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101 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Illinois. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Alton, Illinois, United States38.89104843N 90.0559082WF-4Military7 Sep 20121
Bloomington, Illinois, United States40.47733307N 88.93284607WERJ.145Civil7 Sep 2017
Bloomington, Illinois, United States40.48308182N 88.91403198WTilbury Flash inside the terminalCivil20 Jul 20211
Bloomington - Prairie Aviation Museum, Illinois, United States40.48764038N 88.92617798WVariousCivil2 Sep 201212
Blue Island, Illinois, United States41.66036606N 87.68780518WA-7Military7 Sep 20121
Bolingbrook - Illinois Aviation Museum, Illinois, United States41.69752502N 88.12763214WvariousBoth20 Jul 20215
Brookfield, Illinois, United States41.81075668N 87.84825134WF-86Military2 Sep 20121
Canton, Illinois, United States40.56121063N 90.07567596WUH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Canton, Illinois, United States40.56702423N 90.07698822WPA-32Civil8 Aug 20191
Centralia, Illinois, United States38.53231812N 89.14970398WF-105Military3 Jun 20131
Centralia, Illinois, United States38.53000259N 89.15088654WT-33Military3 Jun 20131
Chicago, Illinois, United States41.97700882N 87.90605164WF4F-3 preserved inside Chicago O'Hare Terminal 2Military12 Sep 20121
Chicago, Illinois, United States41.99884796N 87.90903473WB767Civil9 Oct 20231
Chicago, Illinois, United States41.82568741N 87.6644516WVarious i/a at Aviation Institute of MaintenanceBoth14 Feb 20222
Chicago, Illinois, United States41.97483826N 87.93078613WB727Civil9 Oct 20231
Chicago - Museum of Science and Industry, Illinois, United States41.79055023N 87.58302307WVariousBoth2 Sep 20125
Chicago-Midway Airport, Illinois, United States41.78833389N 87.74060822WSBD (hanging inside terminal)Military3 Nov 20141
Collinsville, Illinois, United States38.68099976N 89.9789505WAH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Cullom, Illinois, United States40.87817764N 88.26899719WA-7Military30 May 20141
Danville, Illinois, United States40.12422180N 87.6370163WA-7Military2 Sep 20121
Danville, Illinois, United States40.19845963N 87.60272217WF-86Military2 Sep 20121
Decatur - Children's Museum of Illinois, Illinois, United States39.82795715N 88.91255188WB.222Civil6 May 2021
DeKalb, Illinois, United States41.93088913N 88.72505951W3x C-212Military1 Nov 20173
Dixon, Illinois, United States41.84786224N 89.50350189WAH-1, F-105Military12 Sep 20122
Dixon, Illinois, United States41.83802795N 89.45042419WUH-1Military18 Sep 20121
East Dundee, Illinois, United States42.08894348N 88.26064301WSmall prop and multiple helicopters at a paintball fieldBoth14 Oct 2017
East St Louis, Illinois, United States38.58110428N 90.16503143WB727Civil20 Jul 20211
East St Louis - St. Louis Aviation Museum, Illinois, United States38.57690811N 90.16513062WL1329Civil2 Sep 20122
Edwardsville, Illinois, United States38.78476715N 89.9649353WA-7Military2 Sep 20121
Freeport, Illinois, United States42.24628067N 89.58506012WT-38Military5 Oct 20131
Freeport, Illinois, United States42.33059692N 89.71483612WSea Hawk (not yet visible on GE image)Civil2 May 20211
Glenview, Illinois, United States42.09011078N 87.82553864WStearman hanging inside Von Maur shopping mallMilitary20 Dec 20161
Glenview - Hangar One Foundation, Illinois, United States42.09190369N 87.81490326WH-52Military20 Dec 20161
Granite City, Illinois, United States38.71786499N 90.13273621WF-84Military7 Sep 20121
Granite City, Illinois, United States38.75007629N 90.10041046WVarious i/a at Southwestern Illinois CollegeCivil9 Dec 2016
Grayslake, Illinois, United States42.32493973N 88.0791626WCe.310, PA-28Civil29 Jul 2018
Herrin, Illinois, United States37.80572128N 89.02883148WAH-1Military7 Sep 20121
Highland, Illinois, United States38.72627258N 89.66703033WT-33 south west of parking lot, AH-1 north of parking lotMilitary24 Nov 20122
Huntley, Illinois, United States42.14123917N 88.40145111W2x stored civil single propCivil2 Sep 2012
Island Lake, Illinois, United States42.27900696N 88.20483398WAH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Joliet, Illinois, United States41.52072525N 88.1772995WSeveral in these shedsCivil26 Dec 20204
Kankakee, Illinois, United States41.10902405N 87.76251221WUH-1Military7 Sep 20121
Kankakee, Illinois, United States41.06296921N 87.84689331WAH-1, UH-1Military27 Jul 20152
Lansing, Illinois, United States41.54257965N 87.53884125WUH-1Military7 Sep 20121
Lena, Illinois, United States42.35807800N 89.80059814WF-4 (not yet visible on GE image, will be refurbished and placed at a memorial in downtown Lena)Military4 Jul 20211
Lewis, Illinois, United States41.60610580N 88.08390045WVarious i/a at Lewis UniversityCivil23 Nov 20163
Lincoln, Illinois, United States40.15802765N 89.33921051WCe.310Civil20 Aug 2018
Lincoln - Heritage In Flight Museum, Illinois, United States40.15883636N 89.33693695WVariousMilitary2 Sep 20126
Marengo, Illinois, United States42.19016647N 88.60655212WF9FMilitary20 Aug 20181
Mark, Illinois, United States41.26388168N 89.25014496WAH-1Military12 Sep 20121
Mattoon, Illinois, United States39.48183823N 88.27690125WSmall propCivil5 Oct 2013
Mermet Springs, Illinois, United States37.28409958N 88.85906982WB727, Ce.150, AH-1 cockpit submerged as diving attractionBoth15 Jan 2017
North Chicago, Illinois, United States42.30747223N 87.8480835WF-14Military20 Mar 20151
Norway, Illinois, United States41.44093323N 88.69243622WBe.18Civil12 Sep 20121
Oakbrook, Illinois, United States41.85133743N 87.95383453WB737 fuselage at KidzaniaCivil26 Jan 20201
Oglesby, Illinois, United States41.30089951N 89.06254578WUH-1Military29 May 20161
Paris, Illinois, United States39.62860107N 87.69493103WT-33Military7 Sep 20121
Peoria, Illinois, United States40.65978241N 89.70066071WO-2, A-37, F-16, F-84, C-130Military2 Sep 20125
Peoria, Illinois, United States40.63473511N 89.68069458WF-4Military7 Sep 20121
Pinckneyville, Illinois, United States38.07586288N 89.39459991WT-33Military3 Jun 20141
Poplar Grove - Vintage Wings and Wheels Museum, Illinois, United States42.32562637N 88.83870697WVariousCivil20 Jul 20216
Quincy, Illinois, United States39.93554688N 91.19087219W2x MiG-29Military20 Aug 20182
Quincy, Illinois, United States39.95298386N 91.39826965WUH-1Military18 Sep 20121
Quincy, Illinois, United States39.93501282N 91.19150543WMiG-21Civil29 Aug 20181
Rantoul, Illinois, United States40.29344559N 88.155159WC-97Military2 Sep 20121
Rantoul - Chanute Display Center Museum, Illinois, United States40.29443741N 88.15078735WVarious - the museum closed in 2015 and the former exhibits are slowly being moved to other locations across the countryMilitary20 Dec 20169
Rockford, Illinois, United States42.19156265N 89.0973053WVarious i/a at Rock Valley CollegeBoth14 Feb 20226
Rockford, Illinois, United States42.28079224N 88.98745728WUH-1Military1 Nov 20171
Rockford, Illinois, United States42.26043320N 89.05930328W2x H-58 inside surplus storeMilitary18 Jun 20212
Rockford - Midway Village and Museum Center, Illinois, United States42.28046417N 88.98471832WStinson DetroiterCivil1 Nov 20171
Round Lake, Illinois, United States42.34897232N 88.08075714WA-7Military7 Sep 20121
Russell - Military museum, Illinois, United States42.49222946N 87.95036316WVariousMilitary29 Apr 201452
Scott, Illinois, United States38.53842163N 89.85818481WC-45Military2 Sep 20121
Scott, Illinois, United States38.53978348N 89.85818481WT-39Military2 Sep 20121
Scott, Illinois, United States38.54922867N 89.8675766WVariousMilitary19 Dec 20166
Scott, Illinois, United States38.54737473N 89.84621429WC-135Military2 Sep 20121
Scott, Illinois, United States38.54140854N 89.86875153WDC-9 fuselageMilitary30 Nov 2016
Scott, Illinois, United States38.55038834N 89.82232666WKC-135Military16 May 20211
South Pekin, Illinois, United States40.49021530N 89.66467285WF-4Military7 Sep 20121
Southern Illinois, Illinois, United States37.77656555N 89.25286102WVarious i/a at Southern Illinois UniversityCivil9 Dec 20167
Southern Illinois, Illinois, United States37.77495193N 89.25252533WCe.152 (hanging inside)Civil19 May 20161
Springfield, Illinois, United States39.81993484N 89.66860962WUH-1, AH-1Military18 Sep 20121
Springfield, Illinois, United States39.81636810N 89.66885376WUH-1, F-84Military18 Sep 20122
Springfield, Illinois, United States39.82118225N 89.66916656WTH-55Military30 Dec 2016
Springfield, Illinois, United States39.84429932N 89.66749573WVariousMilitary3 Jun 20165
Springfield, Illinois, United States39.83740616N 89.67702484WCe.340Civil28 Feb 20241
Staunton, Illinois, United States39.04494476N 89.83546448WScrap yardCivil7 Jun 2021
Sugar Grove - Air Classics Museum, Illinois, United States41.76419067N 88.48323059WVariousMilitary12 May 201411
Urbana - Frasca Air Museum, Illinois, United States40.14273071N 88.19433594WVarious WWII aircraftBoth2 Sep 2012
Villa Grove, Illinois, United States39.86442947N 88.16183472WT-33Civil20 Dec 20161
Volo - Auto Museum, Illinois, United States42.32781982N 88.17103577WUH-1 (the Harrier is a replica, used in True Lies and Avengers movies)Military25 Apr 20151
Washburn, Illinois, United States40.91685104N 89.2911911WUH-1Military12 Sep 20121
Washington, Illinois, United States40.71224213N 89.41139221WAH-1Military7 Sep 20121
Waukegan, Illinois, United States42.41683197N 87.86791229WF-111Military3 Apr 20201
Waukegan, Illinois, United States42.42604446N 87.87373352WUH-1Unknown3 Apr 2020
Wenona, Illinois, United States41.02755737N 89.05276489WF-84Military2 Sep 20121
West Chicago, Illinois, United States41.89095688N 88.19384003WF-84Military13 Apr 20131
West Chicago, Illinois, United States41.90199280N 88.25829315WGulfstream (pin on current location, GE image still shows it on the north east corner of same ramp)Civil14 Feb 2022
Wheaton - First Division Museum at Cantigny, Illinois, United States41.85235596N 88.15512848WUH-1, H-60 (may have replaced the Huey)Military14 Nov 20231
Williamsfield, Illinois, United States40.92538452N 90.01371765WUH-1Military7 Sep 20211
Witt, Illinois, United States39.24602127N 89.3578186WF-4Military30 Oct 20201