Location name:
Tillamook - Air Museum, Oregon, United States
45.42033768N 123.80476379W
Last update:
23 January 2016
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Planes at this location

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RegistrationCnPlane typeCountryServiceStatusRemarksl/n
7081683D-7081F-104GTurkeyAir Forcepreback fuselage and tailJul 23
158819/AC-401E-375A-7EUnited StatesNavypreJul 23
N26PJ28987A-26CUnited StatesCivilpreAirworthy
NX3222T28001TB-26BUnited StatesCivilpreex-as USAAF 44-34722 "Lead Sled"Dec 21
59-2579464342B-52GUnited StatesAir Forceprecockpit section only, under restaurationJul 23
157363/E-045009TH-57AUnited StatesNavypreJul 23
N743251438Bellanca 14-13-2United StatesCivilpreJul 23
N600W1CA-65United StatesCivilpreDec 21
N2146Z180-51246Ce.180FUnited StatesCivilprewith skies, ex Artic Research Laboratory (University of Alaska)Jul 23
N817TW22-00-23CV-880-22-1United StatesCivilpreex TWA. Cockpit section onlyJul 23
N999032526Erco 415CUnited StatesCivilpreJul 23
150452238F-4NUnited StatesNavypreCockpit section only, in USAF c/sJul 23
159848/AJ-201208F-14AUnited StatesNavypreJul 23
7033W40-171GK-1United StatesNavypreDec 21
91-0107/HW4106C-27AUnited StatesAir ForcepreJul 23
1293134-22TH-43EUnited StatesNavypreJul 23
N27357PAC/W/6314Jet Provost T3AUnited StatesCivilpreex-as RAF XM357Jul 23
N27357PAC/W/5762Jet Provost T.3AUnited StatesCivilpreAirworthy
N711CW24-055Lj-24United StatesCivilpreJul 23
N1382Y921Long-EzUnited StatesCivilpre"Tempus Fugit" mksDec 21
N1426D1C-1426Lim-5United StatesCivilpreMarked Polish AF 1426Jul 23
N2503N1F-0319Lim-6bisUnited StatesCivilpreIn Russian markings 319Jul 23
N62MEMC106Mini CoupeUnited StatesCivilpreJul 23
N132DL/N008Nieuport 11 (7/8) replicaUnited StatesCivilprehomebuiltJul 23
N5588LDL1QuickieUnited StatesCivilpreAt the roof of the "Air Base Café"Jul 23
NX34TMTM 30R-80United StatesCivilprehomebuiltJul 23
N913730407323S-4United StatesCivilprehomebuiltJul 23
60-3481265-9CT-39AUnited StatesAir Forcepreex Hillsboro OregonJul 23
N275SACN008Sky Arrow 650 TCNUnited StatesCivilpreJul 23
N49RH27C00003Brown StarliteUnited StatesCivilprehomebuiltJul 23
N422AU15937B.377SGTUnited StatesCivilpreDec 21
N532WE001WindRyder HurricaneUnited StatesCivilpreGyroplaneJul 23
N56V33153C-47BUnited StatesCivilpreRemoved
N360RR/LZ-4726-7256SP-2HUnited StatesCivilpreRemoved
NL83L15-1501PV-2DUnited StatesCivilpreRemoved
42-608172350A-24AUnited StatesAir ForcepreRemovedDec 21
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