Location name:
London-Colney - de Havilland Aircraft Heritage Centre, England, United Kingdom
51.71055222N 0.27107146W
Last update:
21 September 2012
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Planes at this location

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RegistrationCnPlane typeCountryServiceStatusRemarksl/n
F-BGNX06020Comet 1AFranceCivilpreFuselage only / Air FranceJun 19
J-1008148Vampire FB.6SwitzerlandAir ForcepreJun 19
G-ARYC25003HS.125-1United KingdomCivilpreJun 19
G-JEAOE1010BAe.146-100United KingdomCivilpreFuselage onlyJun 19
G-ABLM710C-24United KingdomCivilpreJun 19
XK69506030Comet 2RUnited KingdomAir ForcepreForward fuselage onlyJun 19
G-ANAV06013Comet 1AUnited KingdomCivilstdNose section only
J7326114DH.53United KingdomAir ForcepreJun 19
WP790/TC1/0682Chipmunk T.10United KingdomAir ForcepreJun 19
WP869C1/0758Chipmunk T.10United KingdomAir ForcestdNot currently on site, in parts
G-AREA04520DH.104United KingdomCivilpreAug 20
G-AKDW6897DH.89AUnited KingdomCivilpreUnder restorationJun 19
G-AOTI14107DH.114United KingdomCivilpreJun 19
VX250/48Sea Hornet NF.21United KingdomNavypreTail section onlyJun 19
G-ADOT8027DH.87United KingdomCivilpreJun 19
TL615Horsa 2United KingdomAir ForcepreNose section onlyJun 19
W405098001Mosquito 1United KingdomAir ForcepreMosquito prototypeJun 19
TA122/UP-GMosquito FB.6United KingdomAir ForcepreJun 19
TA634/8K-KMosquito TT.35United KingdomAir ForcepreJun 19
XJ565/E-12710047Sea Vixen FAW.2United KingdomNavypreJun 19
LF789/R-2KDH.82BUnited KingdomAir ForcepreJun 19
G-ANRX3863DH.82AUnited KingdomCivilpreJun 19
G-AVFH2147Trident 2EUnited KingdomCivilpreForward fuselage only / BEAJun 19
WM72913077Vampire NF.10United KingdomAir ForcestdNot currently on siteDec 18
XJ772/H15018Vampire T.11United KingdomAir ForcepreJun 19
WR53912240Venom FB.4United KingdomAir ForcestdCockpit section onlyDec 18
WX853Venom NF.3United KingdomAir ForcestdNot currently on siteDec 18
XG730/9Sea Venom FAW.22United KingdomNavypreJun 19
D-IFSB04379DH.104GermanyCivilpreRemovedFeb 19
J-1790440Venom FB.54SwitzerlandAir ForcepreRemoved
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