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658 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Italy. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Acerra, Italy40.99859238N 14.40928841EDo.328 fuselage with Aviotecnica (was visible outside, should be now inside)Civil22 Feb 2024
Acqui Terme, Italy44.67716599N 8.50096321ET-6Military6 Aug 20171
Afragola, Italy40.91423416N 14.30542564EMB.326Military29 Oct 20121
Albaneto, Italy42.53988647N 13.04106140EP.66Civil27 Jul 2020
Albenga, Italy44.04527283N 8.12695122EG.91Military29 Oct 20121
Alessandria, Italy44.91817856N 8.62157822EF-86Military19 Apr 20131
Almenno San Bartolomeo - Museo del Falegname Tino Sana, Italy45.73521423N 9.58289242EAnsaldo A-1Military2 Jun 2020
Altamura, Italy40.93904495N 16.49573898EMB-326Military5 Jul 20181
Altamura, Italy40.93957138N 16.49901009ESmall prop in very bad shape, wings have fallen offCivil13 Oct 2023
Anagni, Italy41.72586823N 13.14836025EVarious A.109, B.206 and B.412
credits: EI-EXA
Military31 Jan 2024
Ancona, Italy43.62439728N 13.36901283EAn-72Civil25 Oct 20171
Aosta, Italy45.74010849N 7.36408663EF-86Military29 Oct 20121
Aquino, Italy41.49732590N 13.71868801ETB-9Civil21 Sep 20191
Arba, Italy46.14833832N 12.79586220EG.91Military7 Jun 2020
Arbatax, Italy39.92989349N 9.71191502EMB-326Military8 Jun 20161
Arese - Museo Storico Alfa Romeo, Italy45.55788422N 9.04713345ES.1001Civil12 May 20231
Arezzo, Italy43.45923233N 11.84629536EG.91, O-1Military31 Jan 20242
Arona, Italy45.75851440N 8.56567860ES.205 submerged as diving attraction, exact spot unknownCivil6 Apr 2019
Artegna, Italy46.24723434N 13.12644672EUH-1Military2 Jun 20201
Augusta - Museo della Piazzaforte, Italy37.23368073N 15.22008324EUH-1Military14 Jun 20201
Avezzano, Italy42.01249695N 13.43028259EB.47
credits: EI-EXA
Military21 Feb 20241
Aviano, Italy46.03548050N 12.61280251ETornado
credits: dicanio
Military16 Apr 20161
Aviano, Italy46.04273987N 12.60929871EF-16, F-100
credits: dicanio
Military3 Jun 20162
Aviano, Italy46.02520752N 12.57967758EF-16Military3 Jun 20161
Bari, Italy41.13842773N 16.78052711ET-6Military8 Jun 20161
Bari, Italy41.10800552N 16.87930298ET-6 inside at Polytecnico do Bari (University), pin at assumed location, to be confirmedMilitary27 Sep 20221
Bari, Italy41.13833237N 16.77274895EPA-31Civil11 Nov 20191
Barletta, Italy41.30926514N 16.29854393ET-33 (not yet visible on GE image, exact location to be confirmed)Military27 Sep 20221
Belluno, Italy46.16841125N 12.24909687EG.91Military29 Oct 20121
Belluno, Italy46.16255188N 12.24160480EUH-1Military31 May 20221
Belluno, Italy46.13012314N 12.19527054EB.47
credits: EI-EXA
Civil31 Jan 20241
Belricetto di Lugo, Italy44.49917984N 11.94523621EP.166Military5 Jun 20161
Bergamo, Italy45.67692566N 9.69888306EB.206Military18 Apr 2020
Bergamo, Italy45.67728424N 9.69953537EUH-1Military15 Jun 20161
Bergamo, Italy45.67357254N 9.69372177EB.47Military15 Jun 20161
Bergamo, Italy45.68751144N 9.66101742EG.91Military7 Jun 20161
Bergamo, Italy45.67540741N 9.69716072E16x A129Military18 Apr 2020
Bergamo, Italy45.67668915N 9.69683266EB.206?Military18 Apr 2020
Bergamo, Italy45.71917725N 9.59560394E2x Ce.172, RallyeCivil3 Aug 20231
Bergamo, Italy45.67872620N 9.70223999EYak-52
credits: EI-EXA
Civil23 Nov 20231
Bergamo, Italy45.65985870N 9.70175743EVarious i/a at Aircraft Engineering Academy and P.66 outside (not yet visible on GE image)
credits: EI-EXA
Both4 Feb 20241
Biella-Cerrione, Italy45.49771500N 8.09811211EG.91Military29 Oct 20121
Bistagno, Italy44.65894699N 8.39790440EP.166Military16 Jun 20171
Bistagno, Italy44.65968704N 8.39811611EMiG-21Military8 Nov 20171
Bitonto, Italy41.09727478N 16.73863602EFokker 100 cockpit (not yet visible on GE image, visible on Street view)
credits: EI-EXA
Civil12 Sep 20231
Bologna, Italy44.52867508N 11.28857422E2x UH-1Military29 Apr 20152
Bologna, Italy44.52685547N 11.28648949EUH-1Military5 Jun 20161
Bologna, Italy44.47834015N 11.40290737EP.166 and some plane partsMilitary31 Oct 20171
Bologna, Italy44.52577209N 11.29478455E3x UH-1Military13 Jul 20192
Bologna, Italy44.49813843N 11.32630253EUH-1Military29 Apr 20151
Bologna, Italy44.52795410N 11.28763103EUH-1Military13 Jul 2019
Bologna - Museo per la Memoria di Ustica, Italy44.51340866N 11.35034561EDC-9 wreckCivil12 May 20231
Bolzano, Italy46.46075058N 11.32999706EB.47Military8 Jun 20161
Bolzano, Italy46.46363068N 11.32338047EB.206Military27 Oct 20171
Bolzano, Italy46.46500397N 11.32396984EUH-1 (not yet visible on GE image)Military25 Oct 20201
Borgo Rosso, Italy44.42724609N 7.73019505EF-104Military9 Mar 20181
Borgo San Michele - Piana delle Orme Museum, Italy41.44352341N 12.98577118EVariousBoth30 Jan 201814
Borgo Virgilio, Italy45.11459732N 10.77252007EG.91, MB-326Military7 Dec 20221
Boscoreale, Italy40.77574539N 14.48673248EBe.18Military4 Jun 20161
Bottacin, Italy45.60322189N 11.90302372EF-104Military5 Jun 20171
Bovisio Masciago, Italy45.60928726N 9.16857433EG.222Military7 Jun 20161
Bovisio Masciago, Italy45.61181641N 9.14698410EMB.326Military29 Oct 20121
Bovolone, Italy45.25434875N 11.11868763EF-104Military17 Oct 20141
Bracciano, Italy42.08318710N 12.07600498EUH-1Military6 Jun 20161
Bracciano, Italy42.08425522N 12.07719326ESM.1019Military25 Jan 20231
Bracciano, Italy42.08325195N 12.07846642E5x A.109Military21 Sep 2020
Bracciano, Italy42.08093262N 12.07615089EVarious helicopters for scrappingMilitary6 Jun 2016
Brendola, Italy45.47790146N 11.46108913ET-6, UH-1, G.91Military27 Jun 20153
Brindisi, Italy40.64848709N 17.95079041EG.91Military8 Jun 20161
Brindisi, Italy40.64808273N 17.95086861EMB.326Military1 Apr 20171
Brindisi, Italy40.63672638N 17.95630455EF-104Military12 Apr 20171
Brindisi, Italy40.64416885N 17.92191887EUnknownUnknown2 Jun 2020
Buggiano, Italy43.87046051N 10.72922230EUH-1Civil8 Jun 20161
Bussolengo, Italy45.47854614N 10.78401375EF-84Military8 Jun 20161
Ca'rainati, Italy45.74341965N 11.83646774EG.91Military2 Jun 20201
Cadimare, Italy44.08197403N 9.82230854EG.91Military29 Oct 20121
Cadimare, Italy44.08245850N 9.82430077EB.47, MB.326, PD.808, P.166Military6 Jun 20164
Cagliari, Italy39.24589157N 9.06977081EB.47Military31 Oct 20171
Cagliari, Italy39.24463654N 9.05408001EBr.1150 inside (exact hangar not sure)Military15 Mar 20201
Cagliari, Italy39.24657822N 9.07009888E2x UH-1Military25 Jan 2023
Cagliari, Italy39.24724197N 9.05098629EB.47Military25 Jan 20231
Calcinatello di Calcinato, Italy45.46554565N 10.34849834E2x MiG-21, 2x G.91, F-86Military2 Jun 20205
Caltanasetta, Italy37.47752380N 14.05822754EG.91Military29 Nov 20161
Cameri, Italy45.53131866N 8.65876198EF-104Military29 Oct 20121
Cameri, Italy45.53291321N 8.65826893EVariousMilitary7 Jun 201618
Cameri, Italy45.53115463N 8.65416527EF-86Military29 Nov 20131
Cameri, Italy45.53919983N 8.66158199ETornado, EF.2000Military7 Jun 20162
Campagnola Emilia, Italy44.83869934N 10.75751209EG.91Military29 Oct 20121
Campoformido, Italy46.02395248N 13.16715145EG.91Military29 Oct 20121
Campoformido - Parco del Volo, Italy46.04357147N 13.19166374EAerlualdi L-59, F-86, more?Military29 Oct 20121
Campoverde, Italy41.53340912N 12.74615097EB.47Military5 Jun 20161
Cancello ed Arnone, Italy41.07009888N 14.03521156EF-104Military29 Oct 20121
Caprara, Italy39.18944168N 16.67047119EAn-2Civil2 Jun 2020
Capua, Italy41.11442947N 14.18544197EH-47Military15 Jun 20161
Capua, Italy41.12093353N 14.16744804EVarious helicopters (helicopter crash test site)Both4 Jun 20161
Capua, Italy41.11928940N 14.18194389EUnknown (or fake?)Civil2 Jun 20201
Caraglio, Italy44.41363907N 7.42486334EF-104
credits: RonaldV
Military13 Sep 20191
Carpi, Italy44.83657074N 10.87126637ECe.172 fuselageCivil13 Feb 20231
Casaloldo, Italy45.26440811N 10.49017239EMB-326Military29 Jan 20211
Casaluce, Italy41.01547241N 14.20721436EB.47Civil11 Nov 2020
Casarsa, Italy45.95855331N 12.85968781EB.206Military3 Feb 20161
Casarsa della Delizia, Italy45.95584488N 12.81786537EUH-1Military14 Jun 20201
Casarsa della Delizia, Italy45.95301056N 12.82508278EA129?, B.206?
credits: EI-EXA
Military19 Feb 2024
Casciana Terme, Italy43.54244995N 10.61998844EG.91Military8 Jun 20161
Cascina Costa, Italy45.63411331N 8.74662876EA.101
credits: Erik Kamphuis
Military10 Jul 20151
Cascina Costa, Italy45.62639618N 8.74359608EHelicopterUnknown27 Mar 2021
Cascina Costa - Museo Agusta, Italy45.63173676N 8.74788952EVarious Agusta build helicoptersBoth29 Apr 201510
Caselle, Italy45.41033554N 10.88846493EF-104Military14 Feb 20211
Caselle Torinese, Italy45.17150497N 7.65088797EG.91Military29 Oct 20121
Caserta, Italy41.07176208N 14.32133102EMB.326, MB.339Military4 Jun 20162
Caserta, Italy41.07396317N 14.32497120EAMX, F-104, TornadoMilitary4 Jun 20163
Caserta, Italy41.07348633N 14.32414818EMB-326Military4 Jun 20161
Caserta, Italy41.07690811N 14.34369373EUH-1Military2 Jun 2020
Casette di Funo - Museo Ferruccio Lamborghini, Italy44.60770035N 11.36804008EL.59Military14 Feb 20211
Cassano Ionio, Italy39.75743484N 16.43463516EG.91Military19 Aug 20161
Cassano Magnago, Italy45.69628525N 8.82874775EVarious (some inside)Military5 Jun 201710
Cassano Magnano, Italy45.69897079N 8.82814598EP.166 and more in storage
credits: panadero@
Military17 Aug 20194
Castel de Rio, Italy44.21347427N 11.50453854ET-6Military2 Jun 20201
Castel Giuliano, Italy42.05328751N 12.12657642EB.206Military2 Jun 2020
Castel San Lorenzo, Italy40.42626190N 15.22774792EG.91Military11 Sep 20201
Castel Volturno, Italy41.06682968N 13.96228027EP.148
credits: EI-EXA
Military23 Nov 20231
Castelletto Di Ticino - Museo Goddard Park, Italy45.72003174N 8.59849262EVariousBoth5 Jun 20178
Castello di Godego, Italy45.69506454N 11.87859631EVariousMilitary6 Jun 20164
Castelnuovo del Garda, Italy45.45739365N 10.71311474EG.91 in Gardaland at Blue Tornado ride
credits: Brendon Attard
Military27 Dec 20171
Catania, Italy37.45762253N 15.06493855ESea King, 2x UH-1, A.106Military16 Oct 20234
Catania, Italy37.47245789N 15.06095409E2x P.166Military9 Aug 20231
Catania, Italy37.47423553N 15.07514572EMB.326Military29 Oct 20121
Catania, Italy37.46953201N 15.06040192EUH-1Military29 Oct 20121
Catania, Italy37.47759628N 15.06585503ES.208Military28 Jul 20191
Catania, Italy37.46013260N 15.06777382ESmall propCivil28 Jul 2019
Catania, Italy37.47412109N 15.06066990EP.166Military5 Jun 20201
Cecina, Italy43.30442429N 10.50347233EMB.326Military29 Oct 20121
Ceglie Messapica, Italy40.67866516N 17.47965622EG.91Military2 Jun 20201
Cella, Italy44.77491379N 9.18299580EF-104Military29 Oct 20121
Centallo, Italy44.45798492N 7.61793518EG.91Military8 Jun 20161
Ceprano, Italy41.55572510N 13.51589775E2x F-104, F-86, P.166Military4 Jun 20164
Cerbaiola - Museum, Italy43.99436569N 12.51151943EVariousBoth23 Mar 201644
Cerrione, Italy45.50038147N 8.09773827EBe.90Civil4 Jun 20171
Cerrione, Italy45.49992371N 8.09720612EPA-28 fuselage
credits: RonaldV
Civil18 Sep 20211
Cerrione, Italy45.49948502N 8.09794426EJetstream
credits: RonaldV
Civil18 Sep 20211
Cerveteri, Italy42.01481628N 12.08246136EF-104Military5 Jun 20161
Cervia, Italy44.21642303N 12.32133389EF-86Military19 Feb 20241
Cervia, Italy44.22582626N 12.29482937E2x F-104Military29 Oct 20122
Cervia, Italy44.21605682N 12.32248592EF-104 (now preserved middle of the base?)Military25 Oct 20201
Cervia, Italy44.22571182N 12.29604053EHH-3Military5 Jun 20161
Cervia, Italy44.22233582N 12.30426216EF-84Military26 Nov 20231
Cervia, Italy44.21479034N 12.32195663EHH-3Military25 Oct 2020
Cervia, Italy44.22898102N 12.28878403E2x HH-3 (visible on latest GE image)Military26 Nov 2023
Cervia, Italy44.21627808N 12.32306862EF-16, G.91
credits: EI-EXA
Military19 Feb 20242
Cesano, Italy42.07281494N 12.33191013EUH-1Military6 Jun 2016
Cesano, Italy42.07406616N 12.32575321EUH-1Military22 Nov 20181
Cesano Moderno, Italy45.62319183N 9.14371014EG.91Military29 Oct 20121
Cesena, Italy44.14908600N 12.25672054EG.91Military29 Oct 20121
Chiaravelle, Italy43.59817886N 13.34940624EF-104Military24 Nov 20131
Chiavari, Italy44.31428146N 9.32118320EP.166 (not yet visible on GE image)Military27 Oct 20201
Chieti, Italy42.36043930N 14.19498444EG.91Military2 Jun 20201
Ciampino, Italy41.78829575N 12.59769249E2x AL.60Civil1 Apr 20172
Ciampino, Italy41.79840469N 12.58866215EHU-16Military29 Oct 20121
Ciampino, Italy41.80205154N 12.58368397EPD.808Military29 Oct 20121
Ciampino, Italy41.80218506N 12.58413410EUH-1Military24 Nov 20131
Ciampino, Italy41.78228378N 12.62154007EPD.808Military29 Oct 20121
Ciampino, Italy41.80488205N 12.58355045EB.47Military20 Oct 20151
Ciampino, Italy41.79895020N 12.58965206EH-3Military20 Oct 20151
Ciampino, Italy41.80192947N 12.58384800EB.47 (is this one still here?)Military5 Jun 20161
Ciampino, Italy41.79309464N 12.60181904ECL-215Civil30 Mar 20231
Ciampino, Italy41.80356979N 12.59442616ECitation, Ce.340Civil13 May 20242
Cisterna di Latina, Italy41.60041046N 12.84566593ESF.260Military13 Apr 20131
Cisterna di Latina, Italy41.58340836N 12.83323669EP.148Military6 Jun 20161
Civitella di Romagna, Italy44.00694275N 11.93754768EMB.339Military5 Jun 20161
Codevilla, Italy44.98186111N 9.06127930EF-104, to be preservedMilitary1 Feb 20211
Codroipo, Italy45.95792007N 12.98057747EG.91Military29 Oct 20121
Cogozzo di Viadana, Italy44.93608856N 10.50390720EF-104Military29 Nov 20161
Colledara, Italy42.54028702N 13.67529488EMB-326Military27 Dec 20141
Collevecchio, Italy42.32728195N 12.51344681EB.47Military26 Nov 20231
Colzate, Italy45.81248093N 9.85989380EF-104, G.91Military6 Jun 20162
Como, Italy45.81393814N 9.07083511EO-1 suspended from ceiling inside hangarCivil3 Oct 20201
Conselice, Italy44.53016281N 11.81861591EG.46Military5 Jun 20161
Coppito, Italy42.37828064N 13.33166218EH.500
credits: EI-EXA
Military21 Nov 20231
Cormano, Italy45.54358292N 9.15903187EPA-23
credits: RonaldV
Notset6 Aug 2021
Corropoli, Italy42.80904770N 13.84648228ET-33, PD.808Military29 Oct 20122
Cossoine, Italy40.42143250N 8.68617916ESmall propCivil8 Nov 2019
Cuneo, Italy44.39805222N 7.55521107ES.205Civil8 Jun 20161
Cusinati di Rosa, Italy45.69897079N 11.76991081ESE.210Civil29 Jun 20201
Decimomannu, Italy39.34396744N 8.95048714EF-104, T-33, MB.326, HarrierMilitary3 Aug 20173
Decimomannu, Italy39.34227753N 8.95072269EF-104Military29 Oct 20121
Decimomannu, Italy39.34304047N 8.95017338EF-4Military12 Oct 20131
Decimomannu, Italy39.35313034N 8.96682739EMB-326Military24 Feb 20241
Decimomannu, Italy39.34898758N 8.97010231EMB-326 dismantled, exact location on base unknownMilitary24 Feb 20241
Dobbiaco, Italy46.72644043N 12.22513103EG.46Military16 May 20181
Erbè, Italy45.23987198N 10.96619034EF-104Military2 Dec 20201
Ergastolo, Italy44.50894165N 10.99029732EF-104Military18 Apr 20131
Ferentino, Italy41.69004822N 13.26180935EF-104Military29 Oct 20121
Fertilia, Italy40.62913513N 8.28076363E2x T-6Military27 Sep 20182
Fertilia, Italy40.63075256N 8.28364563ET-33Military1 Apr 20171
Fertilia, Italy40.63424301N 8.28037071ES-2Military25 Jan 20231
Fiano Romano, Italy42.13470459N 12.60566425ET-33A (visible on latest GE image)
credits: EI-EXA
Military23 Nov 20231
Fidenza, Italy44.86042404N 10.07361507EMB-326Military27 Oct 20201
Firenze, Italy43.78860474N 11.21405506EMB-326 (still here?)Military7 Dec 20221
Firenze, Italy43.78643417N 11.21495247EF-104Military17 Dec 20151
Firenze, Italy43.81271744N 11.20384693EBe.60 (still here fully overgrown, or really gone?)Civil1 Jul 20231
Fiumicino, Italy41.79988098N 12.30591297EP.148Military8 Aug 2023
Fiumicino, Italy41.80072021N 12.30661583EG.91Military8 Aug 20231
Fiumicino, Italy41.79550171N 12.26459122E2x MD-80Civil8 Aug 20231
Fiumicino, Italy41.79376221N 12.26574135EA321Civil8 Aug 2023
Fiumicino, Italy41.79306030N 12.26721096EATR.72Civil14 Nov 20221
Fiumicino, Italy41.79219055N 12.25832367EMD-80, ERJ.170Civil21 Jun 20232
Fiumicino, Italy41.75963211N 12.27118587EG.91 cockpit, WWI era biplane inside Hotel Chopin
credits: EI-EXA
Military23 Nov 20231
Foggia, Italy41.54819107N 15.70687485ET-33, G.91, VampireMilitary29 Oct 20123
Foggia, Italy41.45215988N 15.53320599EG.91Military29 Oct 20121
Foggia, Italy41.54824448N 15.70167542E2x G.91Military22 Feb 20242
Foggia, Italy41.55080414N 15.71226597EAMX? scrapyardMilitary29 Nov 2013
Foggia, Italy41.55029678N 15.69809723EAMXMilitary25 Oct 20201
Foggia - Museo Interattivo delle Scienze, Italy41.44316483N 15.56909466EG.91Military8 Jun 20161
Folgaria - Base Tuono Museum, Italy45.87015533N 11.22809696EF-104Military13 Jul 20171
Foligno, Italy42.94257736N 12.71297455EF-104Military8 Sep 20201
Forli, Italy44.23025131N 12.05981731EG.91Military2 Jun 2020
Fossalta, Italy45.47860336N 10.72771358EPA-31
credits: Václav Kudela
Civil22 May 20221
Francavilla Fontana, Italy40.55658722N 17.51624298EMB.326Military29 Oct 20121
Frascati - Museo del Veicolo Storico, Italy41.81735229N 12.65079212EVarious (front and backyard)Military6 Jun 20164
Frosinone, Italy41.64458847N 13.29981327EB.47Military5 Jun 20161
Frosinone, Italy41.64321899N 13.30230808EB.47, H.500Military12 Dec 20202
Frosinone, Italy41.63694000N 13.32977581EB.47Military29 May 20161
Frosinone, Italy41.64339447N 13.33786964EG.91Military6 Jun 20161
Frosinone, Italy41.64723206N 13.30206585E11x H-47, 7x B.206Military2 Jun 2020
Frosinone, Italy41.64792252N 13.30008411E2x UH-1?Military2 Jun 2020
Frosinone, Italy41.64458847N 13.30119801EUH-1Military27 Oct 2020
Frosinone, Italy41.64632034N 13.30226040E4x H.500Military27 Oct 2020
Furbara, Italy42.00094223N 12.00979900EUH-1Military4 Feb 2024
Furbara, Italy41.99819183N 12.00785351EAMX
credits: EI-EXA
Military31 Jan 20241
Gaggio, Italy44.63107300N 11.02394009EG.91Military29 Oct 20121
Gaiarino, Italy45.87714767N 12.49302101EG.91Military29 Oct 20121
Gallarate, Italy45.65027618N 8.80817795EG.91Military29 Oct 20121
Gallarate, Italy45.65307236N 8.78211880EMB-339Military7 Jun 20161
Galliate, Italy45.48189926N 8.70365524EF-104Military29 Oct 20121
Gallinaro, Italy41.65497589N 13.80797195ET-6 (not clearly visible, on roof)Military6 Jun 20161
Gardone Riviera - Museum of D'Annunzio, Italy45.62402344N 10.56518841ESVA-5Military5 Jan 20151
Genoa, Italy44.41440964N 8.84236526E2x B.206Military2 Jun 2020
Ghedi, Italy45.43062210N 10.28075790EF-84Military29 Oct 20121
Ghedi, Italy45.43387985N 10.27799988E2x F-104Military22 Feb 20242
Ghedi, Italy45.44646835N 10.26273346EF-104Military29 Oct 20121
Ghedi, Italy45.43584442N 10.28349113EF-104Military19 Feb 20241
Ghedi, Italy45.43224716N 10.28664112ETornado wreckMilitary17 Nov 20194
Ghedi, Italy45.43207932N 10.27974892EMB-326Military27 Oct 20201
Ghedi, Italy45.43851852N 10.28106880ETornado
credits: EI-EXA
Military19 Feb 20241
Ghedi, Italy45.43165588N 10.28755379E5× Tornado
credits: EI-EXA
Military19 Feb 2024
Gioia del Colle, Italy40.76208878N 16.94676781EF-84, F-104 (not yet visible on GE image, exact location TBC)Military17 May 20182
Gioia del Colle, Italy40.78137589N 16.92978859EVariousMilitary8 Jun 20167
Gioia del Colle, Italy40.78376389N 16.92512703EF-104Military29 Nov 20131
Gioia del Colle, Italy40.79239655N 16.92493057EMB-326Military21 Dec 20141
Gonzaga, Italy44.95463943N 10.80920792EG.91Military9 Aug 20231
Gorizia, Italy45.91067505N 13.60779667EHU-16Military29 Oct 20121
Grazzanise, Italy41.05238724N 14.06972027ET-6Military30 Mar 20231
Grazzanise, Italy41.06735229N 14.07048893EF-86, F-104, B.212Military30 Mar 20233
Grazzanise, Italy41.08871078N 14.09835911EF-104Military4 Jun 20161
Grazzanise, Italy41.06342697N 14.09663105EAB.212 (not yet visible on GE image, exact location TBC)Military13 Mar 20181
Grazzanise, Italy41.05176163N 14.06556988E2x F-104Military30 Mar 2023
Grazzanise, Italy41.06342316N 14.09857082EVarious
credits: Jeroen van Toor
Military2 Aug 20234
Grontardo, Italy45.20298386N 10.14374447EG.91Military29 Oct 20121
Grosseto, Italy42.76812744N 11.08374119EMB.326Military24 Nov 20132
Grosseto, Italy42.77340698N 11.07699680EF-104Military29 Oct 20121
Grosseto, Italy42.76415253N 11.08127975EF-104Military24 Nov 20131
Grosseto, Italy42.77199173N 11.08680439EF-86Military29 Oct 20121
Grosseto, Italy42.76369476N 11.06886292EF-104Military24 Nov 20131
Grosseto, Italy42.78156281N 11.10541058EF-104Military29 Oct 20121
Grugliasco, Italy45.05154419N 7.62008858EUH-1Military29 Oct 20121
Guidonia, Italy41.97034073N 12.68894005EG.91Military11 Jan 20151
Guidonia, Italy41.99814606N 12.72977734EF-104 (cockpit just visible between the trees)Military19 Jul 20141
Guidonia, Italy41.99553680N 12.73046112EP.166, Be.18Military2 Jun 20201
Introdacqua, Italy42.01428986N 13.89843369EF-104Military21 May 20141
Isola del Liri, Italy41.67890167N 13.55845261EB.47Military8 Nov 20171
Isola Sacre, Italy41.75698090N 12.25754642ECV-440Military6 Feb 20161
Istrana, Italy45.69037628N 12.08670902EVariousMilitary8 Jun 20165
Istrana, Italy45.68856812N 12.08176804ET-33Military29 Oct 20121
Istrana, Italy45.68703079N 12.07127094EF-104
credits: panadero@
Military12 Jul 20201
Istrana, Italy45.67886734N 12.10343266EF-104Military29 Oct 20121
Istrana, Italy45.69079208N 12.10789776EAMXMilitary4 Aug 20151
Istrana, Italy45.68767929N 12.06699562EAMX scrapyard, F-104 fuselageMilitary17 Dec 20151
Istrana, Italy45.68759537N 12.07231903EVariousMilitary16 Mar 20203
Jesolo, Italy45.51760483N 12.67388439EF-104 (inside a tent)Military27 Sep 20221
Jesolo, Italy45.52633667N 12.64150333EA.109
credits: EI-EXA
Military19 Feb 20241
Jesolo - Museo Storico Militare Vidotto, Italy45.52656937N 12.64099789EUH-1, MB-326Military30 Oct 20202
L'Aguila, Italy42.37664413N 13.31116104EG.91Military29 Oct 20121
L'Aguila, Italy42.37543106N 13.31024837ESeveral small propCivil25 Oct 20171
L'Aguila, Italy42.37628937N 13.31012344ESmall propCivil2 Jun 2020
La Spezia, Italy44.08860397N 9.98344612EB.47, H-34Military6 Jun 20162
La Spezia, Italy44.08907700N 9.98583984EEH.101Military6 Jun 20161
La Spezia, Italy44.08815765N 9.98302460EUH-1Military29 Oct 20121
La Spezia, Italy44.08827209N 9.98500824EB.47 (not clearly visible, exact location to be confirmed)Military6 Jun 20161
La Spezia, Italy44.08856201N 9.98455715EH-3Military22 Nov 2018
Lamezia, Italy38.91066360N 16.23468018EB.212, B.412
credits: Martin Sorhagen
Military7 Oct 20232
Lamezia-Terme, Italy38.91117096N 16.23477745EPiper Cub, B.206Military16 Mar 20231
Lancenigo, Italy45.73584366N 12.24781895EUltralightCivil29 Jun 2020
Landriano, Italy45.31033707N 9.26352501ESu-7 forward fuselageMilitary14 Nov 20181
Latina, Italy41.54806519N 12.91320896EG.91Military22 Dec 20231
Latina, Italy41.54858017N 12.91348743ESF.260Military6 Jun 20161
Latina, Italy41.55076981N 12.91370678EVariousMilitary6 Jun 20164
Latina, Italy41.48737335N 12.84707737EP.148Military29 Oct 20121
Latina, Italy41.46329117N 12.89042759EMB.326Military29 Oct 20121
Latina, Italy41.54755402N 12.91322899ESF.260Military6 Jun 20161
Lavino di Mezzo, Italy44.54094315N 11.20816803EP.136 (visible on street view)Civil11 Nov 20201
Lecce, Italy40.24327850N 18.14422798ET-6, MB.326Military24 Nov 20132
Lecce, Italy40.24138260N 18.14238358EF-104, MB-339Military25 Jan 20231
Lecce, Italy40.24399185N 18.14146423E2x MB-339Military26 Aug 20152
Lecce, Italy40.24789047N 18.13723564EMany stored MB.339Military29 Oct 2012
Lecce, Italy40.24440002N 18.16473770EMB-339 (not yet visible on GE image)
credits: Rob van Ringelesteijn
Military24 Sep 20221
Lido di Jesolo, Italy45.50553513N 12.62709618EF-84Military27 Sep 20221
Lido di Licola, Italy40.89337158N 14.04078293EF-86Military29 Oct 2012
Lido di Ostia, Italy41.74171066N 12.28917503EPD.808Military24 Mar 20151
Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy45.67438889N 13.10510921EF-104Military5 Nov 20171
Livigno, Italy46.52472687N 10.16230583EG.91Military2 Jun 20201
Lonato Pozzolo, Italy45.60095978N 8.74702930EG.59Military2 Jun 20201
Loreggiola, Italy45.60928726N 11.90551567EG.91 (not yet visible on GE image)Military22 Apr 20221
Loreto, Italy43.42979813N 13.60475636EF-104Military17 Oct 20141
Loreto, Italy43.44032669N 13.60627365EMB.339Military17 Oct 20141
Loreto, Italy44.77161789N 8.18664169EMB.326Military29 Oct 20121
Loreto, Italy43.43008423N 13.60400295EG.91Military17 Oct 20141
Lucca, Italy43.83162689N 10.49368763EPD.808Military29 Oct 20121
Lugo, Italy44.40031052N 11.85525036EF-104, G.91Military29 Oct 20122
Lugo - Museo Baracca, Italy44.41738510N 11.90900230EG.91 (under this roof in the garden)Military4 Nov 20191
Lumezzane, Italy45.64939499N 10.24910927EG.91Military7 Jun 20161
Madaloni, Italy41.03263855N 14.38444519EUH-1Military3 Jun 20201
Maddaloni, Italy41.03895187N 14.38401604EMB.326Military29 Oct 20121
Maglie, Italy40.10636902N 18.25963211ERallye
credits: erazkiel
Civil24 Sep 20221
Malpensa, Italy45.63971329N 8.71049213ETB-9, P.166 as i/a at ASLAMBoth17 Oct 20221
Manerbio, Italy45.35145569N 10.13613796EG.91Military17 Oct 20141
Maniago, Italy46.16681671N 12.69828224EUH-1Military3 Jun 20201
Mantova - Galleria storica del Corpo NazionaleVigili del Fuoco, Italy45.15798187N 10.79926682EB.47, UH-1Civil12 Dec 20202
Maranello, Italy44.53363037N 10.85784817EF-104Military29 Oct 20121
Marcaria, Italy45.12567520N 10.54154396EF-84Military29 Oct 20121
Marina di Campo, Italy42.75994110N 10.23940563EBe.65 (visible on latest GE image)
credits: Václav Kudela
Civil31 Dec 20221
Marina Palmense, Italy43.16012192N 13.80257988ECe.310Civil11 Nov 20201
Marino, Italy41.75462341N 12.63000870EP.66 (removed?)Civil27 Jul 20201
Marotta, Italy43.77857971N 13.11302376EG.91Military7 Jun 20161
Marsala - Museo Militaria, Italy37.80077362N 12.44848728EF-104Military8 Nov 20171
Martina Franca, Italy40.70414352N 17.32995605EMB.326Military29 Oct 20121
Martina Franca, Italy40.70202637N 17.32042885ET-33Military8 Jun 20161
Martina Franca, Italy40.67546082N 17.26583290EUH-1Military3 Jun 20201
Massa, Italy44.03100967N 10.09965992EF-104Military29 Oct 20121
Medicina, Italy44.48012924N 11.63425541EG.91Military29 Oct 20121
Messina, Italy38.18212128N 15.54688072EUH-1
credits: EI-EXA
Military31 Jan 20241
Mestre, Italy45.51633072N 12.24316597EUH-1Civil20 Jul 20201
Milan, Italy45.46312332N 9.28205872EF-104Military29 Oct 20121
Milan, Italy45.49837112N 9.24090862EG.91Military21 Aug 20191
Milan, Italy45.45988464N 9.25880718EB.47Military31 Oct 20171
Milan, Italy45.50221634N 9.15492535EMB-326Military4 Jun 20161
Milan, Italy45.49765778N 9.23984146EMB-326
credits: RonaldV
Military18 Sep 20211
Milan - Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci, Italy45.46096420N 9.17158127EVariousMilitary30 Oct 20207
Milan-Linate, Italy45.45469666N 9.27357960ELearjetCivil31 Jan 2024
Milan-Linate, Italy45.44766235N 9.27442551ECe.500
credits: EI-EXA
Civil31 Jan 2024
Milan-Malpensa - Museo del Volo Volandia, Italy45.62906265N 8.70697498EVariousBoth17 Dec 201459
Millisimo, Italy44.37426758N 8.19921398EG.91, M-200 glider, fuselageBoth31 May 20232
Mira, Italy45.43358231N 12.20652962EUH-1Military11 Aug 2017
Misano Adriatico, Italy43.97600937N 12.69111919EF-104Military3 Jun 20201
Modena, Italy44.62988663N 10.80873489EF-104Military29 Oct 20121
Modena, Italy44.62241745N 11.00155258ECe.F150Civil5 Jun 2016
Modena, Italy44.65177917N 10.91287422EG.46Military5 Jun 20161
Modena, Italy44.62909317N 10.94892979EF-104Military19 Apr 20131
Modena, Italy44.62972641N 10.80970573EBe.77 dismantled in hangarCivil11 Jun 20201
Monale, Italy44.93844604N 8.07306480EG.91Military29 Oct 20121
Monastir, Italy39.35282135N 9.04966259ET-6 fuselageMilitary5 Jun 2020
Monbarcaro, Italy44.46802902N 8.08404446EG.91Military17 Jul 20151
Montagnana, Italy45.24734497N 11.42021084EVariousBoth17 Aug 201811
Montecchio Maggiore - Museo delle Forze Armate 1914-1945, Italy45.48763275N 11.41437244EG.91, MB-326Military17 Aug 20182
Montegrotto Terme, Italy45.33963394N 11.78756523EDC-3 cockpit
credits: EI-EXA
Unknown27 Oct 2023
Montelibretti, Italy42.14757538N 12.64661217EUH-1Civil6 Jun 2016
Monterotondo, Italy42.06188965N 12.59495163EUH-1 (under the trees)Military3 Jun 2020
Napels, Italy40.88799286N 14.30192947EPD.808 (inside)Military28 Oct 2020
Napoli, Italy40.87582779N 14.28179169ES-2Military29 Oct 20121
Napoli, Italy40.87519073N 14.27961636ET-33Military29 Oct 20121
Napoli, Italy40.88897705N 14.28355885EB.206Civil4 Jun 20161
Napoli, Italy40.88509369N 14.27826405EMB.326Military29 Nov 20131
Napoli, Italy40.88183975N 14.27503681EMB.326Military19 Sep 20191
Napoli, Italy40.86585999N 14.27435112EMB-326 (inside)Military3 Jun 20201
Napoli, Italy40.88784027N 14.28187466EVariousCivil21 Oct 20233
Nervesa della Battaglia, Italy45.83873367N 12.19411278EG.91 (only visible outside on 2017 GE image, still noted here in 2019, inside?)Military14 Nov 20191
Nola, Italy40.97100830N 14.48251438EF-84Military28 Oct 2020
Novara, Italy45.43409729N 8.60848808EMB.326Military29 Oct 20121
Novaro - Museo Storico Aldo Rossini, Italy45.44074249N 8.63335800EMB-326 (not yet visible on GE image)
credits: panadero@
Military14 Jun 20221
Novi Ligure, Italy44.77884293N 8.78918934EL-13Civil11 May 20171
Olbia, Italy40.87060547N 9.50459957EB.47Military31 Oct 20171
Olbia, Italy40.90327835N 9.51607418EBe.18 hanging inside terminalMilitary9 Nov 20171
Olbia, Italy40.90347290N 9.52108097E2x MetrolinerCivil14 Jul 20192
Ornaro Basso, Italy42.29372787N 12.85900402ES.205, P.66Civil27 Jul 20201
Orte, Italy42.47601700N 12.33893585EF-104, G.91 (not yet visible on GE image)Military5 Jun 20162
Orte, Italy42.47650146N 12.33786488EMB.326Military5 Jun 20161
Orzinuovi, Italy45.39770126N 9.92455578EF-84Military29 Oct 20121
Osimo, Italy43.46476746N 13.45753193EG.91
credits: EI-EXA
Military21 Nov 20231
Ospitaletto, Italy45.55390930N 10.08475018ET-6Military7 Jun 20161
Ostia, Italy41.73172379N 12.31097889EG.91Military6 Jun 20161
Paese, Italy45.67404556N 12.14803028EB.47Military22 Apr 20171
Palazzolo Acreide, Italy37.05051422N 14.90120792EM-416Civil22 Apr 20221
Palermo, Italy38.10973740N 13.31144714EG.91Military29 Oct 20121
Palermo, Italy38.11681747N 13.30993843EB.47Military8 Jun 20161
Palermo, Italy38.10473633N 13.34831905EF-104Military8 Jun 20161
Palermo, Italy38.08547211N 13.41694260EVarious partsBoth30 Jun 20232
Palermo, Italy38.11799622N 13.31036377EB.206Civil11 Nov 20201
Palermo, Italy38.14756012N 13.35946560EUH-1Military3 Jun 2020
Palermo, Italy38.10517883N 13.34901047EG.59 (inside, visible through the windows)Military14 Oct 20211
Palmanova, Italy45.90802383N 13.32267284EUH-1Military1 Apr 2017
Pantano, Italy42.54530334N 12.60434246EG.91Military3 Jun 20201
Parma, Italy44.81622314N 10.28937435EG.91Military5 Jun 20161
Parma, Italy44.81650925N 10.29064369EPD.808Military1 Jul 20231
Perdasdefogu, Italy39.67668533N 9.44325066ET-33Military29 Oct 20121
Perdasdefogu, Italy39.67710114N 9.44355106EF-104Military29 Oct 20121
Persano, Italy40.57856369N 15.11284065EUH-1Military5 Jul 2018
Perugia, Italy43.09893417N 12.50433636ESeveral small propsCivil2 Jun 2020
Pesaro, Italy43.90415955N 12.88764286EF-104Military17 Oct 20231
Pesaro, Italy43.90362930N 12.88803387EF-104
credits: EI-EXA
Military17 Oct 20231
Pescara, Italy42.43906403N 14.19581699EP.166Military29 Oct 20121
Pescara, Italy42.44274521N 14.18784332EUH-1Military4 Jun 20161
Pescara, Italy42.43449402N 14.19160366EHelicopterUnknown14 Jul 2019
Pescara, Italy42.43820190N 14.19355011EP.166Military25 Oct 20201
Pescina, Italy42.02178574N 13.65452671EP.166Military4 Jun 20161
Piacenza, Italy44.90807724N 9.71917629EF-104, F-84Military2 Jun 20202
Pietrelcina, Italy41.19589996N 14.84521008EF-104Military12 Apr 20171
Pisa, Italy43.69094467N 10.38734818EG.222, C-130 fuselageMilitary16 Aug 20191
Pisa, Italy43.72506714N 10.39364147EF-104, MB.326, F-86Military29 Oct 20123
Pisa, Italy43.69444275N 10.39528370EC-119Military29 Nov 20131
Pisa, Italy43.68128586N 10.43240166EUH-1, F-84 (both visible on street view)
credits: EI-EXA
Military21 Nov 20232
Pisa - Museo Aviotruppe Esercito Italiano, Italy43.72971725N 10.40711689EUH-1 (visible on street view)
credits: EI-EXA
Military21 Nov 20231
Poggio, Italy44.79325867N 11.49152184EB.47Military5 Jun 20161
Poggio, Italy44.79294205N 11.49256325EMB.326Military5 Jun 20161
Poggio, Italy44.79251480N 11.49380398EF-104Military5 Jun 20161
Poggio Renatic, Italy44.79253769N 11.49515438ETornado, AMXMilitary15 Mar 20202
Pollein, Italy45.73564148N 7.35311222EUH-1Military31 Mar 20171
Pomigliano d'Arco, Italy40.91565323N 14.39706898EG.91Military9 Mar 20181
Pomigliano d'Arco, Italy40.91766357N 14.38532543EG.222 fuselageMilitary9 Mar 2018
Pomigliano d'Arco, Italy40.91630554N 14.39393806EAMX fuselageMilitary3 Jun 2020
Pomigliano d'Arco, Italy40.91664886N 14.39477539EG.222 fuselageMilitary3 Jun 2020
Pomtedera - Museo Piaggio, Italy43.66062164N 10.63277531EP.148Military8 Nov 20171
Ponte di Ferro, Italy42.89257050N 12.53769779EF-104, G.91Military29 Oct 20122
Pordenone - Museo Storico Aeronautico, Italy45.94630814N 12.71565056EVariousBoth5 Jun 20167
Poviglio, Italy44.84679794N 10.53868294ES.202 (inside, exact building not 100% sure, still here?)Military27 Sep 20211
Pozzuoli, Italy40.82165146N 14.14094925EF-104Military29 Oct 20121
Pozzuoli, Italy40.82242584N 14.14066505EAMXMilitary22 Apr 20221
Pozzuoli, Italy40.82052994N 14.14229774EMB.339Military1 Apr 2017
Pozzuoli, Italy40.86102676N 14.06816864EF-86Military8 Nov 20171
Pratica di Mare, Italy41.67414474N 12.45249081EF-104Military29 Oct 20121
Pratica di Mare, Italy41.67507172N 12.45396233EHH-3Military14 Dec 20151
Pratica di Mare, Italy41.67224503N 12.45127296EG.91Military29 Oct 20121
Pratica di Mare, Italy41.66342545N 12.45260429EPD.808Military29 Oct 20121
Pratica di Mare, Italy41.65262604N 12.44017410E2x PD.808, 13x HH-3Military15 Jun 20231
Pratica di Mare, Italy41.65844345N 12.44765377EMB.326Military24 Nov 20131
Pratica di Mare, Italy41.66172409N 12.44465923EF-104, TornadoMilitary3 Jun 20202
Pratica di Mare, Italy41.67697144N 12.45522118EG.91Military29 Oct 20121
Pratica di Mare, Italy41.65961456N 12.44738007EB.47Military15 Dec 20151
Pratica di Mare, Italy41.65416336N 12.45788574EB.47Military5 Jun 20161
Pratica di Mare, Italy41.65870667N 12.45600605EPD.808Military15 Dec 20151
Pratica di Mare, Italy41.66901779N 12.44743347EB.47Military15 Dec 20151
Pratica di Mare, Italy41.66309357N 12.45416832EP.166Military1 Apr 20171
Pratica di Mare, Italy41.66854477N 12.44411755EA.109Military22 Jun 20231
Pratica di Mare, Italy41.65549088N 12.45587635EDC-3Military3 Jun 2020
Pratica di Mare, Italy41.66781998N 12.44907761EB.47Military15 Jun 2023
Pratica di Mare, Italy41.66855240N 12.44813728EB.206Military28 Jun 20231
Pratica di Mare, Italy41.68117523N 12.45171261ETornadoMilitary22 Feb 20241
Pratica di Mare - Guardia di Finanza Historical Museum, Italy41.66893005N 12.43884659EVariousMilitary3 Jun 20208
Quartucciu, Italy39.26834106N 9.19317722ES.205Civil6 Apr 20191
Quinzano d'Oglio, Italy45.31162262N 9.99796295ET-6Military29 Oct 20121
Ravenna, Italy44.33678818N 12.26493359EVariousMilitary6 Nov 20142
Reggio Calabria, Italy38.07221222N 15.65648937EP.64Military4 Jun 20161
Reggio Emilia - Flying Museum, Italy44.70096207N 10.66516018EVariousBoth27 Sep 20174
Remondo, Italy45.23291016N 8.80369186EMB-326Military3 Jun 2020
Rezzato, Italy45.51067734N 10.32658577ET-33Military29 Oct 20121
Rieti, Italy42.42926407N 12.85496330EUH-1Military29 Oct 20121
Rieti, Italy42.42621231N 12.85706615EGliderCivil22 Mar 2021
Rieti, Italy42.42307663N 12.84852028E2x S.205, RallyeCivil8 Aug 20233
Rieti, Italy42.42447281N 12.85487843EF-104Military25 Jan 20231
Rieti, Italy42.42206955N 12.84998798EP.57Civil17 Feb 20231
Rimini, Italy44.01082993N 12.62490082EUH-1Military20 Apr 20191
Rimini, Italy44.01077652N 12.61992168EUH-1Military18 Apr 20191
Rimini, Italy44.02483368N 12.61461926EUH-1, B.206, SM.1019Military3 Jun 20203
Rimini, Italy44.02185822N 12.61565304EB767Civil14 Feb 20191
Rimini, Italy44.02716827N 12.61004639E2x UH-1 (exact location TBC but around here)Military14 Apr 20192
Rimini, Italy44.02565765N 12.61124420E2x UH-1 (not yet visible on GE image)Military28 Oct 2020
Riva del Garda, Italy45.89369202N 10.83776855EB.206
credits: EI-EXA
Military23 Nov 20231
Rivalta, Italy44.99539566N 7.50279713EG.91Military8 Nov 20171
Rivoli, Italy45.06572723N 7.55506372EG.91Military14 Jan 20191
Rivolto, Italy45.97716522N 13.03666115EF-84, F-104Military26 Nov 20132
Rivolto, Italy45.97773361N 13.04003239EG.91, T-6Military28 Oct 20202
Rivolto, Italy45.96982193N 13.04152203EG.91Military29 Oct 20121
Rivolto, Italy45.97203445N 13.04659748EAMX, F-86, G.91Military28 Oct 20202
Rivolto, Italy45.97941208N 13.06526089EMB-339Military19 Aug 20181
Rivolto, Italy45.97750092N 13.05613518EBurned G.91 wreckMilitary29 Nov 2013
Rivolto, Italy45.96924591N 13.03835583E2x T-33, F-86Military28 Oct 20203
Rivolto, Italy45.97929001N 13.06385040EMB-339, G.91, F-86Military3 Jun 20203
Rivolto, Italy45.98083878N 13.06579876E2x F-84, F-86Military3 Jun 20203
Rivolto, Italy45.98108673N 13.06725502EC-119Military3 Jun 20201
Rivolto, Italy45.96900177N 13.04109955EMB-339 (not yet visible on GE image)Military28 Oct 2020
Rocchetta Nuova - Museo Internazionale delle Guerre Mondiali, Italy41.62486649N 14.08503151ET-6, G.91, T-33, P.148Military22 Dec 20234
Roma, Italy41.82872391N 12.49806023EViscountCivil29 Oct 20121
Roma, Italy41.91698456N 12.48957539EA.109Military5 Jun 20161
Roma, Italy41.87093735N 12.47455502EUH-1Civil6 Jun 20161
Roma, Italy41.83693314N 12.47599983EP.64 in Luneur ParkCivil13 Jan 2021
Rome, Italy41.89226532N 12.50802612EVarious (inside Istituto Tecnico Industriale Galileo Galilei)Both6 Jun 20163
Rome, Italy41.86626053N 12.55574799EF-104Military29 Oct 20121
Rome, Italy41.86683273N 12.55788612EG.91Military29 Oct 20121
Rome, Italy41.86867142N 12.55803967EMB.326Military29 Oct 20121
Rome, Italy41.87544632N 12.58731747EG.91Military29 Oct 20121
Rome, Italy41.82472229N 12.38245392EG.91Military29 Oct 20121
Rome, Italy41.80494690N 12.49073696EB.206Military3 Jun 2020
Rome, Italy41.83147812N 12.44335842EF-104 inside at Scuderia BaldiniMilitary28 Oct 20201
Rome - MAXXI Museum, Italy41.92919540N 12.46606445EG.91 upside down at the entranceMilitary21 Dec 20201
Rome - Museo Motorizzazione Militare, Italy41.80410767N 12.49660587EVariousMilitary5 Jun 20166
Roncade, Italy45.63709641N 12.40762997ES.205Civil13 Jan 20211
Ronchi dei Legionari, Italy45.82987976N 13.46317101EMD-80Civil23 Feb 20161
Rotondi, Italy41.03277969N 14.59675789EP.166Military4 Jun 20161
Roverbella, Italy45.26895142N 10.77199841EMB.326Military29 Oct 20121
Roveredo in Piano, Italy45.98316574N 12.60428524ESE.210Civil1 Jun 20161
Rovereto - Museo Storico Italiano della Guerra, Italy45.88640594N 11.04638481ENieuport-Macchi Ni.10Military21 Jun 2023
Rubiera, Italy44.66955566N 10.79592514EVariousMilitary5 Jun 20164
Russi, Italy44.36966324N 12.02432156EMB.326Military29 Oct 20121
Sabaudia, Italy41.31014633N 13.02255440EF-84Military29 Oct 2012
Saint Marcel, Italy45.73678589N 7.44685316ES.205Civil8 Nov 20171
Salerno, Italy40.62182236N 14.90883160EB.47Military25 Jan 20231
Salerno, Italy40.62140274N 14.90891933EA.109 wreckMilitary3 Jun 20201
Salerno, Italy40.64304352N 14.85555172EG.91Military13 Sep 20221
Salve, Italy39.86061096N 18.30003166EMB.339Military29 Oct 20121
San Bartolomeo, Italy41.50022888N 13.86012554EH-47 fuselageMilitary1 Apr 2017
San Cataldo, Italy37.46495819N 13.99463654EDC-9 in use as restaurant at AirpubCivil24 Oct 20161
San Giorgio del Sannio, Italy41.07849503N 14.85639763ES.205Civil6 Apr 20191
San Giovanni Ilarione, Italy45.53087234N 11.23255825EG.91Military14 Jan 20131
San Giustino, Italy43.55696487N 12.16906834EF-104 in use as a simulator, forward fuselage only?Military12 Oct 20231
San Pelagio - Museum, Italy45.31462097N 11.82142162EVariousMilitary31 Oct 201712
San Teodoro, Italy40.80228043N 9.65725327EP.66Civil27 Jul 20201
Sanguinetto, Italy45.19906998N 11.16285610ET-6Military1 Apr 20171
Sant Angelo in Villa, Italy41.66799545N 13.43675041ESE.210Civil29 Dec 20141
Sant'Andrea di Faenza, Italy44.33515549N 11.92716885EG.91Military29 Oct 20121
Sant'Egidio alla Vibrata, Italy42.81760406N 13.70002937ESE.210Civil4 Jun 20161
Sant'Oreste, Italy42.23685074N 12.50872135ET-33
credits: EI-EXA
Military23 Nov 20231
Santa Giustina, Italy46.07172775N 12.01854420ERallye (not yet visible on GE image, visible on street view)Civil13 Jan 20211
Santa Sofia, Italy43.95414352N 11.91144657EF-104Military29 Oct 20121
Santarcangelo di Romagna, Italy44.06212234N 12.47265911EF-84Military11 Oct 20171
Sarno, Italy40.83423233N 14.58315277EAL.60Civil11 Nov 20201
Sarzana, Italy44.10694504N 9.95447063EP.166 (not yet visible on GE image)Military17 Mar 20181
Sassuolo, Italy44.56927490N 10.78131294EG.91Military29 Oct 20121
Schilpario - Museo Storico Militare, Italy46.01781464N 10.19755363EVariousMilitary13 Sep 20224
Segrate, Italy45.48917389N 9.26236629ET-6Military7 Jun 20161
Selargius, Italy39.24897003N 9.16183186EG.91Military29 Oct 20121
Sesto Calende, Italy45.73040390N 8.62261105E2x S.205, F-104 (not yet visible)Both26 Dec 20233
Sienna, Italy43.25539017N 11.24948215EMetroCivil25 Oct 20171
Sigonella, Italy37.40811157N 14.93233109EAtlantic, F-104Military12 Oct 20232
Sigonella, Italy37.40416336N 14.93695641E2x AtlanticMilitary28 Jul 20192
Sigonella, Italy37.40734482N 14.92717457ES-2Military12 Oct 20231
Silla, Italy44.18207169N 10.97513866EF-104Military29 Oct 20121
Solbiate Olona, Italy45.64295959N 8.85535622EB.206Military14 Jan 20191
Solbiate Olona, Italy45.64386749N 8.85870838EF-104Military5 Mar 20201
Somma Vesuviana, Italy40.88892746N 14.44366932ERallye i/a at ITIS MajoranaCivil13 Jan 2021
Sora, Italy41.69691467N 13.59862614ESmall propCivil3 Jun 2020
Sora, Italy41.69681168N 13.59788418EB.47Military8 Nov 20171
Stallavena, Italy45.53940582N 11.00395775EG.91Military17 Oct 20141
Storta, Italy41.98474884N 12.36880875EH-3Military16 Aug 2018
Supino, Italy41.61378479N 13.23113632EF-104Military29 Oct 20121
Taranto, Italy40.46987152N 17.27580452EMB.326Military29 Oct 20121
Taranto, Italy40.47043991N 17.31259346ET-33, B.47Military6 Nov 20142
Taranto, Italy40.46918869N 17.27872849EG.91Military29 Oct 20121
Taranto, Italy40.52002716N 17.41040039EH-3 (moved, to where?)Military9 Oct 20231
Taranto, Italy40.52111053N 17.40840340EHarrier, A.106Military8 May 20242
Taranto, Italy40.52165604N 17.40934372EH-3, UH-1Military8 May 20242
Taranto, Italy40.51423264N 17.41149330EH-3Military19 May 20181
Taranto, Italy40.47079849N 17.27947235ET-6Military22 Feb 2024
Taranto, Italy40.52367020N 17.41174507E2x Harrier (not yet visible on GE image)
credits: Martin Sorhagen
Military19 Feb 20242
Taranto, Italy40.52429962N 17.41149521EUH-1
credits: EI-EXA
Military19 Feb 2024
Taranto, Italy40.52426529N 17.41033554EH-3 (not yet visible on GE image)Military8 May 2024
Taranto, Italy40.51917648N 17.41011047E3x UH-1 (not yet visible on GE image)Military8 May 20243
Tarquinia, Italy42.24610901N 11.75084019EG.91Military29 Oct 20121
Tarvisio, Italy46.50367737N 13.57048321EG.91Military29 Oct 20121
Taviano, Italy39.98030853N 18.08936882EMB.326Military29 Oct 20121
Termoli, Italy41.97695541N 15.01916218EMB.326Military29 Oct 20121
Terni, Italy42.57106018N 12.58413982EVarious small propsCivil13 Jan 20213
Thiene, Italy45.67805099N 11.49494362EF-104Military23 Jul 20141
Tirli, Italy42.83090210N 10.88088894EF-104Military29 Oct 20121
Tolmezzo, Italy46.39592743N 13.02026176EF-104Military21 May 20141
Torino, Italy45.18777466N 7.65260887EF-104Military1 Apr 20171
Torino, Italy45.18556595N 7.64549017EDC-3Civil31 Oct 20171
Torino, Italy45.18722534N 7.64460373EF-104Military29 Oct 20121
Torino, Italy45.08236694N 7.61100388EAMXMilitary25 Nov 20131
Torino, Italy45.11138916N 7.66091204EVarious (also inside)Military8 Jun 20165
Torino, Italy45.20249557N 7.64334393EG.222Military1 Apr 20171
Torino, Italy45.19330215N 7.65868998E2x TornadoMilitary16 Mar 2020
Torino, Italy45.18680573N 7.65382290EVarious (also under restoration, but those may be at a different location, to be confirmed)Military2 Jan 20218
Torino - Centro Storico Fiat, Italy45.04586411N 7.67982817EG.91Military3 Jun 20201
Torre De' Roveri, Italy45.70144653N 9.75902843EMiG-21Military8 Nov 20171
Torricola, Italy41.80902863N 12.55564308EMB.326Military29 Oct 20121
Torricola, Italy41.80978012N 12.55581856EA.102Military3 Jun 20201
Torricola, Italy41.81152725N 12.55507755E2x P.136Military3 Jun 2020
Tortona, Italy44.87368393N 8.81153965EP.166, A.109 i/a at Flyon Aero Aviation Training Centre
credits: EI-EXA
Military23 Nov 20232
Torvaianica, Italy41.63329315N 12.45892239ES.205 (still here?)Civil22 Feb 2024
Tradate, Italy45.70407486N 8.90527821EMB.326Military29 Oct 20121
Trapani, Italy37.91845322N 12.50551224EF-104, F-16Military26 Aug 20221
Trapani, Italy37.92391586N 12.47830009EF-84Military29 Oct 20121
Trapani, Italy37.91344070N 12.50366688EF-16 (not yet visible on GE image, but foundation of the new display is visible on the latest image)Military4 Jan 20231
Trapani, Italy37.90978622N 12.50952244E3× HH-3
credits: EI-EXA
Military15 Feb 20243
Trapani, Italy37.90708923N 12.50747108E2× HH-3
credits: EI-EXA
Military15 Feb 2024
Trento - Museuo Caproni, Italy46.02016068N 11.12710190EVariousBoth15 Nov 20189
Treviso, Italy45.64673615N 12.19857979EAMXMilitary8 Jun 20161
Treviso, Italy45.64439011N 12.19866467EG.91Military29 Oct 20121
Trino, Italy45.19919586N 8.30199814EG.91Military9 Nov 20171
Trontano, Italy46.10635376N 8.30708981E5x Helicopter fuselageUnknown3 Jun 2020
Udine, Italy46.06840515N 13.21921635EVarious i/a at ITI Arturo Malignani technical school. Exact location unsure.Both28 Oct 20206
Urbe, Italy41.95860672N 12.50437927EVarious small propCivil31 Oct 20174
Urbe, Italy41.97428513N 12.54735756ESeveral helicoptersMilitary2 Jun 2020
Urbe, Italy41.97482300N 12.54532719EG.91Military1 Jul 20231
Urbe, Italy41.97371674N 12.54879951ESeveral F-104 and G.91 fuselagesMilitary5 Jun 201630
Varese, Italy45.80337143N 8.77737141EMB.326Military29 Oct 2012
Varese, Italy45.79271698N 8.80022240EMB.326Military31 Oct 20171
Varese, Italy45.81018829N 8.77110958ESeveral aircraft std in several hangarsBoth19 Aug 20183
Velletri, Italy41.69038773N 12.78896904EF-104Military29 Oct 20121
Velletri, Italy41.69981766N 12.83346844E2x small prop in a paintball parkCivil6 Apr 2019
Velo D'Astico, Italy45.79702759N 11.35688400EG.91Military21 Sep 20221
Venaria Reale, Italy45.13115311N 7.61786747EUH-1Military7 Jun 20161
Venaria Reale, Italy45.13184357N 7.61787796EB.206Military1 Apr 20171
Venaria Reale, Italy45.13113403N 7.62059021EUH-1Military7 May 2017
Venaria Reale, Italy45.14048386N 7.62488842EG.91Military16 Mar 20201
Venegono, Italy45.74166870N 8.88221741EMB-326Military28 Oct 2020
Venegono, Italy45.74358368N 8.88240910EMB-339Civil28 Oct 20201
Venegono, Italy45.74316788N 8.88195419EMB-339Military28 Oct 20201
Venegono, Italy45.73788452N 8.89263821ESF.260, UH-1Military19 Feb 20241
Venegono, Italy45.73871231N 8.89293194ESF.260 fuselageMilitary28 Oct 20201
Venice, Italy45.51387787N 12.35597992E3x Sukhoi Superjet (and maybe another)Civil26 Apr 20243
Vercelli, Italy45.31173325N 8.42303658EMB.326Military29 Oct 20121
Vergiate, Italy45.71865463N 8.69378185EAW149Civil23 Aug 20201
Verona, Italy45.41317368N 11.09438324EUH-1 inside Centro Commerciale IPER, Sportler storeMilitary1 Aug 20211
Verona, Italy45.40079880N 10.93751049EG.91Military3 Jan 20151
Verona, Italy45.47161484N 10.93008900EPA-32 (not yet visible on GE image)Civil5 Jun 20201
Vestone, Italy45.71937180N 10.41940212EMB.326Military29 Oct 20121
Vezzi Portio, Italy44.22301865N 8.35255718EP.166Military28 Oct 2020
Vibo Valentia, Italy38.64219666N 16.04390335EB.47Military4 Jun 20161
Vigilio, Italy46.70299149N 11.92890930ECockpit, wings and tail section of an F-104 attached to the facade and rear of the Al Plan hotel
credits: EI-EXA
Military27 Oct 20231
Vigna di Valle - Museum, Italy42.08537292N 12.21631145EVariousBoth3 Jun 201677
Vigolzone, Italy44.92398453N 9.67444611ECanberra, Buccaneer nose sections (confirmation needed these are still here)Military2 Dec 20232
Villafranca, Italy45.38464737N 10.87859726E2x F-104, F-84, AMXMilitary5 Jun 20174
Villafranca, Italy45.35447311N 10.85170269EF-104Military19 Aug 20211
Villafranca, Italy45.38923645N 10.87187862ETornado (may be moving around, see also location #18197)Military11 Sep 20171
Villafranca, Italy45.40021515N 10.88557911EVarious in this areaMilitary11 Sep 20178
Villafranca - Museo Nicolis, Italy45.36841583N 10.86723042EF-104, T-33, G.46Military29 Oct 20122
Villaggio Gaudiano, Italy41.10540390N 15.87816620EP.64Civil11 Nov 20191
Villamarzana, Italy45.02064514N 11.66259289EDC-6, Tu-134, B.47Both8 Jun 20163
Villaverla, Italy45.64608002N 11.49275589EG.91Military8 Nov 20211
Viterbo, Italy42.42990875N 12.07205772EMB.326, F-104Military17 Dec 20142
Viterbo, Italy42.42540741N 12.06865025EUH-1Military2 Jun 20161
Viterbo, Italy42.43260574N 12.06941700EP.166Military29 Oct 20121
Viterbo, Italy42.43082809N 12.06674480ET-33Military29 Oct 20121
Viterbo, Italy42.43124008N 12.07266617ET-6Military2 Jun 20161
Viterbo, Italy42.42492676N 12.07015419EL-18Military2 Jun 20161
Viterbo, Italy42.42521286N 12.07080841EB.47Military2 Jun 20161
Viterbo, Italy42.42996597N 12.06935501EG.91Military2 Jun 20161
Viterbo, Italy42.42292404N 12.07345772E4x UH-1, B.206Military6 Jun 20165
Viterbo, Italy42.42356110N 12.09595776EVarious i/aBoth6 Jun 20162
Viterbo, Italy42.42868423N 12.06372356EUH-1Military6 Jun 20161
Viterbo, Italy42.43726349N 12.06954384E9x H-47, B.47?Military5 Jun 20177
Viterbo, Italy42.42797470N 12.05778503EO-1, SM.1019Military3 Jun 2020
Viterbo, Italy42.43342209N 12.06690407EH-47Military3 Jun 20201
Viterbo, Italy42.42251205N 12.10640621EB.206Military3 Jun 2020
Viterbo, Italy42.44077682N 12.05973244E2x small propCivil21 Sep 2020
Viterbo, Italy42.42906952N 12.07258606EB.47 (visible on latest GE image)Military21 Jun 2023
Viveri, Italy45.47833633N 8.62535381EF-104Military29 Oct 20121
Volpiano, Italy45.18785477N 7.77418423EUH-1Civil7 Jun 2016
Zagarolo, Italy41.83360672N 12.83463669EMB.326Military22 Oct 20131

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