Location name:
Berlin - Deutsches Technik Museum, Germany
52.49908829N 13.37819767E
Last update:
15 November 2018
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Planes at this location

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RegistrationCnPlane typeCountryServiceStatusRemarksl/n
106106N.1101FranceAir ForcepreMar 19
257257N.1002FranceAir Forcepreas French NavyMar 19
F-PCDA138L-25BFranceCivilpreMar 19
331/PN331NC.702FranceAir ForcepreMar 19
4081/U-CF0081Ar.96B-1GermanyAir ForcepreMar 19
D-EMVT47Ar.79BGermanyCivilpreMar 19
D-750421677ASK-21GermanyCivilpreMar 19
1407/51407Bf.109E-3GermanyAir ForcepreMar 19
5052/LN-NR5052Bf.110F-2GermanyAir ForcepreMar 19
D-EBAD55Bu-131BGermanyCivilpreMar 19
501659/RM-HE501659Bu-181C-2GermanyAir ForcepreMar 19
D-ECJBF172-02087Ce.F172PGermanyCivilpreMar 19
100345100345Fa.330A-1GermanyAir ForcepreMar 19
D-711447Halberstadt CL.IVGermanyCivilpreMar 19
120076/4120076He.162A-2GermanyAir ForcepreMar 19
3441/TV-UB3441HS.126B-1GermanyAir Forceprewreck
D-10-1256Horten Ho II LGermanyCivilpreMar 19
A.180/1476Jeannin StahltaubeGermanyAir ForcepreMar 19
D-AZAW7220Ju-52/3mGermanyCivilpreMar 19
5856/L1-BL5856Ju.87R-2GermanyAir ForceprewreckMar 19
714628/2Z-BR714628Ju.88G-1GermanyAir ForcepreMar 19
D-EDOD1917KI-35DGermanyCivilpreMar 19
D-ECOH129Klemm Kl 107CGermanyCivilpreMar 19
D-1519353Raab-Katzenstein RK-9 GrasmückeGermanyCivilpreMar 19
D-EIFF009RW-3GermanyCivilpreMar 19
D-452Udet U-10GermanyCivilpreMar 19
MM55-4815/51-50221-55F-86KItalyAir ForcepreAs 41256Mar 19
13231B-01323Lim-2PolandAir ForcepreMar 19
3810/20110062S-14BSwedenAir ForcepreMar 19
669CVV-51Fw-44JSwedenAir ForcepreMar 19
WZ780776Grasshopper TX.1United KingdomAir ForcepreAs D-QUAX
45-095134214C-47BUnited StatesAir ForcepreMar 19
D-IBAO4205Halberstadt CL.IVGermanyCivilpreRemovedMar 19
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