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16 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Ireland. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Ashbourne, Ireland53.48722076N 6.40124989WDove
credits: Andre Faehndrich
Civil6 May 20191
Baldonnel, Ireland53.30561829N 6.45269203WBAe.146
credits: b318isp
Civil10 Apr 20231
Baldonnel - Irish Air Corps Museum, Ireland53.30875397N 6.44179821Wvarious (at airbase, not known which hangar)Military26 Jun 201517
Carlow, Ireland52.82752609N 6.93565083WCM.170 i/a inside the "Institute of Technology Carlow"Military15 May 20171
Dolly's Grove, Ireland53.42193985N 6.54876471WHarrier, An-2, L-29Both26 Jun 20153
Dromod, Ireland53.86077881N 7.91733932WVariousBoth2 May 201714
Dublin, Ireland53.42636871N 6.22291613WCM.170, Learjet, R22 at DIT Aviation Training CenterBoth17 Nov 20164
Dublin - Collins Barracks National Museum, Ireland53.34947968N 6.28521109WMagister, VampireMilitary31 Dec 20172
Enniscrone, Ireland54.20881271N 9.09529781WB767 at Quirky Glamping siteCivil14 Jun 20211
Knock, Ireland53.90897369N 8.84007168WB737
credits: dave40612
Civil24 Sep 20221
Portarlington, Ireland53.16398621N 7.19588947W4x Venom airframes in parts at this industrial estate. Exact location TBC. Still at location?Civil17 May 20174
Puddenhill, Ireland53.58900452N 6.4303546WHunterMilitary20 May 20171
Shannon - Shannon Aviation Museum, Ireland52.71377563N 8.87009335WVariousBoth17 May 202117
Sligo, Ireland54.27845001N 8.59512997WF.27, slid off the runway in bad weather in 2002
credits: b318isp
Civil14 Nov 20221
Weston, Ireland53.35012436N 6.49216604WHS.748 fuselageCivil2 Jan 20181
Weston, Ireland53.34893799N 6.50469494WSeveral small propsCivil8 Jan 20184