Location name:
Châteaudun, France
48.05453873N 1.36793172E
Many stored planes
Last update:
27 December 2017
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Planes at this location

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RegistrationCnPlane typeCountryServiceStatusRemarksl/n
RA04/61-MSA04C-160RFranceAir Forcestd
RA06/61-ZBA06C-160RFranceAir Forcestd
R13/61-MHF13C-160RFranceAir ForcestdDec 18
F16/61-MKF16C-160FFranceAir Forcestd
R17/61-MLF17C-160RFranceAir ForcestdDec 18
R44/61-MPF44C-160RFranceAir ForcestdDec 18
R45/61-MQF45C-160RFranceAir ForcestdDec 18
R52/61-MXF52C-160RFranceAir Forcestd
R53/61-MYF53C-160RFranceAir Forcestd
R100/61-ZRF100C-160RFranceAir Forcestd
R207/64-GGF210C-160RFranceAir Forcestd
93/F-RAED93Da.20CFranceAir ForcestdDec 18
115/339-JG115Da.20SNAFranceAir Forcestd
260/F-RAEA260Da.20EFranceAir ForcestdDec 18
268/F-RAEF268Da.20EFranceAir ForcestdDec 18
451/339-JC451Da.20SNAFranceAir ForcestdDec 18
A40/OA40Jaguar AFranceAir ForcestdDec 18
336/116-BI263Mirage 2000NFranceAir Forcestd
33Mirage F1CFranceAir Forcestd
70Mirage F1CFranceAir Forcei/a
651/33-NBMirage F1CRFranceAir Forcedlt
64/AA64N.262DFranceAir Forcestd
66/AB66N.262DFranceAir Forcestd
68/AC68N.262DFranceAir Forcestd
76/316-DA76N.262AENFranceAir ForcestdDec 18
77/AK77N.262DFranceAir Forcestd
80/AW80N.262DFranceAir Forcestd
81/AH81N.262DFranceAir ForcestdDec 18
83/316-DB83N.262AENFranceAir Forcestd
86/316-DD86N.262AENFranceAir Forcedlt
87/316-DC87N.262AENFranceAir ForcestdDec 18
88/AL88N.262DFranceAir ForcestdDec 18
91/AT91N.262DFranceAir Forcestd
92/316-DE92N.262AENFranceAir Forcestd
93/AP93N.262DFranceAir ForcestdDec 18
94/AU94N.262DFranceAir Forcestd
105/AE105N.262DFranceAir Forcestd
106/AY106N.262DFranceAir Forcestd
107/AX107N.262DFranceAir Forcestd
108/AG108N.262DFranceAir Forcestd
109/AM109N.262DFranceAir Forcestd
110/AS110N.262DFranceAir Forcestd
603/112-NUMirage F1CRFranceAir ForcestdRemovedDec 18
641/112-NIMirage F1CRFranceAir ForcestdRemovedDec 18
650/112-NZMirage F1CRFranceAir ForcestdRemovedDec 18
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