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83 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Iran. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Badr, Iran32.61251450N 51.67800140ESmall propUnknown19 August 2017
Badr, Iran32.62052536N 51.72137070ESmall propUnknown19 August 2017
Badr, Iran32.62362289N 51.68406677ESmall twin propCivil19 August 2017
Bandar Abbas, Iran27.21642113N 56.35838318EF-86Military8 January 20131
Bushehr, Iran28.95282364N 50.81323242EF-86 at the "Parvaz Hotel"Military19 September 2018
Chahar Zebar-e-Oliya, Iran34.21825790N 46.67785645E3x AH-1, H-58Military12 October 20172
Dezful, Iran32.44338989N 48.36180115EF-5Military20 September 2018
Dezful, Iran32.42009735N 48.37348557EF-5Military30 December 20141
Firuzabad, Iran35.53635025N 51.50205231EVarious wrecksUnknown19 April 2018
Ghazvin, Iran35.95473099N 50.45640564EHelicopterUnknown19 April 2018
Hamadan, Iran35.19084167N 48.70795822ET-33Military8 January 2013
Isfahan, Iran32.77394104N 51.84538651EF-86Military8 January 2013
Isfahan, Iran32.72285080N 51.82854843EF-86Military20 September 2018
Isfahan, Iran32.77132797N 51.89258575E2x T-33Military20 September 2018
Isfahan, Iran32.57351685N 51.68547440ESmall propMilitary28 September 2013
Isfahan, Iran32.57023621N 51.67737198EUH-1Military19 August 2017
Isfahan, Iran32.57279587N 51.68579102EUnknown helicopterUnknown19 September 2018
Karaj, Iran35.76759338N 50.83329010EB747Civil19 April 20181
Kerman, Iran30.25395203N 56.96610260EB747, A300Civil5 October 20172
Kerman, Iran30.30413818N 56.96567535Esmall twin propUnknown24 June 2015
Kermanshah, Iran34.35713577N 47.17471313EAH-1?Military12 October 2017
Kermanshah - Museum, Iran34.31251526N 47.06121063EUH-1 (not sure this is it, picture not clear enough. A Huey hulk should be in a war/military museum in this town)Military8 January 2013
Kish, Iran26.53661156N 54.02123260EA small prop is hanging from the ceiling in a shopping mall on Kish. Probably this mall, but not 100% sure.Civil15 November 20141
Kish, Iran26.53004074N 53.90972900ETu-154Civil16 August 20171
Kish, Iran26.52447510N 53.95246124ETU-154M, MD-82, 3x Fokker 50
credits: Cibulka Milan
Civil2 December 20185
Mahabad, Iran36.79174423N 45.73901749EF-4Military19 September 2018
Manzariyeh, Iran34.96474075N 50.82818604EF-5Military8 January 2013
Mashad, Iran36.24456787N 59.62426758ETu-154Civil3 February 20161
Mashhad, Iran36.21953964N 59.65374374EVarious airliners being scrappedNotset8 January 20131
Mashhad, Iran36.25826263N 59.63831711EF-5Military8 January 2013
Omidiyeh, Iran30.94773483N 49.44742203EF-86Military8 January 20131
Pardis - Technology Park, Iran35.73049927N 51.82440948EIl-62Civil6 July 20171
Pishva, Iran35.31609344N 51.71247864EF-5Military31 December 2014
Qarchak, Iran35.44876862N 51.56693268EF-5Military31 December 2014
Qazvin, Iran36.24916840N 50.03992844EBe.18Notset8 January 20131
Qazvin, Iran36.25634766N 49.99918747EF-5Military19 September 20181
Qom, Iran34.56352234N 50.78282166EF.28Notset8 January 20131
Shahid Asyaee, Iran32.00621414N 49.25726700ESmall propMilitary28 September 2013
Shiraz, Iran29.55449867N 52.56829834E4x C-130Military8 January 2013
Shiraz, Iran29.56313515N 52.59111786EF-86Military8 January 20131
Shiraz, Iran29.54889488N 52.57947540ESeveral Il-76Military19 September 20184
Tabas, Iran33.07511139N 55.89291382EF.27 fuselage (not visible on GE yet) also some fake CH-53sUnknown19 September 2018
Tabriz, Iran38.12656784N 46.23493958EDC-9Civil20 September 2018
Tabriz, Iran38.11818314N 46.26261520EF-86Military8 January 2013
Tabriz, Iran38.04658508N 46.27996063EF.100Civil22 June 20151
Takestan, Iran36.04872513N 49.67372513EF-5 (with the same serial as the F-5 in Qazvin)Military19 September 20181
Tehran, Iran35.70112228N 51.46385574EF-5Military19 April 2018
Tehran, Iran35.70455170N 51.48042297EVariousMilitary20 September 201810
Tehran, Iran35.70196152N 51.46370316ET-33Military19 April 2018
Tehran, Iran35.65082550N 51.37531281Evarious (not 100% sure of hangar, should be in hangar 3)Civil19 April 20182
Tehran, Iran35.70070267N 51.28874207EAirliner fuselageCivil19 April 20181
Tehran, Iran35.69120789N 51.38586426EAH-1Military30 April 20181
Tehran, Iran35.69109726N 51.38500977EF-5Military30 April 2018
Tehran, Iran35.64854050N 51.42684174EDC-3Unknown19 September 2018
Tehran, Iran35.67435837N 51.33612823EF-5 at entrance of the "Sattari Aerial University"Military19 September 20181
Tehran, Iran35.53740311N 51.37019348EF-5Military19 September 20181
Tehran - Aircraft Museum, Iran35.71469879N 51.29372406EVariousBoth19 April 201836
Tehran - Defense Museum, Iran35.75210953N 51.42679214EvariousMilitary19 April 20185
Tehran - Saad Abad Military Museum, Iran35.81536102N 51.42326355EMuseum in this palace houses several military planes (including F-86, F-84, U-6, Mi-24). Around here, planes hidden by trees.Military19 April 20184
Tehran-Ahmadabad, Iran35.40204239N 51.18482971EVarious stored airlinersCivil19 April 201814
Tehran-Ahmadabad, Iran35.41480637N 51.13919067E2x B747Civil19 April 20182
Tehran-Ahmadabad, Iran35.40481567N 51.17716980EA300 fuselage dumped at side of hangarCivil20 April 20181
Tehran-Mehrabad, Iran35.69573593N 51.31280899EVarious stored airlinersCivil19 April 2018
Tehran-Mehrabad, Iran35.69717789N 51.32056046EB727Civil19 April 20181
Tehran-Mehrabad, Iran35.69506836N 51.33128357EF28, F-86, moreNotset19 April 20182
Tehran-Mehrabad, Iran35.69183350N 51.27466583ESeveral stored jetsMilitary19 April 2018
Tehran-Mehrabad, Iran35.68908310N 51.27513885ESeveral stored F-4Military19 April 2018
Tehran-Mehrabad, Iran35.69434738N 51.32737350EVarious i/a at Civil Aviation Technology CollegeCivil27 April 20173
Tehran-Mehrabad, Iran35.70981598N 51.29497910E2x Tu-154Civil19 April 2018
Tehran-Mehrabad, Iran35.69367599N 51.28009033EB707 remainsMilitary20 April 2018
Tehran-Mehrabad, Iran35.70157242N 51.29717636EVariousBoth19 April 20183
Tehran-Mehrabad, Iran35.70902634N 51.30088425E2x CommanderUnknown19 April 2018
Tehran-Mehrabad, Iran35.70110321N 51.28402328ECommanderUnknown19 April 2018
Tehran-Mehrabad, Iran35.71101761N 51.30014420EF.27, CommanderUnknown19 April 2018
Tehran-Mehrabad, Iran35.69951630N 51.28285217EUnknown small propUnknown19 April 2018
Tehran-Mehrabad, Iran35.69382477N 51.32604980EDa.20Unknown19 April 20181
Tehran-Mehrabad, Iran35.67982483N 51.31402206EB707, Tu-154Both19 April 20182
Tehran-Mehrabad, Iran35.70046234N 51.28320312EUnknown small twin propUnknown19 April 2018
Tehran-Mehrabad, Iran35.69433975N 51.27265549EVarious on west rampMilitary19 April 20181
Tonekabon, Iran36.82321548N 50.87281799EB.206Military7 November 2017
Yazd, Iran31.90534210N 54.27996063EAn-72?Civil5 October 2017
Zahedan, Iran29.47590065N 60.89668655EAVA-101
credits: Cibulka Milan
Civil9 September 20171
Zahedan, Iran29.47041321N 60.90080643E2x Fokker 50Civil19 April 20182