Location name:
Drzonow - Muzeum Wojskowe, Poland
51.94540024N 15.31827736E
Last update:
13 April 2016
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Planes at this location

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RegistrationCnPlane typeCountryServiceStatusRemarksl/n
11B33-5339B-33PolandAir ForcepreMar 17
306914803069VEB-14PPolandAir ForcepreMar 17
5056538Il-28PolandAir ForcepreMar 17
SP-LAS18423209Li-2PPolandCivilpreMar 17
1105S101105SM-1WSPolandAir ForcepreMar 17
104ZD0104054Mi-2MPolandAir ForcepreMar 17
1624541624100Mi-2PPolandAir ForcepreMar 17
31403141Mi-4APolandAir ForcepreMar 17
10121A-10012SBLim-2MPolandAir ForcepreAs 112Mar 17
18091B-01809Lim-2PolandAir ForcepreMar 17
80201A-08020SBLim-2APolandNavypreMar 17
30758310307MiG-17PFPolandAir ForcepreMar 17
6351J-0635Lim-6bisPolandAir ForcepreMar 17
17211C-1721Lim-5RPolandAir ForcepreMar 17
1318661318MiG-21UPolandAir ForcepreMar 17
142394R01423MiG-21RPolandAir ForcepreMar 17
2307742307MiG-21F-13PolandAir ForcepreMar 17
781594N7815MiG-21PFMPolandAir ForcepreMar 17
1005S201005SM-2PolandAir ForcepreMar 17
9052905Su-7UMPolandAir ForcepreMar 17
613874828Su-20RPolandAir ForcepreMar 17
851128511Su-22M4PolandAir ForcepreMar 17
03101E-0310TS-8PolandAir ForcepreMar 17
05061H-0506TS-11bisBPolandAir ForcepreMar 17
05301H-0530TS-11bisBPolandAir ForcepreMar 17
08234H-0823TS-11-200BRPolandAir ForcepreMar 17
164233C-11PolandAir ForcepreMar 17
SP-CXH12640Yak-12APolandCivilpreMar 17
SP–BRN6131Yak-18PolandCivilpreMar 17
06807Yak-23PolandAir ForcepreRemoved
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