Location name:
East Fortune - National Museum of Flight, Scotland, United Kingdom
55.99528885N 2.7209897W
Last update:
24 August 2016
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Planes at this location

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RegistrationCnPlane typeCountryServiceStatusRemarksl/n
VH-SNB2002DH.84AustraliaCivilpreMay 22
VH-UQB2051DH.80AAustraliaCivilpreMay 22
9940962Bolingbroke 4TCanadaAir ForcepreMay 22
3677613677MiG-15bisSBCzechoslovakiaAir ForcepreMay 22
191659/15yw191659Me-163B-1aGermanyAir ForcepreMay 22
3093309MiG-15UTIPolandAir ForcestdForward fuselage onlyDec 18
G-APHVAnson C.19United KingdomCivilpreMay 22
G-APFJ17711B707-436United KingdomCivilpreForward fuselage onlyMay 22
G-AVMO143BAC1-11-510EDUnited KingdomCivilpreMay 22
G-ASUGBA-111Be.E18SUnited KingdomCivilpreLoganairMay 22
RD220Beaufighter TF.XUnited KingdomAir Forcestd
G-BELF823BN-2A-26United KingdomCivilpreScottish Ambulance ServiceMay 22
XT288B3-10-65Buccaneer S.2BUnited KingdomAir ForcepreDec 18
VX18571016Canberra B.5United KingdomAir ForcepreNose section onlyMay 22
G-BDIX06471Comet 4CUnited KingdomCivilpreMay 22
G-BOAA206ConcordeUnited KingdomCivilpreMay 22
G-ACYK101Cruiser Mk.3United KingdomCivilpreFuselage onlyOct 21
G-AVPCPFA 544D.31United KingdomCivilpreMay 22
G-ANOV04445DH.104United KingdomCivilpreMay 22
G-AGBNGAL/42/111GAL.42United KingdomCivilpreMay 22
XA228861Grasshopper TX.1United KingdomAir ForcepreMay 22
XV277Harrier GR.1United KingdomAir ForcepreMay 22
XX308143/312133Hawk T.1United KingdomAir ForcepreMay 22
G-SJEN0405-6602Ikarus C42 FB80United KingdomCivilpreMay 22
XZ119/FGS120Jaguar GR.1AUnited KingdomAir ForcepreMay 22
G-JSSD227Jetstream 1United KingdomCivilpreMay 22
XN776/C95129Lightning F.2AUnited KingdomAir ForcepreMay 22
G-AHKY4426M.18 srs 2United KingdomCivilpreMay 22
G-ARCX2163Meteor NF.14United KingdomCivilpreMay 22
G-UNIVPFA G/08-1276Montgomerie-Parsons Two PlaceUnited KingdomCivilpreMay 22
XV2418016Nimrod MR.2United KingdomAir ForcestdForward fuselage onlyDec 18
G-ATOY24-4346PA-24-260United KingdomCivilpreFuselage onlyMay 22
WV493/29/A-PPAC/56/056Provost T.1United KingdomAir ForcestdDec 18
RAFGSA591209Ka-4United KingdomCivilpreMay 22
WF259/A-171AW.5619Sea Hawk F.2United KingdomNavypreMay 22
XL762S2/5074Skeeter AOP.12United KingdomArmystdDec 18
TE462CBAF.IX.4596Spitfire LF.XVIeUnited KingdomAir ForcepreMay 22
ZE934/TA778/AT037Tornado F.3United KingdomAir ForcepreMay 22
G-ARPH2108Trident 1CUnited KingdomCivilpreCockpit section onlyOct 21
G-BBVF558Twin Pioneer 3United KingdomCivilpreMay 22
WW145/LM-68012790Sea Venom FAW.22United KingdomNavypreMay 22
G-AMOG7Viscount 701United KingdomCivilstdDec 18
XM597SET61Vulcan B.2United KingdomAir ForcepreMay 22
W-2Weir W-2United KingdomCivilpreMay 22
155848/WT-113206F-4SUnited StatesMarine CorpspreDec 18
N14234234Jetstream 1United StatesCivilpreFuselage onlyMay 22
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