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40 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Libya. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Abraq, Libya32.78175354N 21.95915604EAn-26?Military29 December 2017
Al Jufra, Libya29.18327332N 16.02007484ESeveral MiG-25sMilitary16 July 20172
As Sidr, Libya30.63851547N 18.32937622ESeveral DHC-6Civil29 December 20168
Benghazi, Libya32.07575989N 20.27442741ESE.210Civil1 December 20121
Benghazi, Libya32.09897614N 20.26077271EVariousBoth31 December 20178
Benghazi, Libya32.08515549N 20.26447487ESmall propUnknown1 November 2016
Beni Walid, Libya31.73641586N 13.95695210ESeveral L-410Military18 November 20189
Birak, Libya27.64350700N 14.27520943EMany L-39s all over the airfield (north and south of the runway)Military16 July 20172
Birak, Libya27.64511681N 14.25452042EL-39Military18 February 2018
Dahra, Libya29.46606445N 17.93088341EDC-3Unknown22 January 2016
Gamal Abdul El Nasser, Libya31.86710739N 23.92385292EUnknown jet (Su-7?)Military19 September 2016
Gamal Abdul El Nasser, Libya31.85984421N 23.92333412ESeveral aircraft dumpedMilitary16 July 20171
Gamal Abdul El Nasser, Libya31.86315346N 23.91773605ESeveral MiG-21sMilitary16 July 20173
Ghurdabiya, Libya31.08080482N 16.58547974EChopperNotset1 December 2012
Ghurdabiya, Libya31.06807899N 16.60561180EChopper wreck?Notset1 December 2012
Ghurdabiya, Libya31.05356789N 16.61312675EAn-26?Notset1 December 2012
Labraq, Libya32.78184509N 21.96233940EMiG-23Military16 March 2016
Martuba, Libya32.56979752N 22.76248360EMi-8 dumpedMilitary13 July 20172
Misrata, Libya32.31726074N 15.06282043E10x MiG-23, 10x G-2Military1 December 2012
Misrata, Libya32.30750275N 15.06360912EMiG-25, large number of G-2Military30 July 2018
Misrata, Libya32.31425476N 15.06014156ET-33Military12 March 2015
Misrata, Libya32.30599213N 15.06867599E3x MiG-23Military30 July 2018
Misrata, Libya32.32196426N 15.05059719ESeveral MiG-23Military30 July 2018
Misrata, Libya32.32503510N 15.05212021ET-33 (and several L-39 also wfu?)Military30 July 2018
Sabha, Libya26.92303085N 14.55145264EIl-76 (wreck)Civil22 March 20161
Sebha, Libya26.98306274N 14.45933628E3x L1011, 2x MiG-25, Il-76Both22 March 20163
Sebha, Libya26.99219704N 14.47200584E5x B727, C-130Civil28 December 20171
Sebha, Libya26.98804283N 14.44499874ESF.260Military1 December 20121
Sebha, Libya26.98899651N 14.44516754EPlane hulk?Notset1 December 2012
Tripoli, Libya32.89545822N 13.29483318ESeveral planes and choppers wfu on platformNotset1 December 2012
Tripoli, Libya32.89878845N 13.29627609EF-5, L-29, plus 2 small jetsMilitary1 December 2012
Tripoli, Libya32.89852142N 13.27320671E2x prop unidentifiedNotset1 December 2012
Tripoli, Libya32.89836884N 13.27093887E2x Cargo plane hulkNotset1 December 20122
Tripoli, Libya32.89361191N 13.26784420ETu-22Military1 December 2012
Tripoli, Libya32.89143372N 13.27715492ESeveral planes wfuBoth31 December 201711
Tripoli, Libya32.67581177N 13.15147591ELarge number of airliners and others planes stored all over the airfieldCivil1 December 20123
Tripoli, Libya32.88341141N 13.30081558ESeveral MiG-25 wfuMilitary1 December 2012
Tripoli, Libya32.65839767N 13.16269016ESE.210Civil1 June 20161
Tripoli, Libya32.65964508N 13.16117764EVariousCivil1 June 20162
Tripoli, Libya32.66724396N 13.15812206EF.27Civil23 April 20181