Location name:
Zehdenick, Germany
52.98695374N 13.30516624E
Last update:
8 August 2016
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Planes at this location

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RegistrationCnPlane typeCountryServiceStatusRemarksl/n
0701730701Mi-24VCzech RepublicAir ForcepreMar 19
5304965304MiG-21MFCzech RepublicAir ForcepreMar 19
97010552Mi-8PSEast GermanyAir ForcepreMar 19
229516921056MiG-21UMEast GermanyAir ForcepreMar 19
579960507MiG-21MEast GermanyAir ForcepreMar 19
86846084Bo.105P1GermanyArmypreMar 19
38494749F-4FGermanyAir ForcepreMar 19
EA-315RF-84FGermanyAir ForcepreMar 19
BB-130838Sabre Mk.5GermanyAir ForcepreMar 19
JC-1021691Sabre Mk.6GermanyAir ForcepreMar 19
2112683D-6661RF-104GGermanyAir ForcepreMar 19
2916283-5069F-104FGermanyAir ForcepreAs 2086Mar 19
3455D615G.91T/3GermanyAir ForcepreMar 19
9903D328G.91R/3GermanyAir Forcestd
9910D482G.91R/3GermanyAir Forcestd
933910551Mi-8PSGermanyAir ForcepreMar 19
224494A6408MiG-21SPSGermanyAir ForcepreAs 353Mar 19
2058A1038034MiG-23UBGermanyAir ForcepreMar 19
255017532371002Su-22UM3KGermanyAir ForcepreMar 19
4330079/GS012Tornado IDSGermanyAir ForcepreMar 19
4453390/GS110Tornado IDSGermanyAir ForcepreMar 19
D-ESUX19-21Z-37AGermanyCivilpreMar 19
0815550815029Mi-2PolandAir ForcepreMar 19
SP-WXD512723122Mi-2PolandCivilpreMar 19
156110156Mi-24DPolandArmypreMar 19
571010695157MiG-21UMPolandAir ForcepreMar 19
750296007502MiG-21MFPolandAir ForcepreMar 19
8907968907MiG-21MFPolandAir ForcepreMar 19
9298516999298MiG-21UMPolandAir ForcepreMar 19
4590390220459MiG-23MFPolandAir ForcepreMar 19
321523215Su-22M4PolandAir ForcepreMar 19
321623216Su-22M4PolandAir ForcepreMar 19
361823618Su-22M4PolandAir ForcepreMar 19
626474314Su-20RPolandAir ForcepreMar 19
8121H-0812TS-11bisBPolandAir ForcepreMar 19
40384038Mi-8TRussiaAir ForcepreAs D-PATZMar 19
10389/70rd10389MiG-23MLRussiaAir Forcestd
18061806Su-7BRussiaAir ForcepreMar 19
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