Location name:
USS Yorktown, South Carolina, United States
32.79030609N 79.90856171W
Last update:
2 September 2012
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Planes at this location

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RegistrationCnPlane typeCountryServiceStatusRemarksl/n
127007/M-5057807AD-4NUnited StatesNavypre
146457/04912409ERA-3BUnited StatesNavypre
149623/AH-35312948A-4LUnited StatesNavypre
152599/AGI-147A-6EUnited StatesNavypre
159291/AC-301E-429A-7EUnited StatesNavypre
159210/70026050AH-1JUnited StatesMarine Corpspre
41-2978487-7949B-25DUnited StatesAir Forcepre
147225/RR-71024E-1BUnited StatesNavypre
153077/AC-1011579F-4JUnited StatesNavypre
146939/NL-407F-8CUnited StatesNavypre
159025/AG-10286F-14AUnited StatesNavypre
162435/MB-2040278F/A-18AUnited StatesNavypreIn USMC markings
03956/F-15838F4F-3AUnited StatesNavypre
88368/213182FG-1DUnited StatesNavypre
76593/00A-10738F6F-5KUnited StatesNavypre
147385/M-116TF-9JUnited StatesNavypre
65-101325176UH-1DUnited StatesArmypre
66-150051733UH-1MUnited StatesArmypre
149932/AR-42061.208SH-3HUnited StatesNavypre
147171/YL-3858.1087UH-34DUnited StatesMarine Corpspre
154009/YT-292360CH-46EUnited StatesMarine Corpspre
0752675-7130N2S-3United StatesNavypreIn USAAF markings
151657/NU-22S-2EUnited StatesNavypre
159731/NJ-733394A-3060S-3BUnited StatesNavypre
36173/144812SBD-5United StatesNavypre
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