Location name:
Flixton, England, United Kingdom
52.43558502N 1.39898658E
Last update:
21 September 2012
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Planes at this location

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RegistrationCnPlane typeCountryServiceStatusRemarksl/n
A-528028IA-58AArgentinaAir ForcepreSep 18
3794623794MiG-15bisCzechoslovakiaAir ForcepreAs Polish AF 1972Sep 18
146289/FG-289252-52T-28CDemocratic Republic of the CongoAir ForcepreFuselage only, starboard side in USN markingsSep 18
ET-27241H/693747Hunter T.53DenmarkAir ForcepreForward fuselage onlySep 18
79/2-EG79Mystere 4AFranceAir ForcepreSep 18
VL349/V7-Q34220Anson C.19United KingdomAir ForcepreSep 18
WE16871197Canberra PR.3United KingdomAir ForcepreCockpit onlySep 18
WG789EEP71106Canberra B.2United KingdomAir ForcepreNose section onlySep 18
WH840EEP71278Canberra T.4United KingdomAir ForcepreSep 18
XM279EEP71648Canberra B(I).8United KingdomAir ForcepreNose section onlySep 18
G-MJSUSO175Tiger CubUnited KingdomCivilpre
G-BDVS10232F.27-200United KingdomCivilpreNose section only / Air UK
G-MMWLEW-91GoldwingUnited KingdomCivilpre
G-ASRFPFA 1300Jenny WrenUnited KingdomCivilpre
XA226859Grasshopper TX.1United KingdomAir ForcepreSep 18
XN304/B-WWWA284Whirlwind HAS.7United KingdomNavypreSep 18
XR485/QWA417Whirlwind HAR.10United KingdomAir ForcepreSep 18
ZA17541H-912026Sea Harrier FA.2United KingdomNavypreSep 18
XG254/A41H/680055Hunter FGA.9United KingdomAir ForcepreSep 18
XH892/J11329Javelin FAW.9RUnited KingdomAir ForcepreSep 18
XN500PAC/W/10161Jet Provost T.3AUnited KingdomAir ForcepreSep 18
G-BABYPFA3204JT-2United KingdomCivilpre
XG32995018Lightning F.1United KingdomAir ForcepreSep 18
G-MJVI4Type 4 RoosterUnited KingdomCivilpre
G-CDFWPFA G/19-1366Sheffy GyroplaneUnited KingdomCivilpre
G-APUGPAL 1203LA-5 MajorUnited KingdomCivilpre
WF643/FMeteor F.8United KingdomAir ForcepreSep 18
WF128/HF-676P57/26Sea Prince T.1United KingdomNavypreSep 18
WV605/T-BPAC/56/132Provost T.1United KingdomAir ForcepreSep 18
WV838/182AW.6083Sea Hawk FGA.6United KingdomNavypreNose section onlySep 18
XJ482/VL-71310009Sea Vixen FAW.1United KingdomNavypreSep 18
...Felixstowe F.5United KingdomNavypreNose section onlySep 18
TD248/T-80CBAF.IX4262Spitfire LF.XVIeUnited KingdomAir Forceprereconstructed fuselage using original skin/componentsSep 18
XG51813372Sycamore HR.14United KingdomAir ForcepreSep 18
XG523/V13377Sycamore HR.14United KingdomAir ForcepreCockpit section onlySep 18
G-ARLP2573A-61 Terrier 1United KingdomCivilpreUnder restoration, to become VX123 again
VX580/580432Valetta C.2United KingdomAir ForcepreSep 18
XK624/3215781Vampire T.11United KingdomAir ForcepreSep 18
XL445SET48Vulcan B.2United KingdomAir ForcepreNose section onlySep 18
54-2196223-76F-100DUnited StatesAir ForcepreSep 18
NC166763101F.24-C8FUnited StatesCivilpreSep 18
N6284275-3851PT-27United StatesCivilpreAs RAF FJ801, composite airframeSep 18
55-4433580-9877T-33AUnited StatesAir ForcepreSep 18
XD857Valiant BK.1United KingdomAir ForcepreRemoved
XL160HP80/63Victor K.2United KingdomAir ForcepreRemoved
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