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24 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Hawaii. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Barbers Point, Hawaii, United States21.31288338N 158.07492065WVarious - museum closed June 2020, all planes should be removed - supposedly, most of the collection has been acquired by the Castle Air Museum and will be moved to Castle shortlyBoth19 Oct 202115
Barbers Point, Hawaii, United States21.31328011N 158.07411194WPA-23 (for sale)Civil9 Sep 20201
Barbers Point, Hawaii, United States21.30978012N 158.07527161WDC-6Civil19 Oct 20211
Barking Sands, Hawaii, United States22.03112984N 159.78077698WH-3Military19 Dec 20161
Barking Sands, Hawaii, United States21.99927711N 159.76399231WH-3Military9 Dec 20171
Bellows, Hawaii, United States21.36944580N 157.71488953WH-53Military20 Dec 2016
Dillingham, Hawaii, United States21.57664490N 158.20799255WVarious wrecks and partsCivil3 Jun 2013
Dillingham, Hawaii, United States21.57817268N 158.20042419WCe.337 (visible on latest GE image)Civil5 Jun 2022
Hickam, Hawaii, United States21.33376312N 157.95083618WVariousMilitary5 Dec 20124
Hickam, Hawaii, United States21.33868027N 157.95817566WA-26Military28 Dec 20131
Hilo, Hawaii, United States19.71474838N 155.06246948W3x Small propCivil28 Dec 2013
Honolulu, Hawaii, United States21.31444168N 157.91964722WVarious i/a at Pacific Aerospace Training CenterBoth24 Oct 20162
Honolulu, Hawaii, United States21.31061745N 157.92170715Wvarious small prop wrecksCivil24 Jan 2016
Honolulu - Army Museum, Hawaii, United States21.27885818N 157.83352661WAH-1Military5 Dec 20121
Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii, United States21.43663979N 157.75663757WVariousMilitary3 Jun 20136
Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii, United States21.44829559N 157.76071167WP-3Military3 Jun 20131
Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii, United States21.44394112N 157.76690674WH-53Military3 Jun 20131
Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii, United States21.45431137N 157.77059937W2x F-4, 2x H-53Military19 Dec 2016
Kauai, Hawaii, United States21.97440529N 159.35351562WA-4Military25 Jul 20151
Kualoa, Hawaii, United States21.51973724N 157.84225464WHH-3 wreck, used in a movie, fake tail, otherwise real. Exact location unknown, somewhere on this ranch in the jungle.Military15 Aug 2018
Pearl Harbor - Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum, Hawaii, United States21.35898209N 157.96322632WVariousBoth22 Oct 201823
Wheeler, Hawaii, United States21.48705482N 158.02911377WVariousMilitary18 Dec 20125
Wheeler, Hawaii, United States21.48506546N 158.0383606WAH-1, UH-1Military19 Dec 20162
Wheeler, Hawaii, United States21.48362923N 158.03735352WH-60?Military26 Jun 2021