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118 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Hungary. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Algyő, Hungary46.32249451N 20.21566391EAn-2Civil20 Nov 20181
Balatonkeresztur, Hungary46.69610977N 17.39529037EAn-2
credits: vicosanders
Civil2 Jun 20181
Bekescsaba, Hungary46.67700195N 21.16010475EMiG-15Military27 Jun 20131
Bereg, Hungary48.18072510N 22.52021599EAn-2, Mi-2, both airworthy, but not flyingBoth11 Jan 20162
Berekfürdő, Hungary47.38368225N 20.84156227EMi-24, MiG-21Military30 Dec 20192
Bocsa, Hungary46.60964966N 19.46690178ELi-2Military8 Sep 20171
Bocsa, Hungary46.61917877N 19.48897362EZ-142 (seems to floating around the lake)Civil17 Jun 20221
Börgönd, Hungary47.12854004N 18.49681664EMiG-15Military6 Aug 20211
Borgond, Hungary47.13617325N 18.49377632EAn-2, 3x Mi-1Both6 Aug 20214
Budakalász, Hungary47.62599564N 19.07691574EAn-2
credits: vicosanders
Civil11 Nov 20211
Budaors, Hungary47.44804001N 18.98381042E2x MiG-21, Mi-8, Li-2 cockpitBoth8 Aug 20224
Budaors, Hungary47.44862366N 18.97977829ESeveral aircraft stored around this areaMilitary27 Apr 202123
Budapest, Hungary47.43919754N 19.25419617EB737Civil26 Dec 20211
Budapest, Hungary47.44073486N 19.25274467EB767Civil26 Dec 20211
Budapest, Hungary47.43209839N 19.23460388EL-410Civil26 Dec 20211
Budapest, Hungary47.49475861N 19.11057854EMiG-21Military19 Jul 20161
Budapest, Hungary47.49314499N 19.11723137EB737Civil19 Jul 20161
Budapest, Hungary47.52324295N 19.07901382EMi-2 at the national ambulance service HQCivil1 Feb 20171
Budapest, Hungary47.52731705N 19.12314987EZ-37Civil20 Jul 20161
Budapest, Hungary47.43560410N 19.17767525EMS.894Civil20 Jul 20161
Budapest, Hungary47.42851639N 19.24469948ETu-154 (visible on latest GE image)Civil26 Dec 20211
Budapest, Hungary47.42065048N 19.05256081EMi-24, Mi-8Military29 Aug 20172
Budapest, Hungary47.46548462N 19.20181084EMi-8Military17 May 20171
Budapest, Hungary47.43599701N 19.17655373EAn-2Civil17 May 20171
Budapest, Hungary47.48436737N 19.15919495ETemporary storage for the Budapest Transport Museum collection while the museum is being renovated. Full listing added, but it is not confirmed all planes are here right now.Both20 May 201740
Budapest, Hungary47.49770737N 19.11561966ESeveral Mi-2Both12 Dec 20174
Budapest, Hungary47.49843216N 19.11162376EMi-2Military12 Dec 20171
Budapest, Hungary47.41895294N 18.97571945EMi-2Military26 Nov 20201
Budapest - Hospital in the Rock Museum, Hungary47.50083923N 19.03142929EMi-2 (inside)Civil20 Jul 20161
Budapest - Museum, Hungary47.42416382N 19.26249123EVarious (pin on new spot, planes still visible on old spot in GE)Both31 Oct 202014
Cegléd, Hungary47.15777969N 19.84386826EVariousMilitary26 Nov 20203
Cegléd, Hungary47.19734573N 19.81691742EAn-2 fuselage mounted on truckCivil26 Nov 20201
Csatár, Hungary46.32365417N 18.69823265EMiG-21Military10 Oct 20181
Csepel, Hungary47.44065094N 19.07345390EVariousBoth20 Jul 20169
Debrecen, Hungary47.53191376N 21.62915802EGlider inside RoncsbarCivil8 Aug 20191
Domaszék, Hungary46.24917221N 19.95083809E2x An-2Civil20 Jul 20162
Dömsöd, Hungary47.08192444N 19.01672363EKa-26Civil11 Jul 20161
Dunakeszi, Hungary47.61735916N 19.14396095ESeveral light aircraft and gliders stored inside hangarsCivil11 Sep 201713
Dunakeszi, Hungary47.61789322N 19.14642715EMi-2, PZL 101 inside a shed
credits: Jeroen van Toor
Civil17 Jun 20221
Dunavarsány, Hungary47.29290390N 19.02816772EVariousBoth20 Jul 201625
Fót, Hungary47.61294174N 19.19159317ERubik E-31 EsztergomCivil9 Jun 20201
Gödöllő, Hungary47.57262039N 19.33131218EAn-2 (not yet visible on GE image)Civil6 Sep 20221
Gyöngyös, Hungary47.84730911N 19.96624947EAn-2, Ka-26, MiG-21 at Oxygen Adrenalin Park
Civil5 Jun 20223
Gyöngyöspata, Hungary47.82066345N 19.80248070EKa-26 (inside)Civil17 Oct 20201
Gyõrszentiván-Bõny, Hungary47.66523361N 17.78498840EAn-2, Yak-52
credits: vicosanders
Civil5 Nov 20195
Gyulafirátót, Hungary47.16288757N 17.96847153E2x Mi-8Military8 Sep 20172
Gyulaháza, Hungary48.13532639N 22.11382484EMiG-21Military20 Jul 20161
Hajdúhadház, Hungary47.66790009N 21.71673012E2x Mi-8Military9 Aug 20162
Hatvan, Hungary47.66770935N 19.71959877E4x MiG-21, Ka-26Both31 Jul 20215
Hódmezövásárhely, Hungary46.40378571N 20.32435608EMi-8Military14 Nov 20181
Jakabszallas, Hungary46.74892426N 19.60615730EMiG-15Military27 Jun 20131
Jászberény, Hungary47.50791550N 19.92640877E3x Mi-2 at a dog training fieldCivil24 Oct 20203
Kadarkút, Hungary46.24097061N 17.61031532EKa-26Civil31 Jul 20212
Kaposvar, Hungary46.38938141N 17.73445511EVarious storedCivil20 Jul 201624
Kecel, Hungary46.53770065N 19.23988152EMi-1Military23 Apr 20181
Kecel - Museum, Hungary46.53830338N 19.24352074EVariousMilitary8 Aug 201625
Kecskemet, Hungary46.91102600N 19.74923706EVarious MiGsMilitary19 Mar 201615
Kecskemet, Hungary46.91941833N 19.73501396EMiG-21Military3 Sep 2021
Kecskemet, Hungary46.92653656N 19.73708534EIl-28Military26 Apr 20211
Kecskemet, Hungary46.92575836N 19.73770142E2x MiG-15Military18 Apr 20132
Kecskemet, Hungary46.90921402N 19.75310516EMiG-21Military19 Mar 20161
Kecskemét, Hungary46.90440369N 19.74818993EMiG-21Military6 Sep 20221
Kecskemet, Hungary46.91385269N 19.73677635E14x MiG-29Military3 Sep 202114
Kecskemet, Hungary46.91308212N 19.74312782E8x MiG-29 (now only 5 left?)Military3 Sep 20216
Kecskemet, Hungary46.91871262N 19.73818207E4x An-26Military3 Sep 20214
Kisapostag, Hungary46.89542770N 18.92120934EMiG-15Military18 Apr 20132
Kövesgyűrpusztán, Hungary47.03001785N 17.79520607EVariousBoth11 Oct 20167
Magyargencs, Hungary47.37694931N 17.28566551EMiG-21Military18 Apr 20131
Mezőhegyes, Hungary46.29968262N 20.81472206EM-18Civil18 Oct 20201
Miskolc, Hungary48.13077164N 20.79280281EMi-2Civil17 May 20171
Miskolc, Hungary48.09478378N 20.75155640EMi-2Military17 May 20171
Nagyatad, Hungary46.22840118N 17.36763382EMiG-21, MiG-23, Ka-26Both6 Sep 20223
Nyiregyhaza, Hungary47.98384857N 21.69030380ESeveral An-2Civil6 Dec 201415
Pakozd, Hungary47.21706009N 18.54390717EPZL 101, MiG-15, Mi-2Both17 Oct 20203
Pápa, Hungary47.35437012N 17.47846794EMiG-15, MiG-19, MiG-21, MiG-23Military10 Oct 20185
Pápa, Hungary47.36475754N 17.50499916EMiG-21Military10 Oct 20181
Papa, Hungary47.32145309N 17.44606209EMiG-21Military17 Oct 20201
Püspökszilágy, Hungary47.75706863N 19.30710411EMi-8Military17 May 20171
Ráckeve, Hungary47.17332077N 18.93840981EKa-26Civil17 Oct 20201
Sárszentmihály, Hungary47.15328217N 18.31970024EVariousCivil17 Oct 20207
Seregelyes, Hungary47.11305618N 18.57533455EKa-26 - not clearly visible on latest GE images, confirmed still hereMilitary27 Sep 20171
Siófok-Kiliti, Hungary46.86022568N 18.09051514E2x Su-22, Mi-2 (visible on latest GE image)
credits: vicosanders
Military12 Sep 20223
Szabadbattyán, Hungary47.12614822N 18.38373184ESeveral MiG-21sMilitary8 Aug 20228
Szeged, Hungary46.25090790N 20.09900856EKa-26
credits: Jeroen van Toor
Civil14 Jun 20221
Szeged - Hadipark, Hungary46.26625824N 20.10757828EMi-2, Mi-24Both12 Dec 20203
Székesfehérvár, Hungary47.21135712N 18.41160011EMi-8Military17 May 20171
Szigethalmi - Vadaspark, Hungary47.30781174N 19.00757599EAn-2, Ka-26
credits: vicosanders
Civil5 Sep 20222
Szolnok, Hungary47.13183594N 20.22366714EMi-8Military8 Sep 20171
Szolnok, Hungary47.12828064N 20.22676468EVariousMilitary8 Sep 20178
Szolnok, Hungary47.12747192N 20.22968292EMi-2, Mi-8, Mi-24, MiG-15, Yak-52Military17 Jun 20224
Szolnok, Hungary47.13078308N 20.22358704EMiG-15
credits: AngleofAttack
Military19 Nov 20141
Szolnok, Hungary47.12970352N 20.22289467EMiG-21Military19 Mar 20161
Szolnok, Hungary47.12995529N 20.22601700EMi-2Military19 Mar 20161
Szolnok, Hungary47.12934875N 20.22598267EMi-24Military19 Mar 20161
Szolnok, Hungary47.14584732N 20.14706039E2x Mi-24Military13 May 20182
Szolnok, Hungary47.16402054N 20.20269394EMi-24Military18 May 20221
Szolnok, Hungary47.13440323N 20.23244667EMi-8Military26 Apr 2021
Szolnok, Hungary47.15896606N 20.19631386ER-26 inside Auchan store
credits: Jeroen van Toor
Civil18 May 20221
Szolnok, Hungary47.12792969N 20.22198677EMi-8
credits: Jeroen van Toor
Military22 May 20221
Szolnok, Hungary47.12171555N 20.22886276EVariousMilitary17 Jun 202214
Szolnok - Museum, Hungary47.13097763N 20.22013855EVarious - this is the old museum location which is now closed. Most airframes have moved to the new location, larger airframes and some foreign ones are still here.Both26 Nov 20208
Szolnok - Reptár szolnoki repülőmúzeum, Hungary47.16720200N 20.17905235EVarious (new site of the Hungarian Air Force museum)Both16 Dec 201653
Szomód, Hungary47.67784882N 18.36802673EMi-8Military27 Sep 20181
Taborfalva, Hungary47.08264160N 19.45201111EMi-8Military6 Dec 20141
Taborfalva, Hungary47.07604599N 19.43998909EMiG-15Military17 May 20171
Tápiószecső, Hungary47.44918060N 19.62988091EMiG-21Military15 Nov 20131
Taszar, Hungary46.37691879N 17.90002060EMiG-15, MiG-19, 2x MiG-21Military19 Mar 20164
Tata, Hungary47.67982483N 18.31100082EVariousBoth6 Dec 20149
Tata, Hungary47.66595078N 18.31731224EMi-8Military17 May 20171
Tököl, Hungary47.34110260N 18.98135185EMiG-21, MiG-15 in shelter (still here?)Military6 Dec 20132
Tököl, Hungary47.33347321N 19.00022316EMiG-21 in a scrap yardMilitary26 Nov 20201
Tököl, Hungary47.33818436N 18.99370384EVarious (latest info from 2019, all needs confirmation, including for additional frames that might be here now)
credits: Václav Kudela
Civil31 Dec 20215
Törökbálint, Hungary47.44519043N 18.94910049EMiG-15Military25 Dec 20211
Velence, Hungary47.24344254N 18.64543152EKa-26Civil11 Jul 20161
Vép, Hungary47.23434067N 16.71409988EPZL 101 (still here?)Civil11 Oct 20201
Veszprem, Hungary47.09001541N 17.89156532EPZL 101Civil11 Oct 20201
Veszprém - Laczkó Dezső Múzeum, Hungary47.11310196N 17.91689491EMi-24Military25 Dec 20171
Zanka, Hungary46.88157654N 17.71004868EMi-8, Mi-24, MiG-21Military18 Apr 20133

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