Location name:
Old Sarum - Boscombe Down Aviation Collection, England, United Kingdom
51.09996796N 1.78577006W
Last update:
24 May 2016
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Planes at this location

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RegistrationCnPlane typeCountryServiceStatusRemarksl/n
MS968835Auster 4United KingdomAir ForcepreFuselage only
XX91991BAC1-11-402APUnited KingdomAir ForcepreForward fuselage only
WH876SH.1633Canberra U.10United KingdomAir ForcepreNose section only
WJ86571333Canberra T.4United KingdomAir ForcepreNose section only
XK69906035Comet C.2United KingdomAir ForcepreForward fuselage only
WD321C1/0258Chipmunk T.10United KingdomAir Forcepre
WZ753749Grasshopper TX.1United KingdomAir Forcestd
XV784712034Harrier GR.3United KingdomAir ForcepreNose section only
XZ457/VL-10441H-912011Sea Harrier FA.2United KingdomNavypre
XX343/3192/312167Hawk T.1United KingdomAir ForcepreNose section only
XS7901562Andover CC.2United KingdomAir ForcepreNose section only
WN890S4/U/2898Hunter F.2United KingdomAir ForcepreCockpit section only
WT64841H/665483Hunter F.1United KingdomAir ForcepreCockpit section only
XF375/6S4/U/3275Hunter F.6AUnited KingdomAir Forcepre
XG29041H/675911Hunter F.6United KingdomAir ForcepreNose section only
XW560S06Jaguar SUnited KingdomAir ForcepreNose section only
XX734S31Jaguar GR.1United KingdomAir Forcedlt
XX761S58Jaguar GR.1United KingdomAir ForcepreNose section only
XR650/28Jet Provost T.4United KingdomAir Forcepre
XS231PAC/W/23908Jet Provost T.5United KingdomAir ForcepreNose section only
G-PLAH640BAe JetstreamUnited KingdomCivilstdNose only
XN72695097Lightning F.2AUnited KingdomAir ForcepreNose section only
WD686/SMeteor NF.11United KingdomAir Forcepre
WK800/ZMeteor D.16United KingdomAir Forcepre
WT859Scimitar F.1United KingdomNavypreNose section only
XP899/DF.9500Scout AH.1United KingdomArmypre
WV910AW.6125Sea Hawk FGA.4United KingdomNavypreNose section only
XJ47610003Sea Fixen FAW.1United KingdomNavypreNose section only
XF113VA.9597Swift F.7United KingdomAir ForcepreNose section only
XJ38013242Sycamore HR.14United KingdomAir Forcepre
ZD936453/AS005Tornado F.2United KingdomAir ForcepreNose section only
XT437/423F.9607Wasp HAS.1United KingdomNavypre
G-BZPPF.9675Scout AH.1United KingdomCivilstd
XN503PAC/W/10164Jet Provost T.3United KingdomAir ForcepreRemoved
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