Location name:
Coventry - Midland Air Museum, England, United Kingdom
52.37393188N 1.47908926W
Last update:
10 July 2016
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Planes at this location

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RegistrationCnPlane typeCountryServiceStatusRemarksl/n
23140930Sabre Mk.6CanadaAir ForcepreRear fuselage onlyFeb 19
R-756683D-6101F-104GDenmarkAir ForcepreFeb 19
95994A6503MiG-21SPSEast GermanyAir ForcepreFeb 19
42174/SM223-54F-100DFranceAir ForcepreIn USAF markingsFeb 19
7070Mystere 4AFranceAir ForcepreFeb 19
117473/TR-529580-7367T-33AFranceAir ForcepreIn Italian AF markings as 117529Feb 19
F-BGNR35Viscount 708FranceCivilpreFeb 19
2820002028200020Fl.282 B-0GermanyAir ForcepreFeb 19
4081H-0408TS-11bisAPolandAir ForcepreAs 1706Feb 19
35324645050293532464505029Mi-24DRussiaAir ForcepreFeb 19
55-713/CB1/95026Lightning T.55Saudi ArabiaAir ForcepreFeb 19
29640/0829-640J-29FSwedenAir ForcepreFeb 19
G-APRL6652Argosy 101United KingdomCivilpreFeb 19
G-ARYB25002HS.125-1United KingdomCivilpreFeb 19
G-ASWJB.009Beagle B.206United KingdomCivilstdAs 8449M in RAF markingsFeb 19
T5298Beaufighter IUnited KingdomAir ForcepreCockpit section only
VT935P.111AUnited KingdomAir ForcepreFeb 19
WF92271227Canberra PR.3United KingdomAir ForcepreFeb 19
WH64671118Canberra T.17AUnited KingdomAir ForcepreNose section onlyFeb 19
BAPC.126Druine D.31 TurbulentUnited KingdomCivilpreFeb 19
G-ALCU04022DH.104United KingdomCivilpreAs G-ALVDFeb 19
G-APJJF9428Ultra Light HelicopterUnited KingdomCivilpreFeb 19
XA508/GN-627F.9327Gannet T.2United KingdomNavypreFeb 19
XK741FL5Gnat F.1United KingdomAir ForcepreAs Finnish Air Force GN-101Feb 19
XK7891035Grasshopper TX.1United KingdomAir ForcepreFeb 19
XK907/UWA154Whirlwind HAS.7United KingdomNavystdCockpit section onlyFeb 19
G-APWNWA298Whirlwind Srs.3United KingdomCivilpreFeb 19
ZE694/N-004B53Sea Harrier FA.2United KingdomNavypreFeb 19
G-AEGVEMAC1HM.14United KingdomCivilpreFeb 19
XF382/15S4/U/3282Hunter F.6AUnited KingdomAir ForcepreFeb 19
XA699Javelin FAW.5United KingdomAir ForcepreFeb 19
G-BRNM002LeopardUnited KingdomCivilpreFeb 19
XR771/AN95236Lightning F.6United KingdomAir ForcepreFeb 19
EE531Meteor F.4United KingdomAir ForcepreFeb 19
VZ477Meteor F.8United KingdomAir ForcepreNose section onlyFeb 19
WS838/DMeteor NF.14United KingdomAir ForcepreFeb 19
G-EBJGPixie IIIUnited KingdomCivilstdFeb 18
VS623PAC/238Prentice T.1United KingdomAir ForcepreFeb 19
XR635F.9535Scout AH.1United KingdomArmypreFeb 19
WV797/J-491AW.6058Sea Hawk FGA.6United KingdomNavypreFeb 19
XJ579/12110061Sea Fixen FAW.2United KingdomNavypreNose section onlyDec 18
XN685/VL-70310093Sea Vixen FAW.2United KingdomNavypreFeb 19
ZA452/021247/BS082Tornado GR.4United KingdomAir ForcepreFeb 19
VF301/RAL-GVampire F.1United KingdomAir ForcepreFeb 19
XD62615367Vampire T.11United KingdomAir ForcestdDec 18
XE85515595Vampire T.11United KingdomAir ForcestdDec 18
XH592HP80/33Victor K.1AUnited KingdomAir ForcepreNose section onlyFeb 19
XL360SET32Vulcan B.2United KingdomAir ForcepreFeb 19
N1498S.382Whitley Mk.5United KingdomAir ForcedltWreckFeb 19
58-20621394U-6AUnited StatesArmypreFeb 19
63-7414339F-4CUnited StatesAir ForcestdFeb 19
63-7699/CG839F-4CUnited StatesAir ForcepreFeb 19
48-0242/FU-242151-43611F-86AUnited StatesAir ForcepreFeb 19
56-0312408F-101FUnited StatesAir ForcepreAs Canadian AF 17447Feb 19
57-0270448F-101BUnited StatesAir ForcestdNose section onlyFeb 19
62-4535161HH-43FUnited StatesAir ForcepreDec 18
N55351068L.188AUnited StatesCivilpreNose section onlyFeb 19
51-4419580-5714T-33AUnited StatesAir ForcepreFeb 19
XX899B3-04-75Buccaneer S.2BUnited KingdomAir ForcepreRemovedDec 18
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