Location name:
Weybridge - Brooklands Museum, England, United Kingdom
51.35499573N 0.46402285W
Last update:
21 September 2012
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Planes at this location

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RegistrationCnPlane typeCountryServiceStatusRemarksl/n
E-412/N41H/680271Hunter F.51DenmarkAir ForcepreFuselage only as RAF XF368Feb 19
E-42141H/680280Hunter F.51DenmarkAir ForcepreFeb 19
F-BGEQ86302Tiger Moth IIFranceCivilstdDismantled
A40-AB820VC-10 srs.1103OmanGovernmentpreFeb 19
G-ASYD053BAC1-11-475AMUnited KingdomCivilpreFeb 19
G-ARRMB.001Beagle B.206XUnited KingdomCivilpreFeb 19
G-LOTI/2PFA 088-10410Bleriot XI (Replica)United KingdomCivilpreFeb 19
G-BFCZSopwith Camel F.1 (Replica)United KingdomCivilpreAs RAF B7270, airworthy replicaFeb 19
G-BBDG202ConcordeUnited KingdomCivilpreFeb 19
WP921C1/0797Chipmunk T.10United KingdomAir ForcepreNose section onlyFeb 19
XP984P06P.1127United KingdomAir ForcepreFeb 19
G-VTOLB3-41H-735795Harrier T.52United KingdomCivilpreFeb 19
ZA101008/312008Hawk 100United KingdomAir ForcepreFeb 19
Z2389/XR-JHurricane Mk.2AUnited KingdomAir ForcepreFeb 19
XN586/91Jet Provost T.3AUnited KingdomAir ForcepreFeb 19
XX499/G425Jetstream T.1United KingdomAir ForcepreFeb 19
G-AEKV30DroneUnited KingdomCivilpre
G-CJAUJA002Sports White (Replica)United KingdomCivilpreAirworthy ReplicaFeb 19
WK198Swift F.1United KingdomAir ForcepreFeb 19
XD816Valiant BK.1United KingdomAir ForcepreNose section onlyFeb 19
G-APEJ713V.953CUnited KingdomCivilpreNose section only, Air BridgeFeb 19
G-APEP719V.953CUnited KingdomCivilpreHunting Cargo AirlinesFeb 19
WF372531Varsity T.1United KingdomAir ForcepreFeb 19
G-ARVM815VC-10 srs.1101United KingdomCivilpreFuselage only, British AirwaysFeb 19
G-AGRU112Viking 1United KingdomCivilpreBritish European AirwaysFeb 19
XT575438Viscount 837United KingdomAir ForcepreNose onlyFeb 19
G-APIM412Viscount 806United KingdomCivilpreFeb 19
G-AZLP346Viscount 813United KingdomCivilpreForward fuselage onlyFeb 19
N2980/RWellington 1AUnited KingdomAir ForcepreFeb 19
NX71MY01FB.27A (Replica)United StatesCivilpreairworthy replicaFeb 19
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