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38 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Kentucky. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Bowling Green, Kentucky, United States36.96120071N 86.42648315WComp Air JetCivil30 Jul 20191
Bronston, Kentucky, United States36.97269821N 84.62343597WSeveral small prop wrecks and partsCivil6 Jan 2019
Burlington, Kentucky, United States39.03723145N 84.71585083WH-58Military29 Dec 20161
Crab Orchard, Kentucky, United States37.46172714N 84.50701904WAH-1Military6 Dec 20131
Creek Side, Kentucky, United States36.89446640N 85.77375793WC-131 noseCivil29 Dec 20161
Cynthiana, Kentucky, United States38.36820221N 84.2893219WU-8Civil5 Dec 20171
Fleming-Mason, Kentucky, United States38.53980255N 83.74552155WF-4Military2 Sep 20121
Fort Campbell, Kentucky, United States36.66506195N 87.47998047WC-47, C-119Military2 Sep 20122
Fort Campbell, Kentucky, United States36.64283752N 87.45378113WUH-1, H-58, H-60Military30 Jun 20193
Fort Campbell, Kentucky, United States36.64578629N 87.46244812WC-130Military15 Dec 20161
Fort Campbell, Kentucky, United States36.63310242N 87.45141602WH-23 at Warrior Transition UnitMilitary1 Jul 20191
Fort Campbell, Kentucky, United States36.60278320N 87.45139313WUH-1, OH-58 (only visible on latest GE image)Military30 Jun 20192
Fort Knox, Kentucky, United States37.91000748N 85.96219635WH-47, C-12Military3 Dec 20212
Fort Knox, Kentucky, United States37.90902710N 85.95063782WC-130 fuselage (outside, but under this roof)Military15 Dec 20161
Fort Knox, Kentucky, United States37.88116074N 85.92944336WUH-1 (cabin only)Military3 Dec 2021
Fort Knox, Kentucky, United States37.95827866N 85.81884003WHelicopterUnknown23 Dec 2016
Fort Knox, Kentucky, United States37.98748398N 85.86284637WUH-1 (cabin only)Military23 Dec 2016
Fort Knox - General Patton Museum, Kentucky, United States37.89656448N 85.97422028WUH-1 (inside)Military19 Apr 20151
Frankfort, Kentucky, United States38.18215942N 84.91685486WH-58Military9 Sep 20171
Greenup, Kentucky, United States38.55345154N 82.7973938WF-86, UH-1Military2 Sep 20122
Hagerhill, Kentucky, United States37.74763489N 82.78047943WSmall propCivil29 May 2019
Hopkinsville, Kentucky, United States36.86139297N 87.46550751WUH-1 this one is submerged along with other objects for scuba divingMilitary18 Sep 2012
Hopkinsville, Kentucky, United States36.83389282N 87.47125244WUH-1Military29 May 20161
Jeffersontown, Kentucky, United States38.18914032N 85.55476379WUH-1Military7 Sep 20121
Lexington, Kentucky, United States38.03233719N 84.60126495WCe.150Civil26 Dec 20171
Lexington, Kentucky, United States38.04078293N 84.62055969WCRJ.200, RC.112 at ARFF training facility
credits: Václav Kudela
Civil7 May 20212
Lexington - The Aviation Museum of Kentucky, Kentucky, United States38.03366470N 84.59855652WVariousBoth29 Dec 20169
Louisville, Kentucky, United States38.17934418N 85.72219086WF-4, F-101Military2 Sep 20122
Louisville, Kentucky, United States38.17869186N 85.7307663WHFB.320Civil21 Apr 20171
Louisville, Kentucky, United States38.22555542N 85.66640472WLodestarCivil26 May 20181
Louisville, Kentucky, United States38.25055695N 85.72356415WCe.150 nose down in crash position against the hill (not clearly visible on GE image, on the side of Headliners Music Hall)Civil3 Dec 2021
Louisville - Science Center, Kentucky, United States38.25755692N 85.76268005WMidget MustangCivil18 Sep 20211
Middlesboro - The Lost Squadron, Kentucky, United States36.60883713N 83.73610687WF-86 (more inside?)Military2 Sep 20121
Old Bridge, Kentucky, United States40.33028793N 74.34716034WCe.150Civil21 Jan 20181
Sacramento, Kentucky, United States37.39598465N 87.23474121WSeveral small prop wrecks and fuselagesCivil15 Apr 2019
Somerset, Kentucky, United States37.05350494N 84.61760712WSmall prop, small twin propCivil6 Jan 2019
Vine Grove, Kentucky, United States37.85513306N 85.98649597WAH-1Military7 Sep 20121
Williamsburg, Kentucky, United States36.79983521N 84.1996994WBe.60 inside, not sure which buildingCivil21 Jan 20181