Location name:
Tangmere - Military Aviation Museum, England, United Kingdom
50.84673691N 0.71462488W
Last update:
30 October 2017
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Planes at this location

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RegistrationCnPlane typeCountryServiceStatusRemarksl/n
WE11371076Canberra B.2United KingdomAir ForcepreCockpit onlyOct 22
WZ876C1/0913Chipmunk T.10United KingdomAir ForcepreCockpit onlyOct 22
XV408/P2946Phantom FGR.2United KingdomAir ForcepreOct 22
XS511/MWA180Wessex HU.5United KingdomNavypreOct 22
XV744712007Harrier GR.3United KingdomAir ForcepreOct 22
XZ459/2541H-912013Sea Harrier FA.2United KingdomNavypreOct 22
WB18841H/665401Hunter Mk.3United KingdomAir ForcepreOct 22
WP190/KS4/U/3041Hunter F.5United KingdomAir ForcepreOct 22
WV33241H/670806Hunter F.4United KingdomAir ForcepreCockpit only. To avoid confusion, this aircraft has been modified to a two seater in 1972 and sold to the Swiss Air Force. The single seat cockpit section has been preserved and is on display.Oct 22
P3179Hurricane Mk.1United KingdomAir ForcepreWreckOct 22
ZF578/A95275Lightning F.53United KingdomAir ForcepreAs XR753Oct 22
EE549Meteor F.4United KingdomAir ForcepreOct 22
XF840P56/344Provost T.1United KingdomAir ForcepreCockpit onlyOct 22
XJ580/131-ESea Vixen FAW.2United KingdomNavypreOct 22
WK281Swift FR.5United KingdomAir ForcepreOct 22
XH31315687Vampire T.11United KingdomAir ForcepreOct 22
ZA195/71041H-912034Sea Harrier FA.2United KingdomNavypreRemovedDec 18
WA984Meteor F.8United KingdomAir ForcepreRemovedOct 22
51-9252580-7036T-33AUnited StatesAir ForcepreRemoved
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