Location name:
Brunthingthorpe - Cold War Museum, England, United Kingdom
52.49614334N 1.11246181W
Last update:
30 June 2016
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Planes at this location

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RegistrationCnPlane typeCountryServiceStatusRemarksl/n
85/8-MV85Mystere 4AFranceAir Forcepre
37864563F-4FGermanyAir ForcepreNose section only
JB-1141730Sabre Mk.6GermanyAir Forcepre
2235683D-7113F-104GGermanyAir Forcepre
10181H-1018TS-11bisBPolandAir ForcepreG-ISKA airworthy
53395189L-29RomaniaAir Forcepre
G-AYKATC-523Be.B55AUnited KingdomCivilpreFuselage only (on a car chassis)
XW544/OB3-05-71Buccaneer S.2BUnited KingdomAir Forcepre
XX889/TB3-05-73Buccaneer S.2BUnited KingdomAir Forcepre
XX894/R-020B3-03-74Buccaneer S.2BUnited KingdomAir ForcepreIn RN markings
XX900B3-05-75Buccaneer S.2BUnited KingdomAir Forcepre
WT33371470Canberra B(I).8United KingdomAir Forcepre
G-CPDA06473Comet 4CUnited KingdomCivilpreex RAF XS235
XV4993477Phantom FGR.2United KingdomAir ForcepreNose section only
XP534FL536Gnat T.1United KingdomAir Forcepreas "XR993", G-BVPP airworthy
ZD627WA938Sea King HC.4United KingdomNavypreCockpit section only
ZG822/WSWA1003Sea King HC.4United KingdomNavypre
WT80641H/670749Hunter GA.11United KingdomNavypre
XL565/Y41H/693716Hunter T.7United KingdomAir Forcepre
XX145B10Jaguar T.2AUnited KingdomAir Forcepre
XZ382S147Jaguar GR.1United KingdomAir Forcepre
XM365PAC/W/9241Jet Provost T.3AUnited KingdomAir ForcepreG-BXBH airworthy
XN582/H, 95PAC/W/11824Jet Provost T.3AUnited KingdomAir Forcepre
XP672/03PAC/W/17641Jet Provost T.4United KingdomAir ForcepreG-RAFI airworthy
XW290/41EEP/JP/954Jet Provost T.5AUnited KingdomAir Forcepre
XP70395157Lightning F.3United KingdomAir ForcepreCockpit section only
XR713/C95196Lightning F.3United KingdomAir Forcepre
XV328B1/95021Lightning T.5United KingdomAir ForcepreNose section only
ZF59095284Lightning F.53United KingdomAir ForcepreCockpit section only
XV2268001Nimrod MR.2United KingdomAir Forcepre
XT630/XF.9636Scout AH.1United KingdomArmypre
XJ494/E-12110021Sea Fixen FAW.2United KingdomNavypre
WR974/KShackleton MR.3United KingdomAir Forcepre
ZA326016/BT006Tornado GR.1United KingdomAir Forcepre
XV109839VC.10 C.1KUnited KingdomAir ForcepreCockpit section only
ZD241/N863VC.10 K.4United KingdomAir Forcepre
XM715HP80/83Victor K.2United KingdomAir Forcepre
ZD477/EWA932Sea King HC.4United KingdomNavypreRemoved
ZD610/N-71441H-912049Sea Harrier FA.2United KingdomNavypreRemovedNov 16
XX467/8641H/693834Hunter T.7United KingdomAir ForcepreRemoved
XX494422Jetstream T.1United KingdomAir ForcepreRemoved
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