Location name:
Cottbus - Museum, Germany
51.76570892N 14.29553795E
Last update:
17 October 2016
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Planes at this location

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RegistrationCnPlane typeCountryServiceStatusRemarksl/n
1015161015MiG-21F-13CzechoslovakiaAir ForcepreMar 17
82617947308An-2TEast GermanyAir ForcepreMar 17
996600904An-14AEast GermanyAir ForcepreMar 17
370591535L-29East GermanyAir ForcepreMar 17
380562249032Mi-2East GermanyAir ForcepreMar 17
53807142Mi-4AEast GermanyAir ForcepreMar 17
7920251Mi-4AEast GermanyAir ForcepreAs 785Mar 17
13210560Mi-8TBEast GermanyAir ForcepreMar 17
482340001Mi-9East GermanyAir ForcepreMar 17
1541615393MiG-15UTIEast GermanyAir ForcepreMar 17
22654211684MiG-17East GermanyAir ForcepreMar 17
4371D-0212Lim-5PEast GermanyAir ForcestdIn partsMar 17
5021C-0902Lim-5East GermanyAir ForcepreMar 17
5371C-0917Lim-5East GermanyAir ForcepreMar 17
39165210901MiG-19PMEast GermanyAir ForcestdMar 17
21501685134MiG-21USEast GermanyAir ForcepreMar 17
653965311MiG-21MFEast GermanyAir ForcepreMar 17
821760604MiG-21PFEast GermanyAir ForcepreMar 17
84875051407MiG-21bisEast GermanyAir ForcepreMar 17
98194A6704MiG-21SPS-KEast GermanyAir ForcepreMar 17
5840390213098MiG-23MFEast GermanyAir ForcepreMar 17
6960393214212MiG-23BNEast GermanyAir ForcepreMar 17
DDR-TCA07810140PZL 106AEast GermanyCivilpreMar 17
36525511Su-22M4East GermanyAir ForcepreMar 17
DM-32670217FES-530-II LehrmeiserEast GermanyCivilpreMar 17
9868210Yak-11East GermanyAir ForcepreMar 17
D-EALM001AP-300GermanyCivilstdFuselage onlyMar 17
DD-339F-84FGermanyAir ForcepreAs DD-313Mar 17
BB-2371111Sabre Mk.5GermanyAir Forcestd
JA-1111625Sabre Mk.6GermanyAir ForcepreMar 17
2512683D-8275F-104GGermanyAir Forcepre
670071670071Fw.190F-3GermanyAir Forceprepreserved wreckMar 17
3215D483G.91R/3GermanyAir ForcepreMar 17
71018161UH-1DGermanyAir Forcestd
D-GWLB170320L-200AGermanyCivilpreMar 17
9832340278Mi-24DGermanyAir ForcepreMar 17
2062A1037901MiG-23UBGermanyAir ForcepreMar 17
9213309FWP.149DGermanyAir ForcestdMar 17
76221609SE.3130GermanyArmypreMar 17
981117532370810Su-22UM3KGermanyAir ForcepreMar 17
EB-399580-9257T-33AGermanyAir ForcepreMar 17
D-ESLQ14-20Z-37AGermanyCivilpreMar 17
D-EWOI0114Z-42MGermanyCivilpreMar 17
511019039/02yw511019039Mi-2RussiaAir ForcepreMar 17
CCCP-657452351607Tu-134ASoviet UnionCivilpre
937010599Mi-8TBGermanyAir ForcepreRemoved
981731001Su-22M4GermanyAir ForcestdRemoved
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