Location name:
Charlotte - Carolinas Historic Aviation Commission & Museum, North Carolina, United States
35.21949768N 80.93035889W
Last update:
2 September 2012
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Planes at this location

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RegistrationCnPlane typeCountryServiceStatusRemarksl/n
142226/ED11480A-4CUnited StatesMarine Corpspre
159971/AC-404E-420A-7EUnited StatesNavypre
N106US1044A320-214United StatesCivilpre
159216/HF-0026056AH-1JUnited StatesMarine Corpspre
62-18573821C-130EUnited StatesAir Forcepre
N19253150-74276Ce.150LUnited StatesCivilpre
1426566D-558-1United StatesGovernment Agencypre
N44V4545DC-3CUnited StatesCivilpreAirworthy
N836D45345DC-7BUnited StatesCivilpreAirworthy
N3180H3805Erco 415CUnited StatesCivilpre
155872/DB-053384F-4SUnited StatesMarine Corpspre
1583534078F-4SUnited StatesNavypreCockpit only
161166/AJ-207393F-14D(R)United StatesNavypre
56-0243190F-101FUnited StatesAir Forcepre
53-1788/FC-788YF-102AUnited StatesAir Forcepre
N55RG1G.1159United StatesCivilpre
64-137314438UH-1HUnited StatesArmypre
53-449658.054H-34CUnited StatesArmypre
153389/EG-162287CH-46EUnited StatesMarine Corpspre
161397512002AV-8BUnited StatesMarine Corpspre
33866/WL-21080-2100TV-1United StatesNavypre
N48272PT-17United StatesCivilpreComposite airframe
138285200-356T-28BUnited StatesNavypreAs USArmy 37285
62-587433BOV-1DUnited StatesArmypre
61-23673712C-130EUnited StatesAir ForcepreRemoved
N779NC48101DC-9-51United StatesCivilpreRemoved
65-1279761.572CH-3EUnited StatesAir ForcepreRemoved
155472/ER-02305-83OV-10DUnited StatesMarine CorpspreRemoved
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