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24 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Iraq. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Al Asad, Iraq33.77485275N 42.43034744EC-130 (visible on latest GE image)Military10 Sep 20211
Al Assad, Iraq33.80858231N 42.41061401EMiG-25Military20 Oct 2016
Al Assad, Iraq33.80508423N 42.41186142EMiG-21Military15 Oct 2018
Al Taqaddum, Iraq33.35654831N 43.57338715E9x Il-28Military16 Oct 20189
Al Taqaddum, Iraq33.33985519N 43.61279297EMiG-29, Su-25Military15 Oct 20182
Baghdad, Iraq33.31107330N 44.38827896EVariousMilitary24 Jan 20162
Baghdad, Iraq33.33396530N 44.35535049EVariousMilitary30 Aug 20171
Baghdad, Iraq33.24543762N 44.22167969EPC-9Military9 Jun 20221
Baghdad, Iraq33.26704407N 44.23681259EB727Civil24 Jan 20231
Baghdad, Iraq33.24692917N 44.23955917EB727Civil24 Jan 20231
Baghdad, Iraq33.24815750N 44.23567581EIl-76Civil24 Jan 20235
Baghdad, Iraq33.24985504N 44.23765945EVariousCivil24 Jan 2023
Baghdad, Iraq33.25109100N 44.23556519EVariousCivil7 Jan 20247
Balad, Iraq33.95013046N 44.33055496E10x MiG-23Military6 Oct 201610
Balad, Iraq33.92185593N 44.37471771EAn-2Military15 Oct 20181
Baqubah, Iraq33.79172516N 44.60759735E3x Mi-2 (not visible on old and blurry image)Civil20 Oct 20161
H3, Iraq32.93859863N 39.73867798EVarious Su-22 (?) placed on runways and taxiways to prevent them from being usedMilitary20 Oct 2016
Habbaniyah, Iraq33.37257385N 43.55831528EVariousMilitary15 Oct 20189
Halabja, Iraq35.18693924N 45.97365952ESu-20, dismantled, aircraft is lying on the asphaltMilitary9 Jun 2020
Qayarrah West, Iraq35.78446579N 43.09534836EMiG-21Military16 Oct 20181
Qayarrah West, Iraq35.75375366N 43.13360214E2x MiG-21Military15 Oct 2018
Tallil, Iraq30.95157814N 46.07622147EAn-26?Unknown10 Oct 2016
Tallil, Iraq30.92132568N 46.10338211EMiG-19Military15 Oct 2018
Tikrit, Iraq34.68564987N 43.57910156EL-29 (not yet visible on GE image)Military16 Oct 2018