Location name:
Châteaudun, France
48.05274200N 1.37197673E
Various on "German runway"
Last update:
27 December 2017
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Planes at this location

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RegistrationCnPlane typeCountryServiceStatusRemarksl/n
E5Alpha Jet EFranceAir Forcestd
E9/102-LFAlpha Jet EFranceAir Forcestd
E10/314-ULAlpha Jet EFranceAir Forcestd
E15/8-NOAlpha Jet EFranceAir Forcestd
E19/314-LOAlpha Jet EFranceAir Forcestd
E21/8-NKAlpha Jet EFranceAir Forcestd
E23/314-UGAlpha Jet EFranceAir Forcestd
E34/8-MFAlpha Jet EFranceAir Forcestd
E36/314-UFAlpha Jet EFranceAir Forcestd
E49/LBAlpha Jet EFranceAir Forcestd
E59/LYAlpha Jet EFranceAir Forcestd
E63/8-MZAlpha Jet EFranceAir Forcestd
E65/7-PVAlpha Jet EFranceAir Forcestd
E76Alpha Jet EFranceAir Forcestd
E91/102-RLAlpha Jet EFranceAir ForcestdSep 21
E92/2-FLAlpha Jet EFranceAir Forcestd
E126/312-RTAlpha Jet EFranceAir Forcestd
E133/8-MNAlpha Jet EFranceAir Forcestd
E140/102-FAAlpha Jet EFranceAir Forcestd
E159/8-MGAlpha Jet EFranceAir Forcestd
RA02/61-ZQA02C-160RFranceAir Forcestd
R2/61-MBF2C-160RFranceAir ForcestdSep 21
R3/61-MCF3C-160RFranceAir Forcestd
R11/61-MFF11C-160RFranceAir Forcestd
R42/61-MNF42C-160RFranceAir Forcestd
R46/61-MRF46C-160RFranceAir ForcestdSep 21
R54/61-MZF54C-160RFranceAir Forcestd
R86/61-ZDF86C-160RFranceAir Forcestd
R99/61-ZQF99C-160RFranceAir Forcestd
R154/61-ZTF154C-160RFranceAir ForcestdSep 21
R157/61-ZWF157C-160RFranceAir Forcestd
R215/64-GOF218C-160RFranceAir Forcestd
55/312-HB55CM.170FranceAir Forcedlt
210210CM.170FranceAir ForcestdSep 20
227227CM.170FranceAir ForcestdSep 20
405405CM.170FranceAir Forcestd
407/12-XM407CM.170FranceAir Forcedlt
425425CM.170FranceAir Forcestd
484484CM.170FranceAir ForcestdSep 20
537/312-AP537CM.170FranceAir ForcestdSep 20
567/VF567CM.170FranceAir ForcestdPdF c/s
131131Da.20CFranceAir ForcestdSep 21
291/F-RAEG291Da.20EFranceAir Forcestd
422/F-RAEH422Da.20FFranceAir Forcestd
A2/11-RAA2Jaguar AFranceAir Forcestd
A33A33Jaguar AFranceAir Forcestd
A38A38Jaguar AFranceAir Forcestd
A53A53Jaguar AFranceAir Forcestd
A66/7-IBA66Jaguar AFranceAir ForcedltFuselage/No cockpit
A67/7-PVA67Jaguar AFranceAir ForcestdFuselage/no cockpit
A73A73Jaguar AFranceAir Forcestd
A84A84Jaguar AFranceAir ForcestdSep 21
A86A86Jaguar AFranceAir Forcestd
A90A90Jaguar AFranceAir Forcestd
A99A99Jaguar AFranceAir ForcedltFuselage/no cockpit
A100A100Jaguar AFranceAir ForcedltFuselage/no cockpit
A103A103Jaguar AFranceAir ForcestdSep 20
A104/7-HMA104Jaguar AFranceAir ForcedltFuselage/No cockpit
A108A108Jaguar AFranceAir Forcestd
A115A115Jaguar AFranceAir Forcestd
A138/7-HVA138Jaguar AFranceAir Forcestd
A144/7-HAA144Jaguar AFranceAir Forcestd
A145/7-HGA145Jaguar AFranceAir Forcestd
A148/7-HNA148Jaguar AFranceAir Forcestd
A150/7-HEA150Jaguar AFranceAir Forcestd
A158/7-HTA158Jaguar AFranceAir Forcestd
A159/7-HLA159Jaguar AFranceAir Forcestd
A160A160Jaguar AFranceAir ForcedltFuselage/No cockpit
E2E2Jaguar EFranceAir ForcedltFuselage/no cockpit
E24E24Jaguar EFranceAir ForcestdSep 21
E32/7-HWE32Jaguar EFranceAir Forcestd
303/33-TM303Mirage 3RFranceAir Forcestd
316316Mirage 3RFranceAir ForcestdTiger c/s
350350Mirage 3RFranceAir Forcestd
429/2-LO429Mirage 3EFranceAir Forcestd
494494Mirage 3EFranceAir Forcestd
502/13-TM502Mirage 3EFranceAir Forcestd
520/3-IT520Mirage 3EFranceAir Forcestd
524/3-XH524Mirage 3EFranceAir Forcestd
547547Mirage 3EFranceAir Forcestd
619/4-BJ619Mirage 3EFranceAir Forcestd
624/3-IZ624Mirage 3EFranceAir Forcestd
77Mirage 4AFranceAir Forcestd
14/AM14Mirage 4AFranceAir Forcestd
19/AR19Mirage 4AFranceAir Forcestd
21/AT21Mirage 4AFranceAir Forcestd
24/AW24Mirage 4AFranceAir Forcestd
32/BE32Mirage 4AFranceAir Forcestd
46/BS46Mirage 4AFranceAir Forcestd
49/BV49Mirage 4PFranceAir ForcestdSep 20
52/BY52Mirage 4PFranceAir ForcestdSep 20
53/BZ53Mirage 4PFranceAir ForcestdFuselage only
55/CB55Mirage 4PFranceAir Forcestd
57/CD57Mirage 4PFranceAir ForcestdSep 20
.../5-NCMirage 2000CFranceAir ForcedltMarked as C01
3/115-OG3Mirage 2000CFranceAir ForcestdFuselage only
4/5-NT4Mirage 2000CFranceAir Forcedlt
5/115-OT5Mirage 2000CFranceAir Forcestd
88Mirage 2000CFranceAir ForcestdFuselage only
12/115-OH12Mirage 2000CFranceAir Forcedlt
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