20211
Tavares, Florida, United States28.80112076N 81.72849274WCe.150Civil24 Apr 20191
Titusville - Warbird Museum, Florida, United States28.51876259N 80.79438019WVariousBoth8 Jul 202124
Tri County, Florida, United States30.84753036N 85.60329437WS-2Military22 May 2021
Tyndall, Florida, United States30.02479935N 85.4941864WF-4, F-15, F-16 (all may be moving around in this area)Military17 Dec 20162
Tyndall, Florida, United States30.06888580N 85.59262085WF-4, F-15, F-86, F-106Military6 Jun 20144
Tyndall, Florida, United States30.02576447N 85.49518585WUH-1Military6 Mar 20151
Tyndall, Florida, United States30.07928085N 85.61295319WCe.172, F-15, F-16Both26 Jun 20212
Valkaria, Florida, United States27.96556473N 80.55934143WSmall propCivil4 Sep 2020
Valkaria, Florida, United States27.96255112N 80.56216431WBD-5, Quickie Q1, Mitchell Wing B-10 suspended from the ceiling insideCivil1 Oct 2020
Venice, Florida, United States27.07826996N 82.4405365W4x small propCivil29 Jul 20183
Vero Beach, Florida, United States27.65155983N 80.41756439WPiper Cub suspended from ceiling in terminal buildingCivil31 Oct 2019
Vero Beach, Florida, United States27.64663315N 80.41117096WPA-46Civil31 Oct 20191
Vero Beach, Florida, United States27.65086555N 80.41439056WPA-34Civil31 Oct 2019
Wauchula, Florida, United States27.54850197N 81.81232452WF-84Military18 Sep 20121
Whiting Field, Florida, United States30.70975113N 87.0211792WVariousMilitary27 Sep 20164
Whiting Field, Florida, United States30.71113968N 87.01865387WH-46Military3 Jul 20211
Whiting Field, Florida, United States30.70764732N 87.03012085WF-18, H-60Military17 Dec 20162
Whiting Field, Florida, United States30.69834518N 87.02671051WT-34?Military22 Mar 2015
Whiting Field, Florida, United States30.71069908N 87.01870728WT-6, Stearman inside the base atriumMilitary17 Dec 20162
Yulee, Florida, United States30.62525940N 81.53180695WSmall prop fuselageCivil29 Jul 2018
Zephyrhills, Florida, United States28.23028946N 82.1621933WChipmunk in one of these shedsCivil22 Dec 20171
Zephyrhills, Florida, United States28.22735023N 82.16394806WCommander, small twin propCivil6 May 20191
Zephyrhills, Florida, United States28.22990227N 82.16545868WJet ProvostCivil6 May 20191
Zephyrhills, Florida, United States28.22320557N 82.15026855WL-13Civil6 May 2019
Zephyrhills - Military Museum, Florida, United States28.23096848N 82.16316986WDC-3Military14 Oct 20201

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