Location name:
USS Intrepid, New York, United States
40.76480865N 74.00094604W
Last update:
28 July 2014
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Planes at this location

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RegistrationCnPlane typeCountryServiceStatusRemarksl/n
2121Etendard IVMFranceNavypreAs 60Jun 19
MM54461/76640/AA023MB-339AItalyAir ForcepreAs MM54476
...MiG-17FPolandAir ForcepreIn North Vietnam AF markings
410594A4105MiG-21PFMPolandAir ForcepreJun 19
G-BOAD210ConcordeUnited KingdomCivilpre
09102/AJ-5011930XAD-1United StatesNavypreJun 19
142833/AK-51211895A-4BUnited StatesNavypreJun 19
162185I-678A-6FUnited StatesNavypreJun 19
159218/70426058AH-1JUnited StatesMarine CorpspreJun 19
N57RA25006B.47G-5United StatesCivilpreAs 512446Jun 19
147212/AU-77311E-1BUnited StatesNavypreJun 19
150628/NK-101286F-4NUnited StatesMarine CorpspreJun 19
145550/AK-102F-8KUnited StatesNavypreJun 19
1579867F-14DUnited StatesNavypreJun 19
79-0403/NY61-188GF-16AUnited StatesAir Forcepre
135868/AF-203194-95FJ-3United StatesNavypreJun 19
141884/5201F11F-1United StatesNavypreJun 19
133566/AG-10078F3H-2NUnited StatesNavypreJun 19
141117/E-210F-9JUnited StatesNavypreJun 19
59-162180UH-1AUnited StatesArmypreJun 19
130855.729HO4S-3United StatesCoast GuardpreAs USN 95Jun 19
142962.117HH-52AUnited StatesCoast GuardpreJun 19
159232/NM-601712141AV-8CUnited StatesMarine CorpspreJun 19
128519/HU-69HUP-2United StatesNavypreJun 19
999734F-21AUnited StatesNavypre
60-6925122A-12United StatesAir ForcepreJun 19
N34ZG-283T-34AUnited StatesCivilpre
N913NAN.5774T-38NUnited StatesGovernment Agencypre
24803/2TBM-1United StatesNavypreJun 19
XD220/608Scimitar F.1United KingdomNavypreRemoved
156621/GJ-303NR316-14RA-5CUnited StatesNavypreRemoved
152933I-237A-6EUnited StatesNavypreRemoved
70-1595620900AH-1SUnited StatesArmypreRemoved
141783/AF-210100F11F-1United StatesNavypreRemoved
127074/WF-28132EF-10BUnited StatesMarine CorpspreRemoved
7216G-292HU-16EUnited StatesCoast GuardpreRemoved
133264/F-405G-235TS-2AUnited StatesNavypreRemoved
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