Location name:
Châteaudun - Museum, France
48.06443405N 1.37105834E
Last update:
27 December 2017
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Planes at this location

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RegistrationCnPlane typeCountryServiceStatusRemarksl/n
E66/8-MEAlpha Jet EFranceAir Forcepre
E106/8-NAAlpha Jet EFranceAir Forcestdused for spares
5318/UF5318AS.355F1FranceAir Forcepre
118/VB118CAP-10BFranceAir Forcepre
486486CM.170FranceAir Forcepre
538538CM.170FranceAir Forcepre
790/CW790DHC-6FranceAir Forcepre
498/312-UQ312498Emb.312FFranceAir Forcepre
29061/1-EQF-84FFranceAir ForcepreAs 29117
182/339-JA182Da.20SPFranceAir Forcepre
A87A87Jaguar AFranceAir Forcepre
A91/11-YGA91Jaguar AFranceAir Forcepre
A120/7-HLA120Jaguar AFranceAir Forcepre
E12/339-WIE12Jaguar EFranceAir Forcepre
E22/7-HBE22Jaguar EFranceAir Forcepre
191/XA191MD.312FranceAir Forcepre
231/2-SC231MD.450FranceAir Forcepre
278/8-MB278Mystere 4AFranceAir Forcepre
7/2-FD7Mirage 3CFranceAir Forcepre
206/2-FM206Mirage 3BFranceAir Forcepre
247/DQ247Mirage 3B-RVFranceAir ForcepreAs 277
360/33-TI360Mirage 3RDFranceAir Forcepre
549/4-BF549Mirage 3EFranceAir Forcepre
1/AP1Mirage 4AFranceAir Forcepre
15/132-BA15Mirage 5FFranceAir Forcepre
80/103-LI322Mirage 2000CFranceAir Forcepre
518/5-OM218Mirage 2000BFranceAir Forcepre
41/30-FGMirage F1CFranceAir Forcepre
225/30-SOMirage F1CTFranceAir Forcepre
2626MS.760FranceAir Forcepre
89/AZ89N.262DFranceAir Forcepre
161/DJ161B4-PC11FranceAir Forcepre
C01Rafale CFranceAir Forcepre
2029/67-CE2029SE.3160FranceAir Forcepre
308/30-MC18SO4050-IINFranceAir Forcepre
16630/314-YG580-5962T-33AFranceAir ForcepreAs 18658, also quoted as being 16524 which does not match the cn
54/315-VZ54TB-30FranceAir Forcepre
171171N.2501FFranceAir ForcepreRemoved
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