Location name:
Lyons-Corbas - Espaces Aéro Lyon Corbas, France
45.65333557N 4.90970802E
Various (mostly inside)
Last update:
20 April 2017
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Planes at this location

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RegistrationCnPlane typeCountryServiceStatusRemarksl/n
E43Alpha Jet EFranceAir ForcepreTo be added to the collection soon
E145/8Alpha JetFranceAir Forcepre
125/3S.12125N.1101FranceNavypreMuseum claims it to be 123Jul 18
4747Br.1050FranceNavypreJul 18
444/BK444CE.43FranceAir ForcepreJul 18
124124CM.170FranceAir ForcepreJul 18
F-PCOS143D.92BBFranceCivilpreJul 18
3434Etendard IVMFranceNavypreJul 18
3636Etendard IVMFranceNavystdJul 18
167/F-RAEB167Da.20CFranceAir ForcepreJul 18
F-AZTB602MS.505FranceCivilpreJul 18
55.95755.957H-19DFranceArmystdJul 18
A137A137Jaguar AFranceAir ForcepreForward fuselage only, the rest is at ChateaudunJul 18
A141/7-HEA141Jaguar AFranceAir ForcepreJul 18
E37/7-HZE37Jaguar EFranceAir ForcepreJul 18
F-CEEP16LCA-11FranceCivilpreJul 18
F-AZVG/G189MD.312FranceAir ForcepreAirworthyJul 18
297/UG297MD.450BFranceAir ForcepreJul 18
245/8-NN245Mystere 4AFranceAir ForcepreJul 18
0202Mirage 3RFranceAir ForcepreJul 18
30/2-EH30Mirage 3CFranceAir ForcepreJul 18
335/33-NC335Mirage 3RFranceAir ForcepreJul 18
586586Mirage 3EFranceAir ForcepreJul 18
28/BA28Mirage 4PFranceAir ForcepreJul 18
11/5-OF11Mirage 2000CFranceAir Forcepre
519/5-OW224Mirage 2000BFranceAir ForcepreJul 18
518/112-SRMirage F1BFranceAir ForcepreJul 18
6767MS.733FranceAir ForcepreJul 18
3131MS.760FranceNavypreJul 18
6060N.262EFranceNavypreJul 18
F-BBEO324N.1203FranceCivilpreJul 18
F-GDQZ24559L-19EFranceCivilpreJul 18
57/57-JL1071SE.3130FranceAir ForcepreAs 173Jul 18
98/AHS1134SE.3130FranceAir ForcepreJul 18
...1412SE.3160FranceGovernment AgencyprePrevious identity to be confirmed, under restorationJul 18
F-BMSV02SO.1221SFranceCivilpreJul 18
145/12-ZR145Super Mystere B2FranceAir ForcestdJul 18
148/12-YH148Super Mystere B2FranceAir ForcepreJul 18
21031/314-YZT33-031T-33ANFranceAir ForcepreJul 18
F-CDCZ166WA-30FranceCivilpreJul 18
4030/30-MLMirage F1EQIraqAir ForcepreAs French AF 202Jul 18
J-1187696Vampire FB.6SwitzerlandAir ForcestdData plate says 085?Jul 18
N4806E27451B-26CUnited StatesCivilstdJul 18
51-15102182-789T-6GUnited StatesAir ForcepreJul 18
613Mirage F1CRFranceAir ForcepreRemoved
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