Location name:
Vigna di Valle - Museum, Italy
42.08537292N 12.21631145E
Last update:
3 June 2016
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Planes at this location

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RegistrationCnPlane typeCountryServiceStatusRemarksl/n
L127L-1Austria-HungaryNavypreCaptured after defection in World War ISep 23
...MT68Junkers J.4GermanyAir ForcepreFuselage only, under restorationSep 23
MM7125IX037AMXItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
MM5692ArieteItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
MM80113/12196AB.47G-2ItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
MM80187/SE-381100AB.47JItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
MM81161/9-615818HH-212AItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
...Blériot XIItalyAir ForcepreAs BL246, really BL160?Sep 23
MM40118/41-0380P-1150AItalyAir ForcepreIn special "The Last One" markingsSep 23
MM130C.29ItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
23174/FalcoCa.36ItalyAir ForcepreFake serial?Sep 23
MM4884850CC.2ItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
.../162-6CR.42ItalyAir ForcepreComposite airframe as MM4653, built of 60% original parts, rest replica partsSep 23
MM1000282-131CVV.6ItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
MM1208/94-6AC.3ItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
MM61776/14-4519194C-47AItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
MM725361-492F-16A ADFItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
MM51-11049/51-292142-1502BF-84GItalyAir ForcepreAs MM51-11049Sep 23
MM52-7458/3-05RF-84FItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
MM53-6892/36-38F-84FItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
MM19792/13-1692F-86EMItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
MM55-4868/51-62221-108F-86KItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
MM6501/3-11683D-6501F-104GItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
MM6720783-1020F-104GItalyAir ForcepreNose section onlySep 23
MM12822/205802Fi.156C-3ItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
MM52757/3766FN.305ItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
MM53286/ZI-7192G.46-4BItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
MM53265/574G.59-2AItalyAir ForcepreRebuild as G.55Sep 23
MM53276/SE-761G.59-2BItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
MM53882/RS-222G.80ItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
MM6250/9016G.91PANItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
MM6280/2-33046G.91R/1ItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
MM6344/SA-47074G.91T/1ItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
MM6959/8-662066G.91YItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
MM61804/142-519G.212AVItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
MM80357/RM-1123085AB.204BItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
19309/76515HD.1ItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
MM50-179/15-5G-68HU-16BItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
MM52848/S-1276-1548L-5ItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
MM76/II3605M-39ItalyAir ForcepreSchneider Cup RacerSep 23
MM105/10M-67ItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
MM53058/SG-85878MB-308ItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
MM554/RS-106045MB-323ItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
MM54389/686502MB-326EItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
MM181MC-72ItalyAir ForcepreMacchi MC-72 Schneider Cup racer (1934), 181, with counter rotating propeller blades. This aircraft set an absolute speed record at 709,202 km/h, still undefeated for this category of aircraft.Sep 23
MM8307/369-1MC-200ItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
MM9546/97-2MC-202ItalyAir ForcepreDisplayed as MC-205V?Sep 23
MM9667/91-3 / 4º JBaraMC-202ItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
MM4323/RR-11122-39903F-51DItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
MM555170P.150ItalyAir ForcestdExact current location unknown, not on display in the museumSep 23
MM25158480P.166DL-3APHItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
MM61933/53-34443P.166ML-1ItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
I-REDIP.53ItalyCivilpreThe only single seater (of three built)
MM61961518PD.808GEItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
MM8669/239-5126Re.2002ItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
MM11341Ro.37bisItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
MM27050Ro.43ItalyNavypreSep 23
MM136556/41-6G-465S-2FItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
MM148295G-734S-2FItalyAir ForcepreCockpit onlySep 23
MM5582S.7ItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
MM53762/AA-481059M-416ItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
S1383S.VIIItalyAir ForcepreAs S153, belonged to fighter ace Fulco Ruffo from Calabria (20 victories)Sep 23
S1420S.VIIItalyAir ForcepreReplica of the Spad of ace Ernesto "Carabiniere volante" Cabruna (the flying Carabiniere)Sep 23
MM5612Sagittario IIItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
MM54436/70-63264/16-19SF.260AMItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
MM61187/ZR-89SM.82PWItalyAir ForcepreWith Sovereign Military Order of Malta insignia on the fuselage, but full Italian serial numbers on fuselage and Italian military roundels on the wings.Sep 23
MK805CBAF-IX1780Spitfire Mk.IXeItalyAir Forcepreex-AMI MM4084/A-32Sep 23
11721/111721SVA-5ItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
MM54097/RR-67T-6GItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
MM53-5594/9-35580-8933RT-33AItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
MM7210/36-12728/AS080Tornado ADVItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
MM615213094Vampire NF.54ItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
MM45425/84-4Z.506BItalyAir ForcepreSep 23
L-112/278-2SM.79bisLebanonAir ForcepreAs Italian Air Force MM24327Sep 23
C.1-328/3-6 / Z4328HA.132LSpainAir ForcepreAs Italian AF MM4667Sep 23
MM61734/RR-256566C-45FItalyAir ForcepreRemoved
MM100042001CVV.6ItalyAir ForcestdRemoved
29543/1929-543J-29FSwedenAir ForcepreRemoved
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