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16 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Georgie. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Kiketi, Georgie41.65832138N 44.65444565EYak-50Military10 August 2016
Marnauli, Georgie41.47682190N 44.79818344EMiG-17Military10 August 20161
Rustavi, Georgie41.55429459N 44.98891068EYak-40 in use as kindergartenCivil14 November 20171
Senaki, Georgie42.26596451N 42.03605270EMiG-19Military10 August 20161
Soganlug, Georgie41.64580154N 44.93672943EAn-24, An-2Civil18 December 2015
Soganlug, Georgie41.65708923N 44.92314148EMi-8, parked at the same spot for years alreadyCivil11 October 2018
Sukhumi Dranda, Georgie42.86198807N 41.12651825ETu-134Notset20 October 2013
Sukhumi Dranda, Georgie42.86585999N 41.12883759EHelicopterNotset20 October 2013
Sukhumi Dranda, Georgie42.86625290N 41.12458801EYak-40Civil18 December 20151
Tbilisi, Georgie41.67650223N 44.95347595ETu-134, Yak-40Civil11 October 20182
Tbilisi, Georgie41.67956161N 44.94921494EHelicopterNotset20 October 2013
Tbilisi, Georgie41.66249847N 44.96415710EB747Civil11 October 2018
Tbilisi, Georgie41.67522430N 44.95502853EB747Civil11 October 2018
Terjola, Georgie42.16669464N 42.96453476ESu-15Military10 August 20161
Verkhvis Mindori, Georgie41.81350327N 46.05612946EMi-24Military10 August 2016
Zeda Bashi, Georgie42.14764023N 42.49519348EMiG-15Military10 August 20161