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22 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Guatemala. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Flores, Guatemala16.90707588N 89.85403442WDC-3Military25 April 20141
Flores, Guatemala16.90535164N 89.85185242WT-33Military26 April 20141
Flores, Guatemala16.91350365N 89.87470245WSmall propUnknown23 January 2016
Guatemala - Museo Militar, Guatemala14.62833214N 90.51659393WA-37, UH-1Military25 May 20172
Guatemala City, Guatemala14.61336803N 90.51036072WB.212Military6 December 20171
La Aurora, Guatemala14.57536983N 90.52709961WA-26, T-6Military6 December 20172
La Aurora, Guatemala14.59045506N 90.52394104WVariousMilitary25 May 201727
La Aurora, Guatemala14.58656120N 90.52346802WP-51Military26 April 20141
La Aurora, Guatemala14.58612633N 90.52213287WUH-1HMilitary26 April 20141
La Aurora, Guatemala14.58581448N 90.52115631WA-37Military26 April 20141
La Aurora, Guatemala14.57253075N 90.52923584WCommander
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil21 January 2016
La Aurora, Guatemala14.59422874N 90.5223465WSmall twin propUnknown25 May 2017
La Aurora, Guatemala14.58563042N 90.52479553WN.262 fuselageCivil16 November 2017
La Aurora, Guatemala14.57106876N 90.53286743WCommanderCivil20 May 20181
La Aurora, Guatemala14.59179306N 90.52333069WVariousBoth31 August 20184
La Aurora, Guatemala14.59073448N 90.52336884WSeveral Cessnas inside hangarMilitary3 September 20186
La Aurora, Guatemala14.58344936N 90.52603149WVariousCivil23 November 20181
Retalhue, Guatemala14.52422619N 91.69484711WSeveral T-35 inside a hangarMilitary6 December 20174
Retalhuleu, Guatemala14.52778435N 91.6916275WT-33Military6 April 20131
Retalhuleu Dino Park, Guatemala14.58255005N 91.6288147WPA-23 wreckCivil11 January 20191
San Jose, Guatemala13.94307899N 90.83807373WIAI.201Military6 December 20171
San Juan Sacat, Guatemala14.75558090N 90.64246368WT-33Military6 December 20171