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19 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Kenya. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Laikipia, Kenya0.03421019N 37.03850937EStrikemasterMilitary24 May 20181
Lokichogio, Kenya4.20493126N 34.34328079EVarious proplinersCivil25 Dec 20176
Lokichogio, Kenya4.20268774N 34.35284042EC-130Military25 Dec 20172
Lokichogio, Kenya4.20324993N 34.35423660EAn-12, 2x An-28Civil25 Dec 20173
Lokichogio, Kenya4.20337677N 34.34801865EBAe.748Civil25 Dec 20171
Malindi, Kenya3.23080993S 40.09858704E2x small twin propCivil1 Jun 2016
Moi, Kenya1.27739418S 36.85596085E2x DHC.5, others as well wfu?Military21 Jul 2018
Moi, Kenya1.27348018S 36.85906982EDHC-5 forward fuselageMilitary25 Apr 2019
Moi, Kenya1.26638401S 36.85979843EProvostMilitary21 Jul 20181
Mombassa, Kenya4.03841925S 39.59745407EDC-3, unknown small prop, B707Civil1 Jun 20162
Mombassa, Kenya4.03704166S 39.59721756E2x L-410, Ce.208Civil31 Aug 20182
Nairobi, Kenya1.3215965S 36.91998291E2x An-24Both30 Nov 20172
Nairobi, Kenya1.31769347S 36.92056274EB720Civil18 Nov 20141
Nairobi, Kenya1.21159112S 36.88620377EPuma in use as a barMilitary13 Mar 20181
Nairobi, Kenya1.31933367S 36.92009735EVariousCivil3 Sep 20185
Nairobi, Kenya1.31580484S 36.92730713EVariousCivil3 Sep 201817
Nairobi-Wilson, Kenya1.31945312S 36.81907272E3x L-410Civil19 Dec 20183
Ngerende, Kenya1.08341098S 35.19073105EL-410Civil13 Jul 20161
Wilson, Kenya1.32036698S 36.81579971EVarious stored planes (many more all over the field might be wfu)Civil16 Apr 201612