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135 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Georgia. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Albany, Georgia, United States31.53927422N 84.19527435WL-610
credits: Antheii
Civil13 Oct 20221
Alma, Georgia, United States31.54193115N 82.4627533WAH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Alpharette, Georgia, United States34.07448196N 84.31053925WUH-1, T-33Military3 Jun 20142
Americus, Georgia, United States32.10794449N 84.18707275WScrapyard of small propsCivil24 Sep 20134
Americus, Georgia, United States32.11495590N 84.18582153WVarious i/a at South Georgia Technical CollegeBoth9 Dec 20169
Americus, Georgia, United States32.11844254N 84.18693542WP-2, UH-1Military30 Jun 20231
Amuchee, Georgia, United States34.31585312N 85.17166138WDa.20, G.1159, PA-28 (in VW camper on a pole) at Sam's Burger BarCivil26 Nov 20192
Athens, Georgia, United States33.96725845N 83.41046906WF-84Military21 Apr 20151
Atlanta, Georgia, United States33.62550735N 84.4161377WB737Civil21 Apr 20151
Atlanta, Georgia, United States33.71302795N 84.40618134WVarious i/a at Atlanta Technical CollegeBoth17 Jul 20184
Atlanta, Georgia, United States33.80063248N 84.42049408WCe.150Civil19 Dec 20161
Atlanta, Georgia, United States33.72174835N 84.3863678WSmall twin prop fuselage at a paintball fieldCivil8 Jan 2017
Atlanta - Delta Flight Museum, Georgia, United States33.65591049N 84.42182159WVariousCivil21 Apr 201511
Blue Ridge, Georgia, United States34.87088013N 84.3055191WUH-1
credits: IGBFN
Military22 Nov 20191
Brunswick, Georgia, United States31.24694824N 81.48603058WF-104Military7 Sep 20121
Brunswick, Georgia, United States31.26550102N 81.46329498WVarious airlinersCivil21 Apr 20152
Brunswick, Georgia, United States31.22917747N 81.48466492W2x B727 i/a at the Federal Law Enforcement Training CenterCivil1 Nov 20162
Brunswick, Georgia, United States31.23380089N 81.4777298WVariousBoth9 Feb 20202
Byron, Georgia, United States32.61067581N 83.74211121WT-33
credits: IGBFN
Military11 Nov 20191
Cairo, Georgia, United States30.87895203N 84.20685577WUH-1Military22 Apr 20151
Cairo, Georgia, United States30.88794136N 84.20907593WUH-1 (on a trailer, may move around)Military5 Sep 20211
Carnesville, Georgia, United States34.26229095N 83.28723907WSmall prop fuselageCivil29 Jul 2018
Cartersville, Georgia, United States34.11759949N 84.85016632WSF.340Civil14 Oct 2017
Cartersville, Georgia, United States34.12576294N 84.84971619WMS.760 fuselageCivil17 Jul 20181
Cartersville, Georgia, United States34.12663269N 84.84669495WBizjet fuselageCivil14 Oct 2017
Cartersville, Georgia, United States34.14127350N 84.83509827WG.159 wreckCivil23 Nov 20201
Cartersville - Science Museum, Georgia, United States34.24205780N 84.77085114WB.47Civil6 May 20211
Chickamauga, Georgia, United States34.87424088N 85.28565979WUH-1Military18 Sep 20121
Cochran, Georgia, United States32.38072586N 83.34755707WCe.310Civil18 Sep 2012
Colbert, Georgia, United States34.03916168N 83.20869446WBe.23, Ce.150, PA-28
credits: IGBFN
Civil22 Nov 20193
Concord, Georgia, United States33.04434967N 84.43349457WDHC-4Unknown8 Apr 2019
Conyers, Georgia, United States33.66002655N 84.00164032WUH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Conyers, Georgia, United States33.74939346N 83.94802094WUH-1Military5 Sep 2021
Cordele, Georgia, United States31.95855904N 83.91146851WB-29, FJ-4, F-84, T-33, UH-1Military12 Jul 20145
Dahlonega, Georgia, United States34.56570053N 84.00965881WH-47
credits: Jan Broe
Military29 Nov 20201
Dallas - Museum of Flight, Georgia, United States33.91687012N 84.94215393WF-14, T-34, BTD-1
credits: Djeek
Military16 Feb 20233
DeKalb, Georgia, United States33.88490295N 84.30764771WJetstar fuselageCivil27 Oct 20231
DeKalb, Georgia, United States33.87419128N 84.29624176WCe.337, PA-31 fuselage, Be.200Civil2 Feb 20242
Dobbins, Georgia, United States33.90048981N 84.51667023WVarious (4x Libyan AF Hercs, 4 more in the compound to the north east, not sure which are where)Military21 Mar 20159
Dobbins, Georgia, United States33.90392685N 84.51335907W4x C-130 (Libyan AF?)Military2 Sep 2012
Dobbins, Georgia, United States33.91786194N 84.5152359WC-5, C-130 hulksMilitary2 Sep 20121
Dobbins, Georgia, United States33.92058945N 84.5044632WB-29Military21 Mar 20151
Dobbins, Georgia, United States33.90457153N 84.51841736WC-5 fuselage in piecesMilitary24 Sep 2019
Dobbins, Georgia, United States33.92980576N 84.52441406W2x C-130Military24 Sep 2019
Dobbins - Marietta Aviation Museum, Georgia, United States33.93296051N 84.53878784WVariousMilitary12 Jul 201414
Donalsonville, Georgia, United States30.99759483N 84.88076019WAH-1Military13 Apr 20131
Douglas, Georgia, United States31.48124313N 82.85436249WDC-4Civil23 Jan 20161
Douglas, Georgia, United States31.48353958N 82.85168457WCe.150Civil19 Dec 20161
Douglas - WWII Flight Training Museum, Georgia, United States31.47901726N 82.85379791WVariousBoth19 Jul 20215
Douglasville, Georgia, United States33.74145508N 84.76890564WF-105Military18 Sep 20121
Eastman, Georgia, United States32.20694733N 83.12889862WVarious i/a at Middle Georgia State UniversityCivil31 Aug 20212
Eastman, Georgia, United States32.20835114N 83.12750244WPA-23Civil1 Jul 20231
Fayetville, Georgia, United States33.42206955N 84.5020752WCommanderCivil6 May 20191
Forsyth, Georgia, United States33.05125046N 83.97255707WUH-1 at Georgia Public Safety Training CenterMilitary18 Mar 2019
Forsyth, Georgia, United States33.02756119N 83.90731812WPZL 106, H-34Both6 Jun 20182
Fort Eisenhower, Georgia, United States33.42470551N 82.13470459WAH-1Military25 Oct 2023
Fort Eisenhower, Georgia, United States33.41672897N 82.17486572WUH-1Military25 Oct 2023
Fort Eisenhower, Georgia, United States33.34954834N 82.21524811WUH-1Military25 Oct 2023
Fort Eisenhower, Georgia, United States33.42500305N 82.15394592WC-12Military25 Oct 2023
Fort Moore, Georgia, United States32.35470200N 84.96829987WDC-3Military25 Oct 20231
Fort Moore, Georgia, United States32.35447311N 84.97025299WC-119, C-130Military25 Oct 20231
Fort Moore, Georgia, United States32.33257675N 84.98206329WC-130Military25 Oct 20231
Fort Moore, Georgia, United States32.35894775N 84.96868896WC-130 fuselageMilitary25 Oct 20231
Fort Moore, Georgia, United States32.41619492N 84.82393646WF9F as training object in the woods, coordinates approximate (not visible due to tree cover)Military25 Oct 20231
Fort Moore - Infantry Museum, Georgia, United States32.38862228N 84.95523071WUH-1 (inside)Military25 Oct 20233
Fort Stewart, Georgia, United States31.85955429N 81.60794067WH-58Military2 Dec 20231
Fort Stewart, Georgia, United States31.86156464N 81.61155701WUH-1Military28 May 20181
Fort Stewart, Georgia, United States32.01328659N 81.83019257WUH-1Military23 Dec 2016
Fort Stewart, Georgia, United States31.86369324N 81.64243317WUH-1Military8 Apr 20191
Fort Stewart - 3rd ID Museum, Georgia, United States31.86451530N 81.61185455WAH-1 (not yet visible on GE image)Military6 Sep 20211
Gainesville - INK, Georgia, United States34.28962326N 83.81394958WCommander 500 in a children's museum (Interactive Neighbourhood for Kids - INK)Civil19 Mar 2023
Grand Bay Bombing Range, Georgia, United States30.98126411N 83.13210297WF-4Military21 Apr 20151
Grand Bay Bombing Range, Georgia, United States30.97706413N 83.14978027WUH-1 cabin upside downMilitary17 Jul 2018
Griffin, Georgia, United States33.22415161N 84.27416229WT-33Military3 Jun 20131
Griffin, Georgia, United States33.22822189N 84.27877808WLarge amount of plane parts (scrapyard)Both29 Jan 20241
Griffin - Yesterday's Classic Cars & Museum, Georgia, United States33.25594711N 84.28411102WJet ProvostCivil17 Jul 20181
Hampton, Georgia, United States33.38856888N 84.32938385WVariousCivil22 Dec 20172
Hampton - Army Aviation Heritage Foundation, Georgia, United States33.38886261N 84.32598877WVarious AH-1, UH-1 in various statesMilitary2 Jan 20174
Hartwell, Georgia, United States34.38220215N 82.94382477WA-4Military22 Apr 20151
Hilton Head, Georgia, United States32.21869278N 80.69892883W2x small prop wreckCivil9 Dec 2016
Hunter, Georgia, United States32.02393723N 81.13134003WUH-1, AH-1, OH-6Military16 Jul 20212
Kennesaw, Georgia, United States34.01182938N 84.57823944WBe.19Civil11 Mar 20231
Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States33.94823074N 84.14763641WVarious i/a at Aviation Institute of MaintenanceBoth16 Nov 20165
Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States33.98126221N 84.08419037WSmall prop hanging inside Bass Pro ShopCivil26 Dec 2017
Lexington, Georgia, United States33.88071823N 83.10868073WUH-1Military29 May 20161
Locust Grove, Georgia, United States33.36543655N 84.16694641WCe.170, Ce.182Civil17 Jul 20181
Locust Grove, Georgia, United States33.36189651N 84.16944885WSmall propCivil17 Jul 2018
Macon, Georgia, United States32.85988617N 83.60694885WOV-1Military21 Apr 20151
Macon, Georgia, United States32.71092606N 83.64394379WH-34 at a paintball fieldMilitary7 Jun 2018
Macon, Georgia, United States32.71081543N 83.64429474WCommander fuselage at a paintball fieldUnknown7 Jun 2018
Marietta - Youth Museum, Georgia, United States33.93993759N 84.5963974WF-84 in shed, not visible on GE image and location is not 100% confirmed, address per website of the museumMilitary17 Jul 20181
McDonough, Georgia, United States33.39244080N 84.13802338WT-33Military7 Sep 2012
McDonough, Georgia, United States33.44116211N 84.12052155WUH-1Military6 Sep 20211
Moody, Georgia, United States30.97513962N 83.2040863WVariousMilitary2 Dec 20166
Moody, Georgia, United States30.97015381N 83.20783997WF-4, A-10 (probably in this hangar, exact location needs confirmation)Military28 Sep 20212
Moody, Georgia, United States30.97558975N 83.21305847WF-16Military2 Dec 20161
Moody, Georgia, United States30.98163033N 83.18634033WC-130 fuselageMilitary28 Sep 2021
Moody, Georgia, United States30.98078728N 83.18543243W2x UH-1 cabin (visible at this spot on latest GE image)Military2 Feb 2023
Peachtree, Georgia, United States33.36338043N 84.57053375WVarious inside at Aircraft Spruce and SpecialtyCivil19 Jul 20211
Peachtree, Georgia, United States33.38687134N 84.58717346WVarious Sea Kings, perhaps more insideMilitary9 Aug 20234
Peachtree, Georgia, United States33.37733459N 84.58058929W2x AS.365? fuselage, identical c/s, no markings (not visible on GE images, visible on Street View)
credits: Djeek
Civil31 Jan 2024
Peachtree City, Georgia, United States33.35932922N 84.56932831WF-16Military3 Jun 20131
Perry, Georgia, United States32.50205612N 83.75102234WR.22 at Guardians Centers (disaster response training center)Civil4 Oct 2020
Pooler - Mighty Eight AF Museum, Georgia, United States32.11610794N 81.23612213WVariousMilitary2 Sep 20126
Ray City, Georgia, United States31.03400040N 83.19759369WCe.310Civil8 May 20171
Reidsville, Georgia, United States32.05915070N 82.14839935WBe.23
credits: Nigel Aylmer
Civil28 Feb 20241
Robins, Georgia, United States32.58299637N 83.57752228WVariousMilitary22 Mar 20151
Robins, Georgia, United States32.58614731N 83.58467865W2x F-15, C-130Military24 Nov 2017
Robins, Georgia, United States32.58922958N 83.58548737WF-84, AT-11 (museum storage)Military14 Dec 20171
Robins - Museum of Aviation, Georgia, United States32.59175110N 83.58696747WVariousMilitary3 Jun 201387
Rome, Georgia, United States34.35551834N 85.16295624WVarious i/a at Georgia Northwestern Technical CollegeCivil17 Nov 20165
Savannah, Georgia, United States32.12201691N 81.19010925WF-84, F-86Military2 Sep 20122
Savannah, Georgia, United States32.02614212N 81.0674057WA-4Military2 Sep 20121
Savannah, Georgia, United States32.01477432N 81.12678528WOV-1Military14 Apr 20131
Savannah, Georgia, United States32.01474380N 81.12828064WU-21Military21 Apr 20151
Savannah, Georgia, United States32.15430069N 81.22319031WVarious i/a at Savannah Tech CollegeCivil28 Oct 20197
Savannah, Georgia, United States32.13135147N 81.19410706WGulfstream fuselageCivil29 Jul 2018
Savannah, Georgia, United States32.11604309N 81.19522095WPA-28 parked near this spot for some years, minus propeller
credits: Nigel Aylmer
Civil29 Mar 20241
Stockbridge, Georgia, United States33.53656387N 84.1802597WB-2B, PA-24, CommanderCivil25 May 20183
Sugar Hill, Georgia, United States34.13166809N 84.07237244WUH-1 (not yet visible on GE image)Military6 Sep 20211
Swainsboro, Georgia, United States32.61302185N 82.36863708WA-7Military28 Sep 20211
Swainsboro, Georgia, United States32.58957672N 82.31846619W3x Puma at AeroXS (not yet visible on GE image)
credits: Nigel Aylmer
Civil5 Oct 20233
Sylvester, Georgia, United States31.55587578N 83.89361572WCe.150Civil11 Oct 20181
Tallapoosa, Georgia, United States33.73803329N 85.26528931WUH-1, 2x F-105Military29 Nov 20163
Townsend, Georgia, United States31.55688286N 81.57302094WOV-1, H-47, bizjet fuselageMilitary17 Jul 2018
Villa Rica, Georgia, United States33.73015213N 84.83681488WPA-28Civil4 Dec 20171
Warner Robbins, Georgia, United States32.54529953N 83.66825104WVarious i/a at Central Georgia Technical CollegeCivil9 Dec 2016
Warner-Robins, Georgia, United States32.61943436N 83.60710144WF-15Military29 Nov 20161
Waynesboro, Georgia, United States33.08084869N 82.01029205WT-33Military3 Jun 20131
Waynesboro, Georgia, United States33.20804596N 82.04186249WBe.18Civil14 Nov 2023
Whitesburg, Georgia, United States33.57240295N 84.91132355WPiper Cub hanging inside Flyboy aviation B&B (still here?)Civil25 Jun 2018
Willacoochee, Georgia, United States31.34129906N 83.0477829WT-33Military3 Jun 20131
Williamson, Georgia, United States33.18320084N 84.3609848WUH-1 (inside shed)Military17 Jul 20181
Woodstock, Georgia, United States34.14190674N 84.39350128WUH-1 preserved in the parking lot of a firearms store (not yet visible on GE image)
credits: JakeYoungs
Military10 Apr 2023
Wrens, Georgia, United States33.23378372N 82.40805817WL-13 nose down, stuck in an RVCivil6 Jul 20221