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563 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Germany. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Aalen-Elchingen, Germany48.77957153N 10.26493073ECe.421 wreck
credits: Václav Kudela
Civil24 Oct 20201
Ahaus, Germany52.06692886N 7.01644087EMi-2Military11 Nov 20161
Ahlen, Germany51.78143692N 7.90755892ESeveral helicoptersCivil16 May 20182
Ahlhorn, Germany52.88198853N 8.21530819EUH-1, Sycamore (both only on display between March/April and September/October, stored rest of the year)Military9 Dec 20232
Ahornod, Germany48.82573700N 13.54684639EMi-24Military1 Dec 20121
Aich, Germany48.42271042N 12.40944099EF-104Military27 Sep 20211
Allstedt, Germany51.38327408N 11.45372963ESeveral aircraft inside the shelters, exact location unknownMilitary2 Feb 20177
Alserberg, Germany50.78594208N 7.72412395EBo.105Military1 Sep 20211
Alsweiler, Germany49.46995926N 7.06190491EP.149 inside buildingCivil13 Oct 20171
Alt Schwerin - Agroneum, Germany53.51340866N 12.35723591EVariousCivil11 Jan 20152
Altenburg - Museum, Germany50.98203659N 12.51723003EVariousBoth30 May 201514
Altendorf, Germany50.93500519N 14.18255806EAn-2 in use as holiday home (visible on latest GE image)
credits: Antheii
Civil8 May 20221
Altenstadt, Germany47.83325195N 10.87183762EN.2501Military1 Dec 20121
Altenstadt, Germany47.83259583N 10.86903000EC-160Military14 Jun 20161
Altenstadt, Germany47.83447647N 10.87246418ESC.7, C-160 (exact location not yet known)Both24 Nov 20211
Ampfing, Germany48.26291275N 12.41336060EHorizonCivil12 Jun 20201
Anklam, Germany53.83654404N 13.68041039EPZL-106, TT62Civil17 Apr 20162
Anklam, Germany53.83525467N 13.67933941EKa-26, Z-37, An-2Civil20 Sep 20223
Ankum, Germany52.51116943N 7.91544580ESeveral aircraft in a private collection. Unknown if they are still here and if this is the exact location.Military2 Feb 201714
Ansbach, Germany49.31222153N 10.63767433EUH-1Military14 Jun 20161
Arnbruck, Germany49.12798691N 12.98364544ERallyeCivil21 Sep 20161
Arnsberg, Germany51.42035294N 7.96944141EAlpha Jet - still here?Military14 May 20231
Aschaffenburg, Germany49.93985748N 9.05734444EM20
credits: Václav Kudela
Civil29 May 20231
Auenhausen, Germany51.65240479N 9.21199322EF-104Military1 Dec 20121
Augsburg, Germany48.32450104N 10.90323448EG.91Military1 Sep 20211
Augsburg, Germany48.42397308N 10.93321705ECe.172 wreckCivil28 Jun 20201
Bad Driburg - Motorenmuseum, Germany51.79056168N 9.00510979EKa-26Civil16 Jun 20201
Bad Honnef, Germany50.63279343N 7.21638393EB.47, An-2 (forward fuselage), Viscount (forward fuselage)Both25 Apr 20193
Bad Laer, Germany52.09711075N 8.09767914EDC-6Civil1 Dec 20121
Bad Oeynhausen, Germany52.20275116N 8.84867191ECommander (former museum, now closed)Civil7 Jun 20211
Bad Pyrmont, Germany51.97121048N 9.29694653EL-13
credits: Václav Kudela
Civil14 Oct 20201
Bad Sassendorf, Germany51.57830429N 8.21163082ESeveral wrecks of small civil aircraftCivil8 Feb 20176
Bad Sooden - Grenzmuseum, Germany51.28579330N 9.99380398EVariousBoth11 Nov 20166
Bad Wildungen, Germany51.13043213N 9.17568684EBr.1150, Bo.105, Lynx (not yet visible one GE image)
credits: RonaldV
Military14 Jun 20223
Bad Wörishofen - Fliegermuseum, Germany48.01125717N 10.60220242EMiG-21, SG38Both3 Feb 20171
Baden Airpark, Germany48.78488922N 8.09370422EF.27, Ce.210 fuselageCivil17 Apr 20182
Baden-Sollingen - Museum, Germany48.76784897N 8.08472729EVariousMilitary1 Dec 20126
Ballenstedt, Germany51.74365234N 11.23418999EFWP.149, C-160Military5 Aug 20212
Baumholder, Germany49.64218903N 7.33143568ETornado
credits: panadero@
Military30 Oct 20181
Bayreuth, Germany49.98428345N 11.64148808EMiG-21Military1 Dec 20121
Benneckenstein - Ostdeutsches Fahrzuegindustriemuseum, Germany51.67485428N 10.71724701EMiG-21Military31 Aug 20191
Bensheim, Germany49.70631027N 8.61307526EVariousMilitary31 Mar 20217
Berlin, Germany52.43054581N 13.43562031EMi-2Civil8 Aug 20161
Berlin - Allied Museum, Germany52.45567322N 13.27246952EHastingsMilitary1 Dec 20121
Berlin - Checkpoint Charlie Museum, Germany52.50710678N 13.39052391EPZL 104 wings against the front of the museumCivil21 Mar 20161
Berlin - Deutsches Technik Museum, Germany52.49908829N 13.37819767EVariousBoth15 Nov 201831
Berlin - Feuerwehrmuseum, Germany52.58626938N 13.28651047EBo.105Civil1 Jun 20161
Berlin-Gatow, Germany52.46585083N 13.16019154EEF.2000Military15 Dec 20141
Berlin-Gatow - Luftwaffe Museum, Germany52.47277832N 13.13950157EVariousBoth8 Aug 2016127
Berlin-Tegel, Germany52.55580521N 13.30848789EF-104Military1 Dec 20121
Bernried am Starnberger See, Germany47.87253189N 11.28704739EMi-2Military27 Apr 20211
Biberach, Germany48.33471298N 8.03457546ETu-134Civil1 Dec 20121
Biberach, Germany48.11550140N 9.76611042EM20 fuselage
credits: Václav Kudela
Civil8 May 20221
Biblis-Wattenheim, Germany49.68019867N 8.40295124EIl-14Military18 Apr 20161
Bielefeld, Germany51.96487427N 8.55050182EG.91 under restorationMilitary4 Feb 20171
Birrenbachshöhe, Germany50.86500168N 7.41534662EDo.27
credits: RonaldV
Military23 Aug 20201
Bitburg, Germany49.94058609N 6.54715919E4x Mirage 5 hulkMilitary17 Jul 20164
Blankenhain, Germany50.80006790N 12.28424454EZ-37Civil9 Jul 20171
Böblingen - Motorworld Museum, Germany48.69014740N 9.00372791EF-104 insideMilitary10 Feb 20151
Bochum, Germany51.47489929N 7.15122652EF-86Military1 Dec 20121
Bohmte, Germany52.35255814N 8.32884121EP.149Civil13 Oct 20171
Bonn, Germany50.66804886N 7.18071985EYak-18Civil8 Apr 2019
Bonn, Germany50.70780563N 7.12370300EH.269Civil27 Apr 20211
Bonn-Hangelar, Germany50.76762009N 7.15912390ECe.152Civil2 Apr 20161
Bonn-Hangelar, Germany50.76792526N 7.15290689EUH-1 i/a inside hangar, exact location unknownMilitary4 Feb 20171
Bonn-Hangelar, Germany50.76823425N 7.15896130EPA-28
credits: Václav Kudela
Civil15 Jan 20231
Borkheide - Hans Grade Museum, Germany52.23089218N 12.85048676EVariousBoth5 Sep 20183
Bottrop - Warner Bros Movie Park, Germany51.62073898N 6.97241211EF-104 (should be at the park, not visible on GE image)Military10 Feb 20151
Brandenburg, Germany52.38035965N 13.50391769EUnknown cockpit sectionCivil8 Nov 2020
Brauheck, Germany50.13391495N 7.13683224EF-84Military1 Dec 20121
Brauheck, Germany50.13320160N 7.13543463EF-104Military1 Dec 20121
Brauheck, Germany50.13221741N 7.13788223ETornadoMilitary5 Feb 20171
Bredstedt, Germany54.63094330N 8.98231411EBreezer Sport, on display on the roof of the Breezer factory, not yet visible on GE
credits: Antheii
Civil31 May 20231
Breitscheid, Germany50.67879105N 8.17505360EDo.28Civil4 Feb 20171
Bremen, Germany53.05179596N 8.79428577EVAK-191Military2 Jun 20161
Bremen, Germany53.05335999N 8.79000187EPA-42Civil31 Dec 20171
Bremen, Germany53.04164886N 8.78283310EJetstreamCivil13 Feb 20201
Bremgarten, Germany47.89840317N 7.62028456EMiG-21, UH-1
credits: RonaldV
Military31 Jul 20221
Bremgarten, Germany47.89537811N 7.62312031EF-104
credits: panadero@
Military31 Jul 20221
Buchel, Germany50.16525650N 7.04537439ET-33Military1 Dec 20121
Buchel, Germany50.16701126N 7.04199696EVarious i/aMilitary5 Feb 20177
Buchel, Germany50.17734909N 7.05800390ET-33Military1 Dec 20121
Buchel, Germany50.18324280N 7.05957985EF-84, F-104, TornadoMilitary1 Dec 20123
Buckeburg, Germany52.28310776N 9.07868576EVarious i/a with technical schoolBoth26 Apr 201723
Buckeburg, Germany52.28451538N 9.08693504EDo.27Military1 Dec 20121
Buckeburg, Germany52.28488541N 9.08843803ES.58Military1 Dec 20121
Buckeburg, Germany52.28525543N 9.08748436EH-21, Bo.105, UH-1Military1 Dec 20123
Buckeburg, Germany52.28432083N 9.08129883EAlouette 2Military1 Dec 20121
Bückeburg, Germany52.24096298N 9.05716991EBo.105Civil7 May 20211
Buckeburg, Germany52.26049805N 9.05599308EBo.105, Alouette 2 at the Jäger Kaserne
credits: Hans vH
Military28 Jun 20232
Buckeburg - Hubschraubermuseum, Germany52.26133728N 9.04636192EVariousBoth8 Aug 201637
Bundenthal, Germany49.09152222N 7.79523468EP.149, Bu.181Both7 Dec 20202
Calden, Germany51.40596008N 9.37998199EBo.105Military8 Feb 20171
Calden, Germany51.41814041N 9.39215755ESeveral helicoptersBoth29 Jun 20193
Calw, Germany48.71254730N 8.78083611EA320, in use for training special forces as Graf-Zeppelin Kaserne, after a mishap at TallinnCivil30 Oct 20201
Cammerswalde, Germany50.70291901N 13.49742317EIl-14, MiG-21, Mi-2Both20 Dec 20143
Celle, Germany52.60035706N 10.03350258EBo.105Military14 Jun 20161
Celle, Germany52.59707260N 10.03255081ELarge number of Bo.105 stored inside one of the hangars at the airfieldMilitary13 Oct 201742
Celle, Germany52.59702301N 10.03001022EVarious i/a
credits: danraistrick
Military30 Oct 20204
Cottbus - Museum, Germany51.76570892N 14.29553795EVariousBoth17 Oct 201647
Damme, Germany52.48969650N 8.18247223EC-160Military21 Sep 20221
Dankern, Germany52.80300903N 7.16309452ECe.150
credits: ErwinS
Civil14 Nov 2022
Darmstadt, Germany49.85932922N 8.58969116ECM.170Military1 Dec 20121
Darmstadt, Germany49.91709137N 8.64466572EMi-2Civil7 Aug 20201
Darmstadt, Germany49.85652161N 8.59187794EDC-8 forward fuselageCivil5 Nov 20161
Darmstadt, Germany49.85655212N 8.59328365EConvair 440 nose sectionMilitary15 Sep 20211
Darmstadt, Germany49.85673523N 8.59165096EUH-1 (not yet visible on GE image)
credits: Pieter Taris
Military15 Sep 20211
Darmstadt, Germany49.85598755N 8.59193230ENord 1101Civil17 Jan 20241
Dermsdorf, Germany51.19760132N 11.19798756E3x MiG-21, Su-22 (position of these changes every once in a while)Military12 Feb 20185
Dessau - Technikmuseum Hugo Junkers, Germany51.83563995N 12.20884228EVariousBoth5 Feb 201714
Diepholz, Germany52.59091187N 8.34621811EUH-1 (not seen 23 September 2021, need confirmation it will return)Military4 Nov 20211
Diepholz, Germany52.58876419N 8.34639835EUH-1 i/a inside hangarMilitary5 Feb 20172
Donauworth, Germany48.71030426N 10.75770473EBo.105Unknown16 Aug 20201
Donauwörth, Germany48.70927811N 10.77347469EEC135?Unknown13 Sep 20201
Dorf Mecklenburg - Kreisagragmuseum, Germany53.84103012N 11.45576954EZ-37 (should be under this roof)Civil14 Feb 20211
Dresden, Germany51.13018417N 13.77302265EIl-14Civil9 Feb 20221
Dresden, Germany51.12513351N 13.76412773EMi-2, Baade 152
credits: Milan Cibulka
Civil14 Feb 20192
Dresden, Germany51.13956833N 13.78168774EA300 - was converted to Cargo for uni-top airlines but never taken up because the airline ceased operations (not yet visible on GE image)
credits: Václav Kudela
Civil7 Feb 20221
Dresden, Germany51.14095306N 13.78293610EMiG-23 (not yet visible on GE image)Military9 Feb 20221
Dresden, Germany51.13155365N 13.77538395EMiG-21 (not yet visible on GE image)Military9 Feb 20221
Dresden - Verkehrsmuseum, Germany51.05228043N 13.73891449EAero 45, more?Civil1 Dec 20121
Düsseldorf Rath, Germany51.27280807N 6.82065296EMi-2
credits: Christian A. Amado
Civil10 Jan 20161
Eckernförde, Germany54.47809219N 9.87300873EUH-1
credits: Hans vH
Military17 Sep 20231
Egelsbach, Germany49.96330643N 8.64874935ER.22
credits: GerardH
Civil20 Jul 20201
Egenhausen, Germany48.55629730N 8.61676311ELearjet fuselage, 2x UH-1Both19 Nov 2021
Einbeck - PS Speicher Museum, Germany51.81989288N 9.85963631EB.206, unmarked bare metal F-104 (until end of 2023)Both4 Aug 20231
Eisdorf, Germany51.76372528N 10.17709732EMiG-21Military1 Dec 20121
Eitorf, Germany50.76991653N 7.46681309EAn-2
credits: Nico Sanders
Civil5 Dec 20171
Elstal, Germany52.53348541N 12.99659920EAn-2 half inside a buildingCivil5 Aug 2021
Elze, Germany52.10942459N 9.73219109EBo.105Military13 Oct 20171
Empfingen, Germany48.39214325N 8.72591686EBo.105 pole mounted at Sacs Boysen factory in fantasy colours without registration marks
credits: Jochen Hoenle
Unknown29 Aug 2018
Engelsbrand, Germany48.83226013N 8.64445496EAlouette 3 (not yet visible on GE image)
credits: Antheii
Military15 Sep 20211
Ensdorf, Germany48.19422913N 12.46557045EAn-2, MiG-21Both14 Jun 20162
Erding, Germany48.31019974N 11.91988373EF-104 - removed from gate but still on baseMilitary29 Nov 20211
Erding, Germany48.31269073N 11.93521786EVarious instructional airframes (at various locations on the field)Military10 Feb 20156
Erding, Germany48.31190491N 11.90181541EAlpha Jet as i/aMilitary12 Nov 20161
Erding, Germany48.33762360N 11.93110943EUH-1 at Wehrwissenschaftliches Institut für Werk- und Betriebsstoffe
credits: Antheii
Military19 Oct 20211
Erfurt, Germany50.97529602N 10.95986748EIl-18Civil31 Mar 20211
Essen, Germany51.40769958N 6.94282389EJu-52 (has been moved a round a few times, this may be permanent spot)
credits: Thomas Stuenkel
Military31 Jan 20241
Essen, Germany51.40722656N 6.93999481EMetrolinerCivil22 Mar 20241
Fassberg, Germany52.90407181N 10.17807007EG.91Military31 Aug 20181
Fassberg, Germany52.90316010N 10.17967701EDC-3Military1 Dec 20121
Fassberg, Germany52.90779877N 10.20136547ETornado, H-53Military1 Dec 20123
Fassberg, Germany52.90492249N 10.17699718EUH-1Military1 Dec 20121
Fassberg, Germany52.91073608N 10.18433571Evarious i/a in several hangarsMilitary4 Jun 201535
Fassberg, Germany52.91064072N 10.17260265EAlouette IIMilitary31 May 20201
Feldkirchen, Germany48.83232880N 12.55479622EUH-1Military4 Nov 20211
Fichtelberg - Automobilmuseum, Germany49.99758530N 11.85497093EVariousBoth1 Dec 20128
Fichtelberg - Automobilmuseum, Germany50.00098419N 11.84182644EL-40 inside new Hall 3 of Automobilmuseum
credits: Václav Kudela
Civil27 Oct 20211
Finow - Museum, Germany52.83281326N 13.67703533EVariousBoth5 Feb 201729
Finsterwalde, Germany51.60257339N 13.74149895EC-160Military6 Feb 20171
Finsterwalde, Germany51.60199356N 13.74188519EVarious i/a at "Aircraft Maintenance & Consulting".Both12 Dec 20173
Flensburg, Germany54.77073669N 9.39461327EF-104Military6 Feb 20171
Forst, Germany51.71903229N 14.62103462ETS-11Military22 Sep 20181
Frankfurt, Germany50.03785706N 8.59563446EDC-3, DC-4Military23 Jan 20162
Frankfurt, Germany50.04500198N 8.55139256EB737 (formerly a Viscount, i/a with Lufthansa)Civil6 Feb 20171
Frankfurt, Germany50.11643219N 8.70546436EDo.27Civil20 Dec 20141
Frankfurt, Germany50.03958893N 8.52255726EPA-23, S.58Civil18 Jul 20163
Frankfurt, Germany50.02826691N 8.52051544EBAe.146 de-icing trainer, on GE images still visible at the other side of the airport
credits: Antheii
Civil18 Oct 20211
Friedrichshafen, Germany47.65120697N 9.49990368EDo.27Civil3 Jun 20161
Friedrichshafen, Germany47.66507721N 9.44769478EBo.105 i/a at Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg Ravensburg Campus FriedrichshafenMilitary6 Feb 20171
Friedrichshafen, Germany47.67370987N 9.50777245E2x Jetstream (not yet visible on GE image)Civil26 Sep 20222
Friedrichshafen - Dornier Museum, Germany47.67074203N 9.51743412EVariousBoth1 Dec 201218
Fritzlar, Germany51.11309814N 9.27576637EBo.105Military1 Dec 20121
Fritzlar, Germany51.12098694N 9.29104137EUH-1Military1 Dec 20122
Fritzlar, Germany51.11904144N 9.29022217ESeveral helicopters at base, exact locations unknownMilitary5 Feb 20173
Fulda, Germany50.54560471N 9.73169708EMi-2, Alouette 3, Be.58Both20 Mar 20212
Fulda - Deutsches Feuerwehr Museum, Germany50.54542160N 9.66421604EDo.27 (inside)Military1 Dec 20121
Furstenfeldbruck, Germany48.19517899N 11.26632118EAlpha Jet, G.91Military1 Dec 20122
Furstenfeldbruck, Germany48.19594193N 11.26714706EFWP.149Military1 Dec 20121
Furstenfeldbruck, Germany48.19611740N 11.26963043EG.91Military1 Dec 20121
Furstenfeldbruck, Germany48.19630051N 11.27050877ET-33Military1 Dec 20121
Furstenfeldbruck, Germany48.19675064N 11.27058697EF-84, F-86Military1 Dec 20122
Furstenfeldbruck, Germany48.19449615N 11.26964569EF-4, TornadoMilitary1 Dec 20122
Furstenfeldbruck, Germany48.19174576N 11.26528072EF-84Military1 Dec 20121
Furstenfeldbruck, Germany48.19658661N 11.27595711EUH-1Military1 Dec 20121
Furstenfeldbruck, Germany48.20234299N 11.26826000EG.91Military5 Feb 20171
Ganderkersee, Germany53.03507996N 8.50808525EEnstrom F-28
credits: Jan Broe
Civil21 Apr 20221
Garching, Germany48.26566315N 11.66951656EAlpha Jet fuselage at "Technische Universität München" exact location unknown but sources say inside hall number 6 (pinned building)Military8 Feb 20171
Geilenkirchen, Germany50.96551895N 6.05355406ECH-53 fuselageMilitary4 Jul 20171
Geilenkirchen, Germany50.96627426N 6.03360462EP.149Civil15 Apr 20191
Georgsdorf, Germany52.58843994N 7.11874676EMiG-23Military1 Dec 20121
Georgsdorf, Germany52.59160233N 7.07016087EMiG-21Military2 Feb 20171
Geretsried, Germany47.85441589N 11.49946022EH-53Military14 Jun 20161
Germersheim, Germany49.20503235N 8.35260487EF-104Military1 Dec 20121
Germersheim, Germany49.20488358N 8.35851002EUH-1Military14 Jun 20163
Gersfeld - Deutsches Segelflugmuseum, Germany50.49842453N 9.94591618EVariousCivil24 Jul 202118
Gifhorn, Germany52.49600983N 10.51207066EAlouette 2Civil14 Jun 20161
Gottingen, Germany51.55000305N 9.92157364EG.91Military7 Mar 20171
Gräfendorf, Germany50.11114120N 9.72478104EBo.105Civil30 Nov 20201
Griessen, Germany51.84965897N 14.60028934EMiG-21Military14 Jun 20161
Grimmen - Technicpark, Germany54.12577820N 13.05819988EMiG-21Both19 Aug 20211
Großbreitenbach - Modellbau- und Technikmuseum, Germany50.58077240N 11.00041771EZ-37Civil5 Aug 20211
Grossenhain, Germany51.30478668N 13.53735828EMiG-17Military1 Dec 20121
Grossenhain, Germany51.30376816N 13.55392075EVariousBoth8 Aug 20165
Grossenhain - Fliegendes Museum, Germany51.30447388N 13.54666805EVarious, mostly airworthyCivil31 Mar 2021
Günzburg - Legoland, Germany48.42337036N 10.30203629EFuselage of all red Ercoupe at Schnitzel Depot in Legoland
credits: Václav Kudela
Civil19 Aug 20211
Gütersloh - Flugplatzmuseum, Germany51.92429352N 8.30307388EVarious - exact location on the airfield unknownMilitary14 Jun 20165
Hagen Hohenlimburg, Germany51.36662674N 7.55124283EMiG-21
credits: Dizzyfun
Military4 Sep 20171
Hahn, Germany49.95513153N 7.27652550EB747 (not visible on GE image, but now parked at this spot)Civil29 Mar 20241
Hahn am See, Germany50.53239059N 7.88154125ETu-134, A320Civil1 Feb 20212
Haldenwang, Germany47.79729462N 10.33259583EF-104Military10 Feb 20151
Hamburg, Germany53.59596252N 10.07864952EUH-1Military18 Apr 20171
Hamburg, Germany53.62398911N 9.99547386EVarious at Lufthansa Technics
credits: Antheii
Civil30 Jun 20232
Hamburg-Finkenwerder, Germany53.54518890N 9.83164692EN.2501, HFB.320, Super Guppy, C-160, VFW.614Both22 Oct 20195
Hamburg-Finkenwerder, Germany53.54323578N 9.84704113EHFB.320 (visible on latest GE image, but already reported as gone, current location to be confirmed)Military3 Aug 20231
Hamburg-Fuhlsbuttel, Germany53.62387848N 9.98820400EB737Civil18 Apr 20171
Hamm, Germany51.68822479N 7.81139183ERallyeCivil20 Jul 20191
Hammelburg, Germany50.05485153N 9.87210274EUH-1Military9 Nov 2020
Hannover, Germany52.34716415N 9.70918751EViscountCivil1 Jun 20161
Hannover, Germany52.45669556N 9.71185398EC-160, 2x CRJ.200Both17 Feb 20233
Hannover, Germany52.45725250N 9.70515537EA310Military28 Jun 20231
Hassfurt, Germany50.01818466N 10.52605534EF-104Military29 May 20231
Heide, Germany54.19468689N 9.13235474EUH-1Military14 Jun 20161
Heide, Germany54.19336319N 9.13530159EG.91Military23 Nov 20171
Heinsberg, Germany51.05185318N 6.05301476ECe.172Civil9 May 20231
Herford - MARTa Museum, Germany52.12161255N 8.66833973EMi-1Military3 Jun 20161
Hermannsburg, Germany52.79965591N 10.09298515ET-33 fuselageMilitary12 Feb 20171
Hermeskeil - Flugausstellung Hermeskeil, Germany49.68548965N 6.96113396EVariousBoth27 Sep 2016118
Hildesheim, Germany52.17183304N 9.95528793EMi-2 at a paintball field
credits: EDDV_JJ
Unknown25 May 2018
Hildesheim, Germany52.17184067N 9.95729256EATR.42 at a paintball field
credits: Jan Broe
Civil21 Apr 20221
Hildesheim, Germany52.17247391N 9.95574188ECes.421 at a paintball field
credits: Jan Broe
Civil21 Apr 20221
Hinterschmiding, Germany48.83937073N 13.59983826EH-23 cockpit frame in use as pot stand, Bo.105 and T-33 cockpit for sale
credits: RonaldV
Military18 Sep 20232
Hohenfels, Germany49.21778488N 11.83607006EUH-1Military14 Jun 20161
Hohenfels, Germany49.23728561N 11.82556152E2x Mi-8 (a third may stil be around, though not sure, see comments)Military30 Nov 20203
Hohn, Germany54.34312820N 9.57127857EN.2501, UH-1Military14 Jun 20162
Hohn, Germany54.31839371N 9.55876732EC-160Military14 Jun 20161
Hohn, Germany54.30432892N 9.50556087EC-160 (visible on latest GE image)Military16 Oct 20201
Holzdorf, Germany51.78262711N 13.17339802EUH-1Military14 Jun 20161
Holzdorf, Germany51.77268982N 13.15940857EMi-24Military25 Jan 20161
Holzdorf, Germany51.76391220N 13.17713833EMiG-21Military12 Mar 20161
Holzdorf, Germany51.77206421N 13.15924454EVarious, exact location unknownMilitary8 Feb 20174
Hüll, Germany49.69849777N 11.43081093E2x UH-1 (inside)Military14 Jun 20163
Hurth, Germany50.87903976N 6.90886021EIl-14 (visible on latest GE image)Military16 Aug 20222
Husum, Germany54.50695038N 9.12542534EG.91Military1 Dec 20121
Husum, Germany54.50894547N 9.13193512EVarious i/aMilitary14 Jun 20167
Husum, Germany54.48488235N 9.07985115EAlpha JetMilitary1 Dec 20121
Husum, Germany54.48617935N 9.07805347EF-84Military1 Dec 20121
Husum, Germany54.50867844N 9.13322830EG.91Military14 Jun 20161
Immenstaad, Germany47.66767120N 9.38793659EDo.27Military14 Jun 20161
Ismaning, Germany48.22996521N 11.68226719ESE.210 Caravelle cockpit in use as flight-simulatorCivil16 May 20161
Itzehoe, Germany53.99750137N 9.57509995ECe.337 stored after mishap (not yet visible on GE image)
credits: Antheii
Civil30 Jun 20231
Jahnsdorf, Germany50.74787140N 12.83168602EL-29Military14 Jun 20161
Jahnsdorf, Germany50.74716949N 12.83168697EAn-2Civil12 Nov 20161
Jahnsdorf, Germany50.75051498N 12.84080505EVariousCivil12 Nov 20165
Jever, Germany53.53419495N 7.90298033EC-160Military18 Jun 20191
Jever, Germany53.54028702N 7.89106464EF-4Military1 Jul 20231
Jever, Germany53.54082489N 7.88507605ETornado, F-104Military18 Jun 20192
Jever, Germany53.53475189N 7.90128517EH-53Military5 Oct 20211
Kaisheim, Germany48.77663422N 10.78243256E2x UH-1, Bo.105 at army surplus storeMilitary4 Jan 20231
Kalkar, Germany51.73293304N 6.26915073EG.91, F-104Military28 Dec 20172
Kall, Germany50.55081177N 6.57077217EMi-8, MiG-23Military25 Apr 20192
Kaltwasser, Germany51.26630783N 14.95482540EMi-2Military14 Jun 20161
Kamen, Germany51.60168839N 7.68653679EBo.105Military14 Jun 20161
Kamenz, Germany51.29094696N 14.11523151EMiG-21Military13 Oct 20181
Kamenz, Germany51.29077911N 14.11601162EAn-2 (inside one of the hangars)Civil15 Jun 20221
Karlsruhe, Germany49.01942444N 8.46629620EL-29
credits: RonaldV
Military17 Oct 20201
Kassel, Germany51.40827179N 9.38310432ELynx, Alouette 2, Bo.105Military5 Jul 20212
Kassel, Germany51.30562592N 9.44948387E2x Bo.105, EC.135 as flight-simulator inside Airbus buildingBoth11 Mar 20183
Kastellaun, Germany50.06809998N 7.45291376ECe.172Civil29 Nov 20161
Kaufbeuren, Germany47.87454224N 10.61683273EF-4Military8 Feb 20171
Kaufbeuren, Germany47.86843109N 10.61145687EVarious i/a, exact location unknownMilitary8 Feb 20179
Ketzberg, Germany51.19712830N 7.09555817EDauphin, only marked as SA 360 C. On site since 2015, bought from a flying school "in the neighbourhood of Stuttgart" (Oedheim?). Apparently in use as a bedroom of sorts.
credits: Antheii
Civil27 Oct 2021
Koblenz, Germany50.35313034N 7.61314344ECe.421?
credits: Milan Cibulka
Civil13 Mar 2024
Koblenz - Wehrtechnische Studiensammlung, Germany50.36869812N 7.58557892EVarious, insideMilitary31 Mar 202112
Kolbermoor, Germany47.85065079N 12.01483727EAn-2Civil27 Sep 20211
Koln, Germany50.90620804N 7.02090740EAlpha JetMilitary14 Jun 20161
Koln, Germany50.95503998N 6.97117901EAlouette 3Military1 Dec 20121
Koln, Germany50.98075104N 6.89630938EF.27Civil24 Dec 20231
Koln-Bonn, Germany50.85673141N 7.11165047EAlpha JetMilitary14 Jun 20161
Koln-Bonn, Germany50.86181641N 7.11330700EF-4, TornadoMilitary14 Jun 20162
Koln-Bonn, Germany50.86233521N 7.11007166EF-104Military1 Dec 20121
Koln-Bonn, Germany50.86511612N 7.11194801EUH-1Military14 Jun 20161
Koln-Bonn, Germany50.85700226N 7.13444138EVarious civil storedCivil1 Dec 20121
Koln-Bonn, Germany50.86811066N 7.13679218EF.27 cockpit sectionCivil10 Dec 20231
Koln-Bonn, Germany50.86890411N 7.11274529EG.91Military1 Dec 20121
Koln-Bonn, Germany50.88237762N 7.11483288EA300Civil8 Feb 20171
Koln-Bonn, Germany50.87717819N 7.11809587EF.27Civil9 Dec 20231
Kottenheim, Germany50.33658600N 7.25825977EMi-2 (not yet visible on GE image)Unknown14 May 2021
Köttmannsdorf, Germany49.80587769N 10.96239758EBo.105
credits: Antheii
Civil27 Oct 20211
Kropp, Germany54.40915680N 9.49655056EF-104Military1 Dec 20121
Kropp, Germany54.40819550N 9.49710655ETornadoMilitary18 Jun 20161
Kyritz - Agriculture Aviation Museum, Germany52.91572571N 12.43259335E2x Z-37Civil21 Apr 20192
Laage, Germany53.92797852N 12.30067444EF-104Military1 Dec 20121
Laage, Germany53.92862320N 12.28802204EG.91Military1 Dec 20121
Laage, Germany53.92478180N 12.28600407EF-86Military1 Dec 20121
Laage, Germany53.92176437N 12.29491329EF-4Military1 Dec 20121
Laage, Germany53.92243958N 12.27957535ESu-22Military14 Feb 20211
Laage, Germany53.91410828N 12.28599644ECe.150, Grunau Baby hanging inside terminal, MiG-21 cockpit sectionBoth29 Oct 20182
Laatzen, Germany52.32421875N 9.79454708EMiG-21Military1 Dec 20121
Laatzen - Museum, Germany52.32238770N 9.79137897EVariousBoth1 Dec 201221
Lahr, Germany48.35339355N 7.80655861EF-104Military1 Dec 20121
Landsberg, Germany48.07758713N 10.91364765EN.2501Military1 Dec 20121
Landsberg, Germany48.07930374N 10.90845490EUH-1 as a bar somewhere on baseMilitary8 Feb 20171
Landshut - Ellermühle, Germany48.51342392N 12.03351593EH.369HS
credits: Antheii
Civil19 Oct 20211
Laupheim, Germany48.21334457N 9.91155720EAlouette 2Military1 Dec 20121
Laupheim, Germany48.21319199N 9.91378403EH-34Military1 Dec 20121
Laupheim, Germany48.21432495N 9.90961170EH-53
credits: panadero@
Military15 Jun 20211
Lechfeld, Germany48.17866898N 10.84579086EF-84, T-33, F-104Military28 May 20153
Lechfeld, Germany48.18435669N 10.84673786ETornadoMilitary1 Dec 20121
Lechfeld, Germany48.19704437N 10.85679722EF-104Military1 Dec 20121
Lechfeld, Germany48.18754959N 10.84953785ESeveral aircraft as i/aMilitary12 Apr 20178
Leck, Germany54.79220200N 8.96847820EDo.27 in parts, inside hangar, exact location unknownCivil8 Feb 20171
Lehnin, Germany52.28569412N 12.79127026E2x MiG-21Military5 Jul 20182
Lehnin, Germany52.26531219N 12.80086327EMiG-21Military1 Dec 20121
Lehnin, Germany52.26494217N 12.79982853EG.91Military31 Mar 20151
Lehnin, Germany52.26576996N 12.79842758EBr.1150 (only visible on latest GE image)Military31 Mar 20151
Lehnin, Germany52.28299713N 12.79491043EUH-1, MiG-23, both visible on latest GE imageMilitary5 Jul 20182
Lehnin, Germany52.26746750N 12.79597855EMi-8 (visible on latest GE image)Military5 Jul 20181
Leipheim - Fliegerhorst Museum, Germany48.44514465N 10.24341011EVariousMilitary1 Aug 20218
Leipzig, Germany51.42215347N 12.22345924EIl-18Civil8 Dec 20131
Leipzig, Germany51.30975723N 12.39277744EIl-62Civil8 Dec 20131
Leipzig, Germany51.32919693N 12.32662010EIl-18Civil13 Apr 20131
Leipzig, Germany51.41641617N 12.21801853EA310Civil15 Oct 20201
Leutkirch-Unterzeil, Germany47.85938263N 10.01136494ECe.337 wreck (not yet visible on GE image, dumped behind this hangar)
credits: Václav Kudela
Civil14 Feb 20231
Leverkusen, Germany51.04429245N 7.02303219EAn-2, Mi-2Civil1 Jun 20162
Leverkusen, Germany51.05245590N 7.00100708EBo.105, UH-1 (see comments, reporting not consistent)
credits: Antheii
Military20 Sep 20232
Lübeck, Germany53.80570602N 10.70250225EMiG-21 (not yet visible at this spot on GE image)Military23 Jun 20181
Lubeck, Germany53.80391312N 10.69965935EP.149 inside one of the hangarsCivil8 Feb 20171
Magdeburg, Germany52.07750702N 11.62111568ETu-134, CommanderCivil7 Aug 20232
Magdeburg, Germany52.07839203N 11.62226295EAn-28Civil17 Sep 20221
Manching, Germany48.71413422N 11.51606941EB707 (and more, several airframes may be moving around at the airfield)Military3 Mar 201611
Manching, Germany48.70626450N 11.51329136EF-4, TornadoMilitary29 Mar 20182
Manching, Germany48.72392273N 11.55059242ESeveral stored aircraftCivil9 Feb 20171
Manching, Germany48.71567154N 11.53404045EUH-1Military9 Feb 20171
Manching, Germany48.70661163N 11.51448917EF-104
credits: AZeitler
Military4 Sep 20181
Manching - EADS collection, Germany48.71540451N 11.53823376EVarious (exact location on the field unknown)Military10 Feb 20153
Manching - Flugmuseum Messerschmitt, Germany48.70651627N 11.50747013EVariousBoth1 Jul 20231
Marktbergel - Muna Museum, Germany49.43166733N 10.39226246EAlouette 2, UH-1Military18 Jun 20192
Marxzell - Fahrzeugmuseum, Germany48.86001968N 8.44986820EMiG-15, Sycamore and P77 insideBoth28 Oct 20213
Melle, Germany52.19975662N 8.37933922ER90 inside hangar, suspended from roof (exact hangar not 100% sure)Civil12 Jun 20201
Memmingen, Germany47.98969650N 10.22108078EF-84Military28 May 20151
Memmingen, Germany47.98196411N 10.23469734EVarious (in one of the shelters)Military17 Jun 20167
Memmingen, Germany47.99068069N 10.21809959EF-104Military17 Jun 20161
Memmingen, Germany47.98858643N 10.22871399EDC-3Civil2 Feb 20241
Memmingen, Germany47.98237610N 10.22898197EDo.328Civil2 Feb 20241
Memmingen, Germany47.98608780N 10.23805046ESmall propCivil2 Feb 2024
Mendig, Germany50.36575699N 7.30218267EMiG-21 Forward fuselage preserved inside buildingMilitary9 Feb 20171
Mengen, Germany48.05546951N 9.36820793ET-6Military9 Feb 20171
Merseburg, Germany51.36528397N 11.98072815EAlouette 2Military18 Jul 20161
Merseburg - Museum, Germany51.35937500N 11.97202587EVarious - Museum closed in 2021, fate of aircraft not yet knownBoth29 Jun 202132
Meschede, Germany51.35692978N 8.25171185E3x Bo.105 (no longer outside, to be confirmed if these are still here or have been removed)Military6 Aug 20193
Mettmann, Germany51.25271988N 6.95141029ERans S-6Civil8 May 20221
Michelstadt, Germany49.69497681N 9.00582027EMi-2 (front section sticking out of the building)Military1 Dec 20121
Michelstadt, Germany49.67761612N 8.97030258EFA-200
credits: Václav Kudela
Civil21 Jun 20231
Miesitz, Germany50.73962402N 11.83454323EMiG-21Military11 May 20171
Mietraching, Germany47.88169098N 11.98844337EMi-2Military27 Sep 20211
Mittelstetten, Germany48.24610138N 11.08712864E4x Goose should be stored here (previously in Landsberied)
credits: Antheii
Civil27 Oct 20214
Mödlareuth - German-German Museum, Germany50.41470718N 11.88409901EAlouette 2
credits: Mollie
Civil25 Jul 20201
Möhlau, Germany51.73213959N 12.34438419EVariousCivil11 Jul 20164
Monchengladbach, Germany51.23159027N 6.49631643EF.27Civil1 Dec 20121
Mönchengladbach, Germany51.23008347N 6.49508715EVariousCivil13 Oct 201730
Mönchengladbach, Germany51.23509598N 6.48998022EJetstreamCivil19 Aug 20211
Monchengladbach, Germany51.23513412N 6.50141191EUnknown fuselageCivil17 Feb 2023
Mönchengladbach, Germany51.23179245N 6.49430370EERJ-135 dismantled on transport trailer (possibly only temporarily)
credits: Thomas Stuenkel
Civil15 Mar 20241
Mönchengladbach - Hugo Junkers Hangar, Germany51.22796631N 6.50384712EJu-52, Ju-F13Civil19 Aug 20212
Morgenröthe-Rautenkranz, Germany50.46126556N 12.49158669EMiG-21Military10 Oct 20181
Mühldorf am Inn, Germany48.27877426N 12.50642681EBulldogCivil9 Feb 20171
Munchen, Germany48.21312332N 11.48174477ETornadoMilitary1 Dec 20121
Munchen, Germany48.35450363N 11.77208996EL.1049, Ju-52, DC-3, Bo.105Civil1 Sep 20174
München, Germany48.09585571N 11.52386475EBo.105 (at art gallery Platform3?)Unknown12 Apr 2017
München, Germany48.20881271N 11.58339500EUH-1 at the Ernst-von-Bergmann-Kaserne
credits: Antheii
Military28 Jun 20231
Munchen - Deutsches Museum, Germany48.12994003N 11.58339787EVariousBoth23 Feb 202213
Munich - Deutsches Museum Verkehrszentrum, Germany48.13262939N 11.54193211EBo.105
credits: Václav Kudela
Civil28 Nov 20211
Munster, Germany53.00201035N 10.14824772EF-104, Mi-8Military17 Jun 20161
Neu-Ulm, Germany48.37284088N 10.04343605EG.91Military1 Dec 20121
Neubiberg, Germany48.07432938N 11.62744904EAlpha Jet, Bo.105, F-104Military28 May 20153
Neubrandenburg, Germany53.59654999N 13.30764961EVarious inside the hangars, part of the museum in Neuenkirchen, Germany (#6033)Military7 Apr 20196
Neubrandenburg, Germany53.56865692N 13.27155113EZ-37
credits: Jan Broe
Civil19 Sep 20201
Neuburg, Germany48.73494720N 11.24651623EF-4, F-86, F-104Military31 Jul 20213
Neuburg - JG74 Museum, Germany48.71346664N 11.23285389EVarious (on base and inside, exact location unknown)Military10 Feb 20157
Neuenkirchen - Museum, Germany53.59612656N 13.37046528EVariousBoth8 Aug 201618
Neugersdorf, Germany50.98073959N 14.61457157EMiG-21, RallyeBoth24 May 20182
Neuhardenberg, Germany52.60538483N 14.23898792EVarious inside a hangarBoth15 Aug 20184
Neustadt an der Aisch, Germany49.57847595N 10.63383198EVariousMilitary12 Feb 20176
Neustadt an der Aisch, Germany49.58287811N 10.59249306EBe.23 without wings
credits: whbfan
Civil10 Feb 20241
Neustadt an der Orla - Oldtimer Museum, Germany50.73554611N 11.76230621EMi-8Military7 Mar 20171
Neutanneberg, Germany51.04714584N 13.42538738ESu-22Military11 Nov 20161
Niederalteich, Germany48.76687241N 13.03643322EF-104, A320Both15 Sep 20222
Niederalteich, Germany48.76621628N 13.03764725EF-104Military15 Sep 2022
Niederalteich - Gerhard Neumann Museum, Germany48.76643753N 13.02567196EF-104, MiG-21, HFB.320 (more parts)Both1 Dec 20129
Niedergörsdorf, Germany51.99802399N 13.00206757EMi-2Military14 Aug 20211
Niederstetten, Germany49.39364243N 9.95680618EUH-1, Alouette 2Military1 Dec 20122
Niederstetten, Germany49.39326859N 9.96250725ESeveral aircraft stored, exact location unknownMilitary9 Feb 20174
Nordhausen, Germany51.48878860N 10.78890514EUH-1Military7 Mar 20171
Nordholz, Germany53.77251053N 8.66299820EVarious aircraft, exact location unknown but inside hangarMilitary9 Feb 20171
Nordholz, Germany53.76137924N 8.64762878E2x Lynx, Sea KingMilitary18 Feb 20193
Nordholz, Germany53.77577591N 8.63906860EH-34, Atlantic (gate guards, not part of the museum)Military18 Feb 20192
Nordholz - Museum Aeronauticum, Germany53.77466583N 8.63898945EVariousMilitary12 Oct 201621
Norvenich, Germany50.82372284N 6.64595938ETornadoMilitary1 Dec 20121
Norvenich, Germany50.83776855N 6.66557360EF-104Military1 Dec 20121
Norvenich, Germany50.82472229N 6.64985323EF-104Military9 Feb 20171
Norvenich, Germany50.83464432N 6.64619493ETornadoMilitary27 Apr 20181
Norvenich, Germany50.82831955N 6.64762449ETornado cockpit inside base museum, exact location unknownMilitary12 Feb 20171
Norvenich, Germany50.82987595N 6.66628695EVarious i/aMilitary12 Feb 201712
Norvenich, Germany50.83388519N 6.64259005E2x UH-1 in hangar visible through windows (windows 6/7 from right and 8/9 from right)
credits: Djeek
Military27 Apr 2018
Norvenich, Germany50.83718491N 6.66266394ETornadoMilitary21 May 2019
Nuremberg, Germany49.49504852N 11.08935833ECe.421Civil30 May 20231
Oberbarkhausen, Germany53.36354446N 9.04220676ECe.172 (not yet visible on GE image, visible on Bing maps)
credits: Antheii
Civil27 Oct 20211
Oberkotzau, Germany50.24276352N 11.93437576EMi-8Military5 Mar 20211
Obermehler-Schlotheim, Germany51.25387573N 10.65483284EMi-8Civil9 Aug 20161
Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany48.09099960N 11.28370571EVarious i/a at Aero BildungBoth6 Mar 202113
Oberschleissheim - Deutsches Museum, Germany48.24536133N 11.55586433EVariousBoth1 Dec 201253
Oberursel, Germany50.20978928N 8.56729603EG.91, UH-1Military7 Jun 20152
Oedheim, Germany49.23929977N 9.23567200E3x helicopterCivil14 Jun 20166
Offenburg, Germany48.45145416N 7.92316771ESeveral airframes stored inside hangarsCivil12 Feb 20173
Oldenburg, Germany53.17244339N 8.18639469EAlpha Jet (and a cockpit inside)Military29 May 20232
Oschersleben, Germany52.02787781N 11.25167656EMi-2 at the "Kantine Ostalgie & Fahrzeugmuseum"Military9 Feb 20171
Osdorf, Germany53.57626343N 9.84251785EZ-37
credits: norwichmike
Civil8 Aug 20201
Ottobrun, Germany48.04410553N 11.65728283ETornado
credits: Antheii
Military15 Sep 20211
Ottobrun, Germany48.04428864N 11.65799332EBo.105
credits: Antheii
Civil15 Sep 20211
Ottobrunn, Germany48.04241943N 11.65319920EBo.105
credits: Václav Kudela
Civil10 Nov 20211
Oyten, Germany53.05388260N 9.04489803EMiG-21Military1 Dec 20121
Padderborn, Germany51.60665512N 8.60748196EL.1649 for restoration, at the airfield but exact hangar unknown, likely this oneCivil31 May 20221
Paderborn-Lippstadt, Germany51.60618210N 8.60678101EDa.20Civil18 Nov 20171
Parchim, Germany53.43099976N 11.77677822EVariousCivil12 Feb 20172
Paulinenaue, Germany52.65761948N 12.75386715EFWP.149, exact location TBCCivil5 Jul 20181
Peenemunde, Germany54.15692520N 13.76241207EBr.1150Military22 Nov 20231
Peenemunde, Germany54.15135193N 13.77626133EMiG-21Military14 Aug 20171
Peenemunde, Germany54.15244675N 13.77948189EIl-28Military14 Aug 20171
Pegau, Germany51.17273331N 12.25015640EMi-8Military11 Nov 20161
Pfullendorf, Germany47.90819168N 9.25562000EC-160 fuselage (not yet visible, moved here September 2017 to become a training aid)Military29 Jun 20192
Pfullendorf, Germany47.90042877N 9.25725555EUH-1
credits: Dominik Burger
Military18 Jun 2019
Pirna-Pratzschwitz, Germany50.98064423N 13.91629791EPZL 104 inside
credits: Václav Kudela
Civil15 Sep 20211
Potsdam, Germany52.38532257N 13.11877918EMi-24Military1 Dec 20121
Prora - NVA Museum, Germany54.44455338N 13.56653023EVarious, outside and in a building/tent, not yet visible on GE image
credits: Mollie
Military19 Aug 20215
Prora - Oldtimer Museum Rügen, Germany54.44371796N 13.56781101EL-SpatzCivil31 Jul 20202
Putlos, Germany54.32494354N 10.86904621EMiG-21, TornadoMilitary20 May 20143
Ramstein, Germany49.45178604N 7.59738207EF-16Military1 Dec 20121
Ramstein, Germany49.44547653N 7.58577728EF-86Military29 Apr 20211
Ramstein, Germany49.42451096N 7.57857895EC-27
credits: Wijgert IJlst
Military13 Feb 20231
Ramstein, Germany49.44174957N 7.61045885EC-130 (may be moving around)Military9 May 20201
Ramstein, Germany49.45415497N 7.60057020EF-4Military29 Nov 20231
Ramstein, Germany49.44141388N 7.61633110EC-27 (not yet visible on GE image, towed here from the group of 4 on the southside)Military29 Jun 20211
Ramstein-Miesenbach, Germany49.45159149N 7.55535650EG.91 with reservist associationMilitary13 Feb 20231
Rasdorf - Grenzmuseum Point Alpha, Germany50.72440720N 9.93152237EAlouette 3, UH-1Military28 Oct 20212
Rechlin - Museum, Germany53.30032730N 12.74107838EVariousBoth1 Dec 20127
Rechlin Hafendorf - Luftfahrttechnisches Museum, Germany53.35050583N 12.72668839EVariousBoth7 Mar 201711
Reichenbach, Germany50.59997559N 12.32602596EIl-14Civil5 Dec 20141
Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany51.83422852N 8.35859108EMiG-21Military2 Feb 20231
Ribnitz-Damgarten - Technikmuseum Putnitz, Germany54.26609802N 12.41558647EVarious (all inside)Military1 Dec 20127
Rotenburg-Wuemme, Germany53.13050461N 9.35620499EC-160 (not yet visible on GE image, flown here 24 August 2021)
credits: Thomas Stuenkel
Military10 Apr 20231
Roth, Germany49.21129990N 11.09457493EF-104Military1 Dec 20121
Roth, Germany49.21485138N 11.09591293EVarious, including the aircraft which used to be preserved on base but removed from their known locations. All will probably be disposed off soon.Military12 Feb 20171
Rothenburg, Germany51.35984802N 14.95833206EVariousBoth21 Mar 20175
Rothenburg - Museum, Germany51.35757446N 14.95895863EVariousMilitary1 Dec 201222
Rütschenhausen, Germany50.06184387N 10.05987072EUH-1Military12 Feb 20171
Saalfeld, Germany50.65974808N 11.38121319EMi-2Military19 Aug 20211
Saalfeld, Germany50.66026688N 11.37868023EAn-2, Pilatus B4 at Oldtimer Hotel
credits: Marc Lehmann
Civil17 Mar 20232
Saarbrücken, Germany49.21960831N 7.11695862ESeveral commutersCivil14 Jan 20182
Schleswig-Jagel, Germany54.45106888N 9.51484871ET-33Military1 Dec 20121
Schleswig-Jagel, Germany54.47182465N 9.53865337EF-84, F-104, TornadoMilitary5 May 20183
Schleswig-Jagel, Germany54.46879196N 9.51998425EDo.28 fuselageMilitary12 Feb 20171
Schonefeld, Germany52.37372589N 13.52807999ESmall twin propCivil11 Nov 2016
Schönhagen, Germany52.20854187N 13.14934540EDo.27Civil1 Feb 20231
Schönhagen, Germany52.20517731N 13.15273190EBo.105Civil1 Feb 20231
Schwabach, Germany49.32344437N 11.05648422EG.91Military1 Aug 20211
Schwallungen, Germany50.70159912N 10.36126041EMi-2Unknown16 Aug 2022
Schwarzenborn, Germany50.89526367N 9.42609406E3x UH-1, H-53Military14 Nov 20161
Schwelm, Germany51.30442810N 7.27998495EN.2501Military10 Oct 20161
Schwelm, Germany51.29177475N 7.28865385ET-6, moved to this (car body) shop for extensive restauration before going on public display
credits: Thomas Stuenkel
Civil31 Jan 20241
Schwenningen - Museum, Germany48.06684875N 8.56972313EVariousBoth7 Mar 201739
Seedorf, Germany53.33860016N 9.23707390EH-53 (fuselage only)Military1 Dec 20122
Seehausen, Germany52.90335464N 11.74072742EMi-2Civil8 Aug 20161
Seifertshofen - Museum, Germany48.90809250N 9.83926296EVariousBoth1 Dec 201216
Siegburg, Germany50.81024170N 7.19679976ETornadoMilitary8 Apr 20191
Siegerland, Germany50.70496750N 8.07388592EPA.28Civil1 Sep 20131
Siegerland, Germany50.70690918N 8.07103062ESmall twin propCivil31 Jul 2019
Sinsheim - Auto und Technik Museum, Germany49.23880768N 8.89741993EVariousBoth1 Dec 201255
Soest, Germany51.57914352N 8.21492863EDo.28Both15 Dec 20122
Sollingen, Germany48.77983856N 8.06178570EF-104Military1 Dec 20121
Soltau, Germany53.02624512N 9.88193035EMiG-21Military1 Dec 20121
Soltau, Germany53.02185822N 9.88103294EMi-8Civil9 Aug 20161
Soltau, Germany53.02160263N 9.87975121EZ-37Civil30 Dec 2017
Spangdahlem, Germany49.98091888N 6.68805361EF-105, F-4, F-15, F-16, A-10Military22 Sep 20145
Spangdahlem, Germany49.99001694N 6.70318604EF-86Military1 Dec 20121
Speyer, Germany49.30874634N 8.45589352EF-104Military1 Dec 20121
Speyer - Museum, Germany49.31105804N 8.44631672EVariousBoth7 Mar 201763
Stadtallendorf, Germany50.82465744N 9.02845573EUH-1 (not yet visible on GE image)
credits: Martin Sorhagen
Military26 Nov 20231
Stadtallendorf, Germany50.82385635N 9.02825260EUH-1, Bo.105
credits: Martin Sorhagen
Military26 Nov 20231
Staffelde, Germany52.60448837N 11.95980263EMiG-21Military17 Apr 20211
Stammheim - Museum, Germany49.91311646N 10.19121933EF-84, An-2, MiG-21Military1 Dec 20123
Stechow Ferchesar, Germany52.64840317N 12.48282814EPA-34 without wings (not yet visible on GE image)
credits: Václav Kudela
Civil14 Jun 20221
Stendal, Germany52.63291550N 11.83095646EMiG-21 - no longer visible, still here?Military12 Jun 20201
Stendal, Germany52.59614563N 11.87117386EMiG-21Military12 Feb 20171
Stetten am Kalten Markt, Germany48.12723923N 9.07233906EF-84Military15 Aug 20181
Stetten am Kalten Markt, Germany48.13581848N 9.06982708ETornado, Bo.105Military12 Feb 20172
Stetten am Kalten Markt, Germany48.12651443N 9.07194710EF-104Military15 Aug 20181
Stetten am Kalten Markt, Germany48.17298126N 8.98270321EUH-1Military15 Aug 20181
Stetten am Kalten Markt, Germany48.17588043N 9.00805378EUH-1Military15 Aug 20181
Stetten am Kalten Markt, Germany48.13629913N 9.01419163ECH-53Military30 Apr 20201
Stölln Gollenberg - Lilienthal Centrum, Germany52.75466537N 12.37594032EZ-37
credits: Jan Broe
Civil19 Sep 20201
Stölln-Rhinow, Germany52.74531937N 12.38397026EIl-62Civil10 Oct 20181
Stralsund - Marine Museum, Germany54.30987549N 13.11831474EMi-8Military1 Dec 20121
Straubing - Wallmülle, Germany48.90302277N 12.51620770E2x PA-46 fuselage
credits: Antheii
Civil19 Oct 20211
Straubing-Wallmühle, Germany48.90273666N 12.51870346ESeveral Bo.105Military13 Oct 20172
Straubing-Wallmühle, Germany48.90241241N 12.51800156ECe.340, Ce.421
credits: Václav Kudela
Civil5 Mar 20212
Strausberg, Germany52.58581543N 13.91521263EAn-2Civil15 Oct 20201
Strub, Germany47.62281036N 12.97223473EUH-1Military28 Sep 2017
Stuhr, Germany53.02369690N 8.76096439EA300 fuselage
credits: Jan Broe
Civil28 Sep 2021
Stuttgart, Germany48.68981171N 9.19405174EVarious on the terminal at the visitor terraceBoth1 Dec 20123
Stuttgart, Germany48.68399811N 9.20815182ETu-154, Ce.320Civil22 Jan 20182
Stuttgart, Germany48.68117905N 9.20409107EBK.117Civil19 Apr 20131
Stuttgart, Germany48.72333527N 9.15934277ESkeeterMilitary12 Feb 20171
Stuttgart, Germany48.68980408N 9.19299126EC.1-131 hanging inside terminal building
credits: Václav Kudela
Military21 Aug 20211
Suhl, Germany50.57918930N 10.70164108EMi-2Civil8 Aug 20161
Suhl, Germany50.60538483N 10.71053314EAn-2
credits: Milan Cibulka
Civil12 Aug 20201
Tegernbach, Germany48.57862854N 11.79737949EG-91, Bo.105 preserved in a private collection. It's some sort of private museum and can be viewed after an appointment.Military29 Jun 20192
Teistungen - Grenzlandmuseum-Eichsfeld, Germany51.48284531N 10.26177788EAlouette 2Civil3 Dec 20161
Tempelhof, Germany52.47758484N 13.40222359EN.262Civil30 Apr 20161
Tempelhof, Germany52.48079300N 13.40492439EDo.728
credits: Milan Cibulka
Civil21 Apr 20172
Tempelhof, Germany52.48040771N 13.38860893EC-54Military23 Mar 20191
Thallwitz, Germany51.44327164N 12.78266525EMiG-21, Mi-24Military17 May 20172
Torgelow, Germany53.61162186N 14.04356384ESu-22Military21 Apr 20171
Tussenhausen, Germany48.10957718N 10.52470303EG.850Civil13 Apr 20221
Tussenhausen, Germany48.11149979N 10.52415276EG-160, unknownCivil13 Apr 20221
Twisteden, Germany51.55724716N 6.21009588EAn-2Civil2 Oct 20151
Twisteden, Germany51.55551910N 6.20095491EC-160Military2 Oct 20151
Twisteden, Germany51.55714035N 6.19945288EG.91, PZL 101Both9 May 20182
Twisteden, Germany51.55807877N 6.20149136EG.222Military2 Oct 20151
Twisteden, Germany51.55849457N 6.20374441EAn-2Civil2 Oct 20151
Twisteden, Germany51.55680466N 6.20984459EMi-2Military2 Oct 20151
Twisteden, Germany51.55822754N 6.20034742ESA.226Civil15 Sep 20201
Twisteden, Germany51.55776596N 6.19970703E3x Bo.105 (not yet visible on GE image)
credits: Václav Kudela
Military9 Aug 20213
Uetersen, Germany53.65347290N 9.70737648EF-104Military1 Dec 20121
Uetersen, Germany53.64385223N 9.70406818EF-86Military7 Mar 20171
Uetersen, Germany53.65262222N 9.70682430EP.149 fuselageMilitary12 Feb 20173
Uffenheim, Germany49.54797363N 10.23453617EF-104Military10 Feb 20151
Ummendorf, Germany48.06614304N 9.82033825EF-104Military1 Dec 20121
Uphausen, Germany52.26224518N 8.84310246EN.2501Military14 Jun 20161
Usingen, Germany50.33177567N 8.52002907EEnstrom 280, B.47Civil16 Aug 20222
Vaihingen, Germany48.74940872N 9.10610485EBK.117 (visible on latest GE image)
credits: Antheii
Civil28 Oct 20211
Varel, Germany53.40711594N 8.16521549EUH-1Military18 Jun 20161
Veitshochheim, Germany49.82909775N 9.89940548EBo.105Military23 Jun 20131
Wallendorf, Germany51.35988235N 12.06687546EZ-37
credits: Milan Cibulka
Civil21 Apr 20171
Weeze, Germany51.59582138N 6.15295315EVariousCivil9 Aug 20213
Weeze, Germany51.59881210N 6.16204166EVarious in this dispersal area
credits: Willem Zonnenberg
Civil19 Oct 20232
Weeze- RAF Museum Laarbruch-Weeze, Germany51.59441376N 6.16294670EVariousBoth19 Aug 20215
Wehrheim, Germany50.28294754N 8.58385086EHR.100 inside at Freizeitpark LochmühleCivil29 Jul 2018
Weiterstadt, Germany49.89217377N 8.60634518EMiG-21 inside Loop 5 shopping mallMilitary15 Oct 20201
Welzow, Germany51.57532501N 14.13679695EMiG-21, L-29 inside one of the shelters/hangars, exact location unknownMilitary29 Jun 20192
Werneuchen, Germany52.63794708N 13.76975346EVarious inside, probably not all inside the same buildingBoth15 Aug 20183
Wernigerode - Museum für Luftfahrt und Technik, Germany51.83957291N 10.77253056EVariousBoth10 Oct 201854
Wesel, Germany51.66133881N 6.62724972ETS-11
credits: Willem Zonnenberg
Military24 Dec 2023
Wesel, Germany51.66164780N 6.62777710EUnmarked black Gyrocopter
credits: Thomas Stuenkel
Civil20 Mar 2024
Wilhelmshaven - Marinemuseum, Germany53.51305008N 8.14049816EF-104Military1 Dec 20121
Willingen - Curioseum, Germany51.28003311N 8.68060398EVariousBoth31 Mar 20214
Wittlich, Germany49.97955704N 6.95102596ETornadoMilitary27 Apr 20181
Wittmund, Germany53.56804657N 7.78312826EF-4Military1 Dec 20121
Wittmund, Germany53.56990051N 7.78107595EF-86, F-104Military5 Oct 20212
Wittmund, Germany53.54794312N 7.64981556EF-104, F-86, HA.1112 in a hangar as base museumMilitary1 Jul 20134
Wittmund, Germany53.57069778N 7.77989626EF-4 (not yet visible on GE image)Military30 Mar 20151
Wolgast, Germany54.04738617N 13.75213623EAn-2Military1 Dec 20121
Wolthausen, Germany52.69448090N 9.97869873EBo.105 fuselage in a playground
credits: Antheii
Unknown27 Oct 2021
Wunstorf, Germany52.46138382N 9.41148186EVariousMilitary1 Aug 202110
Wunstorf, Germany52.45487213N 9.40089130EDo.28 fuselageMilitary8 Feb 20171
Wunstorf, Germany52.46173096N 9.42256832EC-160, exact location TBCMilitary15 Aug 20184
Wunstorf, Germany52.46157074N 9.42486668EVarious i/a at Ausbildungswerkstatt LTG62
credits: panadero@
Military1 Aug 20214
Zehdenick, Germany52.98695374N 13.30516624EVariousBoth8 Aug 201638
Zeithain, Germany51.33455276N 13.32690430EMi-2 stored inside a garage or shed, exact location unknownMilitary19 Aug 20211
Zuffenhausen, Germany48.83320999N 9.16009712EF-104Military14 Jun 20161
Zulpich, Germany50.70253754N 6.66278172EMiG-23Military1 Dec 20121
Zwickau, Germany50.70550537N 12.45560360EL-13Civil17 Apr 20201