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449 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Japan. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Abira, Japan42.89979172N 141.87355042ERotorway Exec? at Family Park Golf Oiwake
credits: Antheii
Civil30 Jan 2022
Abira, Japan42.89858246N 141.87104797ECe.206 preserved at Family Park Golf Oiwake
credits: Antheii
Civil30 Jan 2022
Ainan - Shindenkai Museum, Japan32.95016098N 132.54925537EKawanishi N1K2-JMilitary30 May 2023
Ainoura, Japan33.17648315N 129.65863037EUH-1, H-6, H-46Military13 Feb 20233
Ainoura, Japan33.17508316N 129.65017700EUH-1Military10 Oct 2023
Ajisu, Japan34.01543808N 131.33204651ET-34Military12 Feb 20221
Aomori, Japan40.81230927N 140.71124268EUH-1Military23 Oct 20231
Aonohara, Japan35.56909180N 139.19912720EB.206 (not visible on GE image, visible from at least one street view image, stil here?)
credits: Antheii
Civil10 Mar 20221
Asahi, Japan35.72964478N 140.60623169ET-6 (visible on street-view)Military22 Oct 20181
Asaka, Japan35.78490067N 139.59960938EAH-1 (inside), UH-1Military25 Mar 20152
Asaka, Japan35.78546524N 139.59597778EUH-1Military15 Apr 2015
Asaka, Japan35.78008652N 139.58998108EH-47Military8 Jun 20151
Asakura, Japan33.40544891N 130.77940369EKM-2 (at former location of On-Raku-kan Museum)Military5 Jun 20241
Ashino, Japan40.91131973N 140.45291138ET-2Military28 Mar 20151
Ashiya, Japan33.88914490N 130.66381836EVariousMilitary16 Jul 20175
Ashiya, Japan33.88378143N 130.66239929EF-1Military16 Jul 20171
Atsugi, Japan35.45639420N 139.43463135EF-14, EA-6, H-3, H-60Military8 Dec 20164
Atsugi, Japan35.45787048N 139.43359375EA-4, F-4, T-6Military24 Mar 20153
Awaji-shi - Museum, Japan34.45857620N 134.86001587EVariousMilitary16 Jul 20177
Beppu, Japan33.29678345N 131.45716858EH-46Military21 Apr 20151
Beppu, Japan33.29628754N 131.45761108EUH-1Military21 Apr 20151
Betsukai-chō, Japan43.42979813N 144.74684143EH-6Military22 Oct 20181
Betsukai-chō, Japan43.42851639N 144.74357605EUH-1
credits: Shinsuke Yamamoto
Military14 Jun 2020
Bihoro, Japan43.82088470N 144.15849304EH-46, H-6Military21 Apr 20152
Bihoro, Japan43.82049179N 144.16038513EUH-1Military31 May 20221
Bihoro - Aviation Park, Japan43.81272507N 144.07589722ET-33Military31 Oct 20171
Chiba, Japan35.61028290N 140.11819458EL-13Civil18 Dec 20161
Chikujo, Japan33.67462921N 131.01228333ET-33Military23 Mar 20151
Chikujo, Japan33.67570877N 131.01460266EF-4Military31 May 20231
Chikusei, Japan36.29243469N 140.01837158EVarious, probably in a new building at this spot, exact situation and which planes are here has to be confirmedCivil1 Aug 20216
Chikuzen, Japan33.41366577N 130.61918640ET-33Military28 Mar 20151
Chikuzen, Japan33.47798157N 130.58470154EKM-2 visible on latest Street View image (from small road to the west), probably only temporary storage
credits: Shinsuke Yamamoto
Military5 Jun 20241
Chiran - Peace Museum for Kamikaze Pilots, Japan31.36364746N 130.43428040EVariousMilitary6 Jan 20153
Chitose, Japan42.81280518N 141.65238953EVariousMilitary20 Dec 20124
Chitose, Japan42.77907562N 141.66304016ET-33Military20 Dec 20121
Chitose, Japan42.78158951N 141.62252808EVarious i/a at Japan Aviation College
credits: Antheii
Civil20 Apr 202214
Chofu, Japan35.66957474N 139.53012085ECe.150 inside at the Propellor Cafe
credits: Antheii
Civil21 Apr 20221
Chofu, Japan35.68016815N 139.55784607EYS-11 cockpit section at the JAXA Aerospace Center Exhibition Room
credits: Antheii
Unknown26 Jan 2023
Chōshi, Japan35.70650864N 140.84358215EH-6 inside at "Chiba Institute of Science" exact location TBCMilitary25 Oct 20181
Date, Japan37.85342026N 140.62590027ECe.310, PA-28Civil5 Jun 20152
Erimo, Japan41.96318817N 143.22230530EF-1Military28 Mar 20151
Fuchu, Japan35.67324066N 139.49711609EF-104, F-1Military25 Mar 20152
Fucyu, Japan34.70308304N 133.11160278EHeronCivil1 Jul 20151
Fujikawaguchiko, Japan35.45341110N 138.74150085EVariousMilitary6 Jul 201318
Fujitsu, Japan32.96651459N 130.14421082ECe.210Civil2 Jul 20151
Fukaya, Japan36.16868210N 139.31123352EVariousMilitary20 Dec 20123
Fukaya, Japan36.16901016N 139.30990601EF-1Military20 Dec 20121
Fukuchiyama, Japan35.28782272N 135.12283325EUH-1
credits: Antheii
Military5 Feb 20231
Fukuoka, Japan33.63304520N 130.42507935EDH.114
credits: Richard Vandervord
Civil23 Mar 20151
Fukuoka, Japan33.58940887N 130.35499573EAlouette 3Civil2 Jul 20151
Fukuoka, Japan33.56522369N 130.43890381EB737 forward fuselage at Kidzania
credits: Antheii
Civil4 Aug 2023
Fukuroi, Japan34.73898697N 137.95877075ETaifunCivil19 Sep 20231
Fukushima, Japan37.70782089N 140.38226318EUH-1Military23 Oct 2023
Fukuyama - Auto Museum, Japan34.49781036N 133.36311340EPA-28Civil1 Jul 20151
Funabashi, Japan35.72544861N 140.05874634EVarious i/a at Funabashi College of Science and Technology Nihon University
credits: Antheii
Civil20 Apr 20223
Funaoka, Japan38.04766464N 140.77957153EUH-1, H-6, H-46Military25 Jun 20203
Fussa, Japan35.74314499N 139.33761597ECe.340Civil8 Jun 20151
Futaba, Japan35.68210983N 138.48333740ET-33, F-86, T-6Military15 Nov 20173
Futaba, Japan35.68173599N 138.48222351EF-104Military20 Dec 20121
Futaba, Japan35.68230820N 138.48065186Evarious i/a insideBoth9 Jun 20156
Futaba, Japan35.68252182N 138.48277283E2x OH-6Military30 Oct 20182
Gifu, Japan35.39290237N 136.85018921EVariousMilitary20 Dec 20127
Gifu, Japan35.40122223N 136.87509155ET-33Military28 Mar 20151
Gifu, Japan35.37451172N 136.76089478ERV-4Civil5 Aug 2022
Gifu, Japan35.40055084N 136.87454224ET-4 inside (at south east corner, behind the windows, may be visible from the overpass)Military5 Jan 20201
Gifu, Japan35.37519073N 136.76028442EBe.33, FA-200 i/a inside at Gifu Technical High School (exact building not sure)Civil5 Aug 20222
Gonohe-machi, Japan40.52297211N 141.29866028EN-58 Cygnet inside
credits: Antheii
Civil30 Jan 20221
Gotenba, Japan35.28797531N 138.90171814EUH-1Military26 Mar 20151
Gotenba, Japan35.29730606N 138.86880493EUH-1Military26 Mar 20151
Goto, Japan32.75983047N 128.66886902EF-1Military27 Mar 20171
Gunma, Japan36.31863022N 139.10688782EB.206 (inside info center)Civil1 Jun 20221
Gyoda, Japan36.12390137N 139.47221375ET-1, FA-200Both6 Jun 20152
Hachinohe, Japan40.55192566N 141.45162964EUH-1, H-6, H-55Military26 Mar 20153
Hachinohe, Japan40.54859161N 141.45140076EUH-1
credits: Shinsuke Yamamoto
Military19 Jun 20201
Haga - Honda Fan Fun Lab, Japan36.52987671N 140.22311401EMH02 (still here?)Civil1 Jun 20221
Hagi, Japan34.24376297N 131.49775696EKM-2Military1 Jul 20151
Hakodate, Japan41.77846527N 140.76765442EUH-1Military28 Mar 20181
Hakushu, Japan35.80828857N 138.32756042ET-34Military29 Mar 20151
Hamamatsu, Japan34.75648880N 137.69400024EF-86Military20 Dec 20121
Hamamatsu - Museum, Japan34.74739456N 137.71153259EVariousMilitary20 Dec 201224
Haneda, Japan35.53852844N 139.79054260EDC-8 forward fuselage kept as cabin trainer in one of the JAL hangars. Not known which hangar and may move between hangars.Civil5 Nov 20161
Haneda, Japan35.53749847N 139.79362488EDC-3 cockpit inside building of "All Nippon Airways"Civil26 Oct 20181
Haneda-Asahicho, Japan35.55455017N 139.75149536EB.47 at ANA Blue Base
credits: Antheii
Civil20 Apr 20221
Hanyu, Japan36.19546127N 139.60272217ET-3Military2 Apr 20151
Hida, Japan36.17829132N 137.31567383EKM-2, H-3Military26 Mar 20152
Higashi-Chitose, Japan42.83496475N 141.71081543EOH-6 (not visible anymore on latest GE image, yet seen again in 2018)Military19 Feb 20191
Higashi-Chitose, Japan42.84302521N 141.71835327EH-46Military26 Mar 20151
Higashi-Chitose, Japan42.84334183N 141.72438049E3x UH-1Military22 Oct 2018
Higashihiroshima, Japan34.39036942N 132.67471313EBe.50, Ce.150Civil1 Jul 20152
Higashimatsuyama, Japan36.03686142N 139.41661072ERotorway Exec inside the showroom
credits: Antheii
Civil26 Jan 2023
Higashiosaka, Japan34.65446472N 135.59210205ESeveral gliders at the Fuse Technical High School, exact building unknown
credits: Antheii
Civil14 Feb 20234
Himeji - Science Museum, Japan34.85173798N 134.62693787EHomebuild insideCivil26 Jan 2020
Hirosaki, Japan40.56822586N 140.46286011EUH-1, OH-6
credits: Shinsuke Yamamoto
Military31 May 20222
Hirosaki, Japan40.58729935N 140.50083923EUH-1Military11 Jan 20211
Hiroshima, Japan34.39602661N 132.45585632ESuposedly an F-86 is in this building (needs confirmation)Military1 Sep 2013
Hiroshima, Japan34.36100769N 132.53109741EUH-1Military19 Apr 20151
Hisai, Japan34.67235565N 136.48136902EH-46Military29 Oct 20181
Hisai, Japan34.67411423N 136.47924805EUH-1Military30 Oct 20181
Hitachinaka, Japan36.37908936N 140.52276611E2x UH-1Military25 Oct 20182
Hofu, Japan34.03070450N 131.54081726EVariousMilitary20 Dec 20126
Hofu, Japan34.03193283N 131.53742981EF-104Military20 Dec 20121
Hofu, Japan34.02160263N 131.54312134EVariousMilitary20 Dec 20125
Hofu, Japan34.03400040N 131.53669739EOH-6D (since March 2021, visible on latest GE image)
credits: Shinsuke Yamamoto
Military14 Nov 20221
Horoshima, Japan34.40631866N 132.45123291ERallyeCivil26 Jan 20201
Hyakuri, Japan36.18847275N 140.42562866EVariousMilitary20 Dec 20128
Ibaraki, Japan36.17650604N 140.40684509E2x F-4Military23 Mar 20152
Ichihara, Japan35.46359634N 140.01982117EPA-28 on the pole
credits: Shinsuke Yamamoto
Civil14 Jun 20201
Ichihara, Japan35.44717407N 140.12145996ECe.206
credits: Antheii
Civil20 Apr 20221
Ichikawa, Japan35.76228333N 139.96932983EF-104 (fuselage), B.47, R22 (both inside)Both2 Aug 20224
Iizuka, Japan33.68365097N 130.67533875EUH-1Military26 Jan 2020
Inawashiro, Japan37.49773026N 140.14642334ECe.177Civil20 Feb 20191
Iruma, Japan35.83897781N 139.39494324EC-46, F-86, F-104, T-33, T-34Military6 Jun 20155
Iruma, Japan35.84036636N 139.39358521EF-1, KV-107 inside memorial buildingMilitary25 Oct 20182
Iruma, Japan35.83982086N 139.39407349EMXY-7 insideMilitary1 Jun 2022
Isa, Japan32.05802917N 130.59883118ET-33Military28 Mar 20151
Ishioka, Japan36.18217850N 140.32212830ET-33Military28 Mar 20151
Itami, Japan34.78907013N 135.40486145EH-6 (under these trees)Military1 Nov 20171
Iwakuni, Japan34.13170624N 132.24786377EPS-1, Be.65Military26 Mar 20152
Iwakuni, Japan34.15122223N 132.22137451EF-18Military18 May 20221
Iwakuni, Japan34.14997482N 132.23637390EA-4
credits: Antheii
Military10 Apr 20231
Iwakuni, Japan34.13473129N 132.23297119EVarious at the fire dump
credits: Antheii
Military10 Apr 2023
Iwata, Japan34.66918945N 137.82690430EF-86Military20 Dec 20121
Izumi, Japan35.43546295N 139.50654602ECe.150Civil8 Jun 20151
Izumisano, Japan34.41344452N 135.33706665EB.47Civil15 Jun 20151
Izumo, Japan35.24404144N 132.71437073ET-33Military28 Mar 20151
Izumo, Japan35.36881256N 132.71151733EUH-1Military30 Oct 2018
Izumo, Japan35.36840439N 132.70748901EOH-6Military30 Oct 20181
Jinmachi, Japan38.40335846N 140.40504456EUH-1, H-46Military23 Feb 20162
Jinmachi, Japan38.40248108N 140.38563538EUH-1, H-6, H-46, LR-1Military23 Feb 20164
Kadena, Japan26.33254433N 127.75766754EVariousMilitary20 Dec 20127
Kadena, Japan26.35939217N 127.74805450E2x T-33 at Patisserie RougeMilitary31 Oct 20182
Kadoma, Japan34.74347687N 135.60328674ECe.150Civil15 Jun 20151
Kagoshima, Japan31.43730927N 130.29533386EAichi E13Military30 Oct 20181
Kakamigahara - Aviation Museum, Japan35.38811111N 136.86254883EVariousBoth20 Dec 201227
Kakogawa, Japan34.77177811N 134.92784119ET-6, Ce.170 at the Kobe Electrical Machinery scrapyard
credits: Antheii
Both17 Feb 20232
Kamagaya, Japan35.78225327N 140.00779724ET-6Military26 Mar 20151
Kameyama, Japan34.85867310N 136.41740417ELASA-60Civil31 Oct 20171
Kamo, Japan39.91328430N 139.78131104EF-1Military28 Mar 20151
Kanazawa, Japan36.53839493N 136.66705322EUH-1Military20 Dec 20121
Kanazawa, Japan36.53183365N 136.62944031ET-3, H-6Military9 Jun 20152
Kanoya - Museum, Japan31.38123703N 130.83699036EVariousMilitary20 Dec 201218
Kashirajima, Japan34.70260239N 134.28929138ECe.172Civil12 Jan 20211
Kasuga, Japan33.53159714N 130.46597290EF-86, F-104Military20 Dec 20122
Kasuga, Japan33.52969360N 130.46432495EF-1Military26 Jan 20201
Kasugai, Japan35.27965546N 136.97978210EUH-1Military15 Jun 20151
Kasumigaura, Japan36.03824234N 140.19058228EvariousMilitary25 Mar 20153
Kasumigaura, Japan36.13004684N 140.27120972EH-6Military25 Oct 20181
Kasumigaura, Japan36.04019547N 140.18992615EVarious inside for disposalMilitary25 Oct 201810
Kasumigaura, Japan36.03559113N 140.18600464EVarious i/a, some are airworthyMilitary25 Oct 20188
Kasuminome, Japan38.23770142N 140.92481995EUH-1, H-6, MU-2Military7 Feb 20223
Kawanishi, Japan34.80972290N 135.40257263EUH-1Military26 Jun 20151
Kawasaki, Japan35.53177261N 139.66447449EBe.23Civil8 Jun 20151
Kazuma, Japan38.40281296N 141.19050598ET-2Military4 Jun 20151
Kirigamine, Japan36.09525681N 138.16098022EMultiple gliders, for a (future?) museum Glider Fureaikan, although some might still fly
credits: Antheii
Civil10 Mar 20227
Kirishima, Japan31.82465363N 130.68600464ET-34Military29 Mar 20151
Kirishima, Japan31.74132347N 130.78256226EBe.18Civil29 Nov 20161
Kirishima, Japan31.72408485N 130.75411987EUH-1, H-6, H-46Military2 Jul 20153
Kirishima, Japan31.74683952N 130.76916504EBe.95 i/a at Daiichi Institute of TechnologyCivil12 Feb 20223
Kiryu, Japan36.41899109N 139.33950806ET-6, H-6Military26 Mar 20152
Kisarazu, Japan35.41032791N 139.92860413EF-104, T-1Military20 Dec 20122
Kisarazu, Japan35.39239883N 139.91481018EH-6Military25 Oct 20181
Kisarazu - Army Camp Museum, Japan35.39166260N 139.91691589EKV.107, MU-2Military18 Jan 20212
Kita - Osaka Science Museum, Japan34.69132614N 135.49157715ESZD-30 hanging from the ceiling in the main lobby
credits: Antheii
Civil15 Feb 20231
Kitakami - American World, Japan39.28608322N 141.10462952EMong Sport inside
credits: Antheii
Civil30 Jan 20221
Kitakatsuragi, Japan34.59208298N 135.70188904ET-1, H-6Military15 Jun 20152
Kitakyūshū, Japan33.84114838N 130.88130188EUH-1Military29 Aug 20181
Kitakyūshū, Japan33.84387970N 130.88020325EH-6Military26 Jan 20201
Kobe - Maritime Museum, Japan34.68286514N 135.18829346EH-46Civil26 Jun 20151
Kobe - Science Museum, Japan34.66592407N 135.21846008EH.500, FA-200Civil26 Jun 20152
Kochi, Japan33.53472519N 133.64904785ECe.172Civil1 Jul 20151
Kōchi, Japan33.55723953N 133.75257874EOH-6, UH-1Military30 Oct 20182
Koga, Japan36.17651367N 139.72279358ER.22, Ce.172 insideCivil1 Jun 20222
Komaki, Japan35.26178741N 136.93000793ET-33, HH-52Military22 Dec 20142
Komaki, Japan35.26092148N 136.92666626ET-1, 2x F-86, H-46Military31 Oct 20174
Komaki, Japan35.25349426N 136.91462708EF-1, F-86, F-104, H-3Military20 Dec 20124
Komaki, Japan35.25140381N 136.93228149ET-3, T-6 inside sheltersMilitary15 Jun 20152
Komaki, Japan35.26881027N 136.91889954E5x H-60Military2 Dec 2023
Komaki, Japan35.24776459N 136.92312622ERockwell 112
credits: Antheii
Civil29 Nov 20231
Komaki - Aichi Kokukan Boon Museum, Japan35.26162338N 136.91603088EH.369, MU-2Civil23 Mar 20182
Komaki - Aichi Museum of Flight, Japan35.24758530N 136.92504883EVariousBoth12 May 20209
Komatsu, Japan36.39256287N 136.42098999EVariousMilitary20 Dec 20125
Komatsu, Japan36.35464478N 136.41998291ECommanderCivil9 Jun 20151
Komatsu, Japan36.38962936N 136.41259766ET-6 inside a WWII HAS (exact location to be confirmed and the plane might have been removed from Komatsu altogether)Military1 Aug 20221
Komatsu - Ishikawa Aviation Plaza, Japan36.40444183N 136.41065979EVariousCivil23 Dec 202312
Komatsushima, Japan34.00248337N 134.63134766EH-3, H-60Military12 Feb 20222
Komoro City - Children's Amusement Park, Japan36.32515335N 138.41844177EB.222
credits: Antheii
Civil10 Mar 20221
Koriyama, Japan37.39945221N 140.32519531EH-6Military5 Jun 20151
Kota - Museum, Japan34.83890915N 137.17973328EvariousMilitary26 Mar 20152
Kumagaya, Japan36.21672440N 139.35037231EKa-26 (reported to be inside one of these buildings, need confirmation)Civil1 Jun 20221
Kumamoto, Japan32.84215164N 130.73262024EMU-2Military24 Nov 20231
Kumamoto, Japan32.83372879N 130.70996094EF-86Military2 Jul 20151
Kumamoto, Japan32.84516144N 130.73713684EUH-1Military29 Aug 20181
Kumamoto, Japan32.83024979N 130.77171326ECe.172 insideCivil26 Jan 20201
Kumamoto, Japan32.84628296N 130.74011230EUH-1, H-6Military24 Nov 2023
Kurashiki, Japan34.55270004N 133.75292969EFA-200Civil15 Mar 20231
Kure - Yamato Museum, Japan34.24140930N 132.55570984EZero insideMilitary29 Oct 20181
Kurokawa, Japan38.44913864N 140.87544250EH-6Military4 Jun 20151
Kurokawa, Japan38.45051193N 140.86952209EUH-1Military4 Jun 20151
Kushiro, Japan43.01549530N 144.45681763E2x UH-1Military15 Apr 20152
Kusu, Japan33.29136276N 131.14733887EUH-1
credits: Shinsuke Yamamoto
Military14 Jun 20201
Kyoto, Japan34.97366714N 135.74642944ESA.365 (inside)Civil15 Jun 20151
Kyoto, Japan34.91434479N 135.74308777ESeveral R44 at JPD Heliport
credits: Antheii
Civil8 Feb 20234
Kyoto, Japan34.91427612N 135.74285889ER44
credits: Antheii
Civil13 Oct 20231
Lake Hamana, Japan34.73568344N 137.61650085EDC-3Unknown28 Mar 20151
Maizuru, Japan35.47916412N 135.42367554EBe.18Military15 Jun 20151
Makinohara - Sizuoka Aero Muzeum, Japan34.78614426N 138.18260193EVariousBoth5 Sep 20226
Makomanai, Japan43.01409912N 141.35626221EUH-1Military26 Mar 20151
Makomanai, Japan43.00565720N 141.35601807EUH-1Military26 Mar 20151
Maoka, Japan36.37096405N 139.97990417EB.47Civil31 Oct 20171
Matsudo, Japan35.78342819N 139.97673035EUH-1Military2 Aug 20221
Matsudo, Japan35.82467651N 139.94041443EH-52Military27 Mar 20151
Matsudo - Showa no Mori Museum, Japan35.77171326N 139.92980957EPA-28, 2x FA-200Civil2 Aug 20222
Matsumoto, Japan36.21124268N 137.95437622EUH-1, H-46, H-47Military31 Oct 20173
Matsushima, Japan38.41251373N 141.22387695EVariousMilitary20 Dec 20123
Matsushima, Japan38.41052628N 141.21041870ET-2 Forward fuselageMilitary22 Oct 20181
Matsushima, Japan38.40934372N 141.21162415ET-6G, formerly with the base collection
credits: Antheii
Military30 Jan 20221
Menuma, Japan36.21496964N 139.36967468EASK-21 inside the shop
credits: Antheii
Civil10 Mar 20221
Miho, Japan35.50222778N 133.23889160EVariousMilitary2 Apr 20156
Miho, Japan35.50118256N 133.23884583EC-46Military24 Mar 20151
Miho, Japan35.50289917N 133.23825073EF-1Military28 Mar 20151
Miho, Japan35.49746704N 133.23463440EYS-11 in one of the hangarsMilitary30 Oct 20181
Miho, Japan35.49319077N 133.25169373EC-1, F-4, YS-11 (visible on latest GE image)
credits: Antheii
Military11 Feb 20233
Minamata, Japan32.23312759N 130.43841553ET-33Military2 Jul 20151
Minamiawaji, Japan34.31423569N 134.82276917EBe.50Civil26 Jun 20151
Minamishimabara, Japan32.69832230N 130.35043335EH-60Military2 Jul 20151
Minobu, Japan35.44067001N 138.41595459EF-104Military9 Jun 20151
Minobu, Japan35.43959045N 138.41520691EH-6, T-33Military9 Jun 20152
Minobu, Japan35.43761063N 138.41725159ET-6, H-46, T-2 cockpitMilitary31 Oct 20173
Minokamo - Yamazaki Mazak Museum of Machine Tools, Japan35.45601654N 137.00119019E2x T-6, H.500 inside, undergroundBoth5 Jan 20203
Misaki, Japan34.30978394N 135.12873840EB.47
credits: Antheii
Civil30 Jan 2022
Misawa, Japan40.69005203N 141.36492920EF-16, F-1Military20 Dec 20122
Misawa, Japan40.69250488N 141.36105347EF-4, F-86Military20 Dec 20122
Misawa, Japan40.71171570N 141.38093567ET-33Military25 Mar 20151
Misawa - Aviation Science Museum, Japan40.70726395N 141.38955688EVariousBoth20 Dec 201216
Mishima, Japan35.10948181N 138.91165161ECe.210Civil2 Sep 20221
Mitane, Japan40.08565521N 140.08744812ET-33Military28 Mar 20151
Mito Aoyagi, Japan36.40101624N 140.48207092ECe.172 dumped in a field
credits: Antheii
Civil12 Feb 20221
Miyakonojo, Japan31.74133110N 131.01081848EBe.18Civil2 Jul 20151
Miyakonojo, Japan31.70568848N 131.03263855ET-6Military1 Nov 20171
Miyamae - Train and Bus Museum, Japan35.58804703N 139.59335327EYS-11Civil8 Jun 20151
Miyazaki, Japan31.87303543N 131.44203186EBe.90Civil2 Jul 20151
Miyazaki, Japan31.87925720N 131.44215393Evarious i/aBoth14 Nov 20235
Miyazaki, Japan31.86878395N 131.43182373ECe.206Civil20 Feb 2019
Miyoshi, Japan35.83624268N 139.53172302EB.47Civil31 Oct 20171
Mizuho, Japan35.75587845N 139.35365295EF-104Military25 Oct 20181
Mombetsu, Japan44.05434799N 143.54615784EUH-1Military19 Apr 20151
Nagano - City Science Center, Japan36.66572952N 138.19448853EH-6Military19 Jun 20201
Nagano - Hijiri Kogen Museum, Japan36.48788071N 138.06990051EVariousMilitary29 Mar 20155
Nagasaki, Japan32.74123383N 129.87220764EH-6Military26 Mar 20151
Nagasaki, Japan32.78662491N 129.86325073EYS-11Civil2 Jul 20151
Nagasaki, Japan32.89485550N 129.78033447EDove (not yet visible on GE image)Civil26 Jan 20201
Nago, Japan26.66999626N 128.01910400ECe.172Civil2 Jul 20151
Nagoya, Japan35.09041214N 136.88049316ES.61Military20 Dec 20121
Nagoya, Japan35.17913818N 136.89710999EDHC-2 inside at Chunichi NewsCivil31 Oct 20171
Nagoya, Japan35.05474472N 136.82546997EMU-2 (long fuselage) at the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Tobishima plant
credits: Antheii
Civil4 Feb 20231
Nagoya - Flight of Dreams, Japan34.85537338N 136.81715393EB787Civil22 Nov 20181
Naha, Japan26.19732666N 127.65961456EF-4, F-104, T-33, Be.65Military24 Mar 20154
Naha, Japan26.20538521N 127.66278076EMU-2Military2 Jul 20151
Nakagawa - Clear Stream Railway Preservation Society, Japan36.72183990N 140.14590454EUnidentified Pazmany PL-2
credits: Antheii
Unknown7 Feb 2022
Nakama, Japan33.81924820N 130.71044922ET-34Military29 Mar 20151
Nakatado, Japan34.15542221N 133.82266235EM20Civil1 Jul 20151
Nakatonbetsu, Japan44.99034119N 142.29222107EF-104Military31 Oct 20171
Nantan, Japan35.03238678N 135.39552307ET-6 (inside, on older images still outside)Military15 Jun 20151
Nara, Japan34.69870377N 135.80668640EVariousMilitary20 Dec 20125
Nara, Japan34.69769287N 135.80659485EF-1Military20 Dec 20121
Nara, Japan34.64699554N 135.75906372ET-6Military29 Oct 20181
Narashino, Japan35.70930862N 140.05403137EVariousMilitary25 Oct 20184
Narashino, Japan35.71029663N 140.06155396EB767 fuselage in use as counter terrorism training aid.
credits: Antheii
Civil20 Apr 2022
Narita, Japan35.73114014N 140.39611816EBe.99Civil6 Jun 20151
Narita, Japan35.76716614N 140.32788086EH-6Military6 Jun 20151
Narita - Museum, Japan35.73977661N 140.39732361EVariousCivil20 Dec 201223
Nasu - War Museum, Japan37.06085587N 140.01283264EStearman, T-34
credits: Antheii
Both7 Feb 20222
Nasushibaru, Japan36.94113541N 139.90887451EDoveCivil5 Jun 20151
Nayoro, Japan44.38555908N 142.43894958EUH-1Military21 Apr 20151
Nerima, Japan35.76291275N 139.65824890EUH-1Military25 Jun 20201
Nihommatsu, Japan37.62006378N 140.54002380EBe.18 fuselage (and three fake zeros)Civil11 Jan 20211
Nihonbara, Japan35.11710739N 134.14865112EUH-1, H-46, H-6Military17 Jun 20203
Niigata, Japan37.89006805N 139.05023193EMu-2, B.206Civil8 Jun 20152
Nikko, Japan36.68985748N 139.76840210ECe.170
credits: Antheii
Civil9 Feb 20221
Nishi, Japan34.72921371N 135.02676392EH-6, UH-1Military26 Jun 20152
Noboribetsu, Japan42.40119553N 141.09245300EUH-1Military4 Jan 20201
Noto, Japan37.29615784N 136.96142578Evarious i/a insideBoth25 Mar 201520
Noto, Japan37.29669571N 136.96070862EAlouette 2, small propCivil9 Jun 20151
Noto, Japan37.29660416N 136.96128845EVarious on display inside school building
credits: Antheii
Civil20 Apr 20222
Noto, Japan37.29774094N 136.96473694E2x L-19 (not yet visible on GE image)
credits: Antheii
Military20 Apr 20222
Nyutabaru, Japan32.08799362N 131.45936584EVariousMilitary20 Dec 20128
Nyutabaru, Japan32.08436584N 131.43572998EF-86Military14 Nov 20231
Obihiro, Japan42.91966248N 143.20349121ECe.172 on rooftop
credits: Antheii
Civil30 Jan 20221
Obihiro, Japan42.89676666N 143.17480469EAH-1, OH-6
credits: Shinsuke Yamamoto
Military5 Jun 20242
Ogi, Japan35.65852737N 140.33836365E3x F-4 cockpit, H-60 cockpit, small prop at an airsoft fieldBoth15 Mar 20234
Oita, Japan33.23181152N 131.72233582Evarious (university campus, also airframes inside)Both26 Mar 20159
Okadama, Japan43.11340332N 141.37811279EH-46Military25 Mar 20151
Okadama, Japan43.11885452N 141.37615967EUH-1 (only visible on latest GE image)Military19 Feb 20191
Okayama, Japan34.67694473N 133.90440369EF-104Military20 Dec 20121
Okayama, Japan34.64483643N 133.88912964ECe.172Civil30 Jun 2015
Okayama, Japan34.67114258N 133.91014099EA-4, AV-8 both front fuselages only (not open to the public)Military4 Jan 2023
Okinawa, Japan26.32803345N 127.80378723EAS.350Civil1 Nov 20171
Ōkōbira, Japan32.04487991N 130.91435242EOH-6, UH-1Military30 Oct 20182
Okubo, Japan34.87660980N 135.77296448EUH-1Military21 Apr 20151
Omaezaki, Japan34.60148621N 138.21852112ET-3Military20 Dec 20121
Ominato, Japan41.23973083N 141.13383484EH-3, H-60Military22 Jul 20192
Ominato, Japan41.25281143N 141.12809753EF-104Military22 Oct 20181
Omiya, Japan35.91999054N 139.59802246EUH-1Military25 Jun 20201
Omura, Japan32.92530823N 129.93141174EH-60Military27 Mar 20151
Omura, Japan32.92351532N 129.95242310EUH-1Military2 Jul 20151
Omura, Japan32.88741302N 129.99780273EB.47Civil2 Jul 20151
Omura, Japan32.92241669N 129.93641663E3x H-60Military30 Oct 20183
Osaka, Japan34.71699524N 135.36393738EB727 forward fuselage at Kidzania in Koshien, Osaka shopping mallCivil1 Nov 20161
Osaki, Japan38.63100433N 140.96829224EFA-200 at abandoned theme park Kejonuma Leisure LandCivil28 May 20181
Ota, Japan36.27528381N 139.37280273ET-1Military2 Apr 20151
Otsu, Japan35.03632736N 135.86732483EF-1, F-86Military29 Oct 20182
Otsu, Japan35.03419113N 135.86614990EUH-1Military30 Oct 20181
Oyabe, Japan36.65639114N 136.87940979EH-46Military20 Dec 20121
Oyama, Japan35.34675598N 138.95129395EF-1Military28 Mar 20151
Ozuki, Japan34.04821014N 131.05691528EVariousMilitary29 Oct 20185
Rumo, Japan43.93268585N 141.66723633EUH-1Military4 Jan 20201
Ryugasaki, Japan35.91363144N 140.18405151EPumaCivil5 Jun 20151
Ryugasaki, Japan35.90375519N 140.23774719EAeronca 7, B.47 stored inside
credits: Antheii
Civil15 Feb 20222
Sado, Japan38.03207397N 138.37046814EF-104Military25 Mar 20151
Sado, Japan37.86582184N 138.41127014ET-33Military29 Oct 20181
Sado, Japan38.07572556N 138.34812927EF-1Military28 Mar 20151
Saga, Japan33.15194702N 130.30790710EYS-11Civil26 Sep 20131
Sakai, Japan34.53241730N 135.44844055EvariousBoth15 Jun 201512
Sakura, Japan35.68370056N 140.24169922EB.47Civil6 Jun 20151
Sangenya, Japan34.69817352N 133.93284607EH-6Military17 Jun 20201
Sango, Japan34.60328293N 135.68617249EBe.55Civil15 Jun 20151
Sanko, Japan33.51548386N 131.21498108EF-86Military7 Apr 20151
Sannohe, Japan40.51063538N 141.32894897ET-34Military4 Jun 20151
Seki, Japan35.45275116N 136.93511963EvariousBoth29 Oct 20183
Seki, Japan35.45164490N 136.93432617E2x H-6Military9 Jun 20152
Seki, Japan35.45235062N 136.93482971ESmall prop, LM-1 insideCivil5 Jan 20201
Seki, Japan35.45252228N 136.93315125EVarious i/a at College of Naka-nippon Aviation
credits: Antheii
Civil28 Nov 202126
Sendai, Japan38.26829147N 140.92106628EH-6Military4 Jun 20151
Sendai, Japan38.13473892N 140.91392517EB.206 (exact building to be confirmed)Civil1 Jun 20221
Sendai, Japan31.80627441N 130.30195618EUH-1
credits: Shinsuke Yamamoto
Military14 Jun 20201
Sendai, Japan38.12490845N 140.91755676EVarious i/a at East Japan Air Technical School
credits: Antheii
Both7 Feb 202217
Sendai - Science Museum, Japan38.29884338N 140.88336182EFA-200Civil4 Jun 20151
Shibata - Heritage Museum, Japan37.95422745N 139.32200623EOH-6 (visible on latest GE image)Military5 Jun 20241
Shimabara, Japan32.74463272N 130.37614441EH-46Military26 Mar 20151
Shimizu, Japan35.01285934N 138.41929626EF-86Military20 Dec 20121
Shimofusa, Japan35.80292892N 140.02421570EVariousMilitary20 Dec 20124
Shimofusa, Japan35.79817200N 140.01802063EP-3Military31 Oct 20171
Shimofusa, Japan35.79822159N 140.01855469EVarious inside as i/aMilitary26 Oct 20183
Shimonoseki, Japan34.01170731N 130.95121765EF28Civil1 Jul 20151
Shinmachi, Japan36.27343369N 139.11820984EUH-1Military26 Mar 20151
Shinmachi, Japan36.27049637N 139.11497498EUH-1, H-46Military26 Mar 20152
Shinodayama, Japan34.49170685N 135.44183350EUH-1, H-6Military26 Mar 20152
Shinodayama, Japan34.49100876N 135.44058228EH-46Military26 Mar 20151
Shinodayama, Japan34.48960876N 135.44078064E2x UH-1Military26 Mar 20152
Shinto, Japan36.44904709N 138.96853638EUH-1Military26 Mar 20151
Shintomi, Japan32.07188034N 131.50068665ET-33Military28 Mar 20151
Shirokawa, Japan33.38126373N 132.76382446EF-104Military20 Dec 20121
Shizuhama, Japan34.81320572N 138.28904724EF-86Military31 Oct 20171
Shizuhama, Japan34.81458282N 138.28898621ET-3Military2 Apr 20151
Shizuhama, Japan34.81462479N 138.29136658EVariousMilitary30 Oct 20183
Shizuoka, Japan35.02303314N 138.25608826ET-34Military29 Mar 20151
Shizuoka, Japan35.02374649N 138.40921021EB.47
credits: Antheii
Civil7 Feb 20221
Sintomura, Japan36.43288803N 138.96945190EH-6 (not yet visible on GE image)Military4 Jan 20201
Suzuka, Japan34.87719727N 136.49876404ECV-240, Navion, both put on poles since, may not be exactly hereCivil31 Oct 20172
Tachikawa, Japan35.70558929N 139.39947510EVariousMilitary6 May 20134
Tachikawa, Japan35.71162033N 139.39978027EUH-1, OH-6 as i/a, exact location TBCMilitary26 Oct 20182
Tachikawa, Japan35.70259094N 139.41235352ESmall prop inside Take-Off-Site shopCivil3 Aug 20221
Tagajo, Japan38.29728317N 141.02841187EUH-1Military11 Feb 20221
Tajima, Japan35.51692963N 134.78953552EYS-11, CommanderCivil26 Sep 20132
Takamatsu, Japan34.21281815N 134.01849365EYS-11Civil20 Dec 20121
Takamatsu, Japan34.32143784N 134.02755737EUH-1 (not yet visible on GE image)Military5 Jun 20241
Takayama, Japan34.20207596N 133.96708679ET-2, B.47, Ce.170Both28 Feb 20153
Takeda, Japan32.95260620N 131.36601257EKM-2Military2 Jul 20151
Takigahara, Japan35.32366562N 138.87670898EUH-1Military26 Mar 20151
Takikawa, Japan43.55494308N 141.90168762EGlider (only visible on latest GE image)Civil19 Feb 20191
Takikawa, Japan43.55231094N 141.91537476EBe.18, Ce.140
credits: Antheii
Civil2 Sep 20222
Takikawa, Japan43.57603836N 141.90222168EUH-1Military31 May 20221
Takikawa - Sky Museum, Japan43.54697037N 141.89665222EGlider association with some preserved gliders in the hangar
credits: Antheii
Civil30 Jan 20222
Takizawa, Japan39.83710098N 141.10906982EH-6, T-6Military4 Jun 20152
Tatebayashi - Mukai Chiaki Children's Science Museum, Japan36.24399567N 139.54515076EHomebuilt
credits: Antheii
Civil15 Feb 20221
Tateyama, Japan34.98555374N 139.84080505EVariousMilitary16 Sep 20135
Tateyama, Japan34.99027634N 139.83099365ESeveral H-60
credits: Antheii
Military20 Apr 20225
Tenmabayashi, Japan40.73868942N 141.16442871EH-3Military22 Oct 20181
Thikuzen - Tachiarai Peace Memorial Museum, Japan33.41239929N 130.61956787EMH2000, ZeroBoth1 Nov 20172
Tokorazawa, Japan35.77662277N 139.47264099Evarious i/aBoth6 Jun 201510
Tokorozawa, Japan35.79889297N 139.46702576EYS-11Civil20 Dec 20121
Tokorozawa, Japan35.78787231N 139.42260742ECe.150Civil31 Oct 20171
Tokorozawa - Aviation Museum, Japan35.79912186N 139.47177124EC-46 outside, more insideBoth20 Dec 201221
Tokushima, Japan34.12949753N 134.59635925EBe.90Military26 Mar 20151
Tokushima, Japan34.13047791N 134.59886169ES-2, H-52Military27 Mar 20152
Tokushima, Japan34.13071823N 134.60441589EBe.90Military26 Mar 20151
Tokushima, Japan33.97340393N 134.64994812EH-6Military1 Jul 20151
Tokushima, Japan33.97185135N 134.64782715EUH-1Military1 Jul 20151
Tokushima, Japan34.13739395N 134.58473206EA-4Military1 Jul 20151
Tokushima, Japan34.13095474N 134.59710693EBe.65 forward fuselage inside exhibition hall, exact location TBCMilitary28 Oct 20181
Tokyo, Japan35.68811417N 139.71981812EAlouette 3 (roof), Alouette 3, Dauphin (inside)Civil6 Jun 20153
Tokyo, Japan35.69274521N 139.72616577EUH-1Military4 May 20201
Tokyo, Japan35.68869400N 139.76138306EAlouette 3 (inside, visible through window)Civil3 Aug 20221
Tokyo, Japan35.64384079N 139.68400574EUH-1 (only visible on latest GE image)Military6 Jun 20151
Tokyo, Japan35.70609283N 139.42698669EH-6Military8 Jun 20151
Tokyo, Japan35.65621948N 139.79139709EB727 forward fuselage at Kidzania in LaLaport shopping mallCivil2 Aug 2022
Tokyo, Japan35.73446274N 139.80871582EVarious at "Arakawa Campus of the Tokyo Metropolitan College of Industrial Technology"Both2 Aug 202215
Tokyo, Japan35.69408417N 139.82688904EP-2 forward fuselageMilitary26 Oct 20181
Tokyo, Japan35.73440933N 139.81062317E2x Ce.172 as i/a at Arakawa CampusCivil2 Aug 20222
Tokyo - National Science Museum, Japan35.71635818N 139.77639771EAlouette 2 (still here?)Both3 Aug 20221
Tokyo - Police Museum, Japan35.67520523N 139.76953125EB.47Civil6 Jun 20151
Tokyo - Yasukuni-Shrine, Japan35.69507217N 139.74359131EVarious WWII planesMilitary3 Aug 20222
Tome, Japan38.63468552N 141.21325684ECommander 100Civil4 Jan 20201
Toride, Japan35.87992859N 140.07223511EvariousCivil5 Aug 202210
Toyokawa, Japan34.82986832N 137.38185120EUH-1Military15 Jun 20151
Toyokawa, Japan34.79725266N 137.36732483ET-1 fuselageMilitary30 Oct 20181
Toyokawa, Japan34.86455917N 137.38537598ET-6 at Aozora Hassuru paintball field (not yet visible on GE image)
credits: Shinsuke Yamamoto
Military25 Jun 20201
Tsu, Japan34.63811874N 136.54664612EWreck between containers
credits: Antheii
Unknown6 Feb 2023
Tsuiki, Japan33.67601395N 131.03828430EVariousMilitary20 Dec 20125
Tsuiki, Japan33.67523193N 131.03874207EF-86 cockpit inside tradition room, exact location TBCMilitary30 Oct 20181
Tsuiki, Japan33.67637634N 131.04100037EF-4 (visible on latest GE image, will go on display near main gate)Military7 Sep 20231
Tsukuba, Japan36.10397720N 140.08624268EBe.65Military26 Mar 20151
Uji, Japan34.91378784N 135.80041504EUH-1Military21 Apr 20151
Uonuma, Japan37.23030090N 138.96722412EF-86Military7 Apr 20151
Uruma, Japan26.35604477N 127.97038269EIslander fuselage at Cafe Espasio
Civil11 May 20241
Utsonomiya, Japan36.60534668N 139.88204956ET-2, T-3, glider insideMilitary1 Jun 20222
Utsonomiya, Japan36.51366806N 139.83708191EUH-1, FA-200 (both inside)Civil5 Jun 20152
Utsunomiya, Japan36.51659012N 139.87583923EVariousMilitary10 Jan 20145
Utsunomiya, Japan36.52338409N 139.87585449ET-3Military26 Oct 20181
Utsunomiya, Japan36.51354599N 139.87548828EL-19, UH-1, Mu-2, H-6Military25 Mar 20154
Utsunomiya, Japan36.51193619N 139.87495422EVariousMilitary25 Mar 20157
Utsunomiya, Japan36.47801208N 139.86927795EUH-1, OH-6Military26 Oct 20182
Utsunomiya, Japan36.53823090N 139.87841797EvariousMilitary26 Mar 20153
Utsunomiya, Japan36.47575760N 139.86404419EUH-1, H-47Military31 Oct 20172
Utsunomiya, Japan36.50424194N 139.83340454EUH-1
credits: Antheii
Civil9 Feb 20221
Uzurano, Japan34.89504242N 134.86454773ET-6Military15 Mar 20231
Watarai, Japan34.43178940N 136.63162231EUH-1Military26 Mar 20151
Yaizu, Japan34.87774658N 138.31088257ET-3, F-104Military2 Apr 20152
Yakumo, Japan42.24657059N 140.27720642ET-33Military28 Mar 20151
Yamadaoka - Old Car Center Kudan, Japan37.24230957N 140.99671936EvariousMilitary25 Jun 202014
Yamaguchi, Japan34.18828583N 131.48362732EH-6Military1 Jul 20151
Yao, Japan34.59862137N 135.60563660ET-34Military25 Mar 20151
Yao, Japan34.59799576N 135.59341431EPA-28 inside Aerolab shopCivil14 Feb 20231
Yao, Japan34.59798813N 135.59303284ER44 stored (temporarily?)
credits: Antheii
Civil13 Oct 20231
Yokohama, Japan35.34235382N 139.65518188EDauphin (inside, not 100% sure this is the correct location)Civil8 Jun 20151
Yokohama - Japanese Newspaper Museum, Japan35.44615936N 139.64288330ECe.500Civil8 Jun 20151
Yokosuka, Japan35.25891113N 139.71998596EF-104Military20 Dec 20121
Yokosuka, Japan35.25720596N 139.72286987EF-1Military25 Mar 20151
Yokosuka, Japan35.21836090N 139.62890625EH-3Military27 Mar 20151
Yokosuka, Japan35.29463196N 139.66302490EF-18 (deck trainer, moves around)Military31 Oct 20171
Yokota, Japan35.73735046N 139.34466553EF-86, F-1Military27 Sep 20132
Yonago, Japan35.45823669N 133.32734680EUH-1, H-6, H-46Military25 Mar 20153
Yoshii, Japan33.36304855N 130.76690674ET-33Military28 Mar 20151
Yoshioka, Japan36.44094467N 139.03520203EL-13Civil31 Oct 20171
Yufu - Iwashita Collection, Japan33.26443481N 131.34111023EF-86Military2 Jul 20151
Yufu - Kyushu Retoro Motor Museum, Japan33.26681519N 131.36557007ECommanderCivil2 Jul 20151
Yunomae, Japan32.27263260N 130.99882507ET-33Military28 Mar 20151
Yusui, Japan32.01446915N 130.74603271EH-6Military2 Jul 20151
Zentsuji, Japan34.22035217N 133.78176880EUH-1, H-6, H-46, F-86Military25 Mar 20154