Location name:
Hatzerim, Israel
31.23552322N 34.69363785E
Various, storage area of the museum
Last update:
1 November 2018
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Planes at this location

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RegistrationCnPlane typeCountryServiceStatusRemarksl/n
4010M4010Mi-24DCzech RepublicAir Forcestd
010/4X-JYG18013B720-023BIsraelAir Forcestd
116/4X-JYW17617B707-328IsraelAir ForcestdAs 103
106LD-485Be.65B-80AIsraelAir Forcestd
001107BN-2AIsraelAir Forcestd
031U206-1313Ce.U206DIsraelAir Forcestd
214CM.170IsraelAir Forcedlt
04/4X-FNL12486C-47AIsraelAir Forcestd
042/4X-FMJ33031C-47BIsraelAir Forcestd
015Do.27A4IsraelAir Forcestd
019258Do.27A4IsraelAir Forcestd
0252015Do.27Q1IsraelAir Forcestd
033474Do.27A4IsraelAir Forcestd
036Do.27A4IsraelAir Forcestd
08233MD.450IsraelAir ForcestdAs 113
69204MD.450IsraelAir Forcestd
94328MD.450IsraelAir Forcestd
07Mystere 4AIsraelAir ForcestdAs 007
10216Mystere 4AIsraelAir Forcestd
11Mystere 4AIsraelAir Forcestd
15225Mystere 4AIsraelAir ForcestdAs 92
29171Mystere 4AIsraelAir ForcestdForward fuselage
30223Mystere 4AIsraelAir Forcestd
41152Mystere 4AIsraelAir Forcestd
82Mystere 4AIsraelAir Forcestd
37Meteor FR.9IsraelAir Forcestd
043/4X-FACD134N.2501DIsraelAir Forcestd
055/4X-FAGD165N.2501DIsraelAir Forcestd
31P-51DIsraelAir ForcedltAs 01 rear fuselage and wings only
2275-4291PT-17IsraelAir Forcestd
3275-3015PT-17IsraelAir Forcestd
31406235S.11.2IsraelAir Forcestd
002104SA.321KaIsraelAir Forcestd
009114SA.321KaIsraelAir Forcestd
015130SA.321KaIsraelAir Forcestd
018136SA.321KaIsraelAir Forcestd
21146SA.321KIsraelAir Forcestd
0031063SE.3130IsraelAir Forcestd
00701SE.3130IsraelAir Forcestd
0101963SA.318CIsraelAir Forcestd
0171099SA.315BIsraelAir Forcestd
...78-7247AT-6AIsraelAir ForcestdAs 102
.../1/114-660Harvard IIBIsraelAir Forcestd
.../1/378-6920AT-6AIsraelAir Forcestd
.../8/4AT-6IsraelAir Forcestd
.../3/578-6821AT-6AIsraelAir Forcestd
.../6AT-6IsraelAir Forcestd
.../7T-6IsraelAir Forcestd
18AT-6DIsraelAir Forcestd
24AT-16ND Harvard IIBIsraelAir Forcestd
30AT-6DIsraelAir Forcestd
39AT-6DIsraelAir Forcestd
44AT-6DIsraelAir Forcestd
48AT-6DIsraelAir Forcestd
5477-4576AT-6AIsraelAir Forcestd
92AT-6AIsraelAir Forcestd
26113981A-4HIsraelAir ForcestdRemoved
035/4X-FPO16830KC-97KIsraelAir ForcestdRemoved
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