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27 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Honduras. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Comayagua, Honduras14.38552475N 87.61277008WH.269Military21 Nov 20201
Comayagua, Honduras14.37983131N 87.61653137W4x C-101Military6 Dec 20174
Comayagua, Honduras14.38150024N 87.61688232W4x unknownMilitary6 Dec 2017
La Ceiba, Honduras15.74253082N 86.85997772W6x Super Mystere, Commander, bizjetBoth5 Sep 20174
La Ceiba, Honduras15.74494171N 86.85618591WConvair, 2x B737, L.1011Civil9 Apr 20134
La Ceiba, Honduras15.74585533N 86.85405731WF.27Military23 Apr 20181
La Ceiba, Honduras15.74730301N 86.85167694WF.27Civil14 Oct 20181
La Ceiba, Honduras15.74714756N 86.84932709WVariousCivil11 Aug 2019
La Ceiba, Honduras15.74573231N 86.84997559WB737Civil25 May 20171
La Ceiba, Honduras15.74564171N 86.85808563WC-130Military6 Apr 20131
La Ceiba, Honduras15.74589825N 86.86379242WF-86Military14 Oct 20181
La Ceiba, Honduras15.74401665N 86.85497284W2x Super MystereMilitary6 Sep 20171
La Ceiba, Honduras15.74275494N 86.86240387W2x Mystere
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 Jan 20162
Le Ceiba, Honduras15.74778652N 86.845047WSeveral L-410Civil14 Oct 2018
Roatan, Honduras16.31593513N 86.52862549WVariousCivil17 Nov 20175
Roatan, Honduras16.32565117N 86.53645325WS.62 at a yunk yardCivil7 Mar 20201
San Pedro Sula, Honduras15.44206810N 87.93572998W7x F-86, several othersMilitary14 Oct 20187
San Pedro Sula, Honduras15.44641399N 87.93830109WF-86Military16 May 20131
San Pedro Sula, Honduras15.49867249N 87.99066925WCe.401Military16 Oct 20181
San Pedro Sula, Honduras15.44691944N 87.93172455WMU-2Civil16 Oct 2018
Tamara, Honduras14.17725182N 87.35437012WDC-3, UH-1Military14 Oct 20183
Tegucigalpa, Honduras14.05795288N 87.21411133W2x C-130, 4x DC-3Military4 May 201610
Tegucigalpa, Honduras14.05730629N 87.21333313WVariousMilitary18 Oct 20215
Tegucigalpa, Honduras14.05134392N 87.21650696WUH-1Military16 Oct 20181
Tegucigalpa, Honduras14.05233192N 87.21674347WP-63Military16 Oct 20181
Tegucigalpa - Military History Museum, Honduras14.10556602N 87.20219421WUH-1, T-41Military9 May 20212
Tegucigalpa - Museum, Honduras14.05359459N 87.21644592WVariousBoth6 Apr 201327