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17 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Lithuania. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Kaunas, Lithuania54.87763596N 23.91681480EAn-2Civil1 December 2012
Kaunas - Museum, Lithuania54.87848282N 23.88999939EVariousBoth1 December 201219
Paluknys, Lithuania54.47457123N 24.98439598EGlider on a poleCivil29 September 20131
Paluknys, Lithuania54.48779678N 24.99747467EKa-26Military8 August 20161
Panevežys Istra - Museum, Lithuania55.82788467N 24.36089897EVariousBoth30 January 20186
Panevezys-Stetiskes, Lithuania55.71190643N 24.35267448EGlider, 3x An-2Both8 August 20164
Pociunai, Lithuania54.65554428N 24.07155609ESeveral An-2 - 4 fuselages remain, to be confirmed which are still hereCivil3 September 20189
Sasnava, Lithuania54.66090012N 23.45243263E2x An.2Both14 April 20192
Siauliai, Lithuania55.89784622N 23.37643051EL-39Military30 November 20151
Siauliai, Lithuania55.90291595N 23.36752892EVarious helicoptersUnknown30 November 20155
Siauliai, Lithuania55.90009689N 23.37271309ESu-7Military8 August 20161
Siauliai, Lithuania55.90254974N 23.39398575E2x An-26Military8 August 20162
Siauliai, Lithuania55.90596390N 23.36805916E3x Mi-8Military14 April 2019
Tauragė, Lithuania55.23252869N 22.15149117EAn-2Civil3 September 2018
Vilnius, Lithuania54.63405228N 25.28030968EL-39, Mi-2, Twin prop - now all inside, or removed?Both3 September 20182
Vilnius, Lithuania54.63961029N 25.28113365ESeveral B737Civil20 October 20171
Vilnius, Lithuania54.62982178N 25.26387215EJetstream as i/a at "AMIKON Aviation Training Center"Military25 December 20171