Location name:
Eglin - USAF Armament Museum, Florida, United States
30.46627998N 86.5609436W
Last update:
2 September 2012
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Planes at this location

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RegistrationCnPlane typeCountryServiceStatusRemarksl/n
.../85rdMiG-21F-13RussiaAir ForceprePossible ex-Indonesian AF, ex-USAF
75-0288/ETA10-0037A-10AUnited StatesAir Forcepre
44-8386332504B-17GUnited StatesAir ForcepreAs 42-30180
44-30854108-34129TB-25JUnited StatesAir ForcepreAs 40-2344
53-42964501320RB-47HUnited StatesAir Forcepre
58-0185464253B-52GUnited StatesAir Forcepre
53-31293001AC-130AUnited StatesAir Forcepre
52-1516/N99EB-57BUnited StatesAir Forcepre
68-6864337M-0153O-2AUnited StatesAir Forcepre
44-76486/OS32818C-47KUnited StatesAir ForcepreAs AC-47 43-010
64-0817/XC1147F-4CUnited StatesAir Forcepre
74-0124/EG0100F-15AUnited StatesAir Forcepre
80-0573/ET61-294F-16AUnited StatesAir Forcepre
51-9495/FS-495F-84FUnited StatesAir Forcepre
52-5513/FU-910193-242F-86FUnited StatesAir ForcepreAs 12910, also as 12831 earlier
53-2610F-89DUnited StatesAir Forcepre
54-1986/SS217-247F-100CUnited StatesAir Forcepre
56-0250238JF-101BUnited StatesAir Forcepre
57-1331283-5043F-104DUnited StatesAir Forcepre
58-1155/JVD10F-105DUnited StatesAir ForcepreAs 59-1171
68-0058/ETA1-227F-111EUnited StatesAir Forcepre
66-15186/ET1914UH-1CUnited StatesArmypre
73-165265.390MH-53MUnited StatesAir Forcepre
44-89320P-47NUnited StatesAir ForcepreAs 44-88129
68-15796109-27204F-51DUnited StatesArmypreAs USAF 44-13571 (original serial)
49-0432080-2180F-80CUnited StatesAir Forcepre
61-79592010SR-71AUnited StatesAir Forcepre
53-5947580-9423T-33AUnited StatesAir Forcepre
53-7821273C-131BUnited StatesAir ForcepreRemoved
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