Location name:
Sintra - Museu do Ar, Portugal
38.83649826N 9.34106541W
Last update:
30 September 2014
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Planes at this location

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RegistrationCnPlane typeCountryServiceStatusRemarksl/n
MM8011955.1237H-19DItalyAir ForcepreAs Portuguese AF 9101Sep 16
15550A-193TA-7PPortugalAir ForcepreSep 16
152240073Alpha JetPortugalAir ForcepreSep 16
25041467AT-11PortugalAir ForcepreSep 16
CS-AZICE-312Be.F33APortugalCivilpreSep 16
1650829C-212A2PortugalAir ForcepreSep 16
13701FTB337-0002Ce.FTB337GPortugalAir ForcepreSep 16
CS-DGA19503C-47APortugalCivilpreAs CS-TDESep 16
1309C1/0346DHC-1PortugalAir ForcepreSep 16
3358235Do.27A1PortugalAir ForcepreAs 3357
348727-1103-141Do.27A1PortugalAir ForcepreFuselage only, no markings
23076899DH.89APortugalAir ForcepreSep 16
51872042-381BF-84GPortugalAir ForcepreAs 5131
5338191-900F-86FPortugalAir ForcepreAs 5320Sep 16
17103217Da.20DCPortugalAir ForcepreSep 16
5438F4-0142G.91R/4PortugalAir ForcepreAs 5407Sep 16
5445F4-0091G.91R/4PortugalAir ForcepreSep 16
CR-AAC8104DH.87BPortugalCivilpreSep 16
CS-AMXOGMA-81Auster D5/160PortugalCivilpre
63045661Ju-52/3mgePortugalAir ForcepreSep 16
3304283MH.1521CPortugalAir ForcepreSep 16
CS-AXB/99MJ-2BPortugalCivilpreSep 16
64056N.2502APortugalAir ForcepreAs 6403Sep 16
4711426-5283P2V-5FPortugalAir ForcepreSep 16
14806185B-5408P-3PPortugalAir ForcepreSep 16
321818-2555L-21BPortugalAir Forceprec/n to be confirmed, also reported as 18-2573Sep 16
195121065SA.330S1PortugalAir ForcepreSep 16
92171640SE.3130PortugalAir ForcepreSep 16
....1514SA.316BPortugalAir ForcepreFormer instructional airframeSep 16
193841855SA.316BPortugalAir ForcepreSep 16
1737CCF4-521T-6JPortugalAir ForcepreSep 16
1923580-1189T-33APortugalAir ForcepreSep 16
242040745T-37CPortugalAir ForcepreSep 16
2605N.5263T-38APortugalAir ForcepreSep 16
111OGMAP1/3650DH.82APortugalAir ForcepreSep 16
5563/Z-MRCBAF.8342Spitfire LF Mk.IXcSouth AfricaAir ForcepreAs Portuguese AF ML255Sep 16
1305C1/0298DHC-1PortugalAir ForcepreRemovedSep 16
1510061-529F-16APortugalAir ForcepreRemoved
5361202-133F-86FPortugalAir ForcepreRemoved
1916580-8813RT-33APortugalAir ForcepreRemoved
1926580-1343T-33APortugalAir ForcepreRemoved
243040784T-37CPortugalAir ForcepreRemoved
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