Location name:
Merseburg - Museum, Germany
51.35937500N 11.97202587E
Last update:
7 March 2017
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Planes at this location

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RegistrationCnPlane typeCountryServiceStatusRemarksl/n
OK-3805172607L-13Czech RepublicCivilpreMar 17
OK-4815173048L-13Czech RepublicCivilpreMar 17
DM-1634Grunau BabyEast GermanyCivilpreMar 17
DM-SEC10903Il-62East GermanyCivilpreMar 17
3900223Mi-8TEast GermanyAir ForcepreMar 17
670966206MiG-21MFEast GermanyAir ForcepreMar 17
673966207MiG-21MFEast GermanyAir ForcepreMar 17
72594A4212MiG-21SPSEast GermanyAir ForcepreMar 17
77994A4502MiG-21SPSEast GermanyAir ForcepreMar 17
82994A4705MiG-21SPSEast GermanyAir ForcepreMar 17
DDR-SCZ9350913Tu-134AEast GermanyCivilpreMar 17
F-BSEI1051Z-526FranceCivilpreMar 17
D-5526159/212AV.36cGermanyCivilpreMar 17
D-1552279Bergfalke II/55GermanyCivilpre
D-8380Bergfalke IIGermanyCivilpreMar 17
D-HMBBS-4Bo.105CBS-5GermanyCivilpreNo tail
5547177Do.27B1GermanyAir ForcepreMar 17
D-EGEA377Do.27A4GermanyCivilpreMar 17
EB-119RF-84FGermanyAir ForcepreAs EB-368Mar 17
2156683D-7025F-104GGermanyAir ForcepreMar 17
2454683D-8202F-104GGermanyAir ForcepreMar 17
3178D446G.91R/3GermanyAir ForcepreMar 17
3211D479G.91R/3GermanyAir ForcepreCockpit onlyMar 17
D-KALR3026Ka-4 Ruppert Rhönlerche IIGermanyCivilpre
D-KNPFV-1KN-1GermanyCivilpreMar 17
D-EWRH96331PZL 104-35AGermanyCivilpreMar 17
D-5480SB-5GermanyCivilpreMar 17
D-HGYRSG-3Schuftenhauer GyrocopterGermanyCivilpreMar 17
75281310SE.3130GermanyArmypreMar 17
75861511SE.3130GermanyArmypreMar 17
D-8231P-513SZD-9bisGermanyCivilpreMar 17
D-2257SZD-32AGermanyCivilpreMar 17
D-ESRF16-03Z-37AGermanyCivilpreMar 17
HA-MHL1G123-02An-2RHungaryCivilpreMar 17
306514803065VEB-14PPolandAir ForcepreMar 17
WB533/DA04269Devon C.2United KingdomAir ForcepreMar 17
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